You are not alone: Fill out a side effect report

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March 6, 2012 | 3 Comments


  1. It is a horrible reality of our times to hear Maria’s story. We must go to our government officials and expose this fraud – with the affadavit from the $3 billion lawsuit, US State of Massachussetts versus GlaxoSmithKline, in hand. It says it all. We have about 20 years worth of awful stories to finally expose.

  2. Hi, I’ve been suffering with Sciatic nerve pain along with lower, middle and severe neck pain for a long time. Working as a Server and carrying heavy trays since I was 16 and I’m now 43. I was RX Darvocet when I was about 20 yrs. old and they didn’t work very well, I had a high risk pregnancy when I was 28 and my team of 8 Drs. RX me Darvocet, my son has ASD now and I’ve always wondered. This is my big HUGE issue right now, I was seeing a Dr. That RX me 10mg Methadone x5 Dailey, 7.5 Norco x3 dailey, Klonopin .5 x3, Temazapam 1 nightly, Tramadol 50 x3 dailey plus Cymbalta for a bit as well. My Dr. Seemed to never ever be there when I would have to go monthly for my refills so I was stuck with a horrible Dr. That was rude never listened to me and actually screamed really loud at me in front of the whole staff and patients because Rite Aid accidentally put my name on my husbands Xanax RX and he didn’t notice it with the huge bag of meds. We always have to pick up, my Pharmacy called several several times to explain it was their fault but this Dr. Never spoke with them but dropped it. On my Birthday I went in to get my refills and I had mentioned I was pretty sick that week, he ignored me and did a drug screen, I did NOT have Norco in my system because I slept a lot that week and took my Methadone and Tramadol, I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to take a few days break from a med. also he accused me of having Roniptitrol in my system so I’m a Dr. Shopper and since that 2 infractions I’m cut off all my meds. I cried and got snippy because I know I didn’t take any other RX than what he RX me. I kept asking what the hell this drug was and he wouldn’t explain. I walked out scared to death, no weaning off or offers of what to do, he said he didn’t care it’s not his problem it mine. I got home and Temazapam is the Generic name I knew, not Roniptitrol ( I hope I’m right in the name ) so I was furious, nobody would talk to me so I could explain so I left a message saying he made a rookie mistake and 2 days later I received a certified letter from the Forum Medical center in Sterling Hts. At 59 & Mound stating they will no longer see me. WHAT????? I didn’t do anything and now I’m getting really sick from Withdrawls, I thought I was going to die. No other Dr. Would RX Methadone and my insurance doesn’t cover Suboxone unless you somehow get in a Medicaid clinic and their waiting list goes on for yrs. I had to join the Heroin addicts in a rehab, after ONLY 5 days of detox on Suboxone I was still really sick and everyone else just fine. I was rushed to the hospital in ambulance with my BP at 250/150 they thought I was having or going to have a stroke or heart attack. I have really high Blood Pressure only after I was abruptly taken off those meds. Mainly I had serious dangerous Withdrawls for about 7 or 8 months, my BP still isn’t good and I’m on BP meds. Now. I thought Drs. Took a vow to do no harm. I honestly wonder if I have permanent damage to my heart because of Dr. You know I’m so mad and sick still I only remember it starts with. M and he’s old and just nasty. I feel I should have a law suit. Thank you everyone and don’t take Methdone for pain because the Withdrawls are the worse pain and suffering I’ve ever been through and I’ve had like 7 surgerys and disc disease, Methadone gets in your bones and takes forever to get out. I think it was Dr. Martin or something. Dr. Asmar was very nice and compassionate but was never available to me. Good luck all

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