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August 22, 2021 | 11 Comments


  1. An MoD spokesman said: “All medication given to military personnel is prescribed by trained ­medical professionals, in line with NHS standards and guidelines.”


    Nearly 60,000 troops given anti-depressants or sleeping pills in past five years

    David Wooding
     21 Aug 2021

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    “The Armed Forces, PTSD and Antidepressants”

    “you are creating a ticking time bomb”

    On what Parallel Universe is it possible that if a drug harms you that you are punished for it.
    If a drug harms you, you can go to prison, you can be incarcerated in a mental hospital, you can be laughed and sneered at by those who are dealing the drugs and at worst you can actually die a horrific death.

    The more you fight back the worse it becomes.
    You could have been on a roller-coaster of adverse drug reactions, have crippling akathisia, and the only way this is dealt with is to add more pills, change the pills, and the more ill you become the worse the treatment.

    You could have been through this cycle for years, unable to get-off, yet when you complain you are swatted away like a fly.

    There is never a victory, a war-won with your doctors.

    A soldier who leaves a battle-zone can be court-marshalled.

    A patient who leaves a battle-zone is forced-to-flee.

    Auntie Psychiatry says:
    September 13th 2019

    Shill shocked – good one! Why didn’t I think of that?

    Patients aren’t trained in Combat….

  2. “Antidepressants Saved My Life.”

    Virtually impossible to prove unless, of course, one has access to a DeLorean complete with a flux-capacitor.

    If they did, indeed, ‘save lives’, the drug companies would use this to their advantage and this apparent statement of fact would be part of the promotion campaign.

    Of course, they don’t need to – patients and prescribers alike promote for them.

    Whilst people may believe that antidepressants saved their lives, they could not possibly know this. They may say they were suicidal before taking antidepressants and once starting their dosage those suicidal thoughts went away. There could be a number of reasons for this.

    In any event, one cannot profess that a drug saves lives when there are many reports that these same drugs actually induce death.

  3. Local areas are reporting more abuse of GPs, nurses, receptionsists.Something which used to be quite rare.
    ‘BMA calls for patient expectations to be managed as over half of GPs suffer abuse.’ Relationships with GPs have never been so worrying.This serious report should call for more than a call to ‘manage patient expectations’ Few would condone any abuse but the escalation has reasons other than just due to covid. Including abuse of power, lack of respect ,poor communication skills and simply being in the wrong job – at least GPs and other health workers ,after finding they don’t like those who consult them, need to push off to another non face to face position if the salary is too much of an incentive to leave. Colleagues can usually identify ‘bad’ doctors. They reflect on the reputation of them all so they should manage them. If people resort to ‘abuse’ it is usually a sign that relationships have gone badly wrong Bit of independant research might be useful. rather than offer ‘well being’ services for GPs some dialogue instead of trite headlines blaming people for being .demanding and so on,.

    • Press release from bma ‘BMA survey finds that sexism is widespread in medicine pub Aug 2021’
      Why would anyone want to join an organisation which has silenced some men but women especially from speaking out until 2021 -when they find they cannot shut them up altogether .
      Abusive behaviour is rife in medicines and has included named members of the bma, whether from doctors to doctors or doctors to those who consult them.
      The BMA should carry out another consultation to find out how many have suffered contemptuous offensive humilating remarks, including sexist behaviour which has silenced too many of us. Not only disgusting in itself but which also prevents appropriate treatment and causes serious harms.

  4. The post drug syndromes are really epidemic. Yesterday I randomly read a blog about artistic painting which was highly positioned in Google, where techniques and materials are described etc. I had no expectations just was reading about the subject which interest me. I was astonished to found the last post was… a suicide note with permanent fluoroquinolone toxicity ! The author perfectly described how he was dismissed by doctors and even put in psychiatric hospital. Antibiotic which killed him was prescribed for a cut on the leg .. Ignorance and gaslighting is truly universal in medicine.

    • Such an incredible story, Marek, how you came across this artist.

      A truly terrifying episode in his life, so bad that he had to end it.

      I paint myself but what a shock to come across an artist in the throes of ending his life due to an antibiotic.

      If only somebody could have stepped in to help him, but as we know so well, when you are going through something like this there is rarely anyone and this is heartbreaking.

      He has left a legacy about the drug, but he has also left a legacy about his art and I have already begun to browse through his art and articles which are really interesting to those involved in the obvious passion he had.

      Marek, you are a wonder for having the sense to post this on RxISk.

      It will make a load of people sit up straight, hopefully doctors…

      So sad, so brave, and probably, so unnecessary.

    • Thank you for posting that Marek This one death alone should break the hearts of those who deal in death and then deny it –

  5. Marek, why do some medical professionals still prescribe these strong antibiotics, if they are dangerous. It broke my heart, knowing that this distinguished artist ended his life because of an antibiotic.
    Some doctors don’t bloody care and I sometimes wonder why some doctors have a calling to heal the sick, if some have an ‘evil streak’ to do harm with the medicines they prescribe.
    Many people can judge however, if you have never been on the receiving end, the conscientious thing to do is refrain from critical, narrow minded judgement.
    Fluoroquinolone toxicity is real and it does not discriminate who the next victim may be.
    History just keeps repeating itself again and again and again………………………….!
    Thank you for sharing this link with us.
    His artwork is absolutely awe-inspiring.
    An incredible man who had the guts, to tell his story before he tragically ended his life.
    I wonder, how many other people never get to tell their story?

  6. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to Sebastian’s family and anyone who was touched by his existence. I hope that afterlife is everything you dreamed it would be. What you endured was very painful and I am so sorry you had to go through so much pain and suffering. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace and know that the world is a better place because you have lived in it.

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