Abilify, Tourette Syndrome and You

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May 4, 2015 | 3 Comments


  1. Wow, I had heard horror stories about the FDA, but your predicaments are shocking and maddening. Have you contacted any media outlets such as NPR, 60 minutes, or Dateline to see if they can help with spreading your challenges and difficulties ?

  2. Your experience with the FDA is par for the course.
    The agency has been kept deliberately weak by BigPharma’s campaign contributions to Congress and the Administration.
    As for Abilify and marketing, every possible women’s magazine has had Abilify ads for many years…..you know the one…”if your antidepressant isn’t working, etc.”
    This is excellent reporting. Keep up the good work!
    And good luck – it’s a big chestnut to crack, believe you me.

  3. The FDA Is Comprised Of Bastards. They Are Just Going To Put That Hard, Worked On Paper In A Drawer and Do To It What our Dr’s Do To Us…Treat It Like An Anecdote. Can you Imagine Giving Abilify To You’r Child???? Any Child For That Matter? It Would Be Like Giving A Nuke To Iran!! You Would Know Something Bad Is Going To Happen But When??? Then Otsuka/What ever their name is, The Makers of Abilify are beside themselves When They Find Out They May Lose Profits Over This TS Issue. A Thousand Dollars a Month For This Poison??? Insurance Companies Are Being Railroaded and Screwed. I Actually Feel Kind Of Bad for Them!! I’ll Get Over It Real Quick Though. This Abilify and Other Patent/Off Patent Nonsense Needs to stop and Have These Drug Company Owners Start Acting like Responsible Adults. Stop Screwing Patients Particularly Little Children And Their Families, Most Whom Are naive Concerning Psych. Meds.

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