Remember Those Condemned to Swallow

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May 28, 2021 | 7 Comments


  1. I’ve got my new book, it doesn’t have big writing and pictures like a Roger Hargreaves book. My feeling so far is how can people not see this stuff that has gone on for ages and will quite obviously continue to grow in magnitude with ever increasing sales of ssri sales. I wonder if more Doctors and people might refused to accept these prescriptions if they were informed that they are more addictive than Heroin ? I wonder what’s next on the progressive agenda Dentists that use TNT to remove teeth ?

  2. “Is it time to consider the possibility that the entire field is a failed enterprise, a wrong turn in human history?“

    Chris van Tulleken

    Antidepressants provide support to many people, but there is good evidence they are harmful for many others. This site is about side effects, withdrawal and user experiences – so important in an area dominated by industry sponsored research.

    The Greatest Failure in What used to be Called Medicine

    All credit to Doctor Chris for his support of Antidepressant Risks.

    This particular blog and its 81 comments, answers many of the questions raised that the genuine Sorrow is in the fault of the medical machine and its unjustifiable continuation of a well-oiled killing machine.

    There is a distinct lack of Sorrow leaking-out of the Home-Made Factories…

  3. Dear Mari,
    Thank you for articulating what I could not for myself. I was forced into the involuntary hospital system and forced to take antipsychotic drugs because my parents wanted to control and hurt me. You are right that the mental health system preys on people who are vulnerable and do not have other people to stand up to them or help them.

  4. Any system that preys on people who are already in so much pain and fragile, and are vulnerable and unprotected, cannot be reformed and should be abolishec

  5. I have finished reading Prescription for Sorrow, it is one of the most clear and concise descriptions of the ssri prescription situation. I think this book should be required reading for all medical students and GPs.

  6. I found this one which talks about Iproniazid, I still think I’d be more trusting of a herbal remedy like Valerian Root or Lemon Balm than something derived from Hydrazine maybe I’m just a bit of a fussy eater ?

  7. I think all these talking heads and books which describe the situation are great and everything but my feeling is you need to allocate some time and resources to performing some decent experiments that might reveal some cures for pssd and possibly other issues. I’ve been confusing myself looking at oscilloscopes as there are rather alot of different offerings with different price tags. So I keep change my mind about what are the best tools and equipment to produce a biothesiometer quite alot. It’s analysis paralysis there is so much choice these days It’s confusing. Really I just need some tools and components that will work so I’m refining my list of these parts I would need. It is not inconceivable that I could produce a biothesiometer prototype laying out pcbs and getting them produced and sent to my location. A prototype is the main thing to complete to begin with, I can do that from my bedroom if I have the appropriate kit. Putting a compact biothesiometer into production to produce say 100 units requires efforts to design a plasitc housing and 3D printers, it isn’t an impossible plan, it can all be done.

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