Kidnapped: Arthur Hippe

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March 28, 2016 | 4 Comments


  1. My word, what a difficult read – almost unbelievable actually. I say ‘almost’ due to experiences gained during the last so many years. Had we not gone through those ‘experiences’ I certainly would not believe the words that I have just read!
    I feel that this should, in whatever way possible, be made public knowledge here in the UK as most, if not all, of us who read the RxISK articles are already affected, one way or another, by the medics/pharmas and therefore find this type of story believable whereas the general public, in the main, are unaffected but need their eyes opened to the reality of such situations. Maybe a possibility when the videos are made public?

  2. I wanted to pass along some info to RxISK readers (especially those in the UK!) about a group of people that have faced something similar on a mass scale, and are fighting back. More and more young adults with learning difficulties are apparently finding themselves stuck in “Assessment and Treatment Units” without good reason … sometimes hundreds of miles from home, and unable to get community-based help. Some are NHS facilities while others are private for-profits with contracts to “serve” the NHS.

    Connor Sparrowhawk, known as LB or “Laughing Boy” to his friends, entered the STATT Unit of Southern Health NHS Trust in March of 2013. He died there in July 2013 – drowned in a bathtub. Connor’s family knew quite well how to keep a boy with epilepsy safe in the bath. Just keep the door open, and pop your head in every few minutes. Apparently the institution couldn’t grasp this, or couldn’t be bothered. They tried to tell the family (and the coroner) that LB died of “natural causes.” Neither one were having it.

    The #JusticeforLB campaign has so far sparked a nationwide inquiry, and just might get some action, who knows? You can catch up with them at — or follow his mother’s blog,

  3. Why was Mr. Hippe there for more than a day or two? It looks like they keep an eye out for people they can get away with chemically “planking,” and bill the commons for their gradual petrification.

    I just read of one of these in the US. The family was told they would be arrested if they tried to contact their mother.

  4. The sad thing is the Hospital used their Lawyers to stop a two part story run by CHEX news with a letter of intent to take them to court… The CCAC and the LHIN are in bed with these Hospitals and Long term Care facilities who are killing our loved ones… The Monister of Health and Premier are looking the other way while our Mom’s are beaten, raped, abused and murdered…

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