Medication Errors resulting in CNS Damage from Contrast Agent Overdose

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September 2, 2020 | 4 Comments


  1. “Where’s Ryan ?”

    A twitter post referring to the person who claimed he can cure pssd, has he sropped replying to emails ?
    What do you mean he disappeared off the map ?
    As a person to claim to find a cure to pssd wouldn’t you think this person is actively engaged with the community ?
    It just adds to the scam artist port folio.

  2. In thebmj 3/9/2020
    The trouble with antidepressants: why the evidence overplays benefits and underplays risks—an essay by John B Warren

  3. Where’s Wally?

    Scotland to create patient champion role

    Not all health service leaders are convinced there is a need for such a role. The chief executive of the Care Quality Commission, Ian Trenholm, has questioned the value it would bring. In an interview with the Health Service Journal he said, “If you look at the work we’re doing on patient safety, the work that HSIB [Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch] are doing on patient safety, and then we’ve got people within the NHS itself doing work on patient safety, I think there are enough people playing. The question is, are we all working together as effectively as we possibly could be? If another player helps that work [then] great, but I’m not sure that’s something that is necessary.”4

    Suicide rates continue to rise in England and Wales

    The Royal College of Psychiatrists has called for more research to understand why numbers of deaths by suicide in certain groups are increasing in England and Wales, after new figures showed a continuing rise last year.

    Simon Wessely Retweeted

    Professor Neil Greenberg

    This is a really useful, well constructed, review paper showing that asking about suicide or self harm does NOT make it more likely to happen. Useful findings for clinical practice & research. No need to be afraid to properly assess suicide/self harm risk.

    If they are interested ‘before’ a suicide why not take an interest ‘after’ a suicide

    They will ‘Swallow you Whole’ …

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