Clopidogrel Withdrawal

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August 23, 2012 | 9 Comments


  1. What sort of withdrawal effects should we expect from Risperidal, tapered from a 3mg dose at .25 per drop? There are significant dopamine tremors, will these get worse or better?

    • Christine – very difficult to say without knowing all drugs etc. This needs to be done extraordinarily slowly. But a range of motor side effects, increased sensitivity to stress etc are all possible. Finally, it may simply not be possible to stop.

  2. I stopped clopidegrel for three weeks for an operation when I restarted it I itched all over the first day. The second day I took it my pulse rose by thirty + and I had chest pains and was hot and had trouble breathing. My GP told me to try it again and on the third day my pulse rose again and I was hot and clammy. I am never going to take this drug again it makes e feel so ill.

  3. In August 2008 I had a Brain Haemorrhage. Following Stereotactic Radio Surgery I was prescribed a raft of blood pressure tablets to ensure my b.p which had never been high remained low. Then in October 2012 I suffered a stroke which initially took the use from my left side. I made a full recovery but do still have some minor residual issues. Following what I was led to believe I is pretty standard practice I was ultimately prescribed Clopidogrel which I have now taken for about three years. After six months I was distracted by severe tingling and pins and needles in my left hand side. This was NOT associated by my GP with Clopidogrel but I do now begin to wonder! Instead I was prescribed Gabapentin which I took for over a year before it was decided that it was responsible for mood swings and depression. So I came of this without any unexpected side effects.
    Now three years after my stroke I have started suffering with heartburn an hour or so after eating anything. As a result I am having a Gastroscopy in two days time to investigate what may be the problem. Due to the potential for internal bleeding I was told by the hospital endoscopy department that I must stop taking Clopidogrel seven days before the procedure which I did. However a few days after stopping taking Clopidogrel I found myself to be increasingly suffering from the same distressing tingling and pins and needles in my left hand side. Since this was over Christmas there was no GP to discuss antything with. Being a little concerned my Wife and I have explored the Internet and found this article. We were very interested to read that Clopidogrel may well have a lot to answer for!!!

  4. I was decreasing my Xanax because I thought this was causing my anxiety and I definitely went through with drawl they gave me horrible anxiety, but unfortunately I started taking it around the clock on the same dose rather than taking it as needed because I did not even know how much I was taking taking it that way. I was so exhausted in the evening and I am on many cholesterol medicines and I skipped my Plavix for three days. I woke up shaking and feeling anxiety like I have never felt 10 days into my Xanax taper which I never even started tapering because the anxiety was still bear yea I was so exhausted in the evening and I am on many cholesterol medicines and I skipped my Plavix for three days. I woke up shaking and feeling anxiety like I have never felt this 10 days into my Xanax taper which I never even started tapering because the anxiety was still there. So on the third day of missing my Plavix and being on a standard dose, meaning the same dose of Xanax for 10 days, I woke up feeling shaky as could be and with my heart rate up and just overall anxious like crazy. In fact, my Xanax appeared not to be working at all. So I thought to myself what have I done differently and I realized I missed the Plavix for three days, so I immediately got up and took it. Within 30 minutes my anxiety was almost gone. My heart rate returned to its normal 75 bpm down from 125. I stopped shaking completely. I know it sounds weird and I’m a registered nurse which made it even harder for me to believe , But I swear by it. I am a person that goes to the emergency room when I feel like I’m dying The anxiety was so bad that I was ready to go and I did not even care if I did die Because I was suffering so badly. But once the anxiety one away from taking the Plavix, I was better in 30 minutes like I said. This is a drug I will wean off of, as I don’t even really need it anymore. My heart stent was back in 2011. I am a young guy so I was just taking it prophylactically anyway. I will be weaning off this drug starting tomorrow

    • I hope you have been successful getting off Plavix. I have had problems getting off and when I try I have serious muscle pain and double vision. Bless you and best of luck.

  5. For 60+ years I was a professional musician. Advocations included public speaking (17 wins, Toastmasters Int’l contests), freelance writing (numerous articles in regional publications). I also spent 6 years as radio announcer (99% of professional musicians have day jobs). I graduated college at age 54, magna cum laude, BS English education. My vocabulary prior to the incident I am reporting was well above normal as was my memory recall, both working and long term. I had a heart attack (MCI) in 2003 and was put on Plavix (clopigrel, 75mg), which I have taken daily since with several life endangering stoppages–14 TIAs after withdrawal of 2 days. The one I am concerned about happened about 2009.
    Due to the negligence of a pharmacy employee who neglected to obtain refill approval from my cardiologist, I was deprived of the medication for 5 days. On the evening of the 5th day, I was visiting my son with my late wife–who was seriously ill, when my daughter–thank God, herself a highly skilled nurse–came into the house to see about her mother. I started to say hello and suddenly nothing would come out of my mouth. Of course, my daughter immediately did the START routine, but I had no typical stroke manifestations. I managed to tell her I needed my Plavix, and, from her knowledge as chief nurse at a Level II trauma center, she got me settled, stable, and set out to find a source of Plavix. A few hours later, she arrived with the medication and told me to to take an emergency dose of 3 pills (225 mg). Within a short time I was able to begin to speak, but not coherently. Gradually over about 72 hours, I became able to speak fairly well, but I groped for words and they came out somewhat garbled.
    As time went by, I was able to speak barely normally, but still had trouble finding words. Then I discovered I could not listen to music because the notes were all wrong. I could no longer type proficiently–my fingers keep getting mixed up. The loss of music (my life!), writing, speaking, and memory recall (it often takes me 2+ days to think of common words by going through the alphabet letter by letter).
    I will be 82 in just over a month, and I hear (even from most doctors) “You’re just getting old!” constantly. But I don’t think one can get “old” in just a matter of hours.
    I apologize for the length of this piece, but I needed to explain the background so that one can understand the extent of this debilitating phenomenon and hope that someone knows if there is any remediation whether surgically or through rehabitation.

  6. I had a stroke years ago, at age . I was active and pain free. Immediately after Clopidogrel, I became moody, stiff, extreme joint pain and daily miagrains. I wish to get off this drug, however, I was without prescription for days and became VERY ILL. How can I get off safely? Doctors want me to stay on

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