Femininity and Drugs?

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September 30, 2014 | 7 Comments


  1. To me this focus on a “female Viagra” is anything BUT feminist. There’s dozens of factors in our lives, work, relationships and the larger world that can stifle our interest in sex – yet we’re being told the problem must be within us. How about all the women struggling to be go-getters at work, perfect mothers, great housekeepers, active citizens – and wondering why they can’t be Red Hot Mamas too? Maybe they’re, um, tired? How many women still don’t know much about their own sexuality? Many could be helped by talking to other women, reading a few pamphlets, talking to a doctor, therapist or other expert … and then talking to their man. He could probably use some education too, and maybe a chance to unlearn what he’s absorbed from Hollywood movies or online porn.

    Then there’s all the non-sexual problems in a relationship that might cause trouble; all the anxiety carried by the majority of us who don’t look very much like the women on “Sex and the City”; all the mixed messages in the culture about women and sex … I’m sure there are some women whose problems are strictly physical, but at least 90% of the problem has gotta be in these other issues the feminist movement really knows how to take on.

    Instead these drug companies are basically saying, “Honey, you must be frigid. Go to the doctor and get that fixed, OK?” It’s a fifty-year step backward to the “swinging” sexism of the Mad Men era. No thanks.

  2. “For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time. ” – Isabel Allende

  3. Why is it looked at as something “lacking” if a woman’s sexuality changes or evolves in a way that opens her to new areas of interest rather than pre-occupation with physical sex? Is it that some people have never experienced anything more pleasurable? Kind of sad if that’s the only thing that keeps couples together, but maybe that line of thinking is what the sex pill industry is banking on. Sexual abstinence doesn’t always mean lack of pleasure. That’s crazy.

  4. I share Johannas view above as I think there are a number of reasons why a woman may not want sex, or be in the mood and none of them have anything to do with a medical problem. For many of us its normal to be tired, preoccupied or just ‘not want sex’ and thats ok! We dont have to justify every reason for not being turned on the whole time and yet this is being marketed a problem that needs to be put right. Yes some will have a physical problem that needs attention but a larger amount wont. I worry here that some women will believe they need a tablet when really perhaps they just need someone to confide in, or they need some time out from a busy schedule or some advice etc. Unfortunately modern culture and media imply that women should be ‘doing it all the time’ and for the majority of women thats not true! No doubt this drug was invented by a man…. Perhaps a part of the problem rests with the men who dare I say it may need to look at their own performance first….

    Interesting that Johanna mentioned ‘Sex and The City’ in her post above as I see this morning via Twitter that Kim Cattrall is now the face of Pfizer’s ‘Tuneintomenopause.com’ campaign. A timely reminder that sex sells- in this case no doubt using Kim’s Sex and The City profile to empower women and encourage them to make smart choices about their bodies and health…

  5. This just in: An apple a day linked to better sex life for young women:


    A spicier report, with better pictures, in the London Daily Telegraph:


    Not sure if it’s definitive … but unlike most drugs, it’s cheap and harmless to give it a try! Plus my grandma always said it keeps you regular, and who needs constipation while you’re trying to get in the mood?

  6. It´s getting worse and worse. When I was young, I fought for the right to abortion, as I grew up in an abuse family and never ever wanted kids. This fight is raging on, and now, being on a pension for health reasons, I have problems with landlords and neighbors – just because I have not inherited anything and have to rent a (cheap) flat or little house!!!
    To say “I am asexual” or even “I am third gender” is of no use. Even shouting “Piss off!” or “Do not touch!” helps only on the street (I am slow in climbing into and off public transport), but only minutes with people I pass by regularly. The police is unwilling to persecute the stalkers, repeating the old catcallers´dreck: “You belong in the loony bin, get treated if you do not want any sex, etc”.
    And I do not drink alcohol or go into drinking situations, so no chance to slip me a date rape drug. YES, it has been tried at my age! Also by women who want to sell me their ex or other idiot I was to do slavework for, not “only” raped!!!
    I am willing to risk much for functional painkillers (and I have joined getting rid of The War on Drugs), but not for a pill that would turn my brain into wanting (and make me risk) repeating my childhood.
    These lie campaigns feel very threatening to me.
    I am glad that i fought off having children, and I do not want to have sex.
    Perhaps I am a member of a minority, but I exist.

  7. the reason those problems mentioned above affect women’s sexuality is that, their sexuality is internal, literally, and they have totally different sexual response than men.. and no pill in the world will fix this..

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