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traZODone (TRAZ-oh-done)

Brand names

US: Oleptro
CAN: Apo-Trazodone, Apo-Trazodone D, Dom-Trazodone, Mylan-Trazodone, Novo-Trazodone, Nu-Trazodone, Nu-Trazodone D, Oleptro, PHL-Trazodone, PMS-Trazodone, ratio-Trazodone, Teva-Trazodone, Trazorel, ZYM-Trazodone
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Forms of this drug

traZODone (Oral Pill)

traZODone XR (Oral Pill)

Prescrire drugs to avoid


Anticholinergic burden

Score: 1

Beers criteria for older adults

Consider drug-drug interactions

Antidepressants (i.e., TCAs and SSRIs) & ?2 other CNS-active drugs
Avoid total of ?3 CNS-active drugs minimize number of CNS active drugs.
Increased risk of Falls.
CNS active drugs include: antipsychotics; benzodiazepines; nonbenzodiazepine, benzodiazepine receptor agonist hypnotics; tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs); selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs); and opioids.

QE: Moderate

Strength: Strong

Screening tool of older people's prescriptions (STOPP)


Black box warning

See product data sheet for complete boxed warning.

WARNING: Antidepressants may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or actions in children, teenagers, and young adults. However, depression and certain other mental problems may also increase the risk of suicide. Talk with the patient's doctor to be sure that the benefits of using clomipramine outweigh the risks.

QT Interval

Conditional Risk of TdP

Serotonin syndrome

Increased risk of serotonin syndrome

Product data sheet

Oleptro - Packager: Angelini

Side effects reported

Side effect Reports PRR
Completed suicide 1,30227.5
Drug abuse71028.5
Toxicity to various agents63317.6
Cardiac arrest 4729.2
Respiratory arrest 44020.8
Death 3931.3
Drug ineffective3650.9
Insomnia 3422.7
Cardio-respiratory arrest 33412.8
Overdose 3335.1
Somnolence 3033.4
Drug interaction 2903.7
Depression 2902.0
Suicide attempt 2657.7
Dizziness 2641.2
Anxiety 2601.6
Nausea 2600.8
Confusional state 2312.8
Serotonin syndrome 22929.4
Poisoning 22329.4
Drug toxicity21510.6
Priapism 210114.7
Headache 2070.8
Tremor 2032.3
Fatigue 1930.7
Vomiting 1920.9
Fall 1901.2
Agitation 1904.3
Intentional overdose 1888.7
Hypotension 1871.9
Suicidal ideation 1843.5
Loss of consciousness 1702.2
Pain 1660.7
Drug hypersensitivity 1573.4
Convulsion 1481.6
Electrocardiogram QT prolonged 14710.2
Feeling abnormal1471.5
Multiple drug overdose14721.4
Asthenia 1390.8
Tachycardia 1372.8
Intentional drug misuse1325.0
Malaise 1240.7
Hyperhidrosis 1241.8
Diarrhoea 1220.5
Dyspnoea 1200.5
Weight increased 1111.2
Pyrexia 1100.6
Condition aggravated1081.3
Dry mouth 1082.9
Constipation 1061.3
Hypertension 990.9
Weight decreased 990.8
Decreased appetite 971.2
Memory impairment 971.9
Depressed level of consciousness 963.9
Hallucination 932.7
Lethargy 933.1
Drug withdrawal syndrome 912.5
Medication error882.6
Syncope 871.6
Multiple drug overdose intentional 8618.8
Mental status changes 854.8
Palpitations 851.5
Gait disturbance 841.0
Delirium 804.7
Rash 800.5
Dyskinesia 793.7
Amnesia 782.0
Chest pain780.7
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome 7810.7
Unresponsive to stimuli 765.7
Sedation 716.4
Off label use700.9
Dehydration 700.9
Abdominal pain 690.6
Irritability 682.1
Speech disorder 682.4
Renal failure 670.9
Arthralgia 670.4
Disturbance in attention 672.5
Alanine aminotransferase increased 661.4
Pruritus 650.5
Muscle twitching 635.0
Muscle spasms 630.8
Abnormal behaviour632.2
Pneumonia 610.4
Rhabdomyolysis 592.2
Drug exposure during pregnancy591.0
Myalgia 580.7
Heart rate increased 581.2
Blood creatine phosphokinase increased 582.3
Dysarthria 582.6
Accidental overdose 573.9
Hallucination, visual 575.6
Paraesthesia 570.7