PSSD – One Hundred and Twenty Cases

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July 9, 2014 | 6 Comments


  1. I am 29 yo. male and an SSRI-victim who now has to seriously consider committing suicide in the upcoming year if no improvement is seen. I was given 5mg dose of escitalopram for a couple of months which left me with emotional flatness, cognitive damage and PSSD. I have been off now for nearly 1,5 years and nothing has improved. I basically have the complete list of symptoms that are mentioned related to PSSD from genital anesthesia, erection problems, zero sexual desire or affection, loss of sperm count and normal composition to urinary problems and ejaculatory anhedonia to mention a few. I cannot feel interest in hobbies, friends, school, work, music, summer, winter, family, dreams, experiences, sports, traveling or anything in life. And this is not because I am not willing to, I am physically unable to due to brain damage or whatever changes this toxin from Lundbeck, Forest and Actavis pharmaceutical companies has inflicted upon me. I wish I just had the courage to end my life peacefully.

  2. Thank you for taking into consideration the horrible problem of PSSD.

    Thanks to the International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine for having made ​​available the document free of charge.

    I too thinked the comparison with tardive dyskinesia, but it makes me cringe, considering that it has been known for years and yet there is no cure.

  3. There is a version of the Wikipedia PSSD page here It is also marked for deletion. I suggest interested parties make their comments here

    If you would like to add more citations, I’ve posted an extensive list of journal articles on the subject here

    Apparently the Wikipedia editors think one paragraph on the SSRI page is sufficient for this topic.

    • Wanted to note: The Wikipedia naysayers appear to be looking for published case reports apart from those cited by Bahrick, et al. The links I posted above contain citations for additional case reports.

      For those who have the time to pursue this (I do not), I suggest you review all the literature available, add to the citations on the Wikipedia article, and defend them to this very stubborn Wikipedia editor who appears not to want to believe that antidepressants can have such awful adverse effects.

      Also, I do not think the paragraph inserted on the Wikipedia SSRI page is complete, appropriate, or in the correct context.

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