If Anxious Check Drugs: PPIs and Diuretics

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November 10, 2014 | 48 Comments


  1. Somewhere back in seventh-grade science class I think we learned our stomachs were full of acid for a reason: to digest our food. It stands to reason that the more efficiently a drug turns off the acid pump, the more trouble it could cause. Far too many people take these pills every day, long term.

    It’s even scarier how many are put on them by doctors for “prevention” — before they even have any stomach upset. A lot of the pain doctors in my area issue a script for omeprazole along with the first script for painkillers without even waiting to see if the pain pills upset the patient’s stomach.

    I’m no doctor, but the list of vitamins, minerals etc. that can’t be properly digested when you’re on proton pump inhibitors is alarming. There’s calcium — the link to osteoporosis is real — and vitamin B12, a shortage of which can cause all kinds of nerve and brain damage. The next cohort of people to hit age 65 will include a lot of folks who have been popping these pills for twenty years, and they may be in much worse health in old age than they ever expected.

    I wonder if one reason the problem stays under the radar is alcohol. Heavy drinkers tend to have some of these problems anyway, particularly B12 deficiencies. And heavy drinkers are top customers for acid-indigestion remedies. When one of them shows up with serious deficiencies, the booze gets all the blame, and the Nexium or Prilosec gets off scot-free.

  2. I totally echo Johanna’s post. I was put on Omeprazole for three years for reflux! In that time, I developed debilitating panic attacks, ectopic heart beats and hypocalcemia. I have to take calcium and D3 daily as my parathyroids were destroyed during botched thyroid surgery. There was no mention of the need to counteract the D3/calcium with magnesium either, but that’s endocrinology for you – always far more interested in Diabetes and dismissive of poor hypothyroid sufferers.

    When my legs gave way and I passed out, I insisted on full blood panels and discovered I was b12, iron and zinc deficient too. PPIs are very efficient at removing stomach acid, but why in the world would you want to? As it happens, I had reflux caused by low stomach acid, not high, and never should have been on these drugs for three harmful years.

    I have no words for how much I despise them and the pushers who foist them on us. That’s what they are, drug pushers.

  3. I was on Prilosec for 20 years for GERD! Decided to stop taking due to published SE of dementia, osteoporosis,renal failure. Well it has been awful, I have experienced the worst anxiety attacks in which I’ve never had not a anxious person! I have been to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I felt like I was gonna pass out, Hands shake, tingling in my face and limbs, muscle tightness all over can’t relax feels like a constant state of fight or flight syndrome! I’m 2 weeks off the drug and still having these symptoms almost daily also heart palpitations! I’m miserable scared to drive because its happened few times while driving had to take off work because having attacks at work!! I want to feel better. I’m praying it has not done permanent damage just wandering if it will go away and when!!! Help! Does anyone have anything encouraging regarding whether these symptoms will subside. I wouldn’t suggest this drug for anyone!

    • I had to write back because I’m currently scouring the internet for answers and i came across your post. I took nexium for one year and currently tapering off (tomorrow is my last day) because of the dementia and kidney studies. I’m experiencing a lot of similar problems- anxiety, internal tremoring all over, but especially my legs, tingling and cramping in my legs and quadricep weakness. I had bloodwork done this week and so far everything is normal (vitamins b and d still pending). I cannot believe this crazy withdrawal! I also shake prior to falling asleep and when waking…

      • I certainly think that checking b12 and magnesium levels are good ideas. If they are normal, then consider this: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S107474271300172X. Basically gastrin, which normally stimulates the parietal (acid making) cells is increased when proton pumps on the parietal cells are blocked. Gastrin is part of a larger neuroendocine cascade so that levels of gastrin can affect a neuronal and possibly adrenal response by GRP and GRPR. It appears that drugs to work on this receptor may be in the works.

        • Hi Dr. Jason,

          I am having very similar anxiety after omeprazole. Did the symptoms end up resolving by themselves after a while for you?


          • I am RB from above, following up for others’ sake; it took approximately 3 months for the symptoms to resolve themselves for me. I had taken 7 x 20mg omeprazole. Anxiety gradually decreased over 2.5 months; I still had problems sleeping, but those too also went away gradually.

          • Hi RB,
            I was put on Pantoprazole (protonix) 40mg once a day by my Dr for an issue they insisted was stomach acid and it wasnt. Even after finding out it wasnt stomach related they told me to keep taking it. I was on it for 3 weeks and started getting extreme anxiety. I finally found these groups and figured out it was from PPI’s and stopped taking it. I was on it for just shy of 4 weeks and have been off it for 4 days now. Did you say you only took your PPI for 7 days?? And it took 2.5 months for your anxiety to go away?!

    • Hi Theresa

      I have just come across your post and it is exactly what I am going through at the moment down to a T. I am just wondering how long your symptoms stayed with you and how you are now? I was on lansoprazole for 16 years and tapered off them slowly but started the same symptoms as you, please tell me it goes away.

    • Add magnesium supplements and eat lots of bananas and spinach (potatoes – sweet and regular are also high in potassium.

  4. I took Nexium for years-probably more than 10. I had gone to my daughters for 2 weeks and kept forgetting to take them. The night before I was going home I remembered I had not been taking them and took one. Within 30 minutes I was having a full blown panic attack. Flight or fight reaction. Walked the floor for hours. Being a nurse I knew what I was having, not why. Did not even think it could be nexium as I had taken it for years. I had never had anything like that in my life!! I went home and continued to have them. Went to my medical doctor who put me on Zoloft even though I explained I had not been nervous or upset about anything. After about 2 weeks of them, my friend, who is a pharmacist, saw me taking the “purple pill” and told me there had been a lot on the news recently about problems with the pills so I might need to stop taking them. He did not remember what the complaints were, so I went on line, not thinking panic attacks and low and behold – panic attacks were the main complaints! Needles to say, I stopped taking them. The attacks continued for about 2 or 3 weeks I think. Each less than the other one and did completely stop after a few weeks. I would like to know how to find out about whether I have low acid production instead of high acid production as the burning has come back after a few years.

    • Sandra and Teresa – I have been going thru exactly what you’ve written about.
      I was on prilosec for years and then was switched to protonix in September due to still having nighttime gerd. I was taking the protonix at night before bed – and when I went in for a consult, I was told I needed to take it 30 minutes before my first meal. I did that for a week and then all of a sudden started getting these terrible feelings…anxiety, heart palpitations, shaking, I was up pacing the floor for hours. I’ve been to the ER and my doctor but nobody has any answers (all my labs comeback great and my heart test is fine), . I quit taking the protonix about 4 days ago. I have noticed the anxiety is less frequent and I think less severe but it still shows up about every 36 hours or so. It’s a terrible feeling and my doctor and gastro doctor seem to have never heard of this response. Honestly, I would take heartburn over the panicky feeling. You say 2 to 3 weeks and these feelings went away, right?

      • Hi there I had been taken Omeprazole for a few weeks there was doing great finished the course and was feeling great for weeks but now that I’ve stopped taking them I’ve been having uncontrollable shaking panic attacks anxiety really really bad everyday and I’ve had to resort to taken 2 Valium first thing in the morning then I wait see if I feel a attack coming on then I will take 1 more wait 30 mins if ok I leave the other 1,,, i went to my doctor and told him what was happening and what I was taken to help relax my symptoms and he prescribed me betta blockers propranolol to take up to 3 a day or when as needed now I have to taper off Valium then try these betta blockers propranolol I hope they work and stop me from having these episodes of uncontrollable shaking feelings of selflessness and dissolution from the world and no 1 seems to want to help you till it’s to late and you have enough and end it which happens to a lot of young people who suffer from mental health problems like anxiety depression panic attacks etc ect ect

  5. I was on omeprazole for about three weeks for GERD. I took Zantac to to control my symptoms prior. However, in early December I felt this constant feeling of something stuck in my throat. My PCP said I had GERD and prescribed the omeprazole. It relieved my symptoms in about a day. However, about 4 days or so into it, I woke up anxious and depressed. It was debilitating. It absolutely ruined my holiday. I had an upper GI performed 4 days ago and it came back normal. I stopped the omeprazole and have started to feel better in regard to anxiety and depression. I am not fully recovered, but i can tell I am getting better. I am hopeful that in a couple weeks or less it will have subsided completely.

    I really feel for all of you that are going through this. It is very scary. These pills should be taken off of the market.

    • I too have been taking Protonix for 4 months. I also have been taking Maxzide for about 35 years. Another awful drug! I started having awful dizzy spells and could barely turn my head without feeing off. I went first cut the Maxzide in half and I quit taking the Protonix 3 days ago. My potassium and chloride levels were low, all caused by the Protonix and the mix of these two drugs together. I’m already feeling better, but still feeling this awful anxiety. Thanks for all of the posts!

  6. It seems that the drug is best used in the short term, for treating ulcers or similar conditions. I believe the drug helps the ulcer to heal by limiting the amount of acid in the stomach. Once the ulcer is healed, the medicine can be discontinued and other measures taken to prevent further trouble, like diet changes. In the short term, these side effects are manageable. It seems the worst problems come from people who are using the drug for years.

  7. My Anxiety and Omeprazole PPI story: I took 40mg of Omeprazole daily for nearly 4 years. After I started taking PPI’s, I began to get severe anxiety and panic attacks that prevented me from flying and even driving, had severe unexplained pain in my left side and low back, and severe nerve pain throughout my body that gradually got worse and worse to the point of being completely debilitating. The weird thing, is that I never connected these symptoms with taking PPI’s or omeprazole. After turning over every stone, and spending thousands of dollars in the health care system, I concluded that PPI’s were the only thing left that it could be and the only thing I had completely overlooked, so I finally stopped taking them in December. I went through horrible rebound acid, but I took licorice, ginger, and decided that no matter what I was going to fight through it. Fortunately, the acid eventually did reduce and I had to be extremely careful about what I ate (any type of red sauce usually caused severe GERD). And, the amazing thing is that the severe anxiety began to decrease and eventually subsided around 6-8 weeks after stopping. The severe nerve pain slowly reduced over several months…it’s still there but not as bad as it was. And, I am slowly feeling better and better everyday. GERD is very real and could cause esophageal cancer in my case, but I’m going to focus on continued diet and lifestyle improvement and not rely on pills as my main defense. I had to decide that my quality of life was more important than quantity of life. One day living without severe anxiety is worth 100 days with it. My advice to anyone with GERD is to NOT fall into the trap of thinking it’s a good idea to stay on PPI’s forever…you can do it, but there are serious consequences. It’s very tempting thinking you can take a pill and not change your lifestyle…but you can’t cheat your body. Think smart and stay healthy everyone.

  8. I have been taking Omeprazole 40 mg for about 4 years. 3 weeks ago I woke up with tightness through my solar plexus and severe anxiety and dizziness. I went to my doctor and he prescribed 60 mg Omeprazole. Anxiety is now worse. And he also gave me something for anxiety, which if I take it, I cannot drive. I cannot stay home with anxiety. I cannot stay home on anxiety meds. It seems to me that the omeprazoe was working fine, but isn’t working now. I’m back to belching with palpitations around the solar plexus. AND NOW Im having anxiety attacks with nausea and dizziness too. Fun!

  9. I’ve been taking Omeprazole for approximately 15+ years for acid reflux. Prior to that I don’t recall. After reading all these posts I now have some understanding of the symptoms I’ve been living with for years. I have PTSD and figured that was the reason for Major Depression and Anxiety.
    I have resently been diagnosed with Atrial Flutter, and I have been experiencing Palpitations for quite some time. I also have tingling in My feet, especially My right foot and leg with cramps. My Esophagus Burns even when drinking cold fluids. And, I have had Prostate Cancer for 2+ years.
    These are all symptoms/side effects, from what I’m reading, that one experiences from taking Omeprazole or simular PPI’s.
    I’ve complained of these symptoms to various Doctors and Therapists for over 10-15 years, to no avail.
    I’m reluctant to take something else they prescribe for fear, it too will be in question down the road???
    David Lindbo

  10. Thank you all for your posts. I have been taking Nexium (Esomeprazole MAG DR) 40 MG for about 4 weeks due to Gastritis. An ERCP revealed a large stomach ulcer which caused severe unrelenting pain. Immediately after I started the Nexium I began to experience anxiety, panic attacks, & dark thoughts. The nerve pain, tingling and surging feeling in my legs and feet is awful especially at night. After about 10 days the Gastritis pain stopped (did the ulcer heal?) and I asked my Dr if I could stop the Nexium but he said I have to continue for 3 months and then taper as to not have acid rebound. I don’t know how to manage my very unquiet mind and body for 3 more months! It’s awful. At least now I feel like I have validation that what I’m experiencing is real but can you tell me whether once I stop Nexium will I expect to continue to have these serious side effects for awhile? Has anyone been suicidal?

    • Try marshmallow root and herbal remedies. How are you doing? I just started nexium for erosive esophagtis and am starting to experience insomnia and weird thoughts along with anxiety as well.

      • I had taken ppis as a (need basis) for years, but never as a treatment. 4 weeks ago I starter getting like buning gastritis pain that I always get and goes away in 1-2 days. But that weekend while having it I decided to go out drinking and it was the worst idea! The next day at night a horrible excrutiating pain woke me up at 2 AM in the middle of abdomen that made me sweat for 1 hour, then it went away. Well I started having it every time exactly 2 hours after eating, it was horrible indigestion pain, went to ent and said it seemed like an ulcer, I was put on ppi for 4 weeks which ramped my anxiety crazy. It was a vicious cycle, anxiety made my pain worse, and pain made my anxiety worse, and medicine made anxiety ramp up. I took it for 4 weeks as my pain started being less and less severe every week. Now I dont have any more pain like I was having, but I have some acid rebound and reflux which I really never suffered from only about once a month. I have it every day since quitting ppis. I didnt think the side effects would be so bad. Especially the anxiety. It was bad! I drank L Glutamine, chlorophyll, DGL Licorrice, and mastic gum. I dont know what helped the most, but you can try both natural and ppis I guess. I would go natural.

  11. I have been on Nexium for about 15 years. I’ve had all kinds of concerning symptoms throughout this time including nerve pain, muscoskelital pain, sleeping problems, chest pain, extreme dizzy spells and just feeling generally unwell. I have now decided to taper off and this has been filled with debilitating anxiety, shaking to the point that I can barely stand without wobbling, panic attacks, inability to sleep more than 4-5 hours a night, esophagial spasms and loss of appetite. It’s been awful but I did not make the connection that coming OFF of it has caused these symptoms. I wish I knew why.

  12. I am a board certified physician and a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. I started myself on Esomeprazole for basic heartburn caused by red sauce on pizza. I needed to escalate my dose because my symptoms worsened. I increased my dose and took it for 4 weeks because I now had fear of an ulcer or Zollinger–Ellison or some such nonsense. The anxiety worsened and landed me in the ED twice, netting a few panels of normal labs, a normal CT with contrast of my abdomen and pelvis, and a normal EGD. I missed a week of work. I had full body shaking, weakness, anxiety, abdominal pain, and depression with no history of these. I have an anxiety med now and am withdrawing myself from PPI’s. I have no history of depression nor anxiety. All of this is because I reached for the wrong reflux medicine. I find that supplements of magnesium are helpful. I am talking to every doctor who will listen about my experience. I am going to work on weaning all of my patients from PPI’s that I can. I also have a graduate degree in pharmaceutical research and will look into getting answers.

    • I’m 33 years old, from India. I have had pantop which is pantaprazole 40mg on and off for years as many docs prescribed it for acid reflux and the ulcer that I had. On the 13th of Sept, I had taken pantaprazole for 3 days while I had my periods to stop my bloating and acidity. I then had a huge panic attack last month right after my periods, and thought I was having a heart attack as my heart rate was over 150 bpm. And I was rushed to the hospital. I also have asthma. So after couple of daysbjn the hospital I was released. I also had diarrhea and acid reflux issues. So the doctor again prescribed pantaprazole for 2 weeks saying I may have gerd. After that I have had over 15 panic attacks almost daily and even two panic attacks a day, I have done multiple heart tests, ecgs, 2 d echo test, 24 hour holster test and the cardiology states my heart seems fine and through it show my heart racing at points its most anxiety related. I then listed down all meds I had since my first attack and came across ppi being a possible cause of panic attack. I then tested it out in myself. I stopped pantaprazole for two days and my anxiety lessened by 80 percent. I then started pantaprazole for the next two days and had severe panic attacks. Now I stopped pantaprazole past 5 days and I haven’t had a panic attack since. I have changed my diet to combat my acid reflux and its helping. But I strongly believe since I don’t have any history or depression, its the ppi that has triggered my panic attacks.

      • I have been on Omeprazol for 2 weeks for acid reflux that wasn’t too bad really but in around 3 days after taking it, started having severe anxiety, panic attacks especially at night, weakness, dizziness and nausea. My doctor changed the meds to Pantoprazol when I mentioned these symptoms. Was ok for 3 days but the symptoms returned again, some days were worse than others. Took pantoprazol for 3 weeks out of the 4 that I was meant to, but stopped a day ago as I could not take any more of the panic and anxiety, weakness, dizziness, sore joints, brain fog.
        At the moment, I have severe withdrawl symptoms I think, severe anxiety, weakness and a general flu like feeling. I am hoping these side effects will wear off soon and I can start living again. Needless to say I have already made significant changes to my lifestyle so I never have to take another PPI again. It destroys lives!

    • Hi, I am a primary care physician and I started to get anxiety and panic attacks after taking Nexium 40 po qd for about 3-4 weeks. I stopped Nexium 3 days ago since my stomach was ok and I was having diarrhea and a couple of episodes of sudden shortness of breath and tachycardia while walking. I smoke cigarettes when on vacation about 1 week per year more or less so I thought it was the cigarettes what made me short of breath. Then it would go away and I could walk for over 8 miles in one day, which made no sense. I usually walk 3 miles everyday when at home. Just in case it was the Nexium I stopped it. This happened while I was in New York City for 5 days sightseeing alone. Then I had a severe panic attack 1 block from my hotel in the worse place. Super noisy and super congested side of town. I had to stay put on the side on the street for about an hour before I had the strength to return to my hotel were I had to stay until my wife had to come driving for 4 hours to pick me up. It’s was the worst experience of my life. I could not go downstairs to the lobby. I did not eat the whole day due to this. And just thinking about going out when my wife came to pick me up it made me super anxious. I manage to get out of the hotel and felts better when I saw my wife. She is the best! The way back home was a nightmare. Raining and in New York traffic…horrible. I managed to sleep and the next day I woke up better since I was home. I tried to do things around the house to feel normal, but in the afternoon the anxiety came back after I could not walk my dog out side due to anxiety, this time was unbearable so I called a Psychiatrist friend of mine. He told me to take Benadryl and tila teas and he will see me on Monday via telemedicine since I have developed agoraphobia from the traumatic experience I had in NYC. I was feeling that there was no end to this since there was no reason for this to happen to me until I found this blog with this information. Then my anxiety has decreased since I know there is a cause and that it will go away. I have been prescribing PPIs for over 25 years to my patients and I have never heard of these side effects!! I just wanted to ask how long does it last. I see that people post things but they don’t come back to answer questions. Thank you all!

    • Hi. My son 23 is going thru an awful time with all those symptoms of anxiety, panic. It has been going on now for many months post omeprazole. How are you now?. Any suggestions?.

      • HI. My son went on Nexium for about 2 weeks and then through endoscopy saw gastritis and upped prilosec to twice a day (20 mg total). He had awful anxiety and then had colonoscopy because so anxious. I made him go down to one pill a day and I saw some, but not total improvement. It was a nightmare…he is 23 too. How is your son?

    • Hi Dr Jason,
      Have you learned more on this topic since your 2020 post? My son went on PPI’s and then had sever anxiety about his GI issues. It has been awful, but he seems to have some relief after having a colonoscopy and showed no issues. The doctor wants him to stay on prilosec once a day because of gastritis seen on an endoscopy a week ago, but I am nervous it will return. The gastritis is mild and I am wondering what else he can do rather than prilosec.

  13. I googled Some information about omeprazole and panic attacks and came across these post. I started omeprazole otc a couple weeks ago and Good Lord from Zion. I experienced a panic attack that was so bad that it took an entire day to overcome it. The shaking and constant fear has been awful. I stopped Taking it about 3 days ago and yesterday I had two panic attacks. The first one was bad the second one I worked Through it faster. I feel Like my head is extra heavy, I’m weak and sluggish and just feel awful. I was Unable to eat anything yesterday but, today I have A little appetite. I’ve stopped the medication but, I need To know if there are any natural remedies to treat GERD? I use Ginger and working on changing my diet.

  14. Count me in. I’m experiencing the exact same helpless feelings of anxiety issues from using acid reducing meds. Trying desparately every day to find the positives, living hour by hour.

    My story is shorter than many others here. I was diagnosed with reflux exactly a year ago. Reluctantly, I took Omeprazole for a week. Heartburn improved but anxiety through the roof and ended up in ER. I ditched the drug and after trying to go without for a month, caved and decided to try an H2 blocker. I actually felt decent on it but after 3 months it stopped working. I also noticed that during this time I began getting Globus. It almost always followed the same pattern… it would disappear during sleep and Id have great mornings but it would gradually reappear daily as the day progressed. Doctors couldnt help me. They said the reflux and anxiety werent related and Id need to see my pcp about anxiety meds.

    Fast forward a bit… after H2 stopped working GI convinced me to start Nexium. Again, I reluctantly began in late July. GI wanted to rule out that acid was causing my Globus which was worsening…so we maxed out the dose (80mg) for 2 months but the Globus remained, causing the doctor to say he believed Globus was from anxiety.

    I started seeing a Naturopath who has helped me ween off the Nexium and has given me supplements to improve motility. Ive been off Nexium now for 2 weeks and this past week has been crazy. Globus is lessening and ive had 3 full days without it! However, other anxiety issues have ramped up out of control. I get tremors when I go to sleep and when I wake. Nervous and irritable. Scared. Depressed. NONE of these things ever happened to me before the reflux began. My poor wife has had to endure my mood swings and deteriorating mental state. Ive done my part by researching, contacting different doctors, getting tests, etc. Ive dropped 50lbs this year, Im very healthy and strong. I have a great support system in my wife, daughters, mother and family/friends. Its the acid reducing drugs. Im convinced. I just want it to stop so I can get on with the happy life I once had.

    Im reading here that the anxiety DOES improve after getting off… just gotta give it time. Hoping.

    • Steve-
      Did your symptoms improve? How long did it take? I’m 3 weeks off omeprazole and anxiety is still high with lightheadedness. Going to the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get something for the anxiety.

    • Hi,

      I was on Osemprazola for 12 days for silent reflux. Just had an ENT look down my throat and said all looked fine and that it may be Globus. I had all the anxieties, shortness in breath and dizziness. I have been eating mostly chicken and salad. I stopped the meds. about 7-10 days ago but still have Globus as day goes on. How are you doing with Globus now? Has it left yet?


  15. I had mild gastritis left from a h pylori infection that’s gone now confirmed via a scope
    I was put on ppi for that triple therapy treatment
    I wasn’t tapered off them cold turkey but I never know nothing about rebound then hosp continued me on them gastrits
    I feel dreadfull it’s now February 21 and I’m poorly belly
    Gone rebound again cold turkey off these dam things
    My tummy feels hollow wrecked punched kicked in not working I wasn’t on them that long as hated them but each Gp put me back on
    My belly is feels raw itchy inside and worse than the begining I think I had liw acid not high ? But they just go ahead and treat all the same when one size does not fit all I’m in a bad way I can’t function
    Belly sore raw upper ab ear ringing ear hissing hearing loss ears popping tingely upper body no sleep nauseaus all day weight loss appetite not there can’t wash or shower properly neck pain right side ear fullness joint pain I can eat but my belly does not want food never full never hunger
    I wish I was told about the effects of this awFull medication trust me I’m cold turkey off it and feel like I’m going to die bern a and e 14 times since November 20 head rumbeling to so scared do not take

  16. I started protonix, by day 3 I had massive panic attacks every few hours and diarrhea. I stopped after day 6 to heal stomach and noticed my panic went down to 1x or 2x a day. Then suddenly my body started getting anxious every time I put food in my mouth and heart races. I feel winded moving around and no appetite. I’m hoping to feel better as weeks go by .

    • That happened to me being on Osmeprazola for two weeks! I was already on antidepressants/anxiety meds. But everything you described happened to me! How are you now?

  17. I thought pantaprazole was okay to take ive been on lanzaprole and esamoperazole they havnt done anything and I’ve had bad anxiety I don’t think anything works for gerd

  18. I started to feel extreme nausea after receiving sad news about my sister. When I rang my GP he asked if I’d lost weight. When I said I had, but that it was normal because my intake was severely diminished because my appetite was gone, he insisted I had a gastroscopy procedure to check I didn’t have cancer. It came back clear, with slight inflammation. I was put on Lansoprazole without any discussion about what might have caused the problem in the first place. I did actually start suffering the mildest symptom of acid reflux afterwards; very burpy and pain between the shoulder blades but no heartburn. I can’t describe the level of panic and distress I’m having at the moment. I wake up sick every morning and this afternoon I’ve had the mother of all panic attacks. I couldn’t be more frightened if someone were trying to bury me alive; it’s THAT scary. I don’t know what to think; if you read about what Gerd can do if you ignore it it’s enough to frighten you to death. Yet if you take the treatment it’s enough to frighten you to death. I feel as if I’ve died and gone to hell.

  19. I connect with most of what has been said. My Dr put me on Pantoprazole back in Nov 2021 but never even made a follow up. She did it because I kept having nausea on and off for months. She first Upped my anxiety meds (I’ve been on for over 8 years) and then prescribed Colzapam on top of that to help my body calm down. When I still experienced it, she suggested the PPI (without having gone to GI Dr first because of feeling more acid reflux). She did a referral to GI but they didn’t call for 3 weeks so I never made an appt. Stuck with the PPI and then saw the side effects She NEVER discussed with me (in fact she said, if it helps why not). About 1.5 weeks ago I started trying to lower my dosage to half a pill everyday instead of 1. 4 days ago I started experiencing extreme anxiety, heart palpitations, and majority reduced appetite! I’ve eaten nothing but applesauce a few times a day for those 4 days. I’ve taken a natural acid reflux medicine (marshmallow root, camomile, etc) and that helps my acid reflux fast. But my heart palpitations have continued through it. Simplest tasks (putting away groceries) made myhesef race and I’ve had anxiety attacks everyday several times a day even being on two anxiety meds. This is awful, I was prescribed a statin drug when all this first started but will not take that because of all the side effects of that too. Awful they just throw medicine at us and don’t care what happens. I pray for all of you and myself that these side effects go away soon or have!!!

  20. I am coming back to this chat 4 months later to tell people that it gets better with time. 4 months after I stopped the PPI (Nexium in my case) my anxiety/panic attacks are finally gone. Still have occ. anxiety but now is very manageable. I learned a lot about anxiety, which I have never suffer from before I took PPIs. I recommend reading “The happiness trap” by Russ Harris. I also recommend not to take SSRIs for your anxiety, it may make it worse and then you will have to withdraw from this too! You must exercise to improve mental health (At least 30min. per day. If possible, jogging will be the best. Start slow.) and keep yourself busy! Stop yourself ruminating about your anxiety. Most of the anxiety is about fear of your anxiety. When you start thinking about it, tell yourself, “here I go again…” and think of something else. It’s ok the thoughts will keeping coming. Accept that you have anxiety right now and do the things that has value in your life, despite your anxiety. Regarding panic attacks, you have to understand that they won’t kill you. You already had them and you are still here. So stop fearing them and they will go away. In fact if you try to make them happen you will get them with less intensity or not at all. For panic attacks I recommend reading “Anxiety and Panic” by Dr. Harry Barry. Since I read this book, I have not had a panic attack. Here I leave a daily routine to improve you life experience;

    Daily routine:
    Exercise x 30 min or more
    Plan your day
    What is the worst that can happen today
    Think who you want to be
    View yourself from above
    Don’t over eat
    Learn something
    Help someone
    Talk to a friend
    Be thankful
    Imagine a beautiful future and make a plan to get there
    Be compassionate with others and with yourself
    Write in journal
    Sleep 7-8 hours

    Good luck to all of you. Hope this helps you in this tough times your are going through right now. It did help me.

    • I was taking 20mg omeprosol daily for over 15 years. This year in January I stopped cold Turkey and then out of nowhere began having increased anxiety and multiple panic attacks over the course of several months. It got so bad that I asked to be put on SSRIs and I only did 5 days and had a mental breakdown so I stopped taking them completely. Then I had major insomnia didn’t sleep for several days and finally prescribed Klonopin of which I only took minimally for several days. During this time did extensive research and found that long term PPI use was most likely to blame for increased anxiety and panic attacks since I quit cold Turkey. I’m now taking magnesium supplements and have been exercising as well as mental exercises. The past several weeks has been great. I also developed diabetes this past year age 45, which runs in my family. I was 40 lbs overweight.

      My hypothesis is that it took five months to go through withdrawal from ppi taken for 15 years. It was unbelievable what happened in the worst part of that withdrawal. I thought I was losing my mind. But now I feel so good and lost 20 lbs everything is returning to “normal”.

      I believer ppi caused me to have too little acid chronically. Low magnesium levels, increased insulin resistance, increased anxiety.

      Quitting was the best thing I did but had I know I would’ve tapered off instead of suddenly.

    • Hello, thanks for the motivation! I needed to hear this. I’m going to read the books you suggested. I want to believe that things will get better following this PPI nightmare.

  21. Hello, I had breast cancer treatment that left me with gastritis. I have had a lot of stomach issues since then and had to be treated for HPylori twice to eradicate it. I have been on Pantoprozal, stopped cold turkey my acid came back with a vengeance. Was put on Dexilant which worked but when I went to a lower dose panic and depression galore. Then stopped and my symptoms became so bad! I had an endoscopy done and I have gastritis leftover from the chemo treatment. Now on Rabeprazole 20mg per day and it worked for 3 months however I am now have extreme panic attacks again and depression. I have an appointment with my Dcctor this morning. I don’t want to take these PPIs so I will ask her for some kind of supplement and to wean off of them. I feel like I am on a roller coaster and I can’t get off of it!

  22. I have a similar story to everyone. I was on 20mg Omezaprazole daily for 5 years. Panic attacks, anxiety daily, and not knowing what was wrong with me. It was dreadful. Finally found out online the PPI was causing it. Stopped taking them immediately and within 2 weeks my Anxiety drifted away. It was like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. I could drive my car, fly in a plane, and just be happy without fear.

    The biggest upset is that every doctor I told after my experience doesn’t believe me. I’m currently trying H2 blockers and changing lifestyle choices. H2 blockers don’t seem to give me anxiety. But I just wanted to let everyone know you will get better, just give it some time. You have to re-wire your brain and teach yourself everything is gonna be okay. I still get occasional anxiety in work meeting but it’s like night and day from how I was before.

    Stay strong! It gets much better!

  23. I was taking 40mg pantoprazole for about 4 years. I suddenly started having anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, high blood pressure and muscle spasms. I researched the medicine and saw reviews from others that were going through the same thing . I immediately stopped taking it…cold turkey. Five months later, after endless doctor visits, ER visits and medical tests…I still have uncontrollable anxiety and panic attacks. I’m at the point of starting anxiety meds. I don’t know if this will ever go away.

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