New Guide to Stopping Antidepressants

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March 19, 2014 | 8 Comments


  1. Very useful guide, but is there any advice for those such as me, that find themselves destabilised by the process and going back on original dose hasn’t helped. Psychiatrist says relapse adds more drugs – it’s a nightmare. Is it best to switch to a different ssri to try and stabilise or maybe a tricyclic?

    • Hannah sorry you are in this dreadful position.
      Whats being called a relapse is in reality wdl horror being unleashed no doubt because you tapered too fast. Basically the longer the time exposed to the drug the longer it will take to get off. The drug is extremely brain altering and potently addictive as such tapers of years in duration are needed in order to minimize the wdl symptoms which are beyond words to describe. I know of people in their 5th yr of tapering and they are using liquid in order to get exact amounts. I know of one who was on for 8 years and took 4 years to taper after 3 previous failed attempts.
      Switching rarely works its better to stay with the drug you are on don’t add more to the mix and taper slowly perhaps at 5% reduction of previous dose per month.
      Pharma indoctrinated Psychiatrists and doctors are completely clueless on what they are doing .

  2. If you are only just off the drug and all hell has broken out from a too fast taper ie faster than 10% reduction per month then the best thing is to perhaps work out where you would be if you had been doing the 10% taper and then go back on at that dose wait till you stabilize and then taper but taper very slowly.(no faster than 10 %reduction per montheven 5%) Having said that once the wdl nightmare bolts its difficult to reign it back in. On the other hand if you have been drug free for more than 6 months say it may be best to just press on drug free knowing that wdl can last for years and hopefully get more manageable in time as such concentrate on just surviving in the meantime.
    Definitely take strength from the fact its not you its the drug. Note ending the taper and ending wdl symptoms are not synonymous terms. Wdl can go on for many many months/ years after the taper has finished as the cns and brain have been seriously impaired.

  3. I have only just now after commenting, briefly read the ‘above guide to stopping ads’. Forgive me for not reading it first.

    I would like to make this comment:

    I see in there it is suggested tapering at 10% per WEEK I would like to push back against this and say yes this may be ok for short term users eg less than 2 years say.
    However the dependence and brain alteration appears to be more deepened imo with long term use, previous failed attempts to quit resulting in a reinstatement, and switching or poly-drugging.
    As such, a taper, and it is beyond the comprehension of patients and doctors, being no faster than 10 % per MONTH is a far better choice, imo. Even this does not guarantee symptom/horror free wdl. Wdl is often delayed and that is why it is also advisable to wait at least a month (even 2) between drops to at least check that the coast is clear before proceeding.
    The person I mentioned above who was on for 8 yrs tapered off over 4 years tapering at an average of 6% per month. That is what will be needed for millions of people now made drug addicts by stealth thanks to their family friendly doctor !

    What does this mean well it means that a person on 20mg will need to taper for at least 30 months. That’s right 2.5 years at least. It assumes you drop every month however one shouldn’t make the next drop unless stable and that may involve waiting several months for the brain to stabilize.
    This is what is happening, doctors think the taper off needed is of a 2 month duration (regardless of time on the drug) I know of some who think less. Wdl can be delayed sometimes for months , 3 months later say the patient is hit bam with wdl usually in the form of some kind of panic attack or uncontrollable tearfulness, psych distress they then present to doc to get answers and are incorrectly labelled and drugged, intelligence insulting words like ‘relapse’ or ones that start with ‘D’ are placed on them, or even worse words that rhyme with ‘my molar’ are vomited forth. They are then sent home via a very predictable train…the medicated train-wreck…. and the prison bars now thicken extensively !

    Thanks to pharma the word ‘addictive’ has been taken to a whole new galaxy.

    Hey Obama, ‘isn’t anyone coming to help us’ !

  4. Just wanted to clarify something ..the taper I talk of is 10% of the PEVIOUS DOSE per 1-2 months, next drop being made if and only if stable.

    The taper is not an arithmetic progression….and so the amount tapered each moth will change …which is why best to be using liquid.

  5. Been trying to change our Laws in regards to mandating that all pharmaceutical companies make the public aware of all their negative clinical data trials, not just the ones they want clinicians and consumers to know about. Have petitioned this and it has been successfully tabled. Response from Health Minister very poor/avoiding ‘heart of matters’. Washing their hands of any accountability. Policies/regulations are out-dated and need to evolve with concerns about ‘safety of medicines’ this present time and future.
    Europe have an all trials campaign which reflects what I am trying to achieve. Australia needs to ‘wake up’ and get involved. It is necessary and fundamental given that problems are occurring with ‘archaic’ policies’. This campaign is extremely important to me, for many reasons: 1) It has the potential to create everlasting changes which will benefit all

    2) It is ethically/morally the right thing to do

    3) People ‘matter’

    4) Why should pharmaceutical companies be above the Law?

    5) Safety reforms have to evolve to keep up with todays outdated policies

    6) How many people have to die or ‘dodge a bullet’ before any changes are made?
    As an individual who has been impacted by the adverse reaction of a medicine, I feel that if I was given all the information, my health would not be compromised today. This is why I believe it is important that all negative clinical data be published for all to see.
    Our health should not be left to ‘a game of chance’.
    Matters as important as this, should not have to be petitioned or left as some kind of ‘plea bargaining’ arrangement. In the whole scheme of life, ‘people matter’ and without all the information being disclosed, I would not want to imagine what it would be like to die or be maimed in ‘silence’, without any support or proper care.
    Every profession, I would like to believe, has a ‘moral compass’ or ‘ethical code’ they have to abide by. Without these ethical standards, people’s lives would be endlessly/relentlessly/unnecessarily be put at risk and there would be consequences/repercussions to ones ‘negligent’ actions/behaviour.
    Putting out all the negative clinical data, for all to see, should be a mandatory process which should be cemented in our Law. It should not even be considered a choice. Lack of information, can compromise one’s health and lead to so many deleterious consequences.
    Taking my medicines was no different to someone putting a revolver to my head. This is how it was for me and I would never want anyone to experience the horrible fate I had to endure. As gruesome and a demoralizing my experience was, the sad reality is that, my experience can happen to anyone.
    Many are lucky to be alive however, many are left with debilitating symptoms/disabilities. Many are dead and unfortunately are not here with us to tell their story.
    I do not consider my experience unique. There are many who suffer in silence and have no way to vent their feelings.
    The privilege and honour should be given to those who day in/day out, continuously fight for people like me. There are many people, and still counting that need to have their story told. Many are not as fortunate as I am. The people who have to take care of the ‘untold damage’ of what medicines induce, deserve a ‘badge of honour’. They are left with no comfort or reassurance of the damage that has been inflicted to their loved ones ~ many unnecessary tragedies that may I say, could have been prevented.
    I humbly ask, all delegates concerned, that you please reconsider your reforms before you close your doors to those who have suffered in the ‘name of science’. The current policies no longer serve humanity and there must be another positive way forward that benefits ‘all’.
    To better serve the people, we need to demonstrate compassion and an understanding in regards to the detrimental consequences of out dated policies that no longer serve.
    It may be too late for millions of people, including myself however, it is never too late for today’s generation.
    What impacts European Laws has a ‘ripple effect’ that infiltrates to other countries. There is no such thing as the term ‘ROBUST’ system/processes. Nothing is deemed ‘bullet proof’. There will always be fractures in a system.
    If Europe creates these positive changes, then hopefully other countries will take heed. We need to look out for one another. What benefits one country, should ‘benefit all’.
    As one compassionate person once told me: ‘When one brother bleeds, the rest of the brothers bleed not because they are fortunate to have not been wounded but because they stood back in silence and did nothing to prevent a problem from happening. The systems and process will never be pristine but if the fundamental Laws are put in place it may subconsciously prevent someone from causing harm to an innocent person.
    Furthermore, the long list of casualties will be reduced and the wounded left behind will no longer feel helpless about a dismal situation . When the positive, necessary changes take place, it will give those wounded a chance/glimmer of hope/ inspiration to contribute and feel empowered to change what seemed ‘dysfunctional’ to something that can illuminate fortitude, resiliency and conviction.
    ‘It will give others permission to shine their light on a situation that looked bleak, beyond any hope of victory’.
    When someone tells me that something is impossible, I silently dwell in the deep corridors of my mind and like a mantra repeat to myself, over and over again: ‘We can’t give up on fundamental rights’ that impacts all of humanity. We have to rise above adversity and do what is right, no matter where the journey takes us’.
    Good health should be a prerequisite . It is a basic Law of Human Rights.
    Good health is something that cannot be bought no matter how much money one has.
    ~ ‘Good health is the quintessence of life’ ~
    Submitted this to the European Medicines Agency and have been BLACKLISTED.

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