Medical Assistance in Dying: A Personal Perspective

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April 9, 2021 | 18 Comments


  1. So Whose Fault is it that proposals for writers, as described here, are put in the position of seeking MaiD?

    Is it the Drugs?
    Is it the Drug Manufacturers?
    Is it the Regulators?
    Is it the Prescribers/
    Is it the Guidelines?

    Is it bunching all this together, a death too far?

    As people can reclaim their lives having been drugged and come out the other end, so it is that suicides and homicides of a violent nature can be dismissed and wrongful imprisonment occurring in most instances, if the accused has managed to survive.

    MAiD seems to piggy-back right on top of what is already ‘crimes against humanity’ as the extreme nature of these drugs is mostly ignored.

    It always seems to come back down to sheer ignorance and wilful blindness when mostly these drugs are seen as benign.

    They are far from benign and the little understood Akathisia which can lead to a death in seconds is hardly addressed. If it is addressed it is done so in words that generally go a long way to suppressing what has really gone on in the person’s mind or the mind of the prescriber.

    The story can be written which can be screamingly obvious but is totally let down by the weird way in which it is addressed and written up by persons who are medical in nature but whose language and design misses so much of what is profoundly obvious.

    Its like a huge confidence trick that has taken over the world leaving medical persons not in charge of their senses.

    If people are told repeatedly and for decades that they need medication for the rest of their life, are labelled with increasing regularity as personality disordered or worse, are deluged with drugs to treat the effects of often a poorly prescribed drug in the first place and then have a diagnosis of TRD, then it is this MAiD who will see increasing numbers clambering at their doors.

    It is not the way to go and people like this writer who sees the light are the ones to be listened to.

    It should escape nobody’s attention that Boeing who killed hundreds of passengers due to a colossal mistake in their automatic flight system are still trying to escape not only huge losses to their reputation but who are still inveigled in an aviation scandal.

    The 737 Max, Boeing’s latest generation of the single-aisle aircraft, was grounded after two crashes killed 346 people within a five-month span. The jet was cleared to fly again by U.S. regulators in November, followed by regulators in Europe and most other major markets aside from China and India.

    Just like the Drug Companies hoisting themselves far away from any involvement and which drips down to our doctors.

    Hardly anything that is written is true, mostly couched in strange versions of truths that are a million miles away from a logic that are primarily just fairy tales.

    It is extremely worrying, the romantic notions that MAiD is doing us a service.

    Once gone, you can’t come back – ‘without of shadow of a doubt’ …

    All of life is a risk and the risks just got greater.

    Assisted dying isn’t the kind of help that mentally ill people need

    He was a stranger, but his life mattered. Which side of him would you stand on?

  2. I think this campaign is relevant. The slippery slope can take many hidden twists and turns and there is no knowing where coercion to take vaccines will lead. It has been tried and succeeded in some European countries. Already in psychiatry it is used to 0ver-medicate people against their will and better judgement. I do support it myself both with donations and as here in trying to publicise the campaign to gain more support for – Medical Freedom Bill: Help us Protect our Rights

    24 days left

    Support Us
    Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 6th May 2021 at 3:54pm
    Save Our Rights UK are campaigning to lobby the Prime Minister and all MPs to pass a Medical Freedom Bill to protect our bodily autonomy.
    by Save Our Rights UK in Brighton, England, United Kingdom
    Contact project
    Protect Fundamental Human Rights in the UK
    We have been through a year of turmoil here in the UK as well as abroad. We are all looking forward to the reopening of society however there is a threat to us all. This comes in the form of vaccine passports or Covid-19 status certifications that infringe upon our medical freedom.

    Here in the UK we pride ourselves on a long history or standing for prestigious Rights and Freedoms across the world but specifically here at home. We have enjoyed full medical freedom until recently as mandated testing has started to be introduced in some sectors.

    The efficency and benefit of any proposed medical procedure is irrelevant as any mandating of medical procedures means that one cannot give full, free and informed consent. The Government does not give us our freedoms, they are ours already, they are meant to protect them. They should not only not roll out vaccine passports or Covid-19 status certifications themselves but they should be taking proactive steps to prevent anyone else doing so.

    It is coercive and discriminatory, to do so would mean that we have lost our medical freedom and bodily autonomy…once it’s lost how far will it go? We do not wish to start on this slippery slide so are campaigning for the Government to pass a Medical Freedom Bill to protect all of our rights now and for many generations to come.

    We need your help though, the Government already know about the campaign but now they need to know how many people support it so they cannot shy away from it.

    We need to raise money so that we are able to reach more people and get more people to take the actions, such as emailing Michael Gove, emailing their MP, signing the open letter to Boris Johnson, all of which you can do HERE, and attending events.

    What is the Medical Freedom Bill and why:
    Save Our Rights UK (SORUK) is campaigning to lobby the Prime Minister and all MPs to pass a Medical Freedom Bill to prevent:

    Mandation of medical procedures
    Introduction of vaccine passports or Covid-19 status certifications
    Coercion into consenting to medical procedures by way of withholding services and/or freedoms
    Discrimination against a person based upon their decision to partake in a medical procedure

    Save Our Rights UK believes that all medical procedures should be a matter of personal choice and that to compel citizens through law or via discrimination and coercion to undergo a medical procedure contravenes fundamental human rights as defined by UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005):

    1. Human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected.
    2. The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.

    A Medical Freedom Bill urgently needs to come in to halt plans of private companies and corporations to roll out such things as Vaccine Passports, Covid Status Certifications and mandated testing to be allowed to enter their premises. The introduction of this Bill would prevent further discrimination and the impingement of basic human rights in the United Kingdom.
    Human rights are under threat here in the UK:
    Already, we are seeing discrimination and the infringement of humans rights in relation to vaccines and other medical procedures.

    Companies are discriminating against employees and customers. For example, Saga Holidays will not sell holidays to unvaccinated persons while Pimlico Plumbers have declared that their workers must be vaccinated or face termination of their employment.
    The UK government has implemented a “no test, no touchdown” travel policy which forces people to take medical tests before they can fly.
    The EU are also considering implementing vaccine passports.
    The UK Governement are actively dicussing bringing in vaccine passports or covid status cert
    The above examples represent just the beginning of discrimination and the end to human rights unless our Medical Freedom Bill can stop from adopting further discriminatory practices.

    Michael Gove is currently leading a review on whether these should be introduced by the Government but even if they choose not to do it themselves they ought to be taking proactive action to protect the countries citizens from private bodies, companies and corporations.

    We need a Medical Freedom Bill passed through Parliament:
    A Medical Freedom Bill would ensure the freedoms of UK citizen by enshrining in law that no organisation or individual can legally mandate or coerce another to undertake a medical procedure or discriminate based upon their medical status.

    The Bill would legislate against any mandation or coercion in regards to any medical procedure by way of vaccine passports, Covid-19 status certification or any other such methodology for any reason.

    Enshrining in law the right of individual to choose whether or not to be vaccinated would protect a fundamental human right. Preventing medical discrimination would boost public confidence in our healthcare system as individuals would be empowered to make decisions based on informed consent. Furthermore, organisations including employers would be made certain of their obligations and anti-discriminatory duties.

    Where will the money go and why should you support this campaign:
    Every pound donated on our dedicated crowdfunding page goes towards raising awareness of the Medical Freedom Bill and encouraging more and more people to join us in opposing any form of vaccine passport or medical status discrimination.

    We know there’s growing concern in the wider public about the possible introduction of vaccine certificates and other means of segregating society based on medical status. This is all in spite of the media’s ongoing fear-mongering and its tacit support for a medical surveillance society
    Will you help us raise enough money to splash the message across billboards, spread the word via flyers and raise awareness through social media ads?

    The louder we make our voices, the more people will join the chorus and the more politicians will be forced to sit-up and take notice.

    Action now is paramount if we’re to avoid a medical checkpoint society where access to shops, bars, flights will be dependent upon your medical status.

    So please support this campaign so we can progress the MEDICAL FREEDOM BILL to protect all of ours medical freedom and right to bodily autonomy.

    Our Leadership:
    Louise Creffield is a single mum of four who founded Save Our Rights UK in April 2020. Her experience of working in politics had left her gravely concerned about the state of what is deemed to be democracy in this country and she felt, following the arrival of unprecedented infringements upon everyone’s human rights in 2020 and beyond, that her experience therefore may prove beneficial in readdressing the balance of control, so she formed Save Our Rights UK, assembling it from the ground up as a grassroots movement.
    Our Team:

    SORUK is staffed by a growing team of capable and passionate volunteers (over 40 at present), from all walks of life, including professionals in a range of fields as well as small business owners, freelancers, parents, and students. Our team members bring many different views and political perspectives to the table but we are all united by our core values courage, integrity, honesty and non-violence and we work towards SORUK’s vision.

    Key partners/endorsees:
    UK Medical Freedom Alliance
    Lawyers for Liberty
    Workers of England Union
    World Freedom Alliance
    MP Sir Desmond Swayne (MP)
    Report this project
    Let’s make ‘Medical Freedom Bill: Help us Protect our Rights’ happen
    Support Us

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  3. Who is being screwed? The ‘revered Andrew Green says –
    8 April 2021
    If the instruction to advise patients about a side effect which happens once in 250,000 interventions sets a precedent for standards for informed consent for treatment we’re all screwed.

    Dr Andrew Green
    29 August 2019
    Dr Green has helped improve patient safety at a practice, regional and national level. As a member of NHS England’s Primary Care Patient Safety Expert Group, he developed a set of standards to help minimise risk associated with poor handover of test results from secondary to primary care. This aims to ensure more seamless transition of care, timelier review of discharge letters and improved communication of results to patients, and was included in the 2017-18 secondary care contract.
    In his former role as BMA GP Committee prescribing lead, Dr Green was involved in projects to limit use of poorly evidenced medication, resulting in fewer unnecessary prescriptions and saving money at practice and CCG level.
    It is not just on a national level where Dr Green has made a diff erence. He is revered by practice colleagues, having secured protected morning breaks for staff to safeguard their mental health in a pressurised environment.

  4. To my simple mind that likes to think about computers and algorithms, the ssri prescription dynamic appears to be a long drawn out slow-motion plane crash, perhaps nobody will notice until the mass shootings grow in frequency and there is a new one on the News every day do things have to get that bizarre before people figure this out ? There must be a threshold at which the scale of this issue becomes so bleeding obvious to become news worthy. I keep watching the politicians to see if the clear ssri connection pops into their heads and comes out of their mouths, after these increasingly frequent disasters, they never seem to mention the drugs are they too scared of the prescription drug people to state the facts ? I’ve seen enough evidence to convince me a million times that there is a clear problem with the ssri prescription machine, I find it very disturbing which is just what you want when your moods are swinging about erratically, these days I find I have an increasing need to have a lie down that can’t be considered healthy for anyone.

  5. A bit about the politics –

    The ‘lobbying’ problem with David hotting up – but how about GSK?

    GSK CEO Andrew Witty Joins David Cameron In China Amid Bribery Probe

    David Cameron defends GSK during China trip

    David Cameron has risked angering the Chinese government by launching a robust defence of GlaxoSmithKline as the UK drug company steps up its battle to save its reputation in the country.

    GSK is facing prosecution from Chinese authorities over allegations of bribery, while dozens of its local employees and a UK man it used as a corporate investigator remain in detention. The prime minister gave public backing to the company on Tuesday during his three-day trade mission to China. He told reporters in Shanghai:

    “They are a very important, very decent and strong British business that is a long-term investor in China. “Britain has a record of properly standing up for British businesses and British individuals . . .[and] having a proper dialogue with the Chinese authorities about the issues.”

    Mr Cameron raised the GSK case with Li Keqiang, the Chinese premier, during talks in Beijing on Monday, as investigators probe allegations the company bribed local doctors to sell GSK’s medicines.

    Andrew Witty, GSK chief executive, is part of a business delegation accompanying Mr Cameron in China, signalling an intensification of efforts to resolve the dispute.
    Among those being detained by Chinese authorities is Peter Humphrey, a British national and corporate investigator who worked as a contractor for GSK. In an interview with the Financial Times, Harvey Humphrey, Mr Humphrey’s son, appealed for Sir Andrew to use his time in China with the prime minister to campaign for his father’s release. Harvey Humphrey said: “I know Andrew Witty is in China this week and I hope he can take a few minutes to raise my father’s case. “I understand everything is complicated in China but it seems my parents are paying a big price.” His mother, Yu Yingzeng, a US citizen, has also been imprisoned, which their son suggested was a result of GSK’s work in the country. Chinese state television in August aired an apology from Mr Humphrey, who was wearing handcuffs and an orange prison vest, as he confessed to illegally obtaining private information from Chinese citizens.

    It was the latest in a series of televised confessions, and one of the first involving a foreigner, which have worried legal observers about the violation of due process in China. Harvey Humphrey, who is 18, said: “I am extremely concerned about what will happen next. It’s extremely unpredictable.”

    Sir Andrew spent much of Wednesday speaking to GSK colleagues in Shanghai, missing the prime minister’s showcase business banquet. He told reporters he hoped there would be an update soon both on the fate of Mr Humphrey and Ms Yu, and the outcome of allegations that it paid up to $500m in bribes to win business. Those accusations have hit his company hard, with third quarter vaccine and drug sales in China down 61 per cent. GSK said the visit was an opportunity to demonstrate that it remained committed to doing business in China.

    Its executives hope Mr Cameron’s intervention will help bolster their case, even if it risks undermining the otherwise conciliatory tone of Mr Cameron’s trade mission.

    Evan Davis interviewing Andrew Witty at Chatham House –

    Ask him about Seroxat – Ask him about Seroxat – Ask him about Seroxat

    Never too soon to start with a bit of Collusion –

    Horlicks – “a man with a plan” – the brand matters…

    We are effectively alone…

  6. A week is a long time in politics apparently. It’s difficult to imagine how long a week would feel if you were in politics and had akathisia for a week, that situation would feel like an eternity. I’ve eaten my morning supplements and had my ginger tea with the Fluoxetine in it. It’s the same for me each morning I wake up quite stingy and uncomfortable I don’t feel human at all, I robotically go through the motions. I’m an irritable robot that feels all stingy with a stiff neck in the morning nobody wants to wake up feeling like that.

  7. A Great Line-up, on the Case, appropriately relevant for Drug Wrecks :

    James Moore @jf_moore

    Join us on May 14 for the next in @Mad_In_America ’s series of discussions on psychiatric drug withdrawal. We will be discussing protracted post-withdrawal experiences and our panel is Adele Framer, Will Hall, David Healy and Nicole Lamberson.


    For our third discussion, we are examining protracted problems that can arise after psychiatric drug withdrawal.

    About this Event

    Mad in America, the Council for Evidence- based Psychiatry, the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal and A Disorder 4 Everyone are pleased to announce a series of live, online town hall discussions focussing on issues related to psychiatric drug withdrawal.

    Each town hall will feature a panel comprised of a mix of professionals and people with lived experience. Following the discussion, there will be an opportunity for viewer questions.

    For our third discussion, we are examining protracted problems that can arise after psychiatric drug withdrawal. Sometimes referred to as post-acute or post-withdrawal syndromes. These experiences can include chronic health problems and sexual dysfunction. What do we know and not know about responding to long-term health problems after coming off psychiatric drugs?

    Join us on Friday, May 14, 2021 at 9 AM PDT, 12 Noon EDT, 5 PM BST, 6 PM CEST for a panel discussion that will include questions and comments from the audience.

    A donation of $1 or greater is requested but we realise that not everyone is in a position to be able to donate currently. Please note your donation helps greatly and enables us to organise and present these town hall events.
    If you are not able to donate, simply click ‘Tickets’ then click ‘Enter Promo Code’ and type in the code Freebie, then click ‘Apply’ to register for free.

    We will email you a Zoom link on the day, we will also live-stream on Mad in America’s Facebook page and post to YouTube afterwards.

    Thank you for joining us.

  8. CBD oil helps with seizure type conditions by adjusting the sodium pumps activity.  There is also quite alot of interest going on at the moment that suggests CBD oil is helpful in mitigating various unpleasant drug withdrawal symptoms as well as other conditions.  I was thinking a bit more about this as my niece Annabel in Australia has a condition where she has headaches, seizures and punches the air in her sleep, she was taken to Warragul hospital and given an antipsychotic and is having further tests. I was wondering if givng a child an antipsychotic drug is the best option when there are things like CBD available.  There seems to be a significant risk of unpleasant side effects cropping up with antipsychotic drugs.

    If you want to get into the real detail of the CBD oil studies these are the sorts of papers that try to explain why it reduces seizures.  It does things to modulate the sodium ion channels, it does get a bit complicated digital electronics is much easier to understand, I like clear amd simple with no ambiguity.

    I feel alot better today I have no idea why exactly it is random.  I might try some CBD oil myself when I feel grotty or stressed I shall spray.some under my tongue.  I like the idea of a fairly quick pick me up booster that might help restore my mental clarity when I am feeling grim.

  9. A new German documentary on PSSD.

    You need to change the subtitles from German to English, which I was able to do the first two times I watched it, but now for some strange reason I cant get the English subtitles. Worth trying to see if you can get the English subtitles though, as it is quite interesting to watch.

    If you can’t get the English subtitles, this is a brief summary of what happens in the documentary:

    A young woman started taking SSRI’s, after becoming depressed, after the death of her mother.

    On starting the SSRI, she developed numb genitals (vulva), and nipples, and couldn’t have an orgasm; and this continued for her, even after she came off the SSRI.

    After a while she became concerned, and looked online to see if others had suffered something similar, and she realised she was likely suffering from PSSD.

    After a while of trying to get help for her PSSD, she eventually found a doctor in Germany who had heard of PSSD.

    Through this doctor, she then met another doctor, who had also heard of PSSD.
    After he briefly praised the benefits of psychiatric drugs/ SSRI’s, he agrees with a colleague, to try and officially diagnose whether she could be suffering from PSSD.

    After telling the two doctors about all of her sexual problems, including that the sexual symptoms started after starting the SSRI, and that she felt the SSRI had caused her sexual problems; the doctors go to deliberate on her diagnosis.

    The diagnosis…….. All of her sexual problems have been caused by psychological trauma from the death of her mother.

    mmmm sounds likely. So the trauma of her mothers death has suddenly caused her to have numb genitals/ vulva, numb nipples, and be unable to have an orgasm. Strange that SSRI’s can commonly cause all of those symptoms, but the intelligent, expert doctors, who are even aware of PSSD; have pinned all of her sexual problems on psychological trauma from her mothers death.

    So even if you find a doctor who has heard of PSSD, and your symptoms specifically fit with the symptoms of PSSD, they still pass them off as psychological, or other factors.

    You know it is almost impossible to get anyone to believe you, when you have this condition.

  10. I’m finding that MAiD is a very difficult subject but it is always good to have a debate about it.

    I live in Belgium where euthanasia because of psychological/psychiatric reasons is possible, under conditions.

    My personal opinion on it is it should be possible but is something to be very carefully thought about. As someone being basically mistreated for years by psychopharma and psychiatrists, there is a point you don’t believe/trust anyone in that care field to be able to help you. Sure you can have bad luck and have a bad doctor but in psychiatry with exception of websites such as this there is an extreme lack of transparency and honestly in treatments.

    About 6 years ago my best friend had euthanasia because of terminal soft tissue sarcoma. It was very hard but at the same time I was relieved that she died peacefully surrounded by those she loved. On her terms. Without having to suffer. I find equality important so in my opinion the same should be possible for psychiatric patients. At some point the patient has the right to say the pain is enough, this is therapeutic tenacity. Do we rather have them commit suicide with even greater impact on their surrounding people? Hard to answer this of course.

    I find it important to respect the wish of the patient. However lets not forget that in the end, if people want MAiD this is because of a systematic failure on multiple levels of society, medicine, science,.. to provide proper care. For years, and still, the mental health field is underfunded, isn’t interesting enough for new research. With disgusting waiting lists as well. This is something that needs to be more addressed as well. I don’t see a lot of people in the mental health field stepping up and fighting for their patients.

    • I feel that the main concern, as far as MAiD is concerned, is that there is already a severe lack of respect for the patient in the mental health system, which many of us have witnessed, therefore, we worry that ‘respect’ for patient and family will very likely be absent in dealing with any request for this final step. I most definitely feel for the patients but access to MAiD is, in my opinion, a step too far.

  11. If any Law were drafted scrupulously, the kind of mental state would not be permitted as an assisted euthanasia case.
    Drugs are not the panacea for all mental cases, diseases or health difficulties.
    More has to be done for suicide prevention and mental health and wellness.
    Also, educating people how to treat diseases without always resorting to pharmaceuticals, could indeed be a safer alternative and option for many.
    All suffering induced by misprescribing, overprescribing and misdiagnosing, cannot be relieved by pharmaceuticals.
    The certainty of imminent death and the consent of those who care and love for them, to me is not that black/white. There are indeed many shades of grey.

    What are the legal responsibilities and implications of MaiD?
    Who are legalizing euthanasia in many countries?
    Doctors and Governments are wilfully taking the lives of the vulnerable, as slowly as possible. This is deliberately executed to avoid detection and culpability.
    The doctors that assist with MAiD will not be charged and judged with a crime yet the very tools they use are harming and killing millions of innocent patients each year.

    Why don’t we ever debate how pharmaceuticals and risky procedures impact people’s lives each year?
    Why is it always swept under the carpet?
    With MAiD, are loved ones really being assisted to pass away in a dignified and decent manner?
    Dying tortured with NO DIGNITY is inhumane for the person being euthanized and many traumatized families are left to deal with witnessing the inhumane incident for their rest of their lives.
    Who is playing God here?
    Who are pressuring the family members of loved ones being euthanized?
    Should not all family members have a say?
    The Government, the state, the people who voted euthanasia, the doctors and so on can abuse their power, when it comes to MAiD.

    Medical/legal community need to get together and figure out a proposal with processes/criteria and protocols that meet the notion of a right to assisted death.
    Everyone should be included in that debate (not just a selected few), with all the consensus of the people. Once people have all the knowledge (covering all aspects of the topic, not just a biased view) the voices can all be counted.
    How many innocent people are killed by MAiD?
    Our current Law is deplorable and needs to be constantly reviewed and reassessed. We need to receive information from all sides to make intelligible choices.
    If we begin legalizing euthanasia for:
    1. every disease or health condition
    2. any procedure that may result in debilitating health condition/disability
    3. Debilitating health maladies that are induced due to misperescribing or overprescribing
    4. Procedures that have posed a risk and have debilitating consequences to the patient(s)
    What does this say about our health care system?
    The following article below demonstrates just how the system can be abused. So many patients are being killed by euthanasia, as doctors warn it is now out of control. Also, there are reports that dozens of people with dementia or serious psychiatric issues have died under the euthanasia legislation.

    It is sadly, becoming an industry which is difficult to regulate and being used for all the wrong reasons. This worries me immensely. Once the floodgates are open, in my opinion, anyone can play God and this is when it can be very dangerous. There will indeed, be many problems with the obscurity and ambiguity as to when the trigger can be pulled. The poor person who has been severely damaged by a cascade of meds and risky procedures, cannot give informed consent to their own death!
    Once euthanasia is legalized it gives those the rights to abuse their moral positions.

  12. The problem is short term SSRI use disabled me so severely that i have no other choice then (letting) euthanize myself

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