Heartattack and Vine – and Plavix

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December 5, 2016 | 9 Comments


  1. Dear Fiona,
    I found it extremely difficult to read your story.
    It was like dragging all of the skeletons out of the closet, again.
    Perhaps this is part of my healing process.
    Just when I feel I have dealt with my all my issues, they come to the surface to remind me ‘why’ I am here.

    I believe the reason why I have not dealt with my dilemma, which stems back to 16 years ago, when I experienced severe health issues with diazepam, is due to :
    No medical professional was willing to come forward and state the truth of what had happened to me.
    Everything was covered up.
    Everything was downplayed.
    Why, I will never know??????

    Many treated me like a pin cushion.
    Some clinicians were very disrespectful towards me, including some nurses.
    There were some Specialists who wanted to do more invasive tests, such as having dye injected in the vessels of my brain to determine if I had gone through aneurysm~ this is when I called it quits! I said enough is enough!!!!!!!!
    I did not want to be HARMED, anymore.

    This one poison:
    – Ruined my good health.
    – Ruined any chances of ever conceiving.
    – Ruined my ability to ever go back to work full time
    – Stole the best years of spending time with my family and friends. Just wanted to
    be in total isolation like Fiona because I was feeling very ill, all the time. Felt like
    I was always in a daze. This is how poor people with Alzheimer’s must feel.
    I believe certain medicines induce Alzheimer’s especially when these medicines
    cause plaque deposits or induce severe cerebral aneurysm in some sections of the brain ~ my theory.
    – Stripped away my dignity, self-esteem, happiness and confidence.
    – Left me with debilitating residual health problems
    My poor health has impacted everyone’s life : (

    That dreadful night, which I do not want to recall, I knew that something horrible had happened to me. I believe I experienced a life threatening adverse reaction to diazepam.
    The pain and pressure in my head was too intense.
    My heart was racing like it was going to jump out of my chest.
    I believe that a small vessel of my brain had raptured.

    To get myself out of this terrible pain, I believed that if I consumed lots of alcohol, the severe pain and pressure in my head would subside.
    As I guzzled one bottle after another, I believed that it would be best for all concerned, if I ended my misery.
    I would not have to be a burden to anyone.

    I had lost complete vision for a minute or so.
    I felt very lightheaded and dizzy.
    I felt tremendous chest pain.
    I could feel my heartbeat slowing down.
    I crawled into bed and prayed that it would be an instantaneous death.
    I woke up feeling very bad the following day.
    I was very angry with God.
    What did poor God have to do with what I was going through?
    My plan to end my miserable life unfortunately, failed!!!!!
    I was doomed and I don’t know how long I would be able to tolerate the pain and pressure in my head.
    Another topic of interest. This is why euthanasia is wrong, especially if anyone experiences what I had gone through.
    Someone like me could end their life when the going gets tough and not know what good things await for them.
    Another issue that seriously needs to be addressed before changes in our Laws are made.
    Anyway………………………………………., getting back to the point:
    It felt like there was a kink in one of the blood vessels of my brain.
    The intense pain and pressure was too much to handle.
    When I was so upset, I would pull strands out of my head. This is when I noticed blood on the tips of my hair strands.
    Bleeding on the brain was what I believed I had experienced, together with nerve damage. Nerve damage of the brain is very hard to diagnose.

    Then there was the nightmare of finding out what had caused all my health problems.
    The ENT tests were very torturous.
    Then more tests upon more tests were administered.
    What a hell of a time I was enduring?
    MRI scans, echocardiograms and many other tests, failed to show up what I was suffering from.
    There was a high level of inflammation in my blood tests but no one could tell me why I was experiencing so much pain and pressure in my head.
    One neurologist said that I might have meningitis.
    One dear cardiologist said I had experienced enough but could not tell me what was happening. I was initially diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and then after the horrible experience with diazepam this heart condition no longer existed.
    I believe the kind cardiologist was saving me from taking any further medicines especially, antibiotics. Anymore medicines, I am certain I would have died.
    I will never forget the time the nurses ignored me on the ward, when I was admitted into hospital for cardiac arrhythmia. How humiliating?

    This diazepam really impacted my entire life.
    At one stage my heart would skip beats and this was due to the anaphylactic reactions I was experiencing to foods and drinks. (additives, preservatives, colours, numbers etc. did not agree with me : (
    I had to quickly learn what I had to eat and drink to survive.
    I drank pure water and ate brown rice rice for the next seven months, until I understood what was going on with my health.
    I had a long list of other medicines in my body before diazepam was prescribed and I believe the diazepam was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Why do I come up with this conclusion?
    Twist to story ~ My poor husband ingested a Valium when he could not cope with what was happening to me and he also ingested one tablet out of the same batch I ingested. He had a heart attack.
    Perhaps, these medicines induce vascular problems, which causes so much disability or cause many unnecessary deaths.
    You be the judge!
    I have a gut feeling that these medicines cause more problems than what they treat and consumers need to know about stories like Fiona and myself.
    Fiona, you are not alone. I have never had severe anxiety or other abnormal health problems, until I popped a diazepam. What the hell was I thinking? Did it take my earache away?
    When you mix these medicines with vaccinations, antibiotics, serc, radiation etc
    what effects do they have on the cellular level of the body????
    You be the judge!
    I hope you regain better health.

  2. In recent years it’s become fashionable in the USA for metoprolol (and a similar blood-pressure med called propranolol) to be prescribed for anxiety or as “mood stabilizers.” Propanolol (Inderal) is specifically used by some people to quell physical anxiety symptoms associated with stage-fright such as racing heartbeat, sweating, blushing, etc.

    Both drugs are capable of causing hallucinations. A now-discredited psychiatrist in Chicago, Bennett Braun, gave high doses of Inderal in the 1990’s to patients he had diagnosed with multiple-personality disorder and PTSD. The drug may have been responsible for some of the lurid “repressed memories” of Satanic cult abuse he was allegedly able to uncover.

    So it’s not at all hard to believe that stopping either drug could lead to panic attacks and other “psychiatric” symptoms. What takes getting used to is the idea that doctors who use these drugs every day would be unaware of the possibility (or deny it).

    Anyone interested in American psychiatry’s least proud moments can read about Dr. Braun here:


  3. The medical hierarchy, has failed many people.
    Big pharmaceutical companies are dishonest and can carry on with falsifying information, because the LAW has given them the upper hand.
    One has to be able to differentiate between ‘real harm’ or one that is ‘psychosis’ based.
    When real harm is tainted with lies and makes an individual look like they it is ‘mentally’ based, we are saying to society, ‘these pills cause no harm it is all in your head’.
    Continuously lying to patients, is not only humiliating but degrading.
    Some patients are unravelling the TRUTH behind these dubious meds and it must be very embarrassing to some of those who practice their profession with contempt and have total disregard for patients integrity.
    When are we going to challenge these big corporations to do what is RIGHT!
    The medical professionals can’t keep blaming patients for ‘untoward outcomes’ by mislabelling patients with untrue labels.
    Someone has to blow the whistle and say it as it is!
    David Healy, has done this for us so that we are not ashamed to ‘speak up!’
    CHANGE can only occur when the truth comes to the fore and the medical hierarchy break the ‘modus operandi’, that is no longer representing the people, who have been harmed by these dangerous drugs. CB

  4. A Lady who is not adverse to speaking up on RxISK

    Kristina has written a two part series for David Healy’s blog, RxISK.



    Kristina Powered her way to this FDA meeting and Powered her way giving a completely off the cuff and completely compelling narrative.

    Skip to 0.45.55 for Kristina

    “I attended the FDA’s recent hearing on “Manufacturer Communications Regarding Unapproved Uses of Approved or Cleared Medical Products.” I had no plans to speak


    With a voice cracking in emotion, the FDA meeting wound up…


    The RxISK Community were there for Kristina and Natalie when they were kidnapped

  5. Interesting to note that Vioxx was taken off the market because there was a risk of SERIOUS CARDIOVASCULAR and GASTROINTESTINAL event.
    ANTIDEPRESSANTS will be the next class of drugs that should be under further scrutiny.
    Trust me, it will also be DISCONTINUED because some pharmaceutical companies FAILED to disclose this kind of information.
    What a travesty of justice!
    They allowed this drug to be marketed for way too long!

  6. I wonder why so many celebrities are dying suddenly?
    Does anyone question which meds they were ingesting just before they died?
    I do!
    We don’t hear about how many common people die.
    We would be SHOCKED, if we found out the TRUTH.

  7. I have been taking plavix for 12 years and metropolo.I also decided not to take the lipotor. I have developed everything that was discussed. I have not stopped any medication as of yet. I feel that my body is falling apart with pains ,depression, anxiety really bad. My sleep patterns are so irregular. I have developed lost for words,chest pains,shoulder pains plus much more. I did have blockage when I was 38 and was put a stent 12 years ago. I feel horrible now. What should I do.

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