Benzodiazepine Facebook and Other Groups

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March 30, 2023 | 5 Comments


  1. Barbara, thank you very much indeed for your detailed account of the wide scope of Benzo Warrior Support groups. The amount of work that goes on is absolutely astounding – I congratulate every single one of you involved in this fantastic work.
    I can appreciate the many hours that are dedicated, by your team, to this important work and am sure that there are very many thankful members out there who have been led to a better life by having your excellent support.
    I wonder if there are any members – past or present – who would agree to write a comment about their experience within your group? Positive stories of recovery from any of these prescribed drugs would be inspiring I’m sure.

    Maybe we could have a similar post from a Facebook Antidepressant group? Reading about the success of other groups would inspire those of us who run our tiny groups for, after all, we are all doing this for the same purpose – to support those in need and, hopefully, to warn others of what horrors can happen on such “medications”. With an ever-increasing number of prescriptions being handed out to younger and younger individuals, I’m sure that we all feel the need for our messages of the dangers to be heard. Also, though, it is, surely, equally important to share the fact that there is the hope of recovery even for the most unfortunate.

    • Hi Bernadette, a lot depends on the type of “help and support” you are looking for. If you are looking for help in planning withdrawal from prescribed drugs, then I’m sorry but I can’t help you there.
      If you are looking for general ‘support’ from others going through similar experiences on prescribed drugs and ‘help’ in the form of a realisation that you are not alone in your fight, then our zoom group could provide just what you are looking for. We are in North Wales but location matters very little when it comes to meeting by zoom, as long as you live somewhere that our meeting time is sensible for you too. We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday evening. If you would like more information then please reach me by email at: and I will be in touch.

  2. Help and Support…

    Guise vs. Disguise

    recovery&renewal Retweeted

    Apr 8

    Remember when leading psychiatrists opposed this public information seen on the London underground? Why would anyone, of sane mind, object to saving lives?

    recovery&renewal Retweeted

    John Read

    Services for People Withdrawing From Antidepressants | Psychology Today

    These recommendations, by hundreds of patients who have been badly let down by their doctors, precisely echo the recommendations of the comprehensive Public Health England report in 2019. However, the NHS has still not put in place a single specialised withdrawal service, helpline, or training programme for doctors. Meanwhile tens of thousands of people are turning to Facebook groups, all over the world, for support and guidance, to fill the void left by mainstream services.

    Mark Horowitz

    How many people have been able to safely come off an antidepressants over 4 to 8 weeks without major withdrawal problems and without needing to switch to another medication or add one on?

  3. Best not to let this run away – Katinka pens a piece, and it is highly likely ADHD will come in to any group…

    The Pill that Steals Lives, author, Katinka Blackford Newman

    ADHD drug Ritalin affects the brain like cocaine – so why is it being prescribed to children? Experts say prescriptions have rocketed as Prince Harry, Ant McPartlin and Sue Perkins join wave of celebrities with condition


    UPDATED: 13:14, 11 April 2023

    Great to see Katinka, write a well-researched article penning her way to matters other than SSRI withdrawal. SSRI withdrawal led her to create

    Helpful to all groups…

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