Flox-Tox; Guerilla Guide

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February 8, 2016 | 32 Comments


  1. Thank you for this . I am one of the countless hidden survivors of the fluoroquinolone so called ‘ antibiotics’ Topoisomerase inhibitors, actually failed chemo drugs masquerading as such. This is a worldwide travesty. I live in the UK & this is hardly on the radar of allopathic Drs here in the UK if at all. I have been floxed no less than 7 times over many many years, prescribed them twice just as a precaution I actually had no infection present, & I was given NO informed consent whatsoever. My life has been trashed for no reason whatsoever ! .
    I am now permanently damaged, in constant unrelenting pain of all types 24/7 & have to take opioids to even function

    We go from Dr to specialist none of who connect our symptoms to the drug & eventually many of us end up misdiagnosed with other things. Fibromyalgia , CFS/ME, and so on. I believe there are uncountable numbers of people walking around that’s if they still can with these labels who instead have really been floxed I have no less than 3 misdiagnoses myself. I have now given up on allopathic Drs. they cant help us, they don’t know how to fix DNA/ mitochondrial damage, they just want to toss more toxic poison at us for the various symptoms.

    No thanks Dr , I have been poisoned enough already.

    In order to avoid being prescribed them I would suggest wearing med ID listing the FQs BY NAME if possible, as too many Drs will just prescribe Cipro instead if you tell them you are allergic to Levaquin , they do not know their drugs apparently
    Tell them you are SEVERELY allergic to ALL fluoroquinolone antibiotics as ALL routes of administration can cause exactly the same damage , this includes the topicals, the ear & eye drops.

    I would strongly advise setting up an advance directive myself, stating you refuse them as often if you are ever in a position where you are unable to advocate for yourself you may be given them without your knowing.

    They are also prescribed before operations as a precaution I suggest writing severely allergic to ALL fluoroquinolone antibiotics on your Body in permanent marker if you go into hospital for any reason.

    Do not take these so called antibiotics unless you are dying, all other suitable antibiotics have been tried FIRST all have failed and you have no other choice , believe me, as someone who lives in this hell on earth 24/7 it is just not worth the risk .

  2. Thank you so much for this article and report. Here in the UK we are struggling to make our little voice heard, and ammunition such as this is priceless. Quintox UK is a support group for UK floxies (Quinolone Toxicity Support UK). We’re working hard to do what we can but newly floxed people are finding us all the time. Their stories are heartbreaking, but all we can do is try and get the information out there.

    Thanks again,

    Miriam Knight

  3. I did not know about the pain and other adverse events, only about ruptured tendons. My Achilles tendon was affected, I have chronic Achilles tendinitis, and now I wonder about other tendons that might have been less severely affected.

  4. I too was floxed by Levaquin. There was no informed consent. You would never trade an uncultured sinus infection for the horrors I lived through. Body wide tendon pains, thyroid and hormone issues, kidney damage, eye and ear pain and changes, stabbing pains, shooting pains, low blood sugar, freezing cold, icy hot feelings on arms, twitching and nearly 100 other side effects from 3 pills. This was not my first time taking them and it’s NOTHING like an allergic reaction. It’s poisoning!

  5. Thank you so much Rxisk for this awesome article about fluoroquinolones, and for all the truly great work you are doing@ I am one of the people who spoke at the FDA rally mentioned in the article. My life was DESTROYED by Levaquin. There is no way to exaggerate how Hellish it is to have a chemical melting your collagen and dissolving your DNA. Still, the people who spoke at the meeting did an incredible job of communicating just how horrific the damage can be to the distinguished doctors on two separate panels, as they voted pretty much unanimously to restrict use of the drugs for each of the conditions under consideration. Of course, it will probably be many years before the FDA makes some sort action on this, and it will probably be not nearly enough. The FDA does not work for the American people, they work for BIG PHARMA. It sure was great to go in there and get a small victory though. Here are the recordings of the testimony and of the doctors voting and then explaining why they voted the way they did. Thanks again for all your hard work. We will try to rally some more people to share their stories and useful links and so on. Mark Girard, Senior Admin in Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Group

    The testimonies (I spoke last at 1:49:30)

    The doctors

    • This class of Antibiotics- Fluoroquinolones is a very real nightmare. All I have left are the memories of who I use to be. I am not here for sympathy, I am here to warn you, this is real and it is happening. The AR’s are too many and too devastating to even consider taking this drug. My life as I knew it was destroyed by LEVAQUIN and CIPRO. This is not a mistake you can always go back and correct. Please be aware your life could change. Trust is something that has diminished in the system. You must do your own research. For all of us who have been damaged we range in age and this is a world wide problem, we rank in very high numbers. For these AR’S to be considered RARE is a crime against humanity. Please be aware

  6. Thank you so very much for this article. I am a 47 year old who has also been diagnosed with Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Toxicity ( the term FQAD was coined after my diagnosis). I have spent thw past 17 months battling my way back to health – and I am not yet there. I addition to the tendon ruptures, emotional anguish and physical pain I have endured from a ten day course of Ciprofloxacin my family has been collateralyl damaged and my successful career as a Massage Therapist was lost.

    I believe it will take a very long time to effect change in the medical community. It meeds to happen and obviously scholarly research is necessary. Faster change might be had though through publications like this one where the public can understand, in layman’s terms, the risks involved with this drug class. Bravo on helping people to be educated enough to ” just say no”.

  7. I was “floxed” in January 2015. The effects of this poisoning have been life-changing. Along with tendonitis, neuralgia, broken teeth, and constant pain, this is frustrating because many in the medical field refuse to acknowledge this since they are the ones who prescribed this medication (in my case, Cipro)

    • Hi Linda, I wanted to ask you about your broken teeth. I took a 7 day course of Levaquin in Feb. I had tendonitis in my hand and below my knee. Have also had aching teeth ever since. The teeth issue is not commonly mentioned but I do see some people with it. I am almost afraid to chew on anything that’s not soft for fear of breaking a tooth. Did you see a dentist or is there anything you can do to prevent losing teeth? Would love to hear from you. Thanks.


  8. Thank you
    Fluoroquinolones took away my life twelve years ago. My body is so very tired. I hope that one day FQToxcicity is recognized by all physicians.

  9. I don’t know that I can describe it any better than “hell on earth”. If you can picture what happens when you spray poison on a spider and it seizes and runs into walls and shakes until it finally dies… That’s what this drug does to people. It’s been 7 years since I took 2 pills. First one made me dizzy and a little out of it but I was able to go to work a couple hours later. 2nd pill the next day started with ringing in my ears, followed by auditory hallucinations (I heard my dog barking but he was asleep and heard my cell phone ringing but it was dead). These noises were clear as day. After that my heart started racing and I couldn’t control it. Shallow breathing did nothing. It was beating without me. My thoughts were all over the place. Just sitting still was overwhelming. I felt like I would die if I didn’t keep moving. Like electric shocks went through my head and body every time I kept still for longer than a tenth of a second. I started shaking. I tried to take a bath to calm down. My heart was still racing. I must have got in and out of the bath tub over 1,000 times. This lasted for hours and every second felt like an hour all on it’s own. I then started having paranoid thoughts about everything. I called my mom and told her someone was trying to kill me. The government was trying to poison me. And I wouldn’t take this drug again if it was the cure for cancer. During this time I was naked pacing around my apartment. I called poison control and they told me there was no antidote. My significant other came home from work to find me still shivering and naked but my heart rate had gone down. We went to the hospital. On my way down the stairs my knees felt like Jello. Once at the hospital I tried to hand the pill bottle to the person at the reception desk. I lost control of my hand and had to use my other one to prop it up and dropped the bottle on the counter because I couldn’t hold onto it. I told him I was having a reaction to the drug. When I finally got into a room there was an employee asking about my insurance coverage and my address. I handed her my insurance card and drivers license. She asked me if it was my current address. I tried to say “yes” but I could no longer talk. I just nodded. She asked me again. I tried so hard to talk but nothing came out. I nodded again. She yelled and asked me “yes or no?!” I wanted to cry. Finally the emotional response must have helped because I was able to say “yeah”. It was a while before the ER doctor came in. My vitals were taken and he asked about my reaction. He did acknowledge that he didn’t know why I was prescribed 750mg of Levaquin for a sinus infection and just said to stop taking it and gave me a prescription for amoxicillin. No further testing. Nothing. After that I was a zombie. My boss at work said I used to be a great employee and after that I just paced around doing nothing. My temperature would go up randomly to the point where I frequently hid in the freezer at work and rolled down my windows and drove with my shirt off in 20 degree weather, still sweating. Later, I had a night of vomiting for no reason. When I returned to my bedroom I felt faint and grabbed some Powerade. Immediately after I drank it, I felt like my chest was insanely heavy and told my significant other to call 9-1-1 and collapsed onto the floor and lost consciousness. I woke up feeling euphoric. It was the most peaceful I felt since before I took those pills but I still went to the hospital later. Since I was only 19 years old they chalked it up to a stomach bug and gave me IV fluids but my bloodwork showed no signs of dehydration. These are just the beginning side effects I experienced. Many more occurred after that. I still get nauseous. I can’t look at patterns without having the same zapping feeling in my head. I get random pains all over my body. And at one point I stopped eating food for 3 months and went from 120 to 87 lbs. I had awful dreams and often woke up gasping for air if I could sleep at all. I developed phonophobia for a while which is basically the fear of sound. I couldn’t listen to the radio or tv. And I would panic if the car next to me was playing loud music. All of it overwhelmed my brain. This on top of having bad allergies one summer led me to almost calling the suicide hotline. Not because I was emotionally depressed but because who wants to live being afraid of sights and sounds? Unable to eat food? Unable to sit still? Paranoid of being poisoned? The one thing that stopped me was the thought that doctors would just prescribe more pills. And that was the last thing I wanted. Now these symptoms come and go randomly or are brought on my illness, stress, or menstruation. Some nights my entire body hurts and feels so heavy that I just stay in bed unable to move. I gave up working my full-time office job recently for part-time delivery driver work because the symptoms aren’t improving. One day I hope to fully recover but for right now I just live for the few good days. If anyone can recommend doctors that won’t look at me in disbelief, please let me know.

    • I would go into my story but I don’t remember all of the details anymore. I will tell you that I began using acupuncture and herbal medicine for the past 3 years to fairly good effect. When I first started going I was spending all my time curled up on the couch with suicidal thoughts. I was constant fearful of eating anything because whatever I ate led to a migraine. Since I started acupuncture I’ve gained about 10 -15 lbs. and rarely get any headaches. My immune system is still weak, have to watch for food intolerances and bad pollen days, but at least I can eat again even if my diet is somewhat limited. My parents were also floxed, with my mom tearing a tendon in her arm getting the worst of it. Since her floxing (she’s now allergic to all known antibiotics) she’s had a bout of valley fever and typically struggles with tiredness.

      I would suggest acupuncture and herbal treatments and see if they work for you. May all those who have had a hand in bringing these horrible drugs to the masses experience just a little of what we have so they think twice about the pills they approve.

  10. Thank you for writing this article. I am a recent victim of Levofloxacin toxicity with tendon issues and joint issues primarily. I am not suffering now as much as 3 mos. ago, but I have good days and bad days, and pray that my healing continues so I can live my active life again, knowing it may not be possible. These drugs can be so devastating to anyone taking them, both young and old. The continued unrestricted use of these antibiotics HAS to stop.

  11. I was given Levaquin 6 yrs ago for a month along with a steroid which are bad alone and very contraindicated when prescribed together. I fully and completely spontaneously ruptured my right Achilles tendon. The surgery and recovery where both very long. I still have Achilles tendon problems on both ankles and I need to be careful with what I do so I don’t inflame the tendons. I have chronic upper right just below my rib cage pain and had every test and my gall bladder out but still no Dr. Can resolve my pain .
    I tell every Dr that I’m allergic to Levaquin but now will include the whole family of drugs related to Levaquin.
    I’m glad there is more being done as far as public awareness and I never hesitate to tell friends not to take these drugs.

    • Have you been checked for Triple A (abdominal aortic anurism)? I’m not a smoker and so, very low risk for Triple A. Unusual pulsating under right rib cage was the only symptom.
      I had a lot of antibiotics for a dental problem during the past year; still checking which drugs.
      Further – short term, extreme shoulder (tendon) pain and then the Triple A this summer. HOWEVER, I also took Cipro about ten years ago and it affected my cognative functions back then.
      Good luck getting healthy.

    • I tried to tell them I was floxed and allergic and they wrote, “Thinks she’s allergic to cipro and all flouroquinolones” as if I’m crazy. I have yet to get an informed or intelligent response when I asked not to get these. These doctors are kick back doctors and this is a kick back drug – all cancer drugs are. They are purposely blind. How the kick backs work is the doctor gets money transfered to their bank account as soon as the perscription gets turned in. They really are intentionally blind and convince themselves the drug is fine for everyone else but at the clincs in my area they also make sure you never see the same doctor twice – extreme rotatation where they move them to other clinics, so you can’t tell them the damage they did by prescribing you this. They aslo change the medical records at every hosptial and clinic I’ve been to – I watched them literally change the records with my moms records, several times and turn infections they gave my mom into, exisiting infections. Anyway, they gave my mom levaquin with steroids which is severely dangerous, no wonder she never walked again before they killed her at a rehab facility with continued disease they brought to her and listed as existing – hey they gave her C-diff and she had to get a bag, but they did so much. She went in for a broken ankle and couldn’t escape infection with moving to 3 different facilities, and plenty of hospital stays for what they did to her with their kick back drugs. Being floxed was one of the big issues. I didn’t know until they floxed me with cipro for an ear ache 9 months after my mom died. Those places were massively on the kick back for the levaquin that isn’t supposed to be given to people over 55 in the US unless they are dying that every rehab/nusring home mymom went to put her on it and kept her and all the rest of the patients on it. The state pays the drug companies for these “necessary” drugs and so they get their money and the doctors get their kick back. That’s the racket and why it won’t go away.

  12. I have been prescribed these for years for reoccurring bladder/kidney issues. How do I determine or ask my doctor if damage has been done?

    • Stop taking them. As you get older your end up very likely for damage you won’t be able to miss. If you don’t know right now, you’re good for now, QUIT taking them. They’re not antibiotics, as they advertise. Be careful of Covid Shots – many are flouroquinolones including the Johnson and Johnson one. I’ve had blood clots from getting closed with Cipro and guess what is one of the big issues of the Johnson and Johnson shot.

  13. Thank you Dr. Bennett. I was honored to introduce myself to you diring the lunch break at the Nov advisory meeting. I just gave this book to my GP last week she gladly accepted to receive to learn about FQAD. She has treated me 5 years and I am thankful. I took Levaquin and Avelox 7 more times after 2007 with torn gluts and whole body tendonapathy with every ADVERSE REACTION LISTED for fluoroquinolones. I manage to function daily with widespread pain. I sincerely thank Dr. Bennett.

  14. Now all this critical news needs to reach Canada very badly as they are really pushing FQ to pregnant women to now, and walkin clinics are giving them to children too. In Canada… Doctors are told not to listen to people like me! That everything I say only comes from the Internet. I plan to print out all the current news and revisit all the doctors and clinics and hospitals that I gave FQ info too. We need to recon tact our government and the tv news media again. I will send copies also to fifth estate as they did not pick up on the FQ submissions I did almost 1 1/2 years ago.

    Thank you so much to all the doctors, scientists and advocates all over the world… We are winning … But sadly every day, every hour their millions of people being given FQs for minor or suspected bacterial infections!

    Thank you so much and To Dr. Cohen…may he rest in peace.

  15. I was prescribed Levaquin in 2008, 500mg for 10 days for a bronchitis, that was most likely viral, in hindsight. I’d never heard of Levaquin, didn’t look it up, trusted the doctor. I finished the 10 pill prescription, as instructed, and 2 days later the ADRs began. I’m lucky, in that, the injury onslaught was so severe, 2 days after finishing this prescription, that, no doubt, Levaquin was the problem. This insanely powerful, absolute garbage destroyed my once perfectly healthy body. The first severe physical injury was to both knees, and within months, the slow unnerving creep of ADR after ADR. Extreme neuropathy, numbness, sensitivity to light, ringing in the ears. I couldn’t laugh, sneeze, cough, or cry, because any slight jarring inside my scull would hurt my brain so badly, until finally, my brain exploded, like being shot in the head. Head injury with headaches for years, thyroidectomy, digestive problems. I can’t eat anything. 24/7 pain, often in the early years, where you cannot NOT scream out. Some ADRs subside, others crop up. And, the dread that they will. Life becomes about managing the physical, to utterly minimize the pain, the problems, learning a new body year after year, what to do what not to do, never knowing when/if the next shoe will drop. You operate in survival mode. All from 10 pills. And, that’s just the loss of physical well being. The mental, emotional and monetary toll of flipping on a dime from healthy to disabled, and the consequences of that insane travesty. Losing jobs, losing savings, losing security, losing friends, losing dignity! In the early weeks, months, years not knowing what’s happening to you. Enduring years of the doubting Thomases, in friends, family, the eye rolls from doctors when you say you’ve been injured by Levaquin! The FQAD ‘label’ eight years after my injury, honestly, was something I needed for my soul.

  16. 4 years ago I was given Cipro for a pain in the pelvis. No information or discussion or warnings. It was the first pill in my life, I thought it was penicillin.
    My health is ruined,eyes, brain, sleep, tinnitus, tendons, joints, tingling, twitching and much more, a very long list.
    Dr does not want anything to do with it. Not one word of help or advice. I still have the pain in the pelvis.

  17. Thank you so much for publishing this article. I took Levaquin for the first time in 2009, though I do not remember having an adverse reaction until taking it 2012. At that time I took the medicine to treat a cellulitis infection in my leg, which had been a recurrent problem over the years. On the third day of this, the sixth course of the antibiotic I had taken over the years, my legs reacted in a different way than in the past. They both became fevered, deep red, and swollen. The pain was almost unbearable, and my left foot measured 5 inches thick from bottom to top. My puzzled doctor thought the infection had spread so he prescribed another round of Levaquin with Prednisone as well to tackle the inflammation. That started a see-saw battle of the symptoms going away, then coming back with a vengeance as soon as the Prednisone stopped and restarted again. I was left with lymph-edema in those legs, and a feeling like I was being stung by thousands of bees, over and over. I spent my life savings over the next two years, and part of my retirement, trying to find out what was wrong. I developed serious allergies to multiple medications that I could take prior to my floxing. A single ibuprofen tablet left me in an ER, minutes from death in 2013. I was wracked with pain from PN, and in that same year suffered problems with a right shoulder tendon. My back which had been stable for some time from a 2008 surgery, began to show signs of DDD in 2014. Between back pain and neuropathy, I was unable to continue working. I am now nearly 4 years out from the original floxing. I have suffered numerous additional, and often temporary symptoms including, Anxiety, Depression, Hypoglycemia, multiple tendon issues (including both Achilles), Gastro-paresis, Hypokalemia, Brain Fog, Food Allergies, Prurigo, and most recently Macular Degeneration of the right eye. In hind sight I look back and believe both my late mother and brother were floxed as well. My brother often complained of his legs feeling like they were in a vat of acid; a feeling I know all too well now. He had been given Cipro many times for leg infections in the last years of his life. My mother, two days before her death, was taken off of all medications which included gabapentin and other pain meds. She kept taking her clothes off and saying “burning, burning”. (She had limited speech ability.) We did not know what to make of it at the time. Could this have been from neuropathy she suffered from 2 months of straight Levaquin given her for a MRSA infection? Those cases were before my own floxing. I will never know for sure about them. As for me, I know Levaquin changed my life forever. My body serves as a never ending pain machine to remind me. This CAN happen to Anyone who takes these medicines! Doctors have no test to tell them who will and who won’t be floxed. These drugs should be reserved for life and death only!

  18. I am horrified to read all these horrific stories.
    I am sorry you have all experienced a nightmare with these poisons.
    Western medicine, unfortunately, in my opinion, is not based on healing.
    If something is synthetic, does it heal?
    Once the poor people are crippled from these poisons they are going to awaken and realize that ‘so called’ medicines are nothing but poisons.
    If clinicians can see that they are being robbed of their ‘true healing capabilities’, they will ‘ditch’ the poisons and begin to heal by educating the populace by proven healing methods, such as: exercise, nutrition, healing with herbs etc.
    If a medicine is claimed to benefit you it should not HARM you.
    This is why everyone should turn their backs on western medicine.
    Until, the whole TRUTH is put out there, everyone should stay clear of a medicine which does not state all the negative clinical data trials.
    Our health should not be taken for granted.
    Do not give control of your health to an empire that is not based on INTEGRITY.
    Get your health back by taking control of your own body, mind and soul.
    It is all based on greed and dirty lies.
    I am sorry you have all endured a nightmare however, try to reclaim, what ever is left of you and keep those nasty pharmaceuticals away from you.
    With time you will all understand the true nature of BIG PHARMA.
    They claim to heal one disease but create another x amount of diseases.

    • 10’s of thousands of people have been damaged from these drugs now, if not hundreds of thousands. However, giant pharmaceutical companies continue by buying politicians. The FDA keeps trying to ban Flouroquinolones in the US because of the immense amount of people affected, and the politicians stop them from banning and they put an added not on the black box label the doctors don’t look at when prescribing and won’t acknowlege or even look up, when you point it out.

  19. I’m 78 yrs old and was Cipro-Floxed 15 months ago by I urologist I’d seen the first and only time for a prostate biopsy. He told me it was to “prevent an infection”, which I didn’t have then or afterwards. The pharmacy tech didn’t give me any informed consent, and the Patient Notification Guide was “clean”, with NO black box warnings.I took 4 of the 6 pills and knew right away there was something terribly wrong with me. My immediate symptoms were similar to most of those already described, so I won’t repeat them to keep this brief.
    My point is this: FQ’s are nothing more than an ongoing “cash cow” for the medical and pharmacy vultures to fatten their bottom lines. Just consider the dozens of BS and non-productive referrals, procedures, and unnecessary MRI’s, Ct scans, lab work and so forth are done…and NO tangible cause or remedy is ever found or proposed. We are simply put on the referral merry-go-round for other specialists to get their own “ka-Ching”.
    I’m a retired police officer with 34 yrs experience, 18 of that as a Detective. I will not waste my time or Medicare money screwing around with these people. This is a form of Organized Crime and should be dealt with as such. They have known for Many Years what FQ’s do to some of us, and the research, lab work, books and articles are so prevalent, yet when we try to tell anyone what’s happened to us, we get the polite eye roll, slight smirk, and maybe a quick but passing interest in the warnings we are trying to spread to everyone.
    I will shut up now and shut down. I’m just grateful and thankful to all of those who have stepped up and described the horrible and life-changing and life-ruining disaster these drugs have caused so many thousands of us. These people need to be held accountable and it seems these forums are one of the only ways for us to be heard.

    • They weren’t supposed to give it to you at your age unless you were dying. I got floxed 8 months ago and that’s how I figured out what they had done to my mom and why she couldn’t walk again after going to rehab for a sprained ankle. They killed her in a year and a half and with massive levaquin and steroids for infections they decided she had, but they did give her plent of infections to. There’s a link between seniors who get it and death. Be very careful to stay out of care facilities. Over time you should get better.

  20. I got floxed in March 15 with one dose of Avelox and one dose of Flagyl. Had to go to the ER with very high bloodpreasure… Legs I couldnt feel them heavy and fatigued and achey. I was terrified.. they gave me some shot I have no idea what it was.. went home then had to go back again the next night with a horrific head ache.. . I live in Turkey.. they took a brain x ray or what ever .. and they said I was ok.. But………… My legs and Back ache neck pain lasted for weeks and weeks.. .. taking vitamins and am terrified to take my normal pain med for my shoulder and neck pain that used to act up before this flox thing. because it was Advil . FOund out that I can never take Advil again. Is this so? it helped a lot. I have no idea what to take now.. No fluoride in water and toothpaste I am afraid of food and drinks now. this is a nightmare.. By the way is there anyone that took Advil and did ok? Tylenol does not help at all. This is such a night mare. I wish us all well. I would really appreciate a comment.. Sinc I am locked out of Facbook sites that I had joined .. I made a comment on my own page about this virus thing and got locked out for a month.. So.. I am glad I found this page. Thank you for reading.

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