A Unicorn: Changing a Medical Record

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July 30, 2018 | 8 Comments


  1. This is all old news to me.

    Not only can they put things on your medical record that can be used as a way to invalidate your credibility, but they can also change your medical record at a later date in such a way that will suit their agenda and / or to question your credibility.

    I have experienced this first hand when I made a complaint against AWP that spanned many years. It became apparent near the end of the complaint process that there was an entry by another psychiatrist (a record that was NOT present when I originally requested my medical records) that claimed I had complained to him of all the sexual problems that I have a short while prior to ever being prescribed Citalopram. I swear on my life I had none of the sexual problems before being prescribed Citalopram.

    This entry in my record was then given to the PHSO who decided based on this record that my sexual problems were “pre existing” to me taking citalopram and they used this as another factor to claim my sexual problems were not caused by Citalopram.

    The health trust also sent the PHSO a study from the Czech Republic which stated people with OCD had a higher rate of sexual problems than the general population. The PHSO concluded that my sexual problems could have been caused by OCD. I.e blaming the illness for the sexual problems.

    I had no sexual problems caused to me by OCD. I know my body.

    It’s funny how all of the problems started on the day I took citalopram, and that sexual dysfunction is one of the most common side effects of SSRI’s, and also that my sexual problems fit with the sexual dysfunction caused by SSRI’s, I.e genital anaesthesia.

    But no matter what I said the PHSO referred to the “other factors” that could be involved. He always used to describe the “other factors” in this really annoyingly calm smug voice, that made me want to smash my phone off the floor.

    My SEAP advocate (NHS complaints advocate) told me he has been involved with a number of cases where medical records have been changed or altered by health organisations during a complaint process, and he also told me he knows of a number of cases where SEAP were able to prove that this had happened. He said it was more common than you think.

    Do not think for one moment that the NHS or health organisations will play fair with you when you try to bring to their attention the damage that has been done to you by prescription drugs.

    They can go to great lengths to stifle any complaint you have, no matter how legitimate it is.

    I don’t even have the time and energy to go into all the nasty tactics that were used against me when I dared to complain that I had developed PSSD or about the severe benzodiazepine withdrawal I went through when I was withdrawn off benzodiazepine too quickly. I have gone into some of them in previous comments. It was so extensive, that I could spend all day writing about it.

    Also AWP were actually caught altering and falsefying a lot of medical records in October 2013. It even made the points west local news.

    This is knowledge that is available to anyone. It is a FACT that they have been caught altering and changing medical records!

    I actually found the whole process of going through the complaint and all the nastiness I experienced almost worse than the PSSD and benzodiazepine withdrawal. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted by the end of it. I really don’t know if I could go through it again.

    After years of trying to get some form of justice for what had happened to me, the complaint came to nothing, with the final response from the Ombudsman being something along the lines of ” The health organisation has done nothing wrong”. Even though there was strong evidence to the contrary.

    I tried to appeal but that came to nothing. I pointed out in my appeal how offensive I found the closing statement by the PHSO, but they didn’t comment on this.

    And guess what happened to the psychiatrist I had complained about after he had been cleared of any wrong doing by the PHSO. He was promoted to the highest position at the local mental health unit by the AWP trust (I heard about this from my MIND advocate).

    While my life was left in ruins.

  2. This is a cool piece of writing…Pegasus …

    Toilet paper analogy…bit like David, saying, ‘where even the toilet paper was marked confidential’ in Pfizer’s archives.


    And then Poof, it was gone as if it had never happened.

    You were fighting ‘two’ billionaires..

    ‘credibility was the first victim of a mental health diagnosis’

    ‘This essay’s purpose is to share what I learned along the way about language and ‘mirroring’, self-control while drugged, and studying who my adversary was….their motivation, intent, and vulnerabilities, being effective in my tactics to fulfill my strategy.’

    I really had hoped that I was doing exactly the same thing, but, regrettably, in Scotland, it all failed miserably and ‘poof’ it was gone…awesome post No.1.

  3. Reply from an Ombudsman in England some years ago after the usual smarmy pseudo polite opening which drives people crazy – (actual words) ‘you could discuss all this with the Quakers, they’re good at this kind of thing’. Bizarre or what? – When challenged he refused to answer. One psychiatrist who had a complaint raised against her was actually sitting on the GMC panel when the complaint was first raised. They kept that quiet until it was discovered then stated that she had decided to remove herself from the panel. ie not even that she had been required to resign. Now pontificates on – ethics.

  4. I can’t believe that some professionals can do this to some people.
    I mentioned that anyone who takes antidepressants, already has a label placed on them however, when an adverse reaction takes place, as a result of ingesting these meds, I already know the ‘death sentence’ that some professionals place on vulnerable patients.
    In this day and age, one would think that doing the right thing, is the best thing!
    When an incorrect label is put on someone, you not only ruin their lives you put the ‘seed of doubt’ about someone, into all minds ~ this is a travesty of JUSTICE!

    I always question the integrity/validity of our health care system and the people in leadership who are supposed to have the safety of our well-being, at heart.
    It seems that looking out for your bro, is a ‘dirty thing’ to do.
    Everything, seems so screwed up today when you try to do the right thing and if some professionals seem to believe that they can do whatever they want, what hope do people have when they put in a complaint and they have to have their version of the story tainted with lies and misconceptions.
    When an incorrect label is placed on someone, it would most likely be very hard to undo.
    The damage is already done and for some trusting some professionals, unfortunately, it has eroded, over time because when their good health was adversely impacted, no one bothered to care.
    It takes more than a unicorn to undo the injustice that our health care system has so carelessly and recklessly bestowed upon those who have been so badly maltreated by those who are suppose to care.
    I would rather put my trust in the unknown and would have more faith in the Unicorns, leprechauns, fairies, pixies and any other mythical creatures, any day, then put my trust in those who sprinkle ‘bull dust’ all over my mental integrity.
    Let’s all make a wish and have all those who have wronged us, placed in a bubble and watch them disappear and shrink, right before our very eyes.

  5. This attitude is still alive and well, but not necessarily connected to being Irish, Female or “Criminal”.


    When I communicated to my Historical Psychiatrist in Ireland circa
    1985/86, that my Recovery had taken place, as a result of stopping medications suitable for Schizophrenia + and that these drugs had been the cause of my Suicidal Hospitalizations, he registered shortly afterwards as a Non Specialist Doctor in Ontario Canada Reg No 57892.

    Years later when I communicated the same information to my then GP at London W2 5LT circa 2011, he was asked to leave the Surgery within a year on account of his own Mental Disorder.

    When I demonstrated with documentary evidence to his replacement at London W2 5LT in 2012, that my historical Irish Doctors had attempted to suppress Adverse Drug Reaction (putting me at future Risk) – he was terrified. By the end of the interview his shirt was wet through and sticking to his body.

    He asked me to show him evidence of wellness in the UK. This wasn’t a difficult thing to do, as I’d never had treatment in 30 years the UK, I’d never been disabled in the UK , and the industry I was employed in required registration.

    The doctor then gave me with explanation, in writing (3 times) with signature that “schizophrenia” had been removed from my notes. But a month later I could see “Schizophrenia” still on the system. The doctor then provided me another signed letter with explanation completely contradicting the 3 letters he’d previously written.

    I then made a complaint to the GMC as I considered the doctors behaviour to be out of place. The GMC though polite were not prepared to proceed with my complaint. In a letter to me in May of 2013 the GMC* stated that in their view the doctors behavior would not affect the doctors ability to practice medicine safely.

    In July of 2013 my GP was involved in a Patient Fatality.


    In my view my GP had already demonstrated Serious Mental Disorder to the GMC previous to this event (- he’d been traumatised).

    *But what does the GMC s “Judgement” say about the Reliability of ANY Mental Health Diagnosis in the UK?

  6. I was also diagnosed Bipolar 1 in 2004. I spent 13 years on a 10 med cocktail. I am now off meds and not in treatment, but my diagnosis plagues me. Your essay showed up at the perfect time. It is so hard to get a label removed once it has stuck.

    • Ronda, my heart breaks for you.
      I hope you will read the further posts to understand the leverage I had to bring to bear to force someone to listen and ACT in my best interests, as they are mandated to do. It was ‘good news/bad news’ for me. Ironically, if I had not been put into yet another harrowing side effect crisis AND knew the medical term ANAPHYLAXIS (not an unusual term for an adult), I would have yet again been dismissed with ‘melodramatic complaints’.
      I had to make my own rules as there isn’t any “How to…” pamphlets, websites, or support groups helping you cut that malignancy out of your file…
      Are you in the U.S.? . .

  7. What Really Worries Me

    What if you were incorrectly diagnosed with a disease that was not true?
    What if you had a disease and they made it out to be something more sinister, what would you do?
    What if something else was causing your disease?
    Would you not want to get down the bottom of the cause of your disease?
    What if the doctors, labs and the rest of the medical entity, went along with this charade and ruined your life because you believed something that was not true!
    The system and the processes are not robust.
    How can one discern and draw a fine line between insincerity versus genuineness?
    These days, people are doing things for all the wrong reasons.
    I feel like my voice has never been heard or did not matter!
    When it comes to anything in life, unfortunately I do not take everything as gospel.
    I am one of those people who thinks outside the box and don’t trust anyone because of my unpleasant experiences.
    When I got very sick, the whole process was flawed and dysfunctional.
    I felt like the industry was treating me like a cash cow and was not overly concerned about my general well-being.
    There was lies, lies and nothing but more lies being thrown in my face, from every angle imaginable.
    Why get a second opinion, if they all follow the same mantra.
    It is like a tribe looking out for one another.
    I believe if you try to do the right thing, you will be bullied and singled out.
    Honestly, the tests that they put you through, are not only invasive but inaccurate.
    Do we really believe everything that is told to us?
    When we are vulnerable and coming from a place of fear, we react and just do what is asked of us, because we believe everything which is told to us as being true.
    I was told to go through so many tests and procedures, when I was very ill.
    If the pills did not kill, the invasive tests, additional pills and procedures would have finished me off.
    What do you do when you see someone go through something you do not want them to go through?
    What if your gut instincts are so strong, that you see something that others can not see.
    Time and time again, you hear and see people go through the same journey you know one is about to go through and you know that the outcome is not always favourable.
    I believe and have faith in a higher being that oversees injustices on so many levels.
    Why put someone through relentless suffering and pain because one believes that there is a cure for a disease?
    Does anyone have a moral conscience about what is right and what is wrong?
    If tests can be flawed and manipulated to make one believe that they have something when it may mimic the same condition of a particular disease, do you just go on blind faith alone?
    I never question God because he is everywhere.
    He is in the consciousness of every being.
    Where is the compassion and empathy when one knows that you can alter the journey of someone’s life if they knew that one option does not exceed another.
    We are intelligent by nature however, some lack the understanding of quality of life.
    If medicine is so advanced, why are cures never discovered?
    I would never place my trust in a system that left me in a lurch when I needed some support and proper care.
    I would never wish any kind of harm to any person, unnecessarily.
    Life is a journey ~ not a final destination.
    Life should be upheld with dignity and given the fluidity to live without suffering.
    I suffered tremendously and would never wish what I went through upon any living being.
    Sadly, medical intuitiveness is seen as a curse.
    If something that is not clearly understood or accepted, is feared and seen as unacceptable by many, why are we a threat to anyone.
    Mine comes from a place of love: Not fear or ego!
    I feel like I have failed on so many levels because when we all face that crossroad, some run and some stay.
    I do believe that there are so many good people out there however, they are blemished or bamboozled by a system that does not care.

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