I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends

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March 25, 2014 | 2 Comments


  1. I think Ben is an unsung Hero. I found this site in June 2012 after being diagnosed with TN and it has been a life saver for me!
    Thank you to Red who is also a major factor in this group, suplying so much information and support to us all.
    I live in the UK and my GP and Neuroligist does not believe in bilateral TN I am suffering this every hour of the day!….. I wish they would read this site and find out how many people are suffering the same as me.

    Thank you all

    Jackie Henderson

    • Jackie, feel free to print out the article on Living With TN which is labeled “Who Gets TN” on our Face Pain Info tab. This is the largest qualitative demographics study ever published on chronic face pain and it suggests that something on the order of 25% of all face pain patients experience neurological or neuropathic pain on both sides.

      Your neurologist may be correct that the character of pain has more to do with neuropathy than neuralgia, but he is sadly mistaken if he believes that bilateral pain in some way signals an imaginary illness. If anyone ever uses the term “psychogenic” in your case, respond to them immediately and tell them they should have their mouths washed out with lye soap! There is no such thing as psychogenic pain (pain caused by emotions or thinking). Period! End of Story!

      Go in Peace and Power

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