We Are the Ninety-Nine Percent

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June 30, 2014 | 4 Comments


  1. I never knew Rxisk.org existed before my own adverse effect on my prescribed drug. It has been a complete shock to discover the attitude seemingly shown by drug companies regarding what is a huge responsibility on their part towards the general public.
    I thought it was a matter of course that one would report a drug if it malfunctioned in the patient and that it would be carefully researched- Well what an eye opener to the world of the drug industry.
    Rxisk.org should be far more known to the world and I hope Rxisk.org has an opportunity to become a household name.

  2. Like most other posters, I’ve just found your website and I’m so very scared. I have a PCM, a GYN and a Pain Management Doctor. I give them the list of meds that I am taking, and I use a mail order pharmacy and a local pharmacy mainly for my Pain meds. Maintenance meds go to mail order, this is mandated by my insurance. After entering my medications into your drug interactions profile, I can say WITHOUT a doubt, I am frightened, due to the results that came back…What should I do??

  3. I am so glad to see Rxisk operate!
    I am not aware of anything like this that has ever been done before.
    I am sure it will have a positive impact for doctors and patients.

    I worked as an RN mostly in emergency room’s and ICUs for almost 30 years.

    For those of you, doctors nurses and pharmacists especially, who have made a serious study of allopathic medicine I have only this to say:

    You have made a serious and very dangerous mistake.

    Closely observing people who took allopathic medicines (usually the ones I gave them)
    I noticed a number of things, and after 20 years… Could no longer deny.

    1- most Allopathic medicines do not work very well, or they don’t work at all.
    (when I started nursing, some of the stronger antibiotics still worked… And no one died from asthma)

    2- no psychiatric meds that I have given have ever helped anyone’s psychiatric problem.

    3- out right problems and “side effects” arise immediately for almost everyone who is given an allopathic medicine. (these range from skin flushing to sudden-death)

    4- Allopathic trauma care and microsurgery are awesome, and definitely valuable.
    (never allow anyone to stay in the ICU for more than 72 hours)

    This is my personal experience… Your mileage may vary.
    If you would like to know what I have discovered that does work… You may email me at:


    The best of luck to you, keep up the good work!
    Rxisk is the best thing I have seen happen in allopathic medicine!!

    Warmest regards,


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