A Birth to Announce

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September 6, 2021 | 3 Comments


  1. Wonderful to learn of the wider availability of such invaluable writing. The entire Samizdat series is a collection of great value, and utmost importance in the dissemination of a wider awareness and understanding of the suffering caused by unrecognised, misdiagnosed, and/or denied ADRs, especially to psychotropic drugs. Thank you and congratulations.

  2. Thank you kindly David, for sharing a short history of the rise and fall of our current healthcare system.
    Pseudo news and ghost written literature regarding medicine and medics has become nothing but a disgrace in the name of healing and caring.
    The combination of science and Law has become so intertwined, that it’s modus operandi has become one of profits before life.
    Lives, do not matter anymore if there is money to be made at the expenses of corpses.
    Yes, many people may believe they are living longer due to modern technology and advanced science however, are we living a better quality of life?
    How many unfortunate souls have a miserable/unfortunate quality of life due to murderous/malicious intents inflicted over the innocent because greed got the better of them!
    The evil monopoly of pharmacy combined with medics has undoubtedly become malfeasance and corrupt. Both have become immorally rich over the dead.
    Human lives don’t matter and human health has become nothing in the hands of those who put profits over life.
    Power+ corruption + economics+ politics= have over killed our healthcare system all in the name of GREED!
    Decapitation of Louis XVI in the 17th century is still alive in our medical model today.
    Over-prescribing + unnecessary tests/procedures are deceiving the majority to believe that more= best. It can be quite the contrary. It can me a murderous unsolved crime which makes the situation appear to be as a result of an incurable condition or disease.
    Has modern medicine evolved since 17th century decapitation?
    Has Law and Science become craftier?
    Has modern technology become so corrupt that we are being led to believe things that are not really there?
    Now we have a civil war in modern medicine where greed + politics + economics have become the forefront of our empirical medical system.
    Science and Medicine may give us the impression that we are living longer lives however, we have become enslaved to Big Pharma and medics. They are our life support, so to speak. Once we are enslaved by the system, the slow feeding drip is attached not only to our bodies but to the perpetual money making machine.
    It seems, that from the cradle to our graves, if we end up enslaved to a system that relies on us to keep bleeding at their mercy, there is no escape.
    We feel comforted and reassured that the medics and Big Pharma are doing the right thing and because of the reassurance they endlessly feed us we know we are in safe hands so hence, we believe everything they want us to believe.
    With the introduction of the FDA and RCT’s (Random Controlled Trials) are we also being hoodwinked into believing that our health is in safe hands.
    Hell NO! How can RCT’s speak for the majority when you always get different variables depending on age, sex, medical history etc.……..
    If undesirable negative clinical data trials are hidden from the populace how can the populace make an intelligible informed decision.
    If I was to give informed consent about a particular medicine I would like to have all the information given to me ~ not just a selected few or biased information in favour of the medicine concerned!
    By 2000, more money was being spent in the United States on marketing the risks of cholesterol than on the country’s research on dementia, cancer, autism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, sickle cell anaemia and other traditional medical disorders combined.
    How many of the medicines/vaccines, induce these medical health problems?
    I am sure that the company share prices went up as Big Pharma/Medics and Lawyers profited from medicines/vaccines making people sick.
    Ever since there has been a revolving door of perpetual new medicines, the Law has found avenues of generating money from medicines that maim/harm and unnecessary procedures that pose a risk as a result of what negligible medicines induce.
    It is quite evident that medicine so intertwined with Science and Law have been manifesting these crimes against humanity for some time.
    Unless we stand up to the Powers To Be, we will have no HOPE or Success in generating a new model that will be in accordance with Lady Justice having a balanced scale.
    We want good health we have to demand the truth behind Science and the Law.
    We have to have all the information before us before we risk it all on a flawed and unsubstantiated information.
    We have to be aware of what is right and what is wrong and if we are being deceived and hoodwinked my a healthcare system that puts profits before people, we have to stand up to those who get away with murderous intent knowing that the LAW and SCIENCE give them too much leverage to do so!
    We have to take the responsibility of health care and place it in our own hands and we have to make the right choices with the honest information.
    Too many innocent people have died in the hands of CORRUPT medicine and it is about time we take that POWER back and arm ourselves with KNOWLEDGE and MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES that will not lead to unnecessary MAIMING or DEATH!
    We need to take responsibility for our own health care and not leave it in the hands of those who have forgotten that LIFE IS PRECIOUS, IMPORTANT and BEAUTIFUL

    A true barometer of good health is measured by how medics treat their patients. If they put profits before patients, they should not have the privilege of healing the sick. CB

    A song that is so appropriate with our current times.


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