A Legal System for Drug Companies not Patients

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June 2, 2021 | 1 Comment


  1. Legal firms know what is going on with medications and how they induce harm to patients. Some firms only represent you if:
    1. It creates a better image for themselves ( The Public perceive them as doing the right thing!)
    2. You are part of a close network. Some Doctors know how to play the game so they use the legal system to benefit them.
    3. You have an abundance of money
    The legal system has never been fair for whistle-blowers because the corrupt system is discriminating against people who try to do the right thing.
    When is lady justice ever going to have the scales of balance, tipped in their favour especially, for those who have been failed dismally by the system?
    What does one do when the have lost complete faith and trust in those who are supposed to do the right thing by those who have been screwed by an corrupt system?
    Is HONESTY really the best POLICY?
    Where are the human rights lawyers when you need them?

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