A Story of Iatrogenic Insanity: Prescription for Sorrow

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May 24, 2021 | 6 Comments


  1. The amount of failure that went on during the V2 rocket development process was rather high, I think working in the V2 factory was probably quite stressful. These days they just drop the ssri drugs on people which is presumably cheaper than building rockets. Getting inertial guidance right is quite difficult, these days we understand how to build rockets better and have multiple redundancy in computer control systems.


    • One of the things Prescription for Sorrow is that excess rocket fuel left over after the V-2 program led to the first antidepressants.


      • Did someone discover that when over worked and depressed workers started to drink V-2 fuel ? I thought most of them were already fully loaded up with Pervitin ?

  2. AntiDepAware

    Deirdre Morley found not guilty of murder of three children by reason of insanity. “If Deirdre’s diagnosis was questionable…then surely so too was her treatment and medication.”


    Ms Morley, who the court heard was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, was first prescribed anti-depressant medications in October 2018.

    In 2018, she said that she “wasn’t able to enjoy anything”. She was sleeping in the day and she dropped 10 pounds in six weeks. 

    On January 10, 2020, she visited her GP for a sick cert for work. She said that she felt somewhat over-sedated and denied suicidal ideation. Her anti-depressant medication was reduced.


    “The intention to kill is where the battle ground lies in this case,” he said.

  3. There is a pill for every ailment and many of us have forgotten that many human afflictions are part of life, such as grieving.
    What worries me, is how many people are being killed by many of these toxic meds and how some professionals having a carte blanche to do as they please when some docs totally screw up, with over prescribing.
    “The intention to kill is where the battle ground lies in this case!”
    When meds screw up, some professionals do further risky test and procedures to kill.
    Cold blooded murder done in living daylight with full visibility for all to see. SICK!

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