The Handmaid’s Vaccine

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December 9, 2021 | 30 Comments


  1. A profoundly important sentence that will brush up many a docs brain dismissed and un-registered

    “People kill themselves because of it but also because docs don’t listen or laugh at them because this is not in the RCT-base.”

    We are now entering a situtaion where my ancestors on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia – the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula parted company saying: with it or on it!

  2. Interesting lecture. A lot of the points you made regarding covid vaccine trials were very close to an article I published a couple of days ago in which I look at the suppression of adverse events but also a critique of the new trials overly complicated global infrastructures and use of outsourcing to sub-contractors which have three profound effects. They diffuse responsibility and accountability across multiple parties, they make the trials impossible to properly administrate and they lastly render the trials impossible to audit. Link below.

  3. Having watch the videoed lecture, I’d like to ask if people here think if the time is ripe to start calling for like minded people to get together and create alternative institutions to the FDA, CDC, FDA, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the European equivalents such as the MHRA and so on?

    What is important is that a vacuum is not left as they steadily lose the support of the people.

    Human history records how civilizations start when like minded people get together and form institutions to perform checks and balances on trade and commerce, backed up with new laws to ensure there are just ‘remedies’ (to use the legal term) for instances when people err. Slowly wealth of the nation grows and it becomes easier for individuals to satisfy their Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
    For this is the whole driving force behind the creation of organizations and our willing support and respect of them. They can specialize in the own fields and ponder details of issues too complex for any individual mind to adequately consider. Thus, go on to make informed and hopefully wise decisions on our behalf.

    As this is happening, there comes about a phenomenon which appears to follow the Pareto Principle, where the mean of the creation of wealth ends up in the hands of fewer and fewer families.
    Halfway through the cycle, the only way that these families can fulfil their own desire to progress upwards is to start skimming-off-the-cream so to speak. To do this, they start to corrupting the basic raison d’être of the many institutions created (its just not in medicine and health care). They seek and slowly gain power and control in every field of human enterprise. They lose all sense of virtue as they no longer have need of it.

    Eventually, these corrupted organizations, unable to fulfil any meaningful and benifitial societal purpose — collapse. It is the way of things that they can never be rehabilitated.

    Ancient Egypt was able to reinvent itself every time its civilization arrived at the point we are at today with a fresh dynasty up and until Cleopatra. Whether we can do likewise I am not going to debate as I think its beyond one mind to predict.

    In my opinion, what we as both citizens of a nation and world community need to avoid is a vacuum forming when these organs of our current way of life finally die. The internet gives a wonderful opportunity to reach out and start forming fresh organizations NOW which must be seen as viable options to replace those that are no longer fit for purpose.

    • Yes we do need to form new institutions. Contact me if you are doing so! I am in the US and have become involved in many avenues fighting for our freedom from Medical Tyranny.

  4. I know the data is flawed and it is not just in relation to the Covid-19 vaccine.
    I am still amazed how the health establishment can still deny that the tools that they are using do not possibly cause any harm.
    Big Pharma may be clever at disguising how they go about doing what they do however, those who are one step ahead of them can see the methods they use so that people do not make a connection of the peoples adverse reaction or unexpected deaths.
    If you had so many people being maimed or passing away in the same city, people would start to question the rationale behind a concept.

    I have lost my complete faith and trust in a system that prides itself in healing centered around safe/effective treatment.
    If a drug or vaccine induces systemic health issues, people have a right to transparency and integrity. They should be told the truth about the harms medicines or vaccines can cause.
    The system has a long way to go in terms of clinicians being able to come forward and say it the way it is.
    People who have been lied to, are sick and tired of the games that medical/legal establishments play.
    Denying or falsifying information in patients’ medical notes is a serious offence. Damaging someone’s good health should not be like a game of chance.
    We are dealing with people’s lives and everyone deserves to know the truth after vaccine/medicine injury.
    I like to believe The Trojan horse is a strong symbol of our times just as it was during the Trojan war.
    This time, the injured people will be the ones who speak up against a system that has silenced and oppressed them for way too long.
    They will have victory over a system that has lied, misled and deceived many innocent people, for way too long.
    The injured are gathering in numbers and those who are fed up with a tyrannical system will secretly overthrow those who have malicious intentions.
    The cover up’s and the lies does not help anyone in the end.
    It is time to fess up and surrender because medicine and law need to save face and be held accountable for many people who have been maimed or died in the name of science.

  5. I support what you suggest Pogo – including that there are huge obstacles , there are such entrenched self interests at stake.
    David and colleagues have been speaking out for 20yrs ish showing clearly the networks you detail are so far unmovable. There are a few other orgs which have been set up independantly by such as Peter Gotze as well as citizen led orgs which show co operation is possible but without a trusted centre to coalesce around. There are individuals in health, law and politics who speak out but contacting them individually with evidence from the blogs and so on gets nowhere usefull. If it could be possible to just ignore them and set up independant groups I guess there would have to be a network of physicians; lawyers’, researchers, information group; administrators pharmacists- which could though expand to become just a copy of what goes on now unless there could be a more grass root small networks set up. There are medics who set up in supportive groups to speak out with help from lawyers but they only go so far and are largely exclusive. Obviously am just speculating but things always have to start somewhere. Here is one extraordinary example even though Moosa Q has access to resources we can only dream of and ‘only’ challenged so successfully, but didn’t change any of the networks which cause havoc .
    The whole article is worth a read —here’s some chunks –
    “Sometimes small organisations, or even individuals, are able to achieve a lot more than large organisations because they’re just more dynamic and able to make decisions much more rapidly. Now if you’ve got something that is of public interest and you get enough people to support it, you can achieve quite a lot.”Moosa Qureshi: My battle with the government over transparency and covid-19 pandemic preparedness
    BMJ 2021; 375 doi: (Published 09 December 2021)
    Cite this as: BMJ 2021;375:n2992
    Read our latest coverage of the coronavirus pandemic
    Moosa Qureshi is the consultant NHS doctor who has led the campaign for transparency into NHS preparedness for a pandemic
    …a successful campaign to force the publication of key government documents
    The scale and nature of that planning is only just coming to light, largely thanks to the efforts of Qureshi, who fits campaigning work around a career as a full time NHS consultant haematologist. He has been backed by lawyers Leigh Day (working for a heavily discounted fee), individual supporters who crowdfunded more than £80 000, and journalists.
    The final report, written in 2017 but not published until Qureshi’s campaign last year, forewarned of the crisis in care homes if a pandemic hit the UK as well as a warning that services were not prepared for the “extreme demands” of a “severe pandemic.
    Qureshi’s freedom of information campaign and legal action led to the publication of 11 secret reports and briefing papers into pandemic exercises conducted since 2015, These documents show that the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, and Public Health England were aware of the risks to lives posed by a major coronavirus pandemic.

    First steps
    At the time of his initial freedom of information request in April 2020, Qureshi had read about the existence of Exercise Cygnus, but none of the names of the other exercises were known, nor how many had taken place, or what type of pandemic was being simulated.
    There’s also some evidence that the cabinet office might have set up a clearing house unit, which freedom of information requests go through, and they can obstruct public transparency.”
    Qureshi, supported by his lawyers, set off on a fishing expedition for information. His initial request for the Cygnus report and all of the Department of Health and Social Care’s “pandemic preparedness documents” were rebuffed as too onerous, The strategy that Qureshi and his team pursued was to follow the freedom of information process all the way up to the information commissioner and at the same time pursue action through the courts.

    Qureshi initially had little faith in the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). “I had more faith in British judges than the ICO; I thought the ICO was a token organisation. But the information commissioner Elizabeth Denham ordered the government to respond to our request for the Cygnus Report, which was really surprising. The ICO is a very effective regulator—under resourced but not afraid to take on important powers.”

    Shortly after, in October 2020, then health secretary Matt Hancock suddenly announced in parliament that he was publishing the Cygnus report, without acknowledging the legal campaign. “We went back and said, ‘We don’t think you’ve disclosed everything we requested at judicial review.’” Of particular interest was a recommendation in the Cygnus report that NHS England should prepare two documents, one on population triage, the other on social care.
    The triage document was thought to focus on how clinical teams should proceed if the NHS was overwhelmed. Should they prioritise the worse-off patients most in need of treatment or those with the greatest chance of survival? In January 2021, just a week before the Department of Health and Social Care responded to Qureshi’s request for the release of the triage document, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics put out a call for national guidance on how such decisions should be approached.2

    In the early months of the pandemic, when demand for intensive care beds and mechanical ventilation threatened to outstrip supply, clinicians were facing the dilemma of whether to prioritise younger patients over older patients, while also considering whether this was discriminatory. Although the BMA had issued guidance, the lack of official direction left doctors in fear of litigation or professional sanctions, said the Nuffield Council.

    For Qureshi, the lack of national triage guidance was a key failing. “There are cases of doctors who potentially face legal liability for things that have happened during covid,” he says. “And I see that as a failure of NHS England to publish a triage document. For example, there are patients who were issued inappropriate do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation orders purely because they had a learning disability. It is mentioned in the Commons’ inquiry into the government’s covid-19 response”3
    Without proof the NHS triage document existed, Qureshi accepted legal advice and dropped the action. “I had a meeting with my lawyers where the outlook for our campaign seemed very negative. I went away and thought about things and felt quite dejected.”

    re engaged
    “I thought Essex Fire Service would be a soft touch, that some big firemen would just hand the documents over to me. It didn’t happen that way in the end!” Instead, Qureshi detected the hand of central government in Essex’s replies: “They were putting forward arguments and obstacles that were unexpected for a regional fire service.” It taught him a lesson about “how things at a very local level were being controlled by central government.”

    “It’s a very slow process but surprisingly, if the regulator actually does their job, it can be effective.” Alongside this process, Qureshi also built up relationships with journalists on the Telegraph and the Guardian. The persistence paid off and the information commissioner eventually ordered the Department of Health and Social Care to hand over the documents. The triage documents and an associated report on social care planning led to a series of front page news stories in the Telegraph.

    The report on triage said that age and “life years saved” would be important in allocating care, said Qureshi. “It had lots of case scenarios and basically gave a valuation to everyone’s life. For instance, the top value is given to a pregnant mum because she’s going to have a baby and then the baby has 80 years of life ahead of it.” An annex provided guidance and specific clinical examples for health professionals on the ground in a pandemic—although this was never discussed with staff dealing directly with patients.

    Qureshi still felt there were glaring omissions. “The Cygnus report says nothing about PPE, or about intensive care capacity. You don’t have to be a civil emergency expert to realise these things are important in a pandemic. So, where were these data? I thought there must be other reports.”
    Qureshi’s next round of freedom of information requests were crafted to ask for information on all pandemic exercises over the past five years. It took months of activity,
    Exercise Alice
    Public Health England gave up most of the reports one by one, holding out the longest on Exercise Alice, which modelled MERS, until it unexpectedly yielded in October 2021. Everyone’s name is redacted in the report apart from Sally Davies, the then chief medical officer. The exercise came to a consensus position that the government needed to ensure there was enough PPE, NHS bed capacity, and trained personnel to deal with a major pandemic. Public Health England, the report said, should develop contact tracing capability as this would be important in a coronavirus situation.

    “The interviewer asked why Exercise Alice didn’t lead to pandemic planning, and Jeremy Hunt responded that no ministers were briefed about it. If we believe him, Jeremy Hunt seems to be saying that this coronavirus exercise was set up completely independently of any minister, even though Sally Davies—the chief medical officer—plays a central role and the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England, and NHS England all participated. They all gave a consensus that we didn’t have enough PPE or NHS beds and then somehow Jeremy Hunt and all the ministers didn’t know that consensus position. It’s incredible.”

    The whole experience of trying to find answers about the NHS’s level of preparedness ahead of the covid-19 pandemic has left Qureshi with very little confidence in the UK’s ability to plan for the next pandemic. The problem is the government basically just didn’t implement their recommendations.”
    “And my only explanation is either the politicians really didn’t care or deep down they didn’t really believe the warnings of the scientific and emergency community. For politicians, the budget deficit seemed more tangible.”
    “You know, the very serious concern is that if they don’t face up to what went wrong with preparedness, they won’t be prepared next time. Furthermore, if they don’t open up their mistakes to external scrutiny, then even their own learning from covid-19 will be flawed because of internalised groupthink.”
    The power of direct action
    Moosa Qureshi discovered the power of direct action and crowdfunding through his involvement in several NHS cases of injustice.
    “It really was a case of 50 000 junior doctors losing their legislative rights to speak out when they saw patient safety issues at risk.” ….

    “Sometimes small organisations, or even individuals, are able to achieve a lot more than large organisations because they’re just more dynamic and able to make decisions much more rapidly. Now if you’ve got something that is of public interest and you get enough people to support it, you can achieve quite a lot.”

    • Yes susanne, Moosa Qureshi is quite right in that smaller organization are quicker on their feet than the present day slow lumbering dinosaurs which are now moribund deep in the churned up mud. It is not mud of their individual making only but of the whole herd. For the whole of human activity and our organizations are interconnected and dependant – in part – on each other.

      Where Moosa says “And my only explanation is either the politicians really didn’t care or deep down they didn’t really believe the warnings of the scientific and emergency community. For politicians, the budget deficit seemed more tangible.” he may not have felt that a medical journal was the correct forum to elucidate on ‘the budget deficit’. So, I will briefly.

      Modern civilisations from around the 1st millennium BC found it useful and convenient to employ a medium of exchange, better known as money. Today, we have clear classes of such — commercial money, fiduciary money, fiat money, and commodity money. The conversion and flow of each of these four types into one and other is in the hands of the central banks.

      At the turn of the 21st millennium, financial pundits were warning that if banking regulations were not overhauled and improved then the whole global financial system would collapse. It very nearly did in 2008. The calls for reform before the next crisis got louder… and still little was done.

      Only when the next crash seemed inevitable did the MSM’s editorialise a few warnings. Here is reporter Alex Williams of the New York Times in 2018. “Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?”

      For readers here that not only have pension plans but also a small self-managed investment portfolio they will remember that come September 2019 many of the financial investment gurus (should be able to still see some examples on youtube) started to exclaim with one voice (and I’m paraphrasing) “The sky is falling just like we said it would” [ Then blabber on inevitably to their punch lines of “you’ll lose all you have unless you sign up to our services. Then will pass on to you ‘privileged insider information’ as to where to safely transfer your wealth, blah, blah (for which these gurus will receive a hansom commission)]. [No doubt those involved with granting government contracts also started looking to improve their portfolios…]

      The castles of bad debt in the sky were indeed falling. China’s warehouses were overflowing with goods that they could not sell because the western banks had run out of ‘good’ credit and so could not pay for them.

      It doesn’t not matter were SARS Cov-2 came from in this respect. A global slow down of production and consumption in some form has to take place. [Note: This affected counties like Sweden less as their balance of payments are well manage.] So, this horrid virus serves as a subterfuge. The politicians may say to themselves that current smoke screens are justified to avoid financial panics of the type (they alone imagine) which would create a domino affect throughout the whole world leaving anarchism or [add your own guess here] in its wake. Ignoring the truth that human ingenuity can quickly adapt if properly informed but of coarse that would be political suicide for the current incumbents and possibly their whole political party. They might even fear being lynched.

      It will, from what I can gather, take a whole economic cycle of some six years for all the bad debt to be converted into good debt. Unfortunately, healthcare and globule finance are but two problems out of many. Therefore, we need to be on our guard against false prophets from all camps and keep fighting in every possible way for transparency, accountability and true justice.


    “She added in her statement that he had recently become severely depressed and had been prescribed more powerful anti-depressants by his GP shortly.

    Mrs Cunningham who regularly spoke to her sister on the telephone said: ‘Jonathan felt like a total failure and was crying at night and clinging to Sally for comfort.”


  7. What is going on in this universe?
    Have we totally gone bonkers!
    You have one state in Australia, (NSW) that are going easy on restrictions. The policies are so hypocritical and contradictory. The policies are totally incongruent with true science. Lockdowns, quarantines, PCR/antigen tests and the rest of the repulsive list goes on and on and on………………………..! What disaster has man created! Where is the proof and evidence that all the measures that have been put in place, have benefited man.

    This morning, two vaccinated nurses spread their Covid-19 to the residents in the nursing home. What is the point of having the jab if we are being informed that vaccinated people can still get Covid-19 and transmit the virus to the most vulnerable in society? Can you see where I am going with all of this? Developing natural immunity to the virus is much more reliable than getting the jab. The unvaccinated have been punished because of ILL-ADVISED policies.

    Vaccinated healthcare workers can work in nursing homes and vaccinated loved ones/friends, can visit their dear ones in nursing homes and the unvaccinated are treated like vermin and criminals.
    Where is the common sense in all of this madness?
    We are being misinformed and being told that you have superior protection than the unvaccinated. Perhaps, it is the other way around!
    Perhaps, we should all be mindful when visiting the most vulnerable in nursing homes. There needs to be a reasonable balance with what we are doing in our societies and communities because right now the Covid 19 vaccine is not preventing you from acquiring the virus. We certainly do not know the safety and efficacy of this vaccine. Who has better protection? ~ The vaccinated or unvaccinated!
    Have we learnt any lessons from all this mad conundrum that man has dictated upon man?
    I don’t know what has been achieved from all the madness however, those who could see the nonsense right from the word ‘GO’ knew/had faith/ believed that the measures and the extremes that all stakeholders put us through was not right.
    We can learn from past mistakes however, this is been one hell of a ‘COLOSSAL MISATKE’ that has ruined and killed many innocent lives. Violation of human rights, unnecessary deaths and fear/hysteria/panic over a virus that turned the whole world upside, just does not make sense to those who could see beyond the plethora of misinformation and misconstrued policies/lies.

    • Dear Anon. So many questions– good! Welcome to Plato’s Cave.

      You ask “What is the point of having the jab if we are being informed that vaccinated people can still get Covid-19 and transmit the virus to the most vulnerable in society?” When faced with a situation that appears not to make rational sense, it often helps to ask ‘who stands, or stood, to gain from this’. You may have heard lawyers use the Latin term ‘cui bono’ which means the same thing.

      Providing you have now read and understood the analogy of Plato’s Cave, here is your homework assignment to workout for yourself the real point of vaccines, masks, lockdowns etc., An exercise which may lead you out into the Sun light and see the answers you seek.

      Be forewarned, like Neo (play be Keanu Reeves in the Matrix) found, reality can seem a little uncomfortable and scary at first. Imperative – ignore the shadows cast by Main Stream Media during this or you may drift back into warm cosy ignorance again.

      You don’t state which country you dwell in — not to worry — start the search here for cui bono:

      1) JOHNNY VEDMORE wrote a very informative article back in OCTOBER 1, 2020.
      “Daniel Korski: The Intelligence-Linked Mastermind Behind the UK’s Orwellian Healthtech Advisory Board”

      2) All the Worlds’ governments/WHO/NGO’s/Health Agencies/Regulators/MSM’s etc., appear to be singing from the same covid song sheet — how are they all interconnected? See if you can join up some of the dots in this James Corbett Report:

      3) Apart from the enormous increase in his wealth that this criss is affording Toe Knee Fau Chi, why does he appear untouchable? How deep does his influence go and is his unwavering, solid self-assurance, come from a possible get out-of-jail-free card? All major powers are running propaganda campaigns and counter propaganda campaigns which run deep. This is propaganda(?) from 2005 about Chines willingness to use bi-weapons citing and quoting secret Chines political speeches. Note: this is from a decade and half ago and yet it almost seems prophetic in light of what is now unfolding. (Page takes a few seconds for google translate to do its thing):

      If you feel like throwing your arms up in despair at any point whist doing this assignment (and one would not be normal if one didn’t), do so whilst facing the Sun — and behold the light.

  8. Just today I received a press release from the office of Senator Ron Johnson, who is demanding that The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine hand over all documents pertaining to two papers that were later retracted. The paper in the Lancet claimed that chloroquine and hydroxchloroquine did not help patients with the covid and might have increased their risk of death. The one published in NEJM claimed that ACE inhibitors did not increase the risk of death in covid papers.

    Lancet itself referred to the hydroxychloroquine study as “fabricated” and a “monumental fraud.” NEJM didn’t go that far, although its editor did admit “We shouldn’t have published this.”

    The datasets for both papers were provided by the same company, Surgisphere, and the company’s owner and founder, Dr. Sapan Desai, was listed as an author on both papers.

    The CRO’s like Surgisphere have polluted the medical literature with a veritable flood of literally incredible data. Cleaning up this mess is a task that makes the Fifth Labor of Hercules pale by comparison. But we have to start somewhere.

    • Indeed, but my concern is heading off the mess yet to come if the current pharmaceutical complex is not dismembered. For this to happen, we must ensure the revolving doors with government agencies are bricked up. That’s not going to happen whilst there exists revolving doors between political office/lobbyists/agencies/government contractors/etc.

      At the moment those doors are getting ever bigger as step by step society is lead down the path towards global totalitarianism. Medical atrocities will become evermore extreme. Some years back, when I sought for the history of the anti-psychotic chlorpromazine, I found originally, its only use as medicine was for treating intestinal parasites in the form of phenothiazine. Then in WW2 it showed promise as an aid to treating hypothermia experienced by air crews who had ditched in the sea (maybe what suggested this drug might be usefully repurposed was noting that inadequately clothed inmates appeared not to shiver during cold weather when dosed with this drug, which is readily observable today in patients taking this class of drugs). There exist to this day many opinions as to wether this Nazi research should be cited in modern papers or expunged. I reference this article which explores this moral issue as an example and a wakeup call:

      Nazi Science — The Dachau Hypothermia Experiments

      If we are wiser now, then we must strive to avoid sliding any further into a repeat of this.

      As an aside: The article doesn’t mention by name phenothiazine nor chlorpromazine and mention of these don’t appear in again until after the war and in France and possible because of the ethical issue about using Nazi research it was deemed a ‘French’ invention, as was many other inventions that came to market after the war. This was impart because towards the end of the war German industrialists moved as many patents as they could abroad to prevent them being appropriated as war reparations by the conquering allied countries. Another example is the Nazi research into organophosphate nerve agents which became the foundation of the post war pesticide industry the US but with royalties still retained by German industrialists.

      • POGO

        The phenothiazines are not Nazi research. These drugs were around since 1870. A lot of the research was done by Jews in Germany like Ehrlich. Chlorpromazine is French.

        The idea that a lot of patents were moved from Germany to France likely has some truth to it but you can’t assume that that means anything without establishing it.

        Besides what about Nazi research showing that a sugar laden diet was likely a major contributor to mortality along with tobacco.

        One of the striking features of the current pandemic is how many good and normal people put their head down and get on with research that might well turn out to be useful. Are we going to call that Nazi research at some point in the future?


        • I did not say that the Nazi’s invented phenothiazines. Just pointed out that that up until then and as far as I could find out, “its only use as medicine was for treating intestinal parasites in the form of phenothiazine.” Had I run this pass a copy-editor before clicking Submit no doubt s/he would have asked my to make this clearer. My bad.

          DH says: “A lot of the research was done by Jews in Germany”. Well, a lot of French and Jewish/French scientists found themselves during the occupation of France as ‘guest workers’ in Germany also. However, I accept that the explanation told to me of how Rhône-Poulenc immediately at the end of the war suddenly knew how to add many different side chains to the basic molecule to make compounds with different characteristics remains anecdotal and accept that certain details spoken of may be biased, as it was from a retired Jewish/French doctor (of chemistry) in North London. She also spoke of its use in hypothermic surgery… in Dachau (I think from memory). We will probable never know exactly the full extent of Nazi research done there nor which historical accounts are the most truthful, for the surviving records are incomplete.

          DH says “Besides what about Nazi research showing that a sugar laden diet was likely a major contributor to mortality along with tobacco.” What about it? The author points out that despite the seemingly robust methodology the results must held suspect. Quote: “ Postwar testimony revealed that whenever possible, some assistants and victims altered the temperature readings and changed the timing of blood sampling in the attempt to save lives.” So this signals that not all the conclusions of Nazi era experiments can be taken at face value, not that all of German science was pseudo-science per sa. I also hope DH did not read into this that I was expressing an opinion one way or another regarding wether this research should be used or not. I left it for the article to explore that.

          Whilst I know from personal experience that most researchers value the search for truth to be paramount (and certainly higher than finding an easier occupation that pays better) and in the same breath say, that I have no reason to believe this was not the same for the majority of German scientist, even during the Nazi era — it remains well documented now, that much which passes as Covid research is corrupt.

          So in finishing: Yes, I am suggesting that there will be controversy in future about the scientific output of the current SARS Cov-2 era, with parallels drawn to how patients unnecessarily died from from profitable treatment protocols, unnecessarily died due to restrictions on doctors which prevented them using the whole inventory of treatments available, unnecessarily died in trials designed to discrete HCQ and Ivermectin, the many instances of falsification and statistical obscuration of data which doctors need to help guide their treatment and help avoid unnecessary deaths… and so on.

          How this medical era gets labeled though — only time will tell.

          • My problem is the use of the word Nazi. Phenothiazines were first used to treat mental illness in Italy in 1896. They were helpful for malaria and then were antihistamines. It was their use as antihistamines – in which the French specialised – that led to chlorpromazine.

            There was certainly lots of research happening in concentration camps but the guys involved were pretty dim and its not clear that much of what they did was any use. The Germans had found the first effective antibiotic in 1935 but were scooped by the French a year or two later who found ways to invalidate the German patent. A lot of things in German at the time ended up being pretty inefficient – having made the first antibiotic, the weird thing was the Germans were very poor at deploying antibiotics for their troops perhaps costing them the war as the Allies picked up that ball and ensured their deaths from infections were much lower.

            Most of the decent research at the time in either Germany or France was almost certainly done by decent people who went along with the system just like most of the decent research done now is likely done by people who have been vaccinated and may even support mandates for the sake of a quiet life for the most part but even if for other reasons cannot be viewed as part of the current political and commercial apparatus that a lot of people would view as close to totalitarian – even those going along with it for a quiet life.

            The risk is that a lot of good stuff being done now risks being written off as ‘Nazi’ in years to come which will be wrong and in the same way tarring everything that came out of Germany in those years as Nazi research is misguided.

            We also instinctively figure it must have been bad things came out of Germany – when in public health terms they were quite good (eliminating the unfit aside but even the Swedes and the Americans were doing that). This has seduced us into viewing Thalidomide as a German drug when it was almost certainly a French drug. The head of the French lab in which it was likely created was a Nazi sympathiser but so were the British Royal Family, and maybe even the Pope back then. And this link may have led to its use in Germany and to the French creating a story about it being a Nazi drug that they were just offering board and lodging to for a period during the War. No-one wants to own this child – and we are all more than happy to link it to the Nazis.

            This risks leading on to conspiracy theories about Celgene being a Nazi company – as it now owns it and in the form of lenalidomide has what was last year the fourth most profitable drug in the US. Spinning webs is easy – too easy.

            We are all guilty of it. At present there are lots of people doing a lot of research into PSSD who start piecing jigsaw pieces together and convince themselves they have the answer – the arguments and theories are elegant – beautiful even – they compel belief but don’t work.


    • As with the reply to POGO below, no one should take these responses as saying the points being responded to are wrong – they are aimed at keeping a door open.

      In the case of this legal action, it will likely look pretty good even to a lot of people who know a lot about these things and even know a bit about regulation. But if I was sitting in MHRA, I’d smile and lick my lips and figure this one will just be too easy to swat away. It doesn’t grasp the very limited role MHRA play in these things.

      We absolutely need ways to check the current lunacy but I’d be surprised if this one gets anywhere – that said trying things is important.


      Great to see they are taking it further and found a lawyer. Looks like there is yet another layer of regs for students now but I can’t find any cases of Fitness to Practice Hearings held by individual universities or how they are held. Are they made public in the same way as GMC publishes Fitness to Practice cases on their web site?.

      MSC and GMC welcome agreement on MLA delivery model
      The Medical Schools Council (MSC) and General Medical Council (GMC) have released a joint statement to welcome a commitment from UK medical schools and their parent universities to embed a university-led, GMC regulated, Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) in their medical degrees.
      This moment marks a significant step towards implementing the MLA; and is a sign of strong collaboration across the undergraduate medical education community.
      1. The Medical Schools Council is the representative body for UK medical schools. The council is made of the heads of UK medical schools and meets in order to shape the future of medical education and research in the UK.

      2. The General Medical Council helps to protect patients and improve medical education and practice in the UK by setting standards for students and doctors. It supports them in achieving and exceeding those standards, and take action when they are not met.

    • Just this month a complaint was filed with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague on behalf of the peoples of the United Kingdom. The most notable of the applicants is Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice-President and Chief Scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer.

      The ICC’s must have received by now, many missives of a similar plea. As the teeth of the ICC are provided at the discretion of sovereign states, it might find itself unable to act for lack of international support. I’m rather hoping that the ICC’s silence around the whole crisis is the result of some sort of Zen Buddhist act of masterful inactivity. Remember, that as the are ‘international’ they will be very aware also, of the global financial crisis and the enormous political tensions that are born from it.

      So hoping for some action from the ICC may displace anxiety in the short term but I would encourage as many as people as possible to do what we are doing now. Reach out, support, inform.

  9. Read in full: Lord Frost’s resignation letter to Boris Johnson

    Here is the full text of Lord Frost’s resignation letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (i have just included the most relevant part re Covid and coercion = when someone in his position is making this public as well as over 100 MPs already , hopefully it will put some further curb on ramping up vitriol against people who decline vaccinations and appose the introduction of passports in UK) As ever we will have to see how it goes.
    Carl Bennett
    PUBLISHED Saturday 18 December 2021 – 22:31

    Dear Boris, (Prime minister)

    It has been a huge honour and privilege to work with you over the last five years, first in the Foreign Office and then in No.10.
    You have been an outstanding leader at a moment of grave constitutional crisis for this country.

    You know my concerns about the current direction of travel. I hope we will move as fast as possible to where we need to get to: a lightly regulated, low-tax, entrepreneurial economy, at the cutting edge of modern science and economic change.

    Three hundred years of history show that countries which take that route grow and prosper, and I am confident we will too.

    We also need to learn to live with Covid and I know that is your instinct too.

    You took a brave decision in July, against considerable opposition, to open up the country again.

    Sadly it did not prove to be irreversible, as I wished, and believe you did too. I hope we can get back on track soon and not be tempted by the kind of coercive measures we have seen elsewhere.

    Together we have put this country onto a new path. I am confident that under your leadership this newly free Britain can succeed and prosper hugely.

    I wish you and the Government every success in that.

    Brexit minister Lord Frost resigns over ‘political direction’ of Boris Johnson

  10. The politicians and the rest of them are sock puppets, who is running the country I don’t exactly know but Gates, big pharma, BBC/main media is certainly there to be seen.

    IF/When some non corrupt judge(s) fully grasps the fact that neither the RT PCR nor the lateral Flow can say anything about infection or infectiousness
    outside the context of clinical observation and low cycle, and that the mass world abuse of human rights is being fueled by this testing lie, well for me this is where we begin, AND WE HAVE to begin.

    It seems to me to be far more difficult to prove someone killed their partner and then themselves due to the drugs over ‘mental illness’ breakdown which has no physical test. When we see the PCR scientists take the stand, sit in the witness box and speak to the truth about the RT PCR the sock puppets drop.

    I think Lord Frost is in for a shock – we’re headed for technocratic communism

    Page 18 Lock Step

    From 2010

  11. I don’t think it’s wise to write every one off There are some in politics and medicine and so on who haven’t been corrupted and who care about democracy who are actually involved in campaigning themselves. Re testing I’ve been reliably told by ‘someone’ who can’t be named for obvious reasons that the home tests made in China are just 40% accurate for a negative result . Nevertheless I have decided to carry on using them regularly on the basis of her trustworthy advice when lack of any better information makes it a reasonably decision for me. I also read as much as I can in thebmj which updates info about Covid regularly with useful additional responses . Wish we did have a crystal ball but Frost has done some useful nudging and public encouragement to both his ‘peers’ and those of us who are activating now to preserve some hope for a better future for ourselves and those coming after us. They need to see the older generation has a moral compass which is worth supporting together rather than be sucked into too much pessimism and cynicism which paralyses action and makes corruption and dehumanisation of individuals and societies much easier to bring about . In some areas such as medicine it may be too late, who can tell,

  12. When I was in the hell hole we had a weekly group psychology session. There was one young woman in her late twenties – a former psych nurse. She wanted to bring up the issue of the drugs now she was on the other side and shocked at what she had subjected others to, but nope she was quickly told – NO you can not talk about the drugs and was shut down. She festered for a while before an outburst loudly asserting I’ll never trust another doctor EVER AGAIN. The outburst got her a one on one and escort back to the ‘ward’. A number of years later that psychologist had to consider a patient of hers who jumped off a motorway bridge. The truth about the drugs wasn’t put forward.

    Well plenty of the public are now like this – they are never going to trust a doctor ever again and may well go on the offensive.

  13. Why do some clinicians say unvaccinated people are a risk to other people?
    I am totally baffled by this reasoning and nonsensical logic.
    Yet, when clinicians use tools (procedures/medicines), that harm their patients, are they not a risk to us?
    I’m done with clinicians and anyone who lie to make $$$$ out of the vulnerable.
    They were no use to me back then and yet when you need them to assist you with a simple favour, they still ‘carry on’ as if nothing ever happened.
    If they only knew the hell they put us through, would they display any compassion or empathy? HELL NO!
    I have NO TIME for con artists and professionals who don’t care.
    As for some government bureaucratic spin doctors, I hope their lives never get adversely impacted by the terrible policies they inflict upon vulnerable people in our society.
    Leave the people alone and STOP playing political games with peoples lives!

  14. Feel like I’ m preaching to the converted on this blog, however I think you will like to see Joe Rogan interviewing Dr. Robert Malone (who is the co-inventor of some of the mRNA technology). Joe asks all the right questions during a comprehensive 3 ¼ hour discussion. Whether intrenched members of the healthcare professions etc., can bring themselves to watch this all the way through and risk suffering an ontological crisis as a result, I don’t know. I doubt it. Still we must persevere and let those with ossified minds know that they now posses little that is worth us listening to, unless they update their own knowledge base (or should that be beliefs? As what I accept as facts in a scientific sense are in many cases still soft and pliable to my mind. But at least their based on raw data and real science. Yet, it is the preponderance of evidence that hangs a man. Our biggest problem right now is having that evidence heard in open court).

    [An aside: For those that do and find themselves falling apart after watching Rogan they might find Psilocybin Therapy very helpful. It’ll be interesting to see if damaged professionals push for this therapy to go mainstream.]

    At the time of writing this full episode is still on Youtube.
    Joe Rogan Experience #1757 – Dr. Robert Malone
    Or on Spotify:

  15. One thing i have concluded about the whole business of psychological overwhelm is that it usually stems from childhood sexual abuse. If as adults the advised treatment for an illness that doctors have invented that causes sexual dysfunction then this just adds vinegar onto a very septic emotional wound.

  16. Yes we do need to form new institutions. Contact me if you are doing so! I am in the US and have become involved in many avenues fighting for our freedom from Medical Tyranny.

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