Malcharist: A Spellbinding Thriller 2

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May 22, 2021 | 4 Comments


  1. Rich in dialogue, and so very, very colourful – could this book hit the sliver-screen – the takings could be sky-high.

    Some books go to screen and become shadows of their former selves, some books take a major departure from their original premise and some films bomb with mediocre directors – but Malcharist is a different kettle-of-fish.

    Malcharist is a modern crime thriller – the world is a much different place since pharma scandals and corruption were rife, that we lived through, in our age, and now Pharma are the saviours of the world – time to redress the balance.

    Malcharist is a modern-day crime-thriller with such appeal, such riotous language, such relevance :


    Letters from Generation Rx

    – Kevin P. Miller

    In a different league; please watch these two films …

  2. Now reading Malcharist for the second time and still unable to put it down. I had thought immediately that it would make a brilliant film. Let’s hope this ‘truthful and shocking’ “novel” does indeed, soon become a “Hollywood blockbuster too”.

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