Welsh Government Response to Withdrawal Petition

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May 21, 2019 | 10 Comments


  1. I just want to say this is wonderful work, and you are gonna be heard — not only n Wales either.

    THANK YOU Stevie, Aled, James and everyone else who has stood up!

    PS: Stevie has just had a letter posted in the online BMJ:


    It questions how the NHS can hope to make gradual, supported drug tapering available to patients while still handing doctors a guideline that says anti-depressant withdrawal effects “typically” last only a few weeks? Good question.

  2. Thanks, Annie, for putting up the notice of our important meeting at the beginning of June.
    Congratulations, Stevie, for successfully conquering those who’d probably prefer to keep you quiet!
    Johanna – we certainly hope that Wales continues to show the world that it can do more than play Rugby and come top in the Rxisk Prize Campaign contributions graph!
    Isn’t it great to have so much encouraging news – let’s hope it keeps coming; we’re certainly due a good drenching of it after all the work that has gone on in the background for a long time. Thanks to EVERYONE the world over who join us in our pride. Talking of ‘pride’ ……… no, surely not!

  3. Watched the webcast of the petition presented to the Senedd by Janet Finch-Saunders and it was magnificent! Janet F-S covered every point of a long detailed petition which needed to be understood very clearly , with obvious personal conviction and respect for those who had contributed -which was actually very touching. Helen Mary Jones gave great support backing up what Janet F-S had stated and by not allowing Vaughan Gethin to get away with an unsustainable argument regarding sharing best practice across Wales . V G didn’t present his response in any way as clearly (eg ,why did he keep including ‘over the counter drugs’ when the debate was about prescription drugs?)and obviously cannot use his sulky little boy look to avoid criticism from politicians like Janet and Mary! If ever there was a masterclass in how to present a petition that was it. Even to Janet F-S repeating the message of the petitioners and everybody who suffers from the effects of prescription drugs and those who care about them – words need to be put into practice right away – no more playing politics or any other game to spin out taking action..

  4. Clare Gerada #FBPE‏ @ClareGerada May 21

    Mental illness amongst doctors is perhaps the last taboo. We are meant to be strong, in control and never deviating from absolute professionalism. But prick us, do we not bleed?

    Clare Gerada #FBPE‏ @ClareGerada May 21

    Off to China tomorrow to see how I can help with their ambitious aim of training 500,000 GPs by 2030. If they succeed the whole world will benefit enormously from having GPs at the front door of their health service.

    Stevie Lewis, not missing-in-action, on the home-front …

    We move on to item 7 … 2.15.25


    … ‘highly personal evidence’ …

    The ‘pride’ of ‘lions’ …

    • For goodness sake Clare G – we don’t live in an age where people think medics are perfect -when local people know a doctor is unwell – if s/he has been a good doctor/person a lot of compassion is shown to them – and sadly there are too many well publicised scandals showing how all too human medics are just like any other group in society.You do not help to relieve their anxiety by setting up separate confidential service where doctors can keep their condition secret – as if it is something shameful
      How-why did the Chinese trip come about? What’s the deal Clare G? You have said in the past that you do more good by meetings which are kept behind closed doors than necessarily making them public even by discussing broadly among colleagues.Will you be ‘helping’ the Chinese to understand what a mess GP services are in UK? How dissatisfied UK GPs are with their job.? Seems an odd choice of adviser when Clare continually highlights how the job makes GPs so unhappy, unwell, suicidal and how many are choosing to work part time or taking early retirement asap.
      Can we expect to see many more Chinese GPs working in UK soon, in order to fill the gaps left by GPs here leaving through the NHS door as soon as they can – rather than staying to help their own population in China?

  5. recovery&renewal‏ @recover2renew

    We (@recover2renew and @medsconsult) are going to be in Cumbria to talk at AD4E event 18 July 2019! Please share with others who may be interested! https://bit.ly/2Rs1KBw 

    AD4E‏ @dropthedisorder

    It has become clear that many psychiatrists and GPs share our concerns. Many have attended past events and we are delighted that @wendyburn has agreed to be part of the discussion at #adisorder4everyone Cumbria.

    recovery&renewal Retweeted
    recovery&renewal‏ @recover2renew 13h

    Looking forward to opportunity to discuss issues around safe #deprescribing of #antidepressants etc. with @wendyburn in the panel discussion, following her informal meeting in San Francisco with @Altostrata of @SurvivingADs

    AntiDepAware Retweeted

    PAST (Prescription Awareness & Support Team) Wales‏ @PastWales 4h

    Now THIS is not to be missed!! Prof Wendy Burn attending @dropthedisorder event this coming July in Cumbria..maybe she is prepared to finally listen? #cumbria #July2019 @Fiddaman @Truthman30 @benzosarebad @ReadReadj @alyne_duthie @recover2renew @RxISK https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-disorder-for-everyone-challenging-the-culture-of-psychiatric-diagnosis-exploring-non-tickets-53206384729?utm_term=eventurl_text …


    Clinical Guidelines on Antidepressant Withdrawal Urgently Need Updating


    Great Strides …

  6. Reasons to Be Cheerful Annie – just read that free places are available on application but don’t know if that covers travel costs which is what makes attendance at these events impossible too often

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