Olanzapine Withdrawal: Sally’s Story

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August 5, 2014 | 248 Comments


  1. A sad and troubling case to be sure. What seems less obvious is the role of a withdrawal syndrome in Sally’s symptoms.

    While exact dates are not given, apparently about 2 months elapse between the complete termination of olanzapine administration and the onset of symptoms. Its quite difficult to imagine exactly what the mechanism for such a delay would be given olanapine’s half life of 30 hours and the fact that the last dose was likely 2.5 mg or less.

    On the other hand, she developed symptoms such as difficulties in propioception and coordination; loss of balance; dsyphagia; urinary incontinence, tingling sensations; and speech, vision, and cogntive problems, all of which are common in stroke. She has atrial fibrillation, which is a huge risk factor for stroke, and has imaging evidence of having had strokes.

    It seems clear that her symptoms are related to stroke, and not a discontinuation syndrome. It’s possible that the stroke is somehow drug-related, but the case for this has not been made in the article. I found nothing in a search of pubmed tying olanzapine to stroke except for 2 case reports. A large case control study found a modest increase in stroke associated with antipsychotic use in the elderly, but only during the first month of use, not 2 months after stopping.

    Sally’s situation is deeply unfortunate. It might be related to olanzapine, though I don’t think an effective argument has been presented that it is. Its very difficult to see any connection of her current problems to anything that can meaningfully be called a withdrawal syndrome.

    • I have two options here – one is to delete everything by F98 who has never seen a problem on a drug caused by a drug or to post his comment and a brief response.

      It may be correct to say withdrawal syndrome is not quite the right word for what is reported by Sally – legacy effects may be a better word. The skin disturbances are ones several people I have seen have also reported – she sheds new light on these. The difficulty in losing weight will be sobering to the 80% of people who take olanzapine who gain massive amounts of weight.

      Its highly likely the stroke caused some problems – but we’ve no idea when this happened. The hyperacusis, temperature dysregulation and other problems have all been reported from the 1960s onwards.

      Its widely accepted by clinicians that olanzapine, clozapine and quetiapine all come with marked dependence and withdrawal problems. Acknowledging these would seem a better way to build a better antipsychotic – find out what factor it is that leads to dependence and eliminate it.

      Beyond this, it should not be surprising that giving a poison for years should lead to problems. Is this prejudicial to say? There is no other time we pump our bodies as full of chemicals as when we take pills. The art of medicine lies in using poisons to bring about good but we should not be surprised when poisons poison, and doctors are going to commit professional suicide if they don’t alert patients to this risk. Having poisoned someone its also professional and scientific suicide not to work with them in order to map out just what has happened and learn as much as can be learnt.

      • Hello

        I am writing because I have been on olanzapine for 12 months now. I am in the process of tapering off. Which is easier said than done. I am afraid of this drug and the ravage it has caused. I am also afraid of the brain damage it has caused. My doctors says that there is no such thing but I am not sure they know what serious drug this is.

        My question is how can I get off this drug without experiencing the awful withdrawal side effects and should I be concerned about brain damage. I am tapering really really slowly off them

        Best regards

        • Note for anyone who may be trying to wean off of olanzapine/Zyprexa, based on patient forum comments and my own experiences with the medication: (with your psychiatrist’s approval and guidance)

          Cut the tablets into smaller and smaller fractions and gradually taper off the drug over several days/weeks/whatever it takes; and taking a tablet of ibuprofen every four-six hours when stopping the medication may also help with withdrawal symptoms from the olanzapine/Zyprexa, because ibuprofen’s anti-inflammatory and pain relief functions are also due to it preventing the breakdown of our natural cannabinoids, however ibuprofen doesn’t cause psychiatric affects or withdrawal symptoms, so it must not be affecting the cannabinoids in quite the same way as olanzapine/Zyprexa.

          Olanzapine prevents the breakdown of one of our body’s natural cannabinoids — one that naturally only increases in dead brains. I was only on the medication for a short while but feel that it has caused permanent changes in my brain and gastrointestinal system. My blog posts are somewhat messy but may provide more information than you might find elsewhere. The withdrawal can be intense and scary but I did find consistent use of ibuprofen helpful when I withdrew from my medical marijuana recently. The olanzapine left me with more severe withdrawal symptoms from that too. I still have four bottles of olanzapine but I don’t plan to take it for any reason after finding out more about its effects and risks — suicide and homicide during withdrawal, not just the diabetes and excess weight gain due to edema and the “munchies.”

          It may be overactivating our body’s natural post-death decomposition pathways. The cannabinoid that it prevents from being broken down activates a group of less typical cannabinoid receptors compared to the more common brain type 1 cannabinoid receptors.

          Good luck, stay safe, and I hope you have a trusted friend for emotional support during the withdrawal phase. Withdrawal at 18 hours to 4 days gets through the worst of the psychological symptoms – for me at least, and taking ibuprofen, one capsule every 4 hours helped with the withdrawal from medical marijuana, but I hadn’t known about that when I was weaning off olanzapine. Cutting the tablets into tinier and tinier pieces helped reduce the suicidal thoughts when I last weaned off olanzapine. At this point I am not sure that I’m going to try the medical marijuana again because the suicidal withdrawal symptoms are so severe.

          More information is included a series of posts on my website, apologies for the disorganization, the site is a collection of my notes, learn as I go style: http://transcendingsquare.com/2016/03/31/ibuprofen-may-reduce-pain-and-inflammation-due-to-it-helping-prevent-breakdown-of-cannabinoids-within-the-body/

          /Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes./

          • Hi Jennifer

            Thanks for the reply. I have a pill cutter at home so i Am doing it very slowly. Actually as slow as it comes but I can still feel the withdrawal effects even when I am doing it so slow. This is a very dangerous drug and becoming free off its chains are very hard.

            I still fear its brain damaging effects even though I am on a very little dose. My pdoc has ensured me there is nothing to be worried about. But I am the who is taking the pill and not him.

            Currently I am on a dose called 4 mg

            Best regards

          • Hi Jennifer
            Thank you so much for taking the time to write your post on this. I was searching for something to explain the physical effects I am feeling and I now know that I have to come off the Olanzapine really slowly, even though I’ve only been on them a month. I was diagnosed with Bipolar over 10 years ago now and still learning new things about the illness, and the horrible meds that I have to take in order to try and live a normal life.

          • Thank you so much for this valuable information. I’ve only been on Olanthapine 2 weeks and I feel like I’m close to death. So weak. I was taking s Seroquel generic for night terrors and insomnia. If I didn’t fall asleep within 30 minutes, I would get really bad RLS and my nasal passages would swell shut. I would be awake, trying to battle or reduce the effects, for 5-6 hours.
            My attempts to stop the night terrors are causing worse conditions, IMO.
            I feel like giving up all meds related to my night terrors and just learn to live with them. These side-effects are too much for me.
            My Doctor told me to take Melatonin for insomnia. I’m using 10mg time-release. It seems to be working well.

          • My son has been on them 3 months at 20mg night and 5mg day 5mg was stopped as he complained of all symptoms of hungry weight gain sleeplessness anxiety thirst etc he got to 15mg was to go down to 10mg but he decided to stop taking them he has been 10 days without has done some weight exercise and lost weight then got scared of eating to put weight on and has now developed sweating but not being tacky jaw problems restress sleepy and got a cold like sniffle I’m keeping an eye on him for any further symptoms I’m hoping that he won’t go back to suicidal thoughts as he is smoking marijuana .

        • Taper slowly and it will lessen the shock when you totally quit. I took Zyprexa for six years. At year four the side effects started. I did not realize it was Zyprexa causing my seizures. My doctor suggested I double the dose! I refused and did some research on my own! I tried to quit cold turkey and became psychotic. I was having seizures and psychotic for an entire year tapering off Zyprexa. The makers of Zyprexa have been sued for Zyprexa so many times they can no longer be sued for the poison they create. They still mix the deadly drug into other drugs and call it different things like Symbyax (Prozac and Zyprexa). It is still very destructive even in that form. Its been well over a year completely off the drug and I still feel very shaken from the drug. Good luck.

        • Cenig – did you get off zyprexa? How did you taper and what’s were your side effects? Starting dose etc

      • I don’t think anything Formerly 28 said was wrong. To be honest DH, I think his analysis of the situation is fair. He was weighing the pros and cons. You cannot have a black and white view of antipsychotics, and formerly was outlining what he thinks. It is not fair to try and monopolise the situation. We have to see both sides of the argument and not just that anti-psychotics are bad. Problems arise when people start blaming each other.

      • Hello DH
        I totally agree F98 is just a cover up. There is plenty of evidence which drug companies have tried to hide about all the effects Sally is experience. MRI shows holes in the brain – for goodness sake what more evidence do we need!!
        What is needed is to sue these ruthless people for the damage they have done in people’s lives. Read ‘Mad In America’ – its the history of Olanzapine, and Psychiatric process / history right from the beginning. And it is horrific. People are dying from the drug, many by suicide!! You can get the above book on Audio, download it to a flash drive and listen while commuting in your car . . .
        Anyway are you sure by the way that you meant to say the following?
        “Having poisoned someone its also professional and scientific suicide not to work with them in order to map out just what has happened ”
        Surely you mean ‘to work with’ not ‘NOT to work’?
        Blessings and God save us all from the greedy drug barons!

        • Hear, hear to this. CYA and profit is what motivates the MD’s and the companies that sponsor them. Mistake of my lifetime was ever associating with “Doctors of Psychiatry,” and their historical reputations precede them, and their “Catch-22” logic. I’ll state most uncategorically that the Internet is basically “controlled” by the big monied interests of such individuals, there is little where one can find commiseration for the havoc and damage caused by their prescriptions.

          • I have a son and the government is in on this a mental hygiene put him in a hospital and made him take medicine this medicine and he’s not been the same since
            God help us all

      • A horrible drug, take it off the market. It is not working, and a cause of neurology damage to my son.

      • “a better way to build a better antipsychotic – find out what factor it is that leads to dependence and eliminate it”
        As far as I understand many of the lasting effects of such drugs are linked to the destruction of the balance of dopaminergic system that can be largely irreversible. If that is the case the very “antipsychotic” (which in fact is just mostly sedating) action of the drug is the same modality that causes the damage. If that’s the case there’s no way to decouple the two.

      • As someone who was given Olanzapine, to help with the insomnia (and numerous side effects) of trying to withdrawal from Klonopin, I can attest to the horrendous side effects of both of these poisons!!!
        I was only on a small dose of zyprexa:1/2 tab of 2.5 mg. I was worried about cutting down, but thought it wouldn’t be so bad, since I was on such a low dose. I gained 30# in just a few months. My face looks like a mask. I’m tired all the time, but sleep terrible, and have awful, vivid nightmares.
        As I cut down, to an 1/8 of a tab, I had trouble walking, thinking; I feel like my head is going to explode! My sleep is worse. I feel so ill!
        I was already going through all this from the Klonopin!
        I don’t know how long it will take to taper these, but I know they should be illegal to prescribe!
        I believe that all of Sally’s problems are a result of discontinuing the zyprexa!!!

        • how long where you on zyprexa? why didn”t you go back on klonopin and wean off? I am in the same situation.

          • In The hope this helps you I was given Olanzapine in 2006 after the death of my mum and sleep issues. They told me it would solve the long-standing insomnia. It was only a small dose of 2.5 mgs but in six months I had gained 50lbs and was pre diabetic. I took it for 10 years and was told I had to get off it by a hospital consultant. It took me four months of chipping away at the tablet but by not. Side effects were shocking. Dizzy. Sick. Sweating. Shaking. But I stick with it. I’m glad I did as it is an evil drug. It is now 4 years since I came off it. My health is not great and I have dreadful temperature regulation issues particularly at night. I’ve never really felt well since weaning myself off it but I would never ever take it again. A dreadful highly addictive drug that as far as I am concerned has ruined my life. Stick with it to get off it. It’s hard but you will be better not putting that poison in your system. I wish you luck. Take good care and be kind to yourself.

      • I cannot believe there is a doctor alive that admits doctors are poisoning us and killing us! They will answer to a higher power one day! What is school teaching doctors, let me tell you control, communism, the world wants everyone on illegal or prescption drugs to destroy our thinking and minds and be on government assistance!!! So much I could say!! I got off after 17 yrs and almost died. Doctors would not admit it was olanzapine.i will tell the facts as I lived it!!! Thank you Dr Healy for standing up and being a good doctor with morals and ethics!!!

        • Sorry to hear you had a difficult time. However, doctors don’t intentionally cause anyone any harm. All medical treatments involve a risk. That’s life. Besides that, your lived experience is subjective and doesn’t tell you much about the effects of the drug. For this, you need extensive medical trials. Doctors are aware of the latest medical evidence and prescribe accordingly. For better awareness, read a psychiatric journal. I am a neuropsychology MSc Grad with 6 years experience of taking olanzapine.

          • Lived experience does tell a lot more about olanzapine than Lilly’s trials of this drug which are worthless and appear aimed at hiding rather than revealing the effects of the drug


        • same here but i caught it in time 2.5 mg. a day only took 2 went off and of course has side effects. not good enough to work with them and ward them off. i can see long term will kill. i was fortuate to realize. im awhere of meds. i dont trust any of them. i wrote a text to so called practishers nurs physe. not even a dr. what are u trying to do kill me. of course no answer. ive had too much experience with physe. in the past. i really feel for people that have to listen to them. and abide by there rules. power goes to their heads moreso than other doctors. your truly Reahana

      • I have a similar story to Sally’s not as severe as hers I guess but my speech and my memory and my balance my personality is not what it is supposed to be, hot flashes they come every time I have to pee or I get stressed out and they’re so severe they literally take my joy away I can feel it taking my joy away I took cypressa for a short while but long enough for it to take hold in my system and they stopped it suddenly and everything is gotten worse since with no signs of getting better.
        Not that this is a traditional fix to anything and I don’t care who judge me for it it’s all science to me and it’s a way to keep myself upright alive and normal my fix all because I had nothing else to help it was cocaine and it’s working I’m calm focused normal amount of human energy able to sleep at night able to eat no backlash of personality explosions of temper or anything like that and it calms down the majority of my symptoms but who’s going to care about that because it’s illegal as far as I’m concerned it’s a natural plant comes from a natural plant and it’s working Adderall doesn’t work I’ve taken 50 mg of Adderall didn’t do anything with L dopa-mucana didn’t do anything so what am I supposed to do how do I get the doctors to care about my dopamine depletion and my dopamine not working properly because of the zyprexa?

    • How sad that _98 seems unable to ‘catalog’ the subjectively similar experiences of millions, to fit his own.

      Perhaps some reading in the realm of pharmacogenetics would avail much; some empathy first of all, broaden intellectual horizons ….

    • Sally’s story is absolutely due to olanzapine withdrawl. Doctors are so ignorant as to the withdrawl effects and long term use. These drugs kill and destroy your life. Lily pharmaseticals made these drugs to where they are almost impossible to get off o and they know it. They will be held accountable by our living god one day!!! I became seriously ill after withdrawl and have been seriously ill for 6 months now!!! They destroy your life. These drugs should never be adminetered by physicians except in cases where the patient has no quality of life to begin with. I have a phd license as a lifetime guinea pig. Do not use them doctors do not know what they are doing to us. I will voice myself when I get well make no mistake!!! Watch out lily phar!!!!

      • Yes. Where do I start, I am a Psychologist. I quit anti-psychotics myself, after 19 years. in 2016. Took me 14 months to normalize, and I lost someone dear to me in the process. LO! She came back to me last April!! Alot was worked out. WELL… admit major family problems, she admitted to me she was on several drugs (Frankly a bad diagnosis of Atypical Schizophrenia when she was a young teen, she is 27 now). She wanted to stick by me, and I was going to help her ween off them. Well, her estranged father came back into her life after many years of no contact. He convinced her to move back to her home state with him, and stop taking the pills RIGHT NOW. He sent a truck up for her to move, and she just left. There are alot of family issues I’ll leave out. Her last words to me, as of june 11th. ” I don’t have constant emotions. I can’t love you.” She went on to tell me how much she wanted it to work with me. But, I wasn’t able get a word in edge wise…. Her home life was crap. But, we feel her father got in her head, its what he does… he is Paranoid. Her social media went down, and she just vanished. Even her close friends have not heard from her since early summer. AND, she has just vanished!! We think, her father, used her single greatest fear, she will never be normal and her brain is broken. She kept stressing to me, “IM BROKEN.” Normally, this is the not you, its me break up saga. No, this was Discontinuation Sickness. She her self said, ” I had no idea what I was getting into, I’m sorry.” I was going to move down there with her- that was the plan. I have no way of telling her, I WILL BE HERE when this is over. I am professionally able and personally able to help her. I know her father, isn’t innocent in this… and it was a game. Meanwhile, her parents up here cut off her cell out of spite she left. I lost her twice because of Anti-psychotics… I was on Paxil. Her very last words… ” If, I come back to you, then I do, but don’t wait for me.” That was her not being mean, just giving up. She came back after two years…. Its ten times worse for me, having been where she is myself, and knowing the therapy she needs and probably being brainwashed by her father. He was a Behavioral Scientist for NASA, personally I think he is Psychopath.. but that’s another story. She expected the withdraw to be just like getting off painkillers. NOPE. She is stronger then she gives her self credit for, but, I knew what I was doing and had access to things to lessen the effects of withdrawal. She doesn’t. IN my heart, I know eventually she will show up on my porch, only because her father will have grown tired of her and threw her away. Yes…. I’d take her back too. 🙁

      • How long did it take for withdrawals to stop? I read that it takes 10.25 months. I am on espiride to assist with the symptoms. Did you take anything? Apparently there is a timeline for withdrawals. Do you know where I can get this?

    • It’s like reading my own mind reading Sally’s letter. I came off olanzapine cold Turkey I expected the usual withdrawls but now I have everything Sally described and losing weight at an abnormal rate. Stats and bloods normal I’m eating and going toilet ok but weight still falling off. Any explanation will be gratefully received.

    • Bullshit I was on zyprexa for over 10 years 15ml and its been 9 months and I’m sick with many symptoms of withdrawal from this disgusting drug nobody understands except for the poor people going through it doctors don’t have a clue what harm there doing to us the drug companies are to ignorant to listen because of profit over wellbeing it’s pathetic I just want to be well but the symptoms won’t subside you think you’re getting better then bang you’re knocked on you’re arse again I wish I never touched this horrible drug🤔

      • I’m in the process of weaning my adult quad son (46) off Olanzapine 10mg. He’s been on it for 23 years for bi-polar. We’ve tried a couple times in the past and the withdrawals were too horrible, so he went back on it. He really wanted to get off of it finally, so I did more research and learned that taking high-dose Omega 3 (Barlean’s Fish Oil) helps the brain adjust to the withdrawals. He cut down as follows 2 weeks on 2/3 pill, 4 weeks on 1/2 pill, and 4 weeks on 1/3 pill. When he got to 1/3 pill, he said that he felt like his old self again. Been off of it now for 2 days (3/8/23). No problems. Feels great, sleeping normal, continuing to take the Fish OIl daily. Our plan is to keep taking the fish oil and 1200mg NAC daily. Been taking NAC about 6 months before trying to get off the Olanzapine. If he begins to get withdrawal symptoms, our plan is to give him Methylene Blue 1%. Each drop is 0.5mg, so he’ll start out with 10 drops for one week, then add more as recommended in the book “The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue” by Mark Sloan. MB has been shown to help with this as it balances the seratonin in the brain. Check it out. Will update later.

        • Lori

          This is very interesting. Methylene Blue is the molecule from which chlopromazine and other antipsychotics come – so it might be a good way to manage withdrawal


    • F98’s lack of understanding of olanzapine’s addictiveness is demonstrated by a fundamental error in F98’s analysis. F98 questions whether Sally’s symptoms are attributable to withdrawal because the half-life of Olanzapine is 30 hours, while many of Sally’s symptoms did not arise for weeks. This is the same rookie error made by my psych when advising me (incompetently) about how to get off olanzapine. Serious withdrawal symptoms can arise long, long after an addictive drug is discontinued, and long, long after the drug has disappeared from the addict’s body. This is because the regular use of the drug may have caused long-lasting changes to the body’s biochemistry and regulatory systems. These changes do not just spring back to normal functioning once the drug is no longer in the blood stream. These changes are adaptations that the body has made to the regular provision of the drug. Many will persist (and manifest as withdrawal symptoms) long after the drug is discontinued. This is obviously the case with the more familiar examples of nicotine withdrawal and heroin addictions. In my direct experience, olanzapine is poison and should be avoided at all costs. In my view, it should only be permitted to be prescribed by a doctor who has used it for at least 6 months, and then ceased using it, with no tapering. The same rule should be applied to F98 if F98 is to be taken seriously on this issue.

    • I Only Suffered Withdrawal Symptoms For Approximately 2 Weeks (14 Days) After I Discontinued Using 20 mg Per Day For Over 1 Year.
      My Medication Schedule Was: 10mg Olanzapine Twice Daily.
      10mg In The A.M And 10mg In The P.M (Before Bed).
      Olanzapine (Zyprexa) Withdrawal Symptoms Started Approximately 48hours (2 Days)to
      72hours (3Days) After I Discontinued Using Olanzapine (Zyprexa).

    • Can any professional here explain why such big doses of antipsychotics and a decade running them just ,for gods sake just for depression??
      and tnis patient went along with a psychiatrist that doesnt even know what he is doing?
      I was born with aspergers then GAD and then followed many horrible episodes of dysporic mania type 1 which was so freightening i moved to suicidal ideation. The options were clear , meds or a bullet. My doctor brilliantly managed to stabilise me in 9 hard torturing months until we found the best meds for me.medium doses of tegretol and 5mg olanzapine which is about to stop shortly.. and not to mention my ocd and schizoid personality disorder. Guys i was a mess ,i still am but i saw 75% improvements in my life so far.
      And personally i think 20mg antipsychotics for depression is a joke

    • I was wondering if it was this drug called zyprexa and another person just explained their story about what it is doing to them. And they are really reading my mind about this stuff. Please help me get off this stuff, olazipine. Help me. Thanks for explaining what it done to you because it’s doing the same thing to me
      Sencerly Clinton Patrick.

  2. Dr Healy – I believe your decision not to remove Formerly_98 is wise. We only get better by having healthy debates and Formerly definitely seems to represent a viewpoint that those who suffer withdrawal have to contend with.

    Of course, this is assuming that Formerly_98’s comments remain constructive and do not sink to ad hominin attacks or baseless criticisms.

    • I think Formerly_98 should take Zyprexa every day for about 5 years and then make him quit cold turkey. Only then will he be able to honestly respond to the problems this poison causes.

  3. David, my intention here was to discuss the issues in a mutually respectful way and see what we could both learn.

    I recognize that this is your website and if my presence has become an annoyance, I will not trouble you with further posts. F98

    • John
      This is not my website – lots of people have input to it. Close to nothing is censored. But i personally have a sense of dismay when I see something from you appear. I thought your contribution on PSSD was highly destructive, and disingenuous as are a number of your comments. Your characterization of Audrey Bahrick’s input on the PSSD was snide in the extreme. Your efforts to edit the Wikipedia page about me were wild. There has been no hint as far as I can see that you are interested in a conversation.

      • I agree that our views are about as different as can be imagined. But I don’t think I’ve been snide or disingeouous.

        I disagree with your beliefs (many of them at least), and many of your actions, but believe your intentions are quite good. From my pov, that makes us opponents but not enemies.

        As your opinion of me is not as favorable as this and I have no desire to distress or annoy you, I will cease to post here.

        I appreciate and respect that you posted my comments in spite of your personal feelings. With your permission I may occassionally post a commentin response to future articles commenting on my actions.

  4. It was interesting for me to read Sally’s story , I can relate to many of her symptoms as I have suffered very badly since stopping Seroxat. In particular was the problem with her balance. The same thing happened to me after stopping Seroxat which I had taken for 8 years. Mine was not a spinning vertigo thing it was rocking, bobbing, a feeling of constant movement even when I was still or even seated, worse on turning my head, sometimes i feel like I have slipped on ice or something slippy on the floor but it is just a sensation.It was and still is very debilitating and It started after stopping the drug, I also had many other symptoms but this is one which has lingered.

    • Psychotropic drugs are mind, body and spirit altering poisons. They are spell binding and brain damaging. They are prescribed by doctors who often do not know these drugs and the harm they can cause when taken long term. Many people are prescribed many drugs at the same time in large doses They inevitably cause more harm than good and to withdraw can be a nightmare for many. However the worst aspect of these drugs is that they are forced on many vulnerable people in real distress or people who do not conform easily – that they are prescribed for very young children, pregnant mothers and old people and that many people lose their lives because of the over prescribing of prescription drugs. We deserve to know the truth about our prescription drugs!

      • Came of olanzapeine few months ago after two years thought everything was fine but now all symptoms are coming back again anxiety depression voices and am afraid I will have to start taking again already falling out with friends family any advice

        • Did you come off olanzapine slowly? If you didn’t then you need to take a slightly smaller dose than the one you used to take and then, very slowly, reduce the dose after every 2 – 4 weeks, this will take a few weeks/months. Eventually, when you are down to a tiny dose, cut up the tablets and just take one piece daily. I am coming off olanzapine and that is the stage I am at now. If you need it, you can get it in a fluid form so that you can take a micro dose. Also, there is a lot of of information about stopping olanzapine on the internet. Hope this helps.

          • Eddie,
            Feels great to read something positive here! My mother is in oleanz 2.5 for almost 15 years now, the drug really helped us a lot in survival and we take Homoeopathy help as and when required. She is fine but as she tries to stop taking the pill at night, she becomes hyper sensitive and reacts badly to any small situation,her blood pressure also rises! And so we start taking the pill again!
            Now , your suggestion sounds good to take pill in fractions! Can you please guide me how to reduce and wean off gradually?! I’d take help if Homoeopathy and Bach flower remedies as well as Ayurvedic medicine and I’d strongly recommend it to others trying to wean off the drug! Please try the other holistic approaches and I’m sure you’ll make it!! ❤️

      • I am scared to death. I have tried to stop using zyprexa and find all these withdrawal symptoms to be the case. I am so sorry my “Dr” put me on this stuff. I am ruined. My life is ruined and I can’t have a normal life now…I am trying to cut the pills into smaller doses…Why why why do Dr’s prescribe this poison? I wish I could sue them. My life is ruined…I know you won’t post this but I am going through withdrawal right now and don’t want to live like this…

        • Hi Jeannine,
          Ive been sectioned 5 times, the last 3 times Olazapine has been perscribed. Lord knows how much i was on in hospital, once out i was on 20mg. If i recall rightly i was on 20mg for a year before i insisted on reducing the dose. it took me a total of about 18 months before i was off it. 20, down to 15 for 3 months, 10 for 3 months, 7.5 for 3 months, 5 for 3 months, 2.5 for 3 months…then as little as i could cut up. After that there have been times when i have resorted to taking 2.5 mg for a couple of days maybe once a month if i am feeling agitated.
          I have always been goal focused on getting of the medication, accepted that there would be ups and downs but i would get there in the end. Slow and steady. Doctors were dead against it of course, nay saying, trying to convince me i would need to be in hospital or i risked killing myself etc.
          Stay positive, take your time, expect to feel a little rough after each drop. Have someone you can talk to about it other than the Dr, who is supportive of your goals. Plenty of exercise and relaxation.
          You can do this, take your time. I think it is reasonable to assume the longer you have been taking the medication then the slower you will need to take over coming off it.
          I do worry about my mental health when i am not taking it, all the worrying comments from Doctors take effect and i dont want to be sectioned again. But, i would rather live with that risk, have a stash of tablets around as a comfort blanket or for an emergency (i hope my mind allows me the chance).

    • OMG
      I had the same symptom
      I cold tureky seroxate after two years
      And suddenly suffered of massive vertigo attack that i had to be admitted
      Even i had diagnosed with vestibular neuritis after two monthi had another attack that kept me 24/7 rocking
      How are you feeling now
      I am putting back to seroxate so that i tapper it slowly still though i dont feel a difference in my symptoms

    • Ruth, I had to give up Seroxat during pregnancy I had the terrible problems with balance and moving my head. My doctor told me there was nothing he could do. That was 20 years ago! To make matters worse he put me back on them after birth. I really want to get off them now, but im afraid…

  5. When I came off seroxat it was 6 weeks before I had withdrawal, I thought I would have come off this years ago if I had known it would be so easy, then it hit me all the withdrawal symptoms and 7.5 years on and I am still having a lot of these problems.

  6. my name is diarmuid considine. i live in cork.ireland.
    since 1976 i have been on a regime of drugs that would kill ten elephants.
    since 1999 i have been mostly black depressed.a 1000 miles below hell.
    my doctors keep giving me the same drugs-they are all the same.
    at present i am suffering from all the side-effects pinpointed by so many people:foul stomach.lethargy.no libido,cant write although i am a really good poet,can barely tie my buttons.
    my self-esteem is so low i can barely walk into a shop.
    where once my house was like a bus station no one calls.i find it impossible to cook ,clean or maintain my house or my person. my whole body aches. i have become dyslexic-who was once an english teacher. i have been in situations where i have been violent-verbally and physically to people i know,love and respect. i never remember these.i get told about them afterwards.

    i have been sectioned circa 40 times. drugs,drugs,drugs and more drugs.the psychiatrists and the doctors only know what the pharmaceutical reps tell um.recently i told dr.corcoran,the psychiatrist the following side-effects:sweating,loss of eyesight.nose dripping,pain in neck and shoulders,stomach bloated and severe wind pain,kidney problems,tingling on my hands and feet,bleeding through the anus,stress, nervousness,shakes and a tic in my face.

    it is horrible that they do not know what they are doing. what is a thousand times worse is thaT they do not CARE.

    I WAS INVOLVED IN A CAR-CRASH IN 1073. severe anaesthetics and 6 months of morphine later i was discharged cold turkey.the man who performed HEROIC SURGERY on my ankle,kal condon.did not seem to realise i was up on top of my leg. he got his name in the medical history books. ive had to suffer his heroic butchery ever since.

    the way i see things:the people who should care for us:the doctors, the psychiatrists,the social workers.the governments etc are only interested in saving their own skins and serving masters who allow them to be pipsqueaks.

    • I am so sorry for all the pain you have gone through Diarmuid. My daughter had a breakdown 2 yrs ago an d I am trying to help her get off Olanzapine and Venlafaxine padt year but her anger and random violent outbursts are hard to cope with. I am determined to keep trying other routes like counselling and b vits etc for anxiety. She hasnt a single friend as the bitches she had in her past couldnt bother to care so she is isolated with me her mother most of the time. We are ok sometimes but its heartbreaking. I feel psychiatric staff should give their drugs a try and see how they like the side effects.
      Hope you can find some peace in your life…take care

  7. Hi,

    Has anyone here withdrawn from Zyprexa successfully? I am off it for 5 months now (after 6 years of taking it) and i have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.I am experiencing burning and numbness in my feet,and hands especially at night.I am struggling to understand if Zyprexa withdrawal could cause my neuropathy? I see no other reason why I am experiencing this…is anybody experiencing peripheral neuropathy from Zyprexa withdrawal as well? Please respond and please help,I am desperate!!! Many thanks

    • Hey aura,

      I have actually been off zyprexa for 6 months now so I figured I would share.

      First off, to the person telling the story, I am sorry for everything that happened to you, I am glad you are doing better and I am sure you will continue to improve. However, I am wondering why you were put on the highest dose possible of zyprexa (20mg) for 9 years. Standard in the US is to start on 5mg, they even have 2.5mg doses. But anyway, I digress.

      Aura, I have gotten on/off zyprexa twice. I was on for 4 years then got off for about 1.5 yrs. Then I got on for 15 months and I have been off 6 months now. I never had peripheral neuropathy, but interestingly enough, I looked it up, and I had my vitamins checked after. And I was low in magnesium, vitamin E, and thiamin (vitamin b1). I was experiencing fatigue and after getting on those vitamins I felt much better. So before you assume it is diabetes or some other neuropathy, it could not hurt getting your vitamins checked.

      Also, for the other questions. I took standard 5 mg doses, and I never had any trouble tapering off Zyprexa. Now other medicines, I had much more trouble tapering off SSRI’s and Benzo’s to be honest lifetime wise. Those are extremely difficult to get off of, I am unsure why doctors are not more aware. Right now I do still take SSRI’s though, but I have gotton off them successfully in the past, just took a while.

      Anyway I hope I helped a bit, still speak with your doctor.

      Take Care!!

      • Hi Lucas

        Thanks for sharing your experience: to answer your question why I was plonked on top dose olanzapine/Zyprexa (20mg) from the get-go – I don’t really know, except that in 2001, I think no one thought about doses properly – other than very crude associations. The worse the behaviour/suicidality/self harm: the more drug you needed. Understanding that lower doses might be as effective in reducing difficult behaviour was a long way off the mainstream. I believed that as well – I thought that if I felt that bad, only a big dose would help. I’m not sure what current practice is here, in the UK? Maybe someone who has taken it more recently could answer that. And, your problems getting off the SSRIs et al and benzos being worse for you, confirms my belief that everyone reacts so differently. I had few difficulties going cold turkey from Effexor/venlafaxine in 2003 (extremely unwisely, and nothing I would do now, or ever recommend, but ignorance is bliss). A couple of weeks feeling grim. I hadn’t been on it all that long, (2 years) although was taking a big dose (450mg). My experience stands in stark contrast to many others – who have the most excruciating problems with venlafaxine. And I have a friend who took temazepam for 25 years, 20mg, then decided to stop. She had no physical symptoms at all – difficult for me to comprehend given the extreme withdrawal I went through when I stopped diazepam. I guess the wide spectrum of reactions in withdrawal is one of the huge hurdles in getting a withdrawal syndrome recognised?

    • I have been weaning off olanzapine for 12 months and have discovered taking magnesium400 mcg everyother day makes it go away

        • I also have found magnesium helpful — in the form of magnesium baths though. Magnesium deficiency causes an increase in Substance P which leads to inflammation and possibly neuropathy.

          Excerpt from the following linked post:
          Epsom salt baths can be a well absorbed source of magnesium because skin absorption will bypass a problem of poor intestinal absorption of magnesium. Calcium tends to be preferentially absorbed by the intestines, especially when there is an imbalance in vitamin and hormone D levels and poor intestinal absorption of magnesium over time can easily lead to symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency are usually labeled something else by the medical profession because the problem is not obvious on lab tests until it is quite severe because the body takes more magnesium from the bones as needed up until the point where osteoporosis is severe enough to cause a shortage of stored magnesium.

          Soaking in a bathtub for twenty minutes that has one cup of Epsom salt to a half full bathtub, and one teaspoon of a cooking vinegar such as apple cider vinegar to balance the alkalinity of the Epsom salt, can be a cure for a bad mood as well as various achy muscle cramps if magnesium deficiency is an underlying problem. Negative symptoms can occur if you stay in the bath too long. Excess magnesium absorption can cause loose watery stools for an entire day, not just once. Falling asleep in the bath can also lead to more life threatening symptoms of a weak, and fluttery heart rate, or even lead to coma and/or death — so twenty minutes to forty minutes is probably safe for a deficient person while someone who isn’t deficient might notice a weak slowing heart rate sooner than the twenty minute average that a person deficient in magnesium might find only as calming and soothing to their mood and muscles. A person who was deficient but who then started taking the baths regularly might start noticing the weak heart rate sooner — get out of the tub then, even if its not been twenty minutes — shower and rinse time. Research on the therapeutic use of Epsom salt baths recommended one cup Epsom salt to the half full/full bath and use up to three to four times per week, but not daily.

          /Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use. While I am a Registered Dietitian this information is not intended to provide individual health guidance. Please see a health professional for individual health care purposes./



      • I would like to contribute my experience with Olanzapine. I’ve been taking 2.5 mg at night along with Venlafaxine for a number of years. I voluntarily have reduced my dosage to half this and already am experiencing awful withdrawal symptoms – prickling
        in the face, hands and feet, a terrible headache, irritability and anxiety of a degree I’ve never known! And this is only my third day . . .im tempted to cut it to 1.75 mg for a week or so to lessen the effects of withdrawal . . My doctor is not much use; he seems apathetic to whether I withdraw or not. thankfully I’ve lost a couple of kilos already even though I’m only a little overweight. Some of the comments have been really helpful and I’ll definitely look at megnesium supplement.

      • Hi Grace –

        Can you share your whole story. What was your original dose amount, for how long on it, how did you taper and what’s were withdrawals affects like. How are you doing now? Are you sleeping?

    • yes aura, i was on olanzapine for about 7 years and had those burning feet i could barely walk.i know you left that post two years ago but i feel i had to reply. my sore burning feet have now gone. i had so many withdrawals and lived in terror and fear and panic, all i wanted to do was die. thats what i felt like after i stopped the olazapine. it was the burning feet and a lot of other problems of the physical kind that made me stop taking those evil pills.
      i have just finished a two year cut down and im only about 10 days free of the drugs. i did it so slow. i swapped from olanzapine to quetiapine as quetiapine work on less receptors. olanzapine work on 17 and quetiapine work on 7. so i had terrible with drawels all along after my switch.i only went on 100mg of quetiapine after 10m mg of olanzapine for a number of years then 5 mg. of olanzapine. the reason i went on such a low dose was because i did not want to get a lot of side effects and also just to helpn with the with drawel from olanzapine. it has been absolutely horrendous. they say that when you stop the drugs that the withdrawel agony is your ill ness coming back. i can assure you i never felt this bad when i was ill. coming of that quetiapine and olanzapine has been the harderst thing i have ever done in my life. the withdrawel is worse than any metal illness i ever had. but its all gone now. so i thought they said it was my illness coming back. they dont know what they are doing and they dont care either. the pharmaceutical companies give the doctors money for every scrip of that comapys drugs. so they are doing it for money. they have absolutely no idea of the evil and pain they are causeing. i remember my boy friends mother. she had alzeimers and she got put on quetiapine for it. and although it did seem to settle her down. she said to me one day. i have a fear in me and thats something i’v never had before. those were her words. ;and i can relate to that fear she is talking about. she is dead now. and im glad as she was suffering so much.i hope you managed to stay of the olanzapine and if you do get this post please drop me an email as i’d love to know how you are getting on. all the very best.grace?

      • I hope the symptoms are better now .. Please reply back .. I was on 5 mg per day for the last 2 years .. then 10 mg per day .. since few months and I want to get off this drug . please advice

      • I went cold turkey about a week ago I was on 15mg olanzapine I’ve been felling unwell last 2 days I have not slept for couple day now either and I’m afraid now after reading these comments that I might have made a poor decision. What should be my next move? Any advice would be much appreciated

    • just to let you know i am not the same grace who was posting in 2014. just noticed that there were a few post from another grace.

    • Hi Aura

      Yes, unfortunately, I have peripheral neuropathy ‘in spades’ – which I think is certainly linked to olanzapine/Zyprexa – maybe aggravated by long term benzo use, in my case. Burning feet, ‘moving toes and painful feet’ (which is actually, amazingly, a recognised neurological condition if you google it). My feet and hands are worst affected – and specially at night. I guess a toxicologist might be able to explain why the far bit of our bodies are worst affected? Like a plant that starts withering at the tips of its branches or leaves? I don’t know. Tingling, burning, and shingles-like pain are incredibly debilitating to endure, day after day, night after night. So you have my deepest sympathy. I think we are guinea pigs really, in terms of observing and noting the process: no one knows yet if it will get better over time but all our experiences add up to evidence in the end. Sorry not to be able to say it’ll definitely get better, but I can’t, although I have got much better at coping with it. Very best wishes in your battle – you’re not alone.

    • Aura, peripheral neuropathy is associated with gluten intolerance and/or celiac disease. You should ask to be tested for this. Best wishes, Clare

    • Dear Aura,
      I also took Zyprexa for 6 years and it has been 5 months since my last dose. Oh man, the withdrawal was pure unadulterated hell for me. I was incredibly ill for 3 months and during these last two months my condition is still noticeably improving. Don’t get me wrong, I am still moderately sick but much better than I was at first. I don’t know what peripheral neuropathy is but I would not be surprised at all if it is Zyprexa that caused your problem. Zyprexa causes an extraordinary amount of different health problems. I may never completely recover from having taken Zyprexa. This horrible experience has caused me to lose faith in the medical profession. The makers of Zyprexa have all ready been successfully sued for over a billion dollars because of this bad drug. They know it is a bad drug yet they still don’t take it off the market because they are making a lot of money. Instead, they change the name and hide it other drugs such as Symbyax.

    • When I try to wean off this drug I get burning and numbness at night. I am so sorry that I was put on this poison. It has ruined me. Is there help out there? I just want to be normal again. HELP!!!!

    • I just got off zyprexa and am experiencing the burning nerve pain in chest and back spine hand and feet I had been on 2.5 of zyprexa for 10 years. I had gotten the fatty liver high trygliceriders weight gain and the final thing was pre diabetes. I was not having any burning nerve pain when I got on it. I was given it for off label anxiety. The anxiety would have been better to live with than this nerve pain

    • Olanzapine is the most dangerous legal drug I know about. It nearly killed me and I wasn’t on it for that long. I felt like a zombie. I insisted on getting off of it and yes — that was awful. It was hell. I thought it would never end. I was frequently suicidal and needed a lot of support to get through it. BUT — I DID!!!! And I am so glad I pushed through. I did taper. I also had a lot of systems set up — a group chat where any contact from me whatsoever would trigger action, even if all I could do was text one letter. Sometimes that was all I could do, I was so overwhelmed with depression — but thankfully my people were here for me and took it seriously and recognized I HAD to have 24/7 support to get through. Everyone is different, but I ended up on an SSRI, ironically also on Adderall for a while (now on a variation minus the amphetamine, just dextro, in a small dose), and lorazepam which is a GODSEND. I know it’s heavily controlled but it’s cheap and worked extremely well for me in small doses. As my therapy, self-love, meditation practice have matured, I’m now able to rely more on herbal approaches (I take a tincture called Anxiety Ally from wooden spoon and use the scent of vetiver) and less on the pharma. No CBD though I hear it helps; while on Olanzapine I was taking THC whenever I could get it just to feel a tiny bit more alive, so I like being able to stay away from pot entirely now.

      Be encouraged. It is hard — coming off this drug is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But if you can remind yourself that it is temporary and teach your brain not to react, that may help. It is possible and you will succeed.

      • Hey there how long did you take olanzapin ? And how long did the withdrawal took for you,and did lorazepam work for you ? I am on 9 months of olanzapin and starting to get of it pice by pice but the insomnia is killing me did you had insomnia ?

      • Thanks a lot, the first encouragement.
        I love the part where u want us to remind our brains it is just temporary. Nice one, i choose to believe this and hold unto it.

  8. I responded about a year ago to someone who was experiencing withdrawal symptoms
    from psychotropic drugs. This lady was suffering from a variety of negative symptoms similar to the ones mentioned above. I mentioned to her that my oldest sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been on psychotropic prescription drugs over a ten year period. She came to live with me when she was on the verge of her fourth nervous breakdown. Physically and mentally, she was a mess. Fortunately for us, I was in contact with a woman who had the
    knowledge to help her. There is a book called ‘Mental and Elemental Nutrients,’ written by Dr. Carl Pheiffer. I strongly urge anyone who is having withdrawal problems to get this book. The solution is megavitamin therapy with high doses of niacin and vitamin C. It took one year to cure (completely cure) my sister. She has been off all pharmaceutical drugs for over thirty years and today (at the age of 75) she still works 28 hours a week. Time has proved there is a solution to this problem.

    • Larry can please help me about what you ve done to your sis to cure her schizophrenia?. My son is schizo patient too for more than 10 years now. Thanks for your reply

      • Hello John, I saw your post and just wanted you to know that I got well using a vitamin protocol developed by Dr. Abram Hoffer. You can find his book on Orthomolecular Treatment of Schizophrenia on Amazon. Over a period of several months all of my symptoms disappeared. I’m now on a super low dose of Olanzapine (1.25mg) and feel confident I should be able to come off in a few weeks as I’ve been tapering slowly with no return of symptoms. Wishing you and your son the best of luck.

  9. After reading the comments above, I am really disgusted and saddened. I, myself was put on a number of psychotropic medications for various traumatic life events.

    I managed to get off those drugs and recovered from the following side effects:

    severe weight gain
    Lack of motivation
    Peripheral neuropathy
    irritable bowel syndrome

    How strange it is to suddenly get well after years of being sick. Of course its the drugs. And of course the medical profession will not admit it as that is what they do…prescribe drugs. How sad.

  10. I know to well the same symptoms in Sally’s story. I’ve met personally the generations that have been in mental treatment in Norway. Doctor’s should be ashamed of themselves as they prefer antipsychotics like Olanzapine over good food, sleep, and therapeutic talks. Long term use of medications like Olanzapine or whatnot should be followed with the doctor prescribing being on the same dose. OK.. seems like a good idea to treat people with let’s say Risperdone injections? Try it yourself doctors! Really… for a couple of weeks.. months.. years… and come back and tell me your wife/husband is happy about it!
    I have a friend who is Chemist.. we had a good walk in the Botanical garden in Oslo, Norway and I had a chance to talk to him for hours. You know what he told me? The Chemists of THIS generation can create medications WITHOUT any side effects AT ALL. But.. and there is a BUT: They are NOT allowed to do it. And you know why? Because.. The company’s that create and have monopolized the market are to powerful! They have to much money.. and Doctors and health personnel have a “religious” belief that the medication they are handing out is “The answer” to everything! I have seen things in mental health treatment in Norway that would make Guantanamo prisoners shit their pants! It’s totally inhuman treatment of other people! Here police can come pick you up at night and drive you off to mental hospitals.. or doctors “tutor” your way in with the most deceiving letters you can imagine.. and “whoop”… your on a “observation” paragraph and totally in the “claws”/control of a team of doctors who want to help you. People who don’t know you.. who have a system where they write journals and observe you while on medication and a regime where you can end up in belt beds if you protest. Who are these people? Norway is so “freedom of speech” and all that safe and rich country I can only imagine how it’s like in less fortunate places… And you know what? It’s even “Free health care” here… I’ve met people in my life who have costed 1 million dollars + even up to 5 million dollars to have kept in mental hospitals.. They are just shadows of themselves.. Hey.. why not give people a good life? Good food? What is this “mumbo jumbo” Psychiatric stuff really about? Like 50% of the planet and maybe more have “mental health problems” Why not start putting life into people’s life instead of poison? Some good words? A vacation? Meaning and purpose in life. I have met people in my life with more life experience than any newly educated doctor when it comes to mental health.. people who can pin that diagnose on ANYONE in 2 seconds.. because its a religion… You know what? a Apple a day keeps the doctor away! Maybe you should bring in some Apple’s or Microsoft into the “curing” of people.. Make people read up on what your feeding down their system doctors! And please… subscribe “Nice medications” like a good word… A pep talk. Be human. You know… I could be YOUR family your treating.. would YOU like to see your kid poisoned by medication doctor? Or are you trying to pay down that student loan your education ran you up pushing poison for the BIG company’s? I wish I could see a revolution in mental health care.. Subscribing a plane ticket to somewhere beautiful instead of poison! Like… even in the Soviet Union people who lived in Siberia would get a summer holiday somewhere sunny! Grow up!
    To Sally I wanna say: Thank you for sharing your story! I believe in you and I think its great to find this information online and that you other guys who read this don’t scoff at my post here because I just typed in this now to have my say!

    Kind regards

    Have a great 2015 everybody and please wake up tomorrow smiling because life is to short to waste on negativity!

    • Hello, I totally agree with your comment that THE DOCTORS SHOULD BE ON THE MEDICATION AND SEE WHAT IT DOES TO PEOPLE!! Those Doctors are a bunch of idiots making money off creating psychopaths from the MEDICATION they prescribe!! All psychiatrists should be shot and forced injections of antipsychotics, strapped to beds and forced into isolation. How can these idiot doctors sleep at night????

  11. Ok so first off Sally I appreciate reading your story more than you’ll know and I hope things continue to get better for you. Long story short today is my one year being off zyprexa. After last night barely sleeping and having strange things happen to me this story has given me some more hope to continue my battle. I find myself today looking on the Internet because the doctors seem to be clueless. My story began about ten years ago I was put on zyprexa, for 9 years I was on and off it as I struggled to break free of its chains. For the most part I was on 15 mg but tapered myself down to a fraction of a 2.5 pill. Yet after a year iam still expirenceing wierd symptoms but struggle with coordination and sleeping the most. I will break out in hive and itch like crazy until i take benadryl. This usually happens when my body decides to have what I describe as hot flashes. I’ve been suffering from such bad headaches for so long along with other symptoms the doctors think iam crazy so I’ve pretty much just been suffering in silence. Between the headaches, hives, random itching, hot and cold, blurred vision, sleep disturbance and general fatigue I feel beat down. I really hope it continues to get better as some days I struggle to even perform my job.

  12. Just wanted to send out a massive thanks to sally for telling her story.
    I was prescribed this nasty crap a couple of months ago (against my will) and now I’m going to get off it and stay off.
    Seems the doctor wanted to punish me horribly for some reason.
    cheers mate, I hope you can find some happiness knowing that you’ve saved at least one person from the same fate. You are a hero.

    • What dose where on and for how long?
      I was forced to take 15mg for 7 weeks

      How long does withdrawl last

      • My husband was on this medication for about 3 months. He stopped taking it 2 weeks ago and is having trouble sleeping. How did you do since you stopped taking it? I would love to hear how things went for you.

  13. Hello, I just wanted to say that, I too, believe Sally”s story. Drugs that affect the CNS like antipychotics and benzodiazepines can literally ruin a person’s health.

    I was prescribed benzos and APs for over 12 years. I became ill with fibromyalgia, hypertension, tachycardia, peripheral neuropathy,”and a host of other symptoms.

    Seven months ago, my doctor decided to cut me off valium cold turkey. What I have gone through since then is nothing but torment to the soul and body. And guess what another doctor recently prescribed to help me get through the withdrawal? You got it. Zyprexa.

    I just want to thank you for this site and all the posts. It has really helped me see I am not crazy and I need to taper off the Zyprexa quick. I don’t ever want to see another doctor as long as I live. If all they can offer is poisons, I think I will just say No Thanks.

    Good luck everyone. I hope you all get better soon.

    • Susan, did you withdraw successfully? Can you share your story? I have had trouble quitting before. My third attempt has been recently, where I have cut from 5 to 2.5. I have been at 2.5 for over two weeks. I want this stuff out of my system so badly. I was thinking of splitting one dose each week, then start splitting again. I need reassurance….I get horrible anxiety everytime I decrease.

  14. I was on olanzapine for 16 days only , doctor gave it to me because I didnt eat well , I quit just like that , now it’s day 5 and still it’s auwful , My heart beats too fast , temperature goes up and I feel depressed , stomach hurts , can’t sleep 1 hour without something extra , my head hurts a lot , yesterday I smoked a little cannabis , it made my mouth dry but helped a lot with my heart arythmia , today I will smoke again because that’s the only thing I trust now because I consider God made it for us that’s why we have thc receptors in our body . Good thing I quit this evil olanzapine in time . My organism is very strong because i breastfed until I was 4 or 5 , and I can’t imagine how terrible is for people with weaker immune systems . Terrible drug

    • all the very best blertan. keep going your doing so well not many people get of those evil medications. it shouldnt take to long to get better after 16 days but i know that within 2 weeks of taking those tablets they say the brain shrinks. i was on them for about 7 years and another 2 on quetapine, all the best.

  15. I too am right in the middle NOW of olanzapine withdrawal. I have reduced myself from 5mg right down to half a 2.5mg tablet. I am suffering horrifically and this is the hardest challenge of my life. I do not blame the doctors and psychiatric system-I am not out to lay blame, but from my experience my biggest message to EVERYONE is do not take psychiatric medications, sort out your emotional health with the support and love of friends and family, look after your health naturally with good food, sleep and exercise, do not think that a doctor can ‘fix’ you when life becomes hard, because you end up becoming a vulnerable victim of what did not need to happen in the first place.

    • Davina (and everyone above), I have been researching this topic non-stop for months for my mother (currently 69 y/o). I am desperately seeking help for her. She was on temazepam (benzo) for 20+ years and tapered/detoxed from it about 3 years ago. At the time we didn’t understand the magnitude of these drugs and their withdrawal impact and side effects. Too many to name. But, while tapering (…maybe it was right after being completely off), she went into the hospital for what appeared to be a breakdown. She was there a week and they quickly prescribed her 90mgs of Cymbalta, 5mgs of Zyprexa, and 100mgs of trazodone and sent her on her way. She has never been the same. Depressed, zoned out, major cognitive issues, obsessive thoughts, extreme anxiety, memory problems etc. After doing some research on Zyprexa and its side effects we decided to taper her from this medication first. Called her pdoc – he said cut by 50%. She is now at 2.5mgs for a month as of next Tuesday. Her anxiety is through the roof, very depressed and her whole body just shakes. Davina, I see your comment above was almost a year ago…after an extreme 50% cut, how are you feeling? Any feedback would be so helpful!!

  16. It is odd that I have found this site. My son suffers from schitzo-affective disorder. He has been placed on 10 mg of olazapine daily. He hates the drug I believe he is trying to come off it, he is moody, tired, looks terrible, thought he had a flu.He has gained about 5kgs in 12 months. Prior to this we have just let him be. He was self medicating with marijuana I believe he still uses the marijuana as well as the olazapine. He has suffered from delusional beliefs for years he can get very angry (not dangerously so) along with extreme anxiety and isolation issues. He is 35 years old. I am very interested in the vitamin solution.

    • Hi Jenny, maybe he could also try gluten free. Do some reading on the effects of gluten on the brain, mental health and nervous system. Some people need to be GF and Dairy Free for full benefit. His symptoms – isolation, anxiety, tired, moody, look bad, sounds like he could be gluten intolerant or celiac to me.

  17. I’m not sure exactly how long I was on olanzapine but it was for many years possibly age 19 or 20, I’m now 2 weeks 2 days into withdrawal. I was on a very large dose at times fluctuating around 15mg, 10mg, 5mg. I also took large amounts of olanzapine to escape my reality, even though it made me feel awful. I went through phases of overwhelming fear and anxiety so would I take extra olanzapine constantly to try and combat this. I weighed about 17 stone at one point. I’m now 35 and for the first time I feel mentally well. I dropped down to 5mg and then stopped. My withdrawal symptoms are terrible. I’m starting to get better than I was initially. I’m sweating less now and my temperature is getting better. My legs developed a terrible twitching but this has improved. My skin on my face was prickly and itchy. I still have nausea and really bad insomnia. I have also recently developed severe hypercausis. I can’t tolerate human voices and general sounds are unpleasant. Also since stopping I have experienced disassociation on occasions. I’m also very irritable. I was first diagnosed at 17 with bipolar. Then it was changed to schizoaffective disorder. At one point my psychiatrist said I could choose my diagnosis between bipolar or schizoaffective or whatever I felt was accurate. My last psychiatric appointment I was then diagnosed as unstable mood disorder. I was using cannabis towards the end of my olanzapine, as it wasn’t detrimental to my mental health as it once was. But I now cannot tolerate it because I experience silent migraines that cause me to feel intense pain and a really rapid heart rate. I was admitted to hospital for this once.The pain is like being skinned alive and has also felt like my head was being hit against a wall.

  18. Hi,

    I wonder if anyone could help please… I am a 33 woman and I took Zypexa for 6 years due to very mistaken and stupid diagnosis (10mg`s for 2 years and 5mg for 4 years) and Cypralex for first 3 years.
    I quit Cypralex 3 years ago while on Zyprexa and quit Zyprexa 11 months ago after a 3 months taper.I am absolutely,100% drug free.I am in full withdrawal/discontinuation syndrome and I have experienced a lot of debilitating sypmtoms,severe insomnia,severe muscular pain throughout the body,uncontrolled rage,tremors,severe headaches,stiff/pain in my neck and shoulders,severe stomach pain,vulvodynia,PMS,IBS.. over 80 symptoms in total… I`ve changed my diet completely,I becomed a vegan (no meats,no eggs,milk or gluten),I eat very very clean,I cook my own meals at home and stay away from any processed foods,conservants or additives.I don`t take any painkillers,absolutely no pills at all.I manage my pain with ginger tea and a arnica based organic solution.I don`t drink coffee,alcohool… I don`t smoke.
    I try to live a very healthy,clean live and exercise (take gentle walks in the park).The diet change paid off and the symtomps are starting to dissapear and I am starting to have good and lasting windows.My sleep has improved a little but not so much… my night sleep depends of how my day was… if I had a stress free day and everything was fine I am sleeping 4-6 hrs… if my day was not a good one or I have something relatively important to do the next day I might sleep from 5-6 am to 11 am or not sleep at all until 9-10am!
    Overall I am doing fine if I stay away from cold,bad postures and stress and take care of what I eat.I have very low stress tolerance and any little arguement,contradiction or event in my life brings a very bad wave of symptomps,the insomnia returns in full swing,the muscular and head pain returns,convulsion/ tremors as well and of course the depression as a result of lack of hope.Suddenly I have the feeling that I never healed at all because the symptoms are exactly as bad and severe as when I quit Zyprexa.I am very fragile and I wonder if I will ever heal completely and have 0 symptoms exactly like the normal person I was before drugs.
    11 months of endurance and pain have passed and I really want my old life and body back… no pains,no restrictions (from cold air,stress or bad postures).
    If anyone has COMPLETELY healed from Zyprexa and be 100% free of any psihotropic drugs please e-mail me and let me know how you`re doing,how long it took you to be normal and live a normal live again.If your stress tollerance is normal,if you don`t have any pains no matter the climate condition,if you`re sleeping well no matter how your day was,If you can eat or drink anything and don`t have any symptoms.PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT JOHNYDUMI@ICLOUD.COM
    Many many thanks and hang in there!

  19. I’m posting on behalf of my boyfriend, as I watch him experience the aweful side effects and withdrawal effects of olanzapine.
    I haven’t been able to find any threads which lists the severity of what he is experiencing. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    He was placed on olanzapine 8 months ago on release from the mental health Ward (he was admitted for suicidal ideation). The olanzapine was prescribed as a mood stabiliser and for sleep while the right “cocktail” was found. It has been trial and error for months before the right medications were prescribed.

    He now takes 60mg tranylcypromine (parnate) which is highly effective and comes with no side effects, 30mg dexadrine for adhd, 3 doses of 0.25mg xanax for anxiety and restless legs, and 3 doses of 40mg propranalol for high blood pressure/migraines/physical symptoms of anxiety.

    Now I understand how many may attribute his side effects to the list of medications he is on, however his side effects from olanzapine were in place before those medications were given.

    While taking olanzapine:
    Weight gain – 15/20 kg
    Tiredness and lethargy the following day
    Mood swings

    The effects he experienced worsened over several months :
    No longer aided in sleep at all
    SEVERE Irritability leading to verbal aggression (he is genuinely the most polite and gentle person I had ever met)
    Severe and sudden mood swings
    The weight gain continued to max 20kg and no success in weight loss
    He was able to improve his diet and intense desire to binge at night.

    On advice from his psychiatrist he dropped from 10mg to 5mg without any warning of side effects.

    Initial withdrawal 10mg-5mg
    Severe Irritability – he became enraged and scarily focused on one topic that he argued about for 15 hours.
    He proceeded to smoke some marijuana to assist in how he felt.
    The following day he experienced a psychotic episode.
    – verbal aggression never witnessed before
    – severe irrationality
    – inability to process any kind or rational words said to him.
    – he stabbed himself in the stomach with a knife.
    – he remembers nothing of the nearly 72 hours leading up to being in the ambulance.

    Withdrawal 5mg-2.5mg
    – 1 day of strong Irritability
    – 2 days of depression

    Withdrawal 2.5mg – 0mg
    – Irritability
    – depression
    (these occurred the same number of days following every reduction in dose)

    3/4 weeks following. 0mg
    – severely angry psychotic episodes in which no rationality can alter
    – frequent strong depressive episodes
    – water retention – has gained more weight which appears to be water weight.
    – incredibly severe uti resistant to multiple drugs which may be leading to hospitalisation (still waiting, he has has it for 2 weeks)
    – severely weakened immune system
    – barely passing urine at all regardless of liquid intake
    – bouts of depersonalisation and confusion (feels very disconnected and unable to remember where his location/age/family member living status etc)
    – muscle twitching in the face he is unaware of
    – trouble reading (squinting / closing one eye to read) – 20/20 vision prior.
    – occasional lazy eye on one side
    – he has established an inability to focus on someone else while they speak without interrupting to add his input, goes off tangent easily, speaks for hours on one topic regardless of repetitive information and requests to stop.

    Can anyone help?! His symptoms appear to be worsening and they WERE NOT present prior to olanzapine 8 months ago. This drug is evil. The psychiatrist tried to put him back on it to assist with some sudden insomnia due to the uti medication (medication ceased, insomnia passing). Olanzapine SHOULD NOT be a first line of treatment for short term insomnia, especially since he had just withdrawn to 0mg…

    The irrational and irritative psychotic episodes he is experiencing are becoming more frequent. He describes it as a mean part of him taking over, and he cannot stop it nor prevent it once started. He is unaware of all the aggressive and cruel things he says in this state. It lasts from several hours to a full day. The adhd type symptoms were not as severe prior to olanzapine.

    These side effects are seriously concerning due to the severity. Will they reduce with time? He refuses hospitalisation. I am afraid he will enter a psychotic state and stab himself again.

    Please feel free to contact me via the following email address if any assistance or advice is out there. I’m VERY concerned. I am his main source of care and the other people in his life are unaware / ignorant (I don’t use that word lightly, trust me, it’s appropriate) of his state / unable to fully comprehend nor have a desire to due.


    • Hi

      So sad to hear about your boyfriends story. I am experiencing almost the similar thing And i was wondering how your boyfriends progress on coming of the olanzapine is and if he is still experiencing the withdrawal symptoms

      Currently I am on a dosage of 4.1 mg and I am experiencing severe stomach pain insomnia severe anxiety and I am feeling like a zombie all day long

      I have tried to come of the drug 6 times but unsuccessful maybe because I did it to fast. This time I will do it on a slower pace. Maybe we are talking months or years. This drug has completely ruined my life. It was given to me because of anxiety. It is very hard coming of this drug

      I hope you can answer back because I desperately need to someone who has been there and because I need hope

      Best regards
      Cengiz Savran

  20. Does anyone yell after taking this drug? I had insomnia and my doc gave me Mirtazapine and Olanzapine which completely ruined my life. I have very bad mirningr agitation and yelled hysterically from morning till noon. Can someone share your experience?

    • yes i can understand and i’v been the same i think its pure frustration and im always screaming and i worry what my neighbours think, i just could not stop crying and sometimes its screaming as thats the amount of pain im in.

  21. I’m keeping brief. Zyprexa withdrawal was the worst thing I ever went through. I was tapered off tags every two weeks. I had very high anxiety, restlessness, I paced day and night because I couldn’t sit in one place more than few minutes, I sweated alot, I felt nervous, night time was the worst, minutes after falling asleep my lungs stopped and I couldn’t breath, not breathing in my sleep caused panic attacks and insomnia. Four days after the last zyprexa I took the above symptoms were so severe I had to go to the ER at 5am. I was checked in to the hospital for two weeks. I had a whole another set of problems with the doctor there the way he tried to medicate me. I’m not going to mention the problems I had with their doctor in this forum. But I couldn’t have went through the worst of the withdrawal at home it was that bad that I needed to be in the hospital. After about two and half weeks after the last zyprexa I been able to sleep all night without my lungs stopping with the help of a sleeping pill. It was so horrific that even almost three weeks after I been able to sleep without my lungs stopping I still get a little nervous around bedtime, but it’s getting better each night as I get more confident that I’m going to be ok now. Five weeks after the last zyprexa I’m starting to feel normal and myself again.

  22. I was on olanzapine from 2002 to 2005 on different doses. No psychiatrist ever thought of tapering the drug. After being sectioned in Hospital and feeling numb I was told I would need the drug to be increased, I was already on 20mg. I quit the drug in 2006 a few months after being on the drug and coming out of hospital. I felt so weak, I could not walk, I was shivering, felt sick, and memory a mess and really frightened. I decided to go to a clinic abroad. After I told them that I had been given olanzapine, they were shocked. This apparently is one of the worst drugs so they told me. They diagnosed me with parkinsons and put me on abilify but I am now coming off it. It is proving the most difficult thing in the world but I will get through it. I think the drugs they gave me on section finished me off anyway so the abilify was a stupid decision- they just changed one drug for another really. I am not sure if the damage I am suffering is damage from the olanzapine, old damage or the abilify.
    Take care of yourselves

  23. Well…Samatha’s transition from Zyprexa to Abilify mimics mine. I was on Zyprexa (I think mostly at 5 mg) for about 10 years (in my mid 30’s to 40’s) then switched by my (former) doc to Abilify and stayed on that at 3.75 mg for another 10 years. That until I realized that I was dying and that the drug I was on may have been the reason.
    Very long story short and 30 years later, I regrettably signed into a state psychiatric hospital, was given starter drugs of Stelazine and Thorazine, then because I had a college degree at that point, was ‘promoted’ to the state university hospital across the street (the “good” one). For 4 and 1/2 months, I was dosed with Haldol and then Navane, until I signed out, still a voluntary patient. My life had very much changed for the worse, I was a freshly minted “mental patient” in a state of extreme stress and trauma. Eventually, like all the other “chemically imbalanced” people, I accepted my fate and took my meds, attained a MS degree in Earth Science and kept trying to work, have relationships, and get on with what was a “normal life,” that has been actually a series of trial and errors from job to job and relationship to relationship, doped up on Zyprexa, then Abilify and other drugs (antidepressants, sleep meds) given to moderate the effects of the neuroleptics in actuality (they are all poisons).
    I’m off my last drug, Abilify for 5 weeks now having titrated off commencing last February 2015 after CT that made me dedicated to researching the incredible horrors of these drugs, going back up to 1 mg, staying there for about 2 months and much doctor and clinic advice, and now off. I have spent much of my mother and grandparents inheritance trying to feel better and get on with life. I’m 56 and have several of the physical and “psychological” maladies caused by these drugs. My withdrawal process was horrendous and filled with periods of insomnia, mania sometimes bordering on psychosis, but at least according to my current therapist, who indeed is connected to the system that disabled me, I am not exhibiting “symptoms,” of an “illness,” currently. My “working diagnosis” is PTSD from my “life history.” People have told me that had I not maintained relatively good physical health, I would be even worse off then now.
    I have seen and been seen by very well known psychiatrists, been to clinics, here in the US during my withdrawal who were in my opinion of little help to me, accept knowledge that I have instituted: a Paleo Diet to clean up my gut, consider holistic mediation, yoga and other healthy alternatives sound advice.
    I have one friend now (a former “hospital” patient like me who can understand more about our collective situations), my possessions, and a roof over my head. I’m happy to contribute to Dr. Healy’s site.

  24. I’m just starting to come off zyprexa (down to 10mg from 12.5mg, on for about 6-12 months) and have a constant headache, feeling detached, still sleeping but not as good as before. I have gained 30-40 lbs since starting, feeling like a zombie all day. I just hope I can get through the withdrawal and come out of it like my old drug free self. For years I was on Lexapro and nothing else and slept fine only this last time when I had really bad insomnia did the dr. decide to put me on Zyprexa, it was the only thing that made me sleep.

    • For six years I took Symbyax wich is a Zyprexa/Prozac combination pill. This drug worked well for a couple of months. Then things began to change. I started having terrible seizures. This went on for years as I did not know what was causing the seizures. After a trip to the hospital in an ambulance because of a seizure. The emergency room doc told me that it was probably the Zyprexa causing my seizures and memory problems. I then tapered off the meds over a six month period. I was making eight little piles of powder out of each pill when I quit completely. Then the withdrawal set in. Now it is has been a couple of months since stopping and I am experiencing the real hell that only Zyprexa can give. I am still suffering and do not know how much longer I can take this. I will give it my best shot and hope this misery caused by my doctor and the poisons he pushes will soon come to an end. Best wishes.

  25. Hi

    My name is Cengiz and I am writing from Denmark and I have read all of your stories And i was wondering how your progress on coming of the olanzapine is and if you are still experiencing the withdrawal symptoms

    I too am trying to get of the zyprexa I have been taking it for 11 months now Currently I am on a dosage of 5 mg. I started with 5 mg but upped my dose to 15 mg but that was only for 3 months. Now I’m down to 5 mg again. Right now I don’t know if I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I freeze a lot, fever like symptoms, insomnia, stomach cramps etc etc

    I am so afraid of this medication because I know it is a dangerous drug. I am afraid that It has caused brain damage.

    I know that you are not a doctors but it is nice to speak with someone who has tried the hell themselves

    I have tried to come of the drug 6 times but unsuccessful maybe because I did it to fast. This time I will do it on a slower pace. Maybe we are talking months

    I hope someone can answer back because I desperately need to someone who has been there themselves

    • Hello Cengiz,
      It takes time to recover from the devastating effects that Zyprexa causes. I took it for 6 years. I tapered off slowly after trying cold turkey unsuccessfully, twice. It was a very difficult thing to do considering how bad I felt. However, it can be done! Know that your misery will end or greatly subside given time away from the drug. You must stay strong and don’t give up hope that things will get better because they eventually will.
      One more thing, they say that during a war there are no atheists in foxholes. I am hear to tell you that there are no atheists during Zyprexa withdrawal either. Its a battle you have to win. Do not give up in your quest to become drug free.

      • Hi Ed….I am trying to come off Zyprexa. It is hard. I am down to 2.5 mgs every other night. Can you please tell me your taper schedule and how you did it?
        Thank you!

        • H Lisa,
          I hope by now you have successfully quit zyprexa. I am sorry it took so long for me to respond. I know it is pure hell quitting a designed poison like zyprexa. It can be done and unfortunately sometimes it leaves permanent scars. It has been years for me Lisa and I am still feeling the ill effects from quitting zyprexa. I am not referring to rebound illness but specific damage caused to me for having taken that so called medicine. The makers of zyprexa should be lined up and shot. Twice! In the head!. No joke.

          • Hi Ed….Last year when I wrote you, I was taking 2.5 mg every other day. As of today, I am on .625 (1/8 of a 5 mg tablet) every other day.
            I know I have done this very slowly but in 2014, I quit it cold turkey and became very ill. I had to go back on it and stabilize but this next time, do a very slow taper. I stay at a dose 1-3 months before dropping again.
            To tell the truth, I might could stop it now as my dose is so low but I’m going to go to every 3rd day before attempting to jump off. I cannot cut my pills any smaller.
            I seem to be doing very well. I am sleeping good and feeling good. My hardest part was going under 2.5 mgs. I hope the worst is behind me.
            I hope you are doing well, too. Hopefully, we are in the home stretch and never have to take this powerful, potent medication ever again.

        • Lisa, How have you done? I was prescribed 1.25m(1/4 of a 5mg) for sleep for 4 months. I quit it for 14 days and it almost killed me. I started back on the 1.25 and am going to try to slow taper…any suggestions? Are you off completely now?

  26. Hi Cengiz,

    I have also suffered brain damage from all the drugs, when I was on 300 mg of quetiapine the psychiatrists thought this wasn’t enough so when in hospital they upped my dose to 600mg, and added more rubbish. Anyway the brutality has affected my life, the experience was pure punishment, that was their intention, I was not a criminal i was just a naive 20-something year old. When I tell people, there are some who say ‘oh no but you were unwell, im sure you needed them.,’ which is why i prefer to keep it to myself. I was also on 10mg of olanzapine, and threatened that I would be sectioned if I did not take it so I had no choice. If you decide to come off the olanzapine do you carefully.

    • Hi anonymus

      Thanks for replying. Are you OFF the drugs are you still taking them.

      I have spoken with my doctor and he reassured me that there was no brain damage. I wonder how long this will continue and if the brain damage is permanent

      Best regards

      • hi Cengiz,

        I stopped taking olanzapine, I was also given escitalopram, then abilify. The abilify is something I have tried to come off but am experiencing tardive dyskinesia.

        • I was worried, but my doctor told me these are just withdrawal symptoms. I am hoping they are. I also experienced problems with my memory, I am hoping to recover.

          • Hello again

            Good thing that you are of the Zyprexa. How long has it been now.

            It is horrifying to read all these stories on this site. I am tapering really really slowly even though I am on 4.3 mg I am afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. To help myself I am beginning to take all sorts of vitamins. Hoping that it can help a bit

  27. Hi everyone who has posted their experiences here – I can identify acutely with all you’ve all been going through – from the symptoms while taking Zyprexa/olanzapine – to all the horrific withdrawal stuff – and the fact that some people, like me, got hit with acute withdrawal weeks after stopping. (This for me was almost the worst aspect – not just because I had the most almighty shock, it was SO unexpected – but because no doctor would believe in a delayed reaction. All I ever heard was -the drug has been gone from your body for months, therefore whatever’s causing all this cannot be down to olanzapine. And so on. Took me ages to work out that maybe the body/brain adapts to the stuff quite slowly and the delayed withdrawal I experienced was my brain trying to readjust ….a very basic physiological principle: ‘homeostasis’ which no medic seems to have heard of. It’s very well described though by Richard Bentall in ‘Doctoring the Mind’.

    But, there’s understanding the process, and then coping with intolerable physical symptoms and the aggression and anger that are part of it – that is beyond tough.

    I’m debating whether there is any mileage in finding a way of sharing/supporting all of us? Or if sites like Surviving Antidepressants are doing it very well already? Although my story concerns an antipsychotic, there is a massive overlap in withdrawal symptoms between all the psychotropics. As you will gather, I’m not great at keeping track of new comments, which isn’t to say that I’m not interested – far from it. I would love to find a way of reducing the acute isolation I experienced. I’m hoping to get an update to my story sorted in the next few weeks but in the meantime – thanks again for all the comments and – hang on in there.

    • Hi Sally

      I am writing to you because I too are in the process of tapering off the Zyprexa. Just writing because I wanted to hear how it goes and if you are still experiencing the withdrawal symptoms.

      I am down to 4.3 mg and from next week I will go down to 3.75 mg. this is a very horrible drug and coming off the chains from it is pure hell

      Will this get better in time or what. I just hope that I can go through it without severe symptoms

      Best regards

  28. I was hospitalized last winter with severe major depressive disorder. I was on so many anti-depressants and benzos and stimulants. I had something to wake me up, keep me going, calm me down and help me sleep. My body could not sustain this. I admitted myself voluntarily to the hospital due to the deep depression. They took me off all meds except one with no tapering. I went into extreme withdrawals. This induced a pyschotic episode for which they gave me — you guessed it — zyprexa. This medicine did bring me out of the pyschotic state. I started at 10 mg and after two months of stabiliztion my doc said to drop to 5 mg. Then he said after a week or so of that to stop it completely. That did not go well. I experienced extreme anxiety, uncontrollable crying and sadness. I went back on 2.5 mg for a week or so, then cut it to 1.25 mg for another week. Now I have been off of it for about a week and am still having horrifying dreams, extreme anxiety and sadness, and feel suicidal. My doc prescribed me klonopin to help with the anxiety but nothing for the sadness and depression. I wonder how long this will go on. I have also had itching. I am amazed at the fortitude of those on this forum who took higher doses than I have for longer periods of time who are sticking with staying off zyprexa. I hope that things get better for everyone, including myself. I will admit this drug pulled me out of an extreme state of psychosis, but it caused my blood sugars to go sky high and I have diabetes. They were giving me shots of insulin which I have never had to have, and doubled my diabetes medications. My blood pressure was also really high on zyprexa and they started me on blood pressure medication. It seems my body systems are all screwed up, the least of which is my BRAIN. Zyprexa is some scary stuff. Last resort, definitely. I hoped to see more success stories of people withdrawing without lasting symptoms. I am a little scared now. But maybe since I was on it only about three months total the effects won’t long so long. I am walking every day trying to get the natural endorphins working in my brain. But the anxiety is so terrible. I have pictured several suicide scenarios which scares me also. I refuse to voluntarily go to the hosptial again because who knows what drug or drugs they would put me on. Thanks for listening.

  29. hi, i understand how you feel with the withdrawal. I have been on 20mg olanzapine for psychosis for the past 5 years and my psychiatrist told me to stop completely as im doing so well. I have been moody, had insomnia, fatigue and headaches. I am not taking that shit prescription again dont know why i really needed it for all this time! mentally im doing fine and Ive put on 7 stone in the past 5 years!! which is also getting me down. Im sure these so called psychiatrists havent got a clue. I feel ive been doped up for the last 5 years and wasted my life!!

  30. Finally a page where i can find solace! I’ve been on olanzapine for 11 months, went from 15mg to 10 to 5 then 2.5 for the last 5 months It’s been less than a week going to 0mg and im experiencing not being hungry,headaches and tooth aches and sweating aswell as an increase of thirst I havent had tremors or anything apart from tingling in the hands especially the right one as i sleep on it. I am hoping to get back to my old self but don’t know how long these symptoms will last and am afraid to tell my doctor incase she puts me back on it.I was told when i was on the 2.5mg in November 2015 i could get off itbut was too scared that i would revert backwards so i stayed on it longer. It’s now been a bit of a challenge sleeping at night and eating I was only 45kg when i was put on it and am now 71kgs i was told i could eat whatever i liked in hospital and only after i got out at 4 days the docs told me about the risk of diabetes! I was appauled with how i was treated prior with some peopke including police assuming my psychosis was from using the drug ice which i never used. However im willing to look past all that and just focus on getting better.Has anyone else had these symptoms?? Feel free to email me on alesiaf4@gmail.com

  31. I’ve been on Olanzapine 20mg and citalopram 15mg for over a decade. I’m now over 40. All this time, I’ve been in a dazed bubble, its not ideal. Taken me long enough to wake up. I decided to go cold turkey 6 days ago, I’m feeling really ill right now, and its how and why I found this page…I’m cold/shivering, then sweating, stomach cramp, feeling sick, faint…is this just the start of my symptoms? I refuse to ever put this junk in my system ever again….also, weight gain, I’ve double in size since I started putting this shit in my system, I know its taken a very long time to wake up, but right now I just feel angry and quite ill (more physical than mental) although, I have had one bout of screaming in my head and a hallucination….*sigh & distraught* but well enough to think of how this might effect my loved ones and not me if it becomes too much.

  32. I guess I was quite angry when I posted my original post. Thank you to the moderators for allowing it to be posted.
    3 days have passed since that post, and I just feel ill. I’m sensitive by nature but seldom cry…I’ve never cried so much that last few days…the stomach cramp hurts but my head being so fuzzy and, I’m not sure how to articulate it, but, its absolutely horrible. I have had vivid dreams too, just really all the things I have read have applied to me too. I will say, I have had no thoughts of suicide, and as ill as I am, I really do want to ride this out. It does seem though that there is no kind of answer for how long this pain will last, I have read that people have gone back to the drug because of horrific withdrawal symptoms…right now…I’m refusing that.
    For all the other posts that are trying to come off this drug, hang in there, I’m sure there is light at the end of the tunnel for us all. I pray you have support too xx
    (I personally can’t get a doctors appointment, I have tried 4 times, I have been given the advice that the new diary for the surgery will open on the 1st) there are other professional options for me…I just haven’t exercised a hospital for example as of yet. This is without a doubt the worst I have felt since being born.

  33. Thanks to everyone who has posted their experience of coming off olanzapine. I’m really pleased that finding this site has been helpful. I wish so much I could give definitive answers as to how long the appalling symptoms last but one of the confounding factors seems to be that there is no clear time-scale. I would stress. from my experience, that when symptoms become completely intolerable then there is no real alternative but to pump some back in, let things settle and then start again – much, much more slowly. If you remember, it took me nearly 18 months, dropping by 2.5 mg with substantial waits between the tapering steps. I understand the urgent desire just to get off the stuff – I’d had several attempts, prior to the successful one, which were far too quick – plus a couple of ‘cold turkey’ attempts. I, too, desperately wanted my life back – but the result was that I’d never in my life felt so ill. Indescribably ill. I had to learn to be patient with the final attempt and go really slow. The Rxisk withdrawal guide is very good – I wish it had been around when I began the final taper. It seems to be basically the same process for any psychotropic. I’m really hoping that Rxisk’s Complex Withdrawal site will begin to collect information for all of us who have ongoing problems. I guess we need to get a feel for what is actually going on in our bodies both during the withdrawal and afterwards. Everyone is incredibly brave. But don’t despair if you have to start again.

  34. Forgot to add – I merrily threw all the olanzapine away each time I tried getting off it. Ditto with the long slow successful taper. I shouldn’t have – I should have kept a good supply so I wasn’t dependent on getting more if required from my doc, plus all the comments about the depression coming back (it wasn’t!). At one point when I was really physically suffering, about 6 months after the very final dose in 2012 I asked my GP for some, on the basis that maybe I needed to put some back in just to let everything settle down – and also because I was desperate. He refused to prescribe it on the basis that as I’d had strokes and olanzapine is implicated in stroke it would be unethical for him to give it to me…!!!

    So It’s useful to have some in hand so you can juggle it around – and, if necessary put it back in if you need to. Keeping control over the whole process.

    • Thank you Sally, for your encouragement. I am so scared of getting off Zyprexa. I did it before rather quickly, and the anxiety was unbelievably high. I was immobilized by it.
      Now I am at 2.5, having cut back from 5 mg a few weeks ago. I have only been taking it for a month! As soon as I got on it, I wanted to get off.
      I am thinking of cutting one dose in half every week until I am at 1.25, then cutting those doses in half week by week.
      How did you taper off successfully?

      • Hi Elizabeth

        Started at 20mg, dropped by 2.5 a time with several weeks between drops plus a 6 month sabbatical when I just stayed at 10mg because life was particularly stressful.It took me 15 months in all.

        I’m not sure how you would be able to halve your doses at such (relatively) small doses unless you’re lucky enough to have found someone who will prescribe a liquid formulation? A pharmacist advised me not to cut tablets – something to do with how the body absorbs the drug?

        Basic rule is – you simply can’t go too slowly and if/when you feel ill then put it back up for a while. The Risk Guide to Withdrawal is very good – all the basic information is there. Listen to your body too – if it’s complaining then feed some back in again. I’ve had to accept too that in the case of zopiclone which I still take – I got to a point where I was scraping bits off a tiny pill – then started getting bad withdrawals so gave up and thought – oh well. Can’t face any more so I still take it….

  35. I am weaning off Olanzapine and Valium- am suffering panic- attacks, but not so bad. I was sectioned in a local pschiatric hospital for 28dsays about 6 years ago because of a pychotic episode. They diagnosed me as being Bi- polar, but my fear is off getting overexcited and locked up again because my moods are not “flattened and I am feeling more normal(whatever that is!), and I am convinced that I am not in fact Bi- polar at all. How do I get cleared of this Mis- diagnosis? Would really appreciate your input folks. Mad Mike

  36. I am 30 years old and have been on 20mg olanzapine for about 10 years i cut down to 10mg for a week no problems then 5mg for week then the side effects started for the last 3 weeks I’ve been clean from it im suffering with hot sweats,insomnia i cant eat at all my feet shake uncontrollably at night,i have severe head aces vision problems night mears extreme angry and aggressiveness with friends and loved ones i cant function i feel like im permantly brain damaged now for life i feel like a zombie i feel like im going to die this drug is evil in the past i have been a heroin addict this is 10 times worst and harder to get off if not impossible if the side affects of olanzapine are a 10/10 id put heroin at 3/10 compared to it and heroin withdrawal was 5/7 days then back to my self this drug has ruined my life and there needs to be a review on the safety and long term effects of it i wouldn’t recommend anyone take this drug it has ruined my life

  37. I just wanted to say that reading all these comments has made me feel, besides of course feeling almost beyond fury for what Olanzapine has, and is, doing to you all, but how incredibly brave you all are, and how much I hope you’ll continue to keep reducing the drug gradually, and knowing that however long it takes, you’ll get your lives back. Don’t ever give up. My son did, when the head pain and the voids in his thinking made him lose hope. I didn’t know about RxISK and this site then. I could have understood and maybe helped him to hold on. I have to say, his psychiatrist was appalling and taunted him as though he could help reporting feeling so dreadful. It was just like seeing someone attacking a wounded animal. Don’t let these dreadful people and their wretched drug do to you what happened to him. You are all so so brave. He was incredibly brave too, but he didn’t know where to turn, and nor did we. Thank heavens for this site, and for Sally telling her story. Too late for my son, who died in September 2012. but not for others. Hold on tight.

  38. I have been off of Zyprexa for about 3 months…I was taking very small doses of Zyprexa and tapered off from 2.5m to 1.25m and then .62 but am sill having issues of anxiety, sweats, weight loss,headaches and lack of sleep. I have been off of Valium (taking anywhere from 7.5m to mostly 2.5) for about 2.1/2 months I went cold turkey and also have about the same withdrawal symptoms . I’ve tried everything for headaches and advil seems to work – my doctor and psychiatrist both prescribed Amitriptyline a small dose of 5m – I tried for a week or so and that only made matters worst so I discontinued. Can anyone shed light on what holistic approach or any other approach I should take? magnesium etc.? Many thanks!

    • Try taking 1000mg of fish oil with 300 mg of omega 3 and biotin….the fish oil helped me with my stomach pain and my muscle tension and anxiety… I think the drug messes with seretonin and most of it is in your gut…. The fish oil helped me a lot

    • I was only takin 1/2 of a 2.5 mg tablet. I’ve been weaning off slowly. Withdrawal is hell. I have all the symptoms of a panic attack that just doesn’t go away along with the feeling of a bladder infection that I have been tested for and is not there. I will not give up. I’m down to 1/5 if a 2.5 mg tablet now.

    • I am wondering also if there is anything at a health food store that may help with withdrawal symptoms. I just lowered my dose to 1/6 of a 2.5 tablet and still feel flu like. I also feel like I have a urinary tract infection but tests came back negative.

  39. I have used antipsychotics (haldol) for a couple of years on and off. I hate this medicine, it makes me emotionally flat and zombified and I wish every day I had never visited a psychiatrist. I started to use it for anxiety and developped my first psychosis upon withdrawal.

    Nothing – nothing! – however can describe the tortorous horror of Zyprexa withdrawal. I used it for only 4 months as a change from haldol. I developped all sorts of weird adverse effects, from hormonal problems, to fainting and dizziness, to weight gain, to nightmares.

    Ever since withdrawal – i am now one year off – I feel like my complete personality changed. I am chronically psychotic, something I never was. I am also chronically deep dark depressed, terrified, suicidal, obsessive compulsive and extremely angry…something I wasn’t either. I have a very short fuse and crazily violent fantasies I am ashamed of telling people about. I was an extremely pacifist, gentle person before Zyprexa, someone who literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. After Zyprexa I hate myself and I hate others. I am estranged from my family and friends. I have the most scary revenge thoughts…especially towards psychiatrists, but also towards the most harmless people in my surroundings.

    I am ashamed to admit this. But my life is ruined because of Zyprexa. It feels like I lost my soul… I’m such a different person now.

    Any hopeful stories? After a year I have no hope that I will still change anymore. I want to get rid of the darkness that Zyprexa brought into my soul…

  40. Positive olanzapine case study
    I finally got off olanzapine in July 2016, so I have been without it now for 4 months and feel very well and extremely happy to have finally come off it. I have been taking it for 6.5 years at varying does from a maximum of 10mg down to only 0.0625mg when I finally came off it completely. I have found it a very hard drug to come off due to the anxiety and insomnia that I have felt many times when trying to stop taking it. My final success in coming off it was after I had read many people’s stories on blogs such as this and tried different pieces of advice that I came across. The key thing for me, as is stated by several people is the need to taper one’s withdrawal off it by slowing reducing the amount that you are taking, i.e. in my case from 10mg to 7.5mg to 5mg to 3.75 mg to 2.5 mg, to 1.125 mg, to 0.0625 and then finally to 0. I would recommend a minimum 3-month gap between any of those incremental reductions and for the last few changes it may be necessary to have a 6-month gap. I have found that it is also important to be in a sufficiently stable environment to be able to cope with some of the temporary sleep disturbances that result from reducing one’s dosage. Each time I reduced my pill dosage I had disturbed sleep for a few nights. It is also important to remain in contact with one’s doctor to advise what is happening. Key additional things that I did that may have been critical in my reductions were as follows; a) I read that taking magnesium supplements can reduce the anxiety affects and so I have been taking magnesium now for over 6 months and have found myself to be significantly less anxious. Quite why doctors don’t prescribe magnesium tablets to people generally baffles me as they appear to be affective and I understand that many people are deficient in magnesium (I found that they can be purchased in Asda for only £2 for 30 tablets). I also read that red dates (Ziziphus jujube) are another very good way of minimising helping with the sleep changes red dates (http://www.theworldofchinese.com/2012/03/red-dates-the-healthiest-fruit-on-earth/). My target internet price for these was £2.50 for 250 g (available from the Sous chef (http://www.souschef.co.uk). They appear to be good for insomnia and are also an excellent source of vitamins. In addition, I also took a standard multi-vitamin to ensure that there were not any other vitamin or mineral shortages that were potentially causing some of my symptoms. For the sleep disturbance when I gave up olanzapine completely, I also tried having a small glass of red wine in the evening before bed for a few weeks which I found helps with sleep as long as you don’t drink too much and remember to stop drinking after a few weeks, when the withdrawal is over.
    I was put onto olanzapine by a psychiatrist when I was diagnosed as bi-polar after my marriage broke down. I had what would be classically described as a nervous breakdown and was hospitalised/sectioned for 3 weeks, with some psychotic symptoms. Looking back on it now, the pressure of earning a living to support a wife and 4 children in a fairly loveless marriage became too much for me and when it became clear to me that my wife wanted a divorce I had the breakdown. I have since been made redundant more than once when I have taken short periods off work for stress, but now find myself in both a less stressful job and also with a supportive relationship and I am now feeling better than I have for a very long time.
    Olanzapine in my opinion is a helpful drug when one is in a desperate psychological state and one is finding it difficult to function. However, the down side of it is that it is very hard to withdraw from, even though it is officially classed as non-addictive. The body does seem to become dependent upon it. For lesser problems than a serious psychosis, I believe that the olanzapine medical ‘cure’ might be worse than the illness.
    One of the things that I found olanzapine does is to give one very bad indigestion, i.e. a lot of burping, particularly late in the evening. This does not disappear on its own when one comes off the drug. I have found the best cure for this is to make tea with blended raw ginger, which generally appears to be excellent for the digestion and again I am not sure why doctors don’t recommend it to their patients with bad indigestion. I was prescribed proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to reduce acid production and it gave me appalling stomach cramps meaning that I was unable to continue the course, whereas ginger appears to have no side effects and works extremely well.
    Other things that have now improved since I have come off olanzapine are as follows;
    1) My sex drive has returned to normal; it had been strongly down on olanzapine.
    2) I am now dreaming again, or at least remembering my dreams, which was something I never did when taking olanzapine, apart from when I first took it when I had some very bad nightmares.
    3) I now only need 6-7 hours sleep a night and mostly wake refreshed, whereas I would sleep for 9-10 hours or so on olanzapine and then struggle to get out of bed in the morning.
    4) I am no longer living in a ‘foggy’ state and have rediscovered my joy of life, i.e. with emotions, as olanzapine is a mood stabiliser and appears to limit the extremes of one’s emotions. The world has generally become a much brighter place for me.
    5) I now smile again, having been rather joyless whilst taking it.
    6) My eating habits have become more normal as olanzapine gives one a strong appetite, particularly when one first starts to take it. I put on 2.5 stone in weight on it, which I have still to lose.
    Olanzapine seems to be affective as an anti-psychotic, and also reduces anxiety and has anti-depressant affects. Thus, when one comes off it one’s anxiety can go up and one can become depressed. My experience is that both of these can be overcome in time and the regime that I described above is what enabled me to do this. I no longer have psychosis and I believe this to be because I am now much less stressed. I do not know if I am truly bi-polar, however, I am no longer taking any medication and am happy and functioning well in life. I believe that the problems that I had were a result of life events and that once I had overcome the problems with the events that happened to me (end of marriage, not living with my children, selling house, losing job), then I became well again. I did recover eventually and in order of how they happened I got myself somewhere to live temporarily, then a new job, then somewhere to live more permanently where I could sometimes see my children, then eventually a new relationship. Along the way I changed job more than once as I found that employers can make one redundant quite quickly when they find out that you occasionally go off sick with stress. However, eventually I have managed to resolve most of the problems and it has only taken me 6.5 years to do! So I wanted to just say to anyone suffering from any of the symptoms that I had, or any of the side effects of taking olanzapine, it is possible to come off it and life can get much better in time; just take your time.

      • Thank you Bogdan ad Ric. I appreciate the very detailed post. My husband had a similar situation where he had a breakdown and was diagnosed with bipolar. I dont think he is but they put him on Zyprex. He’s been off about 15 days and not sleeping much. This drug is definitely poison and I think it was overkill to diagnose him with bipolar and give him lithium and zyprexa. I’m starting to be hopeful that he’ll recover and somewhat go back to ‘normal’. I hope he can start sleeping again.

  41. I’ve been on zyprexa for 2yrs I started out taking 20 mg for a yr then started tapering off from 20mg to 15 mg to cutting a 15 mg in half ..now a yr later I’m taking5mg … I gained 100 lbs the first yr and I’ve lost 30lbs since tapering off.. I can barely walk because of severe joint pain …( I could walk fine before ever taking zyprexa)..also my blood pressure is out of wack and I’m getting dark patches on face and arms…..I just hope I can get off this drug before it kills me

  42. Hi everyone I have to share my story with you all on how I came off olanzapine with the help of niacin! I was on olanzapine for 2 years 10mg I cut down to 1.25 mg and the went off completely this was over a couple of months. When I went off it I had terrible withdrawals, panic attacks, and severe depression I couldn’t handle it so I went on cymbalta 60 mg that helped a little and 4 months down I was still feeling the side effects from olanzapine withdrawal. That is until 2 weeks ago I came across a video on YouTube about niacin (flush) and how it cured depression, anxiety and panic attacks, I read lots of online reviews and decided to give it a go! 4 days after taking niacin 500mg. ( it has to be the flushing kind) all my withdrawals were completely gone! I couldn’t believe it!! My depression and anxiety and panic attacks gone!!! I’m feeling 100% myself! I am now off the cymbalta too! I had to share my story as I want as many people to know and try it! The best thing about it is that you can try it while your on your Meds as it’s just a vitamin! I hope my story will help others!

  43. I am at month 6 off of olanzapine, Lamorigene, and Clonazapine after being on them for 6 years, cold turkey. Don’t recommend. Thought I was going to die every day for four months. I started sleeping after 4 months. My hearing has returned to normal. My eyes have cleared. I had milky phlegm in them and drank homemade garlic tea to clear them and I exposed them daily to bright sunlight when possible. I eat lots of protein, healthy fats, oranges, and spinach plus other veges and fiber cereal. I have built up a healthy support system with my local church and ditched all my old friends. I have tried to walk 4 miles a day since stopping the drugs, although I walked before.

    At 6 months, I was able to get a part time job, the eyes are clear. The skin is almost clear. The last things to hang on are skin sensitivity issues on my face, ears and scalp occasionally and I have muscle aches which come and go but I power through knowing it will speed the healing process. I learned how to recover from drugs in a twelve step program years before.

    I am living my life. I have hope. My relationship with my son is phenomenal. He is profoundly impacted by the difference he sees. I was spiritually dead on these drugs and lacked a connection with others which is needed to thrive.

  44. Hi All, Around 5 years ago I was self medicating using legal highs (Spice and similar) after the death of a family member and had a psychotic episode and was sectioned and placed in a UK psychiatric hospital. I was put on olanzipine at an immediate 20mg dose, no progressive dosage upwards. I’ve been on olanzipine for a little over five years and have come off it in the last 3 weeks. At the advice of my GP over the period of around a year I reduced the dosage from 10mg to 2.5mg, then 2.5mg every other day, then stopped completely. I gained about 5st in weight over 5 years, I gained more weight on lower dosage than the high one. Recent blood tests revealed elevated blood sugar and I’m now borderline diabetic.

    For the first couple of weeks I was fine, I was very happy (perhaps too happy and in mania of some sort) then I crashed into a debilitating depression with extreme lethargy, nausea, insomnia, headaches, itchiness, return of psychosis, temperature dysregulation, scary thoughts and nightmares. I have no thoughts or intent to act out self harm or suicide. I sought advice from my GP and asked for referral for a mental health assessment and was refused with no explanation. I’m afraid I’ll have to go back onto olanzapine and titrate off again after reading the previous comments here as it sounds like I came off it much too quickly. I’m hoping to see my GP early next week and will demand a referral to talk with mental health professionals and seek proper, appropriate advice this time.

  45. Hi,

    Anyone here who knows how to get Olanzapine in liquid form ? I have tried to withdraw 3 times already. But get so ill that I have to start again. I have read many places that the best way to withdraw is to reduce by 10% every four weeks. So the only way I can see that is possible is with liquid version of Olanzapine. But I can not figure out how to get it in liquid form. So I am very great full for information about it.


    • I know Tim’s post is old but this is for everyone still struggling today. I am trying to get my beautiful kind hearted daughter off this evil drug as well. The answer to tiny reductions in Olazapine is to find yourself an extremely accurate weight scale. I found mine on ebay for a couple hundred US. The one I got was a Mettler AE 163. (best ones read 0.1mg or even more accurate). I chose this Mettler because it takes a standard plug same as desktop computers or ballasts etc. and often times used scales are missing plugs that cost a couple hundred more $ to buy. DO not buy one that doesn’t provide proof that it accepts a calibration and has no error codes. Calibration isntructions can be found on youtube.
      For those that don’t know, a 5mg tablet does not weigh 5mg, they have filler inside. Take the total weight of the pill and reduce it in percentages of this weight. We just got started a couple months ago and I began a 10% reduction every 4 weeks. After 2 months even this turned out to be too fast. I am now lowering the reduction to 5% per month, so it will be 16 more months!
      To physically reduce the pill, I am using a quality set of wire cutters and kind of chew a side off. Once you get close, rub that side with fine sand paper. I also bought a pill crusher but haven’t bothered using it yet although I’ll need to as I get down further. [I keep all extra pill that I cut off in a sealed container! This is so important in case the doctor cuts her off or if we need to up the dose slightly.
      Also, I’ve decided to now put the reduced pills into capsules, just in case they are dissolving before going deep into her stomach, I am taking off a side of the outer coating after all. Good luck everyone, hope I helped someone in need and I’ll report back.

  46. I have been reading this website and am perplexed at the with drawl symptoms From Zyprexa. I have been on 10 mg for more than 10 years. I cut back to 5 mg with no noticeable changes. So I stopped cold turkey. I felt depressed during the first few days and so I supplemented my Cymbalta with Wellbutrin. I feel great and I feel blessed not to have experienced tremendous withdraw that most of you are describing.


  47. I was on 7.5mg of olanzapine for 8 years. Two months ago after suffering high cholesterol for years, memory problems and apathy, my docs agreed that I should come off it. I dropped from 7.5mg to 5mg for 4 weeks, then to 2.5mg for 4 weeks. As of two weeks ago I am off it completely. Withdrawal symptoms included insomnia, night sweats and nausea about twice every two weeks. I’m hoping with time these withdrawal symptoms will go too. On the upside, I am more alert, my memory has definitely improved and I’m not oversleeping which was a major problem for me while on olanzapine. My mood remains stable and I’m definitely more productive in my day. I’m hoping that the weight I gained while I was on Zypreza will drop too with time. While I suffer the withdrawal, in no way would I be interested in going back on Olanzapine. It’s a quick fix during a major pyschotic episode, but should be no more than that in my opinion. Good luck to everybody getting off this drug.

  48. Hi Allison,

    I just read your post and hope you are feeling better. I went off Valium cold turkey and experienced withdrawal symptoms for two years on and off.

    I have been on Zyprexa 2.5mg for three years and have been very slowly tapering. At times, I have anxiety and tingling skin, but the worst part is brain fog and short term memory issues. I am down to about 1mg .now, but will continue to taper slowly as I know I just can’t handle another long drawn out horrific withdrawal. In the end, I will probably just be taking a tiny crumb every other day and then every third day until I feel my body has finally adjusted to functioning properly without this nasty medicine. Then I will jump off and I will be free.

    I hope your symptoms are getting less and less everyday. Come back and let me know how you are doing.

  49. What you say you are left with as symptoms are a result of combination of being old, menopausal and cancer.

  50. I have a son, 18 years old, coming off Olanzapine. Was mis-diagnosed with Schizophrenia 3 years ago, put on 40mg / day. Moved after a year, changed psychiatrist, started reducing the dosage, now down to 7.5, doing well at the moment. Just went down to 7.5 from 10, 3 days ago. Open to advice, and THANKS to all the brave souls who have shared their mis-experiences with Zyprexa – I wish I had found this page before precious wonderful gentle son got hooked. Thanks.

    John in California


  51. i was put on olanzapine because i was suffering bad withdrewal from oapiates and was feft on it for all those years ? before olanzapine i had no mental health issues at all i just hope that it hasent screwed me up forever

    • well i got down to 0.5 of a mgram and thought id done it BUT it was then that the withdrawals got me i went manic its now 59 days since it all went wrong and im still having withdrawals im on 2.5 mgrams im more stable but dont feel right at all ill keep you informed

  52. i was 15 mg/day zyprexa for 10 years exist in world any site cure free or help?, side efects and abstinence is hell.

  53. Hi, I’m currently on a high dose of olanzapine 20mg. I came off once during the summer cold turkey because I was sick of snoozing and eating my life away, but psychosis hit and I was forced to go back on them. I have done much healing since then and feel ready to come off again. Can anyone recommend the safest way of tapering? I cannot tell my Dr because he thinks I’m a paranoid schizophrenic which I simply am not!! I need to do it working with my acupuncturist and muscle testing on how to go about the tapering. Any advice would be welcome. Hope I hear from someone soon. Take care.

    • hi faye as you may have read ive almost done it i tapered from 20 mg very slowly ,reducing every six weeks i got to o.5 mg before the withdrawal really got me i had to go up to 2.5 mg before the withdrawal stopped it then took another four months at 2.5 before i felt almost right but ive lost 6 1/2 stone im going to wait till after christmas before i start tapering again only this time im going to reduce by 1/4 tablet every two months even on 2.5 mg im a different person i can even hold a conversation that i couldent do when on 20 mg

  54. Hello everybody. My wife is clinically bipolar level 2. Been taking zypreza 10 mg, escitalopram 10 mg and lamotrigine 100mg on a daily basis since 2014 when she was diagnosed.
    In July 2017 her new psychiatrist lowered her zypreza to 7.5 mg after a week, she had a crisis. One morning Began talking non sense and wanting to go to the bathroom to urine every 3 minutes. I Called 911 went to hospital and there she was like asleep but trying to get off the stretcher at all times. It was so awful. Then all doctors did on her many tests neurological and it was all normal. I told them to begin with her treatment and then the next day she was herself again.
    So she can’t go lower on meds.
    Any opinions

  55. Destroyed Brain, Digestion, Life, and Some Recovery and Hope

    My story:
    I was on 2.5 mg of olanzapine for one and a half years (prescribed for insomnia and anxiety), started to gain weight, getting speaking issues, and initial symptoms of tarditive dyskinesia (shaking uncontrollable limbs). So I decided to get off of olanzapine, told my psychiatrist so who said I should not get off of olanzapine, but if I want to I should ween off of it in 2 weeks time gradually and it will be fine.
    I weened off of it in 6 weeks time instead, going very slowly (in the end I was taking small pieces of pill powder). Despite that, one week after my last dose, I got severe anxiety, sleeplessness, stroke-like symptoms, and severe digestive issues (diarrhea 3-4 times a day). I developed paranoid schizophrenia in a couple of days, I was not even able to walk down the street from phobias and hallucinations I got.
    My hippocampus was damaged too, my spatial sense was gone, becoming unable to control and sense my limbs, I got severe memory and cognitive issues, and simultanagnosia.
    I became totally dysfunctional and weak, so I started taking olanzapine again after 2 weeks, my anxiety was gone, I could sleep again, but the other symptoms stayed. The psychiatrist told me that is because I need more of the drug and I need other types of drugs too (SSRI etc.). The psychiatrist said I was already developing schizophrenia and OCD, and my symptoms are not related to olanzapine or its withdrawal.
    This is a lie, because I am older than 30 and schizophrenia develops under 30 only. The truth is, olanzapine and the possible dopamine overload that resulted from the withdrawal burnt my neurons making me brain damaged. (My MRI shows no stroke, so it was not a stroke, it was neuron burnout.)
    As a result of my new weird behavior and constant toilet times, I lost my job and my girlfriend, I lost my life. (I have an MSC degree, by the way.)
    I attempted a second withdrawal half a year later, 3 months long slow dose reduction this time. This time, it worked, I did not get anxiety and sleeplessness. However, all other symptoms stayed. My digestion got so bad I almost died however.
    No doctor was able to/willing to help me in my country (our healthcare is basically dysfunctional anyway).
    Psychiatrists wanted to put me on other drugs, which I refused.

    Some recovery:
    Based on internet information, I started taking large doses of B12 vitamin (> 200 micrograms per day), and I healed my digestion to some extent with digestive aids. I also resumed exercising once I was strong enough again.
    Soon after B12 vitamin treatment started, my schizophrenic symptoms started to diminish. Now, one year after, my schizophrenic phobic and hallucinative symptoms are gone up to 90%. My dopamine receptors seem to have normalized largely.

    Symptoms that remained:
    Memory, cognitive, and body control issues, simultanagnosia.

    Current plan:
    I am trying to rebuild my brain now, they say neurons slowly regenerate or new ones are built, I hope it is happening indeed.

    Hope and my suggestions for others:
    – If you are already on olanzapine and you were not schizophrenic before, immediately start weening off of it before it is too late and refuse any and all psychiatric drug (unless some sleeping pills or weak dosages of benzos like xanax), rather choose other means to relax. (Some substances may be demonized and illegal in your country, they are still less dangerous than antipsychotics in my opinion.) Ween off of it extremely slowly, if you took it for 1 year for example, ween off of it in 4 months or more by gradually reducing dosage to avoid dopamine overload which burns out your neurons.
    – If you have tried to get off of olanzapine already and got brain damaged like me, start taking large doses of B12 vitamin as well on a daily basis. Start exercising, do whatever makes you feel better.
    – If you have not taken any antipsychotics and you are reading this out of curiousity considering taking any, unless you are extremely schizophrenic and dysfunctional, DO NOT EVER TAKE ANY ANTIPSYCHOTICS!!!

    General comment on psychiatry:
    Psychiatry is interested in making dysfunctional sick zombies that need their drugs to survive and cashing in from this. Drug companies and most psychiatrists included. Their drugs do not heal any brain sickness, they only cause more brain sickness, even if they seem to provide some initial relief. Avoid psychiatry at any cost if you can. Use other means and do not feed this monster.

    I am wishing the best recovery for everyone.

    I will post an update if my hippocampus shows signs of recovery.

    I hope this helps someone.


    • I have problems with stopping olanzapine due to nausea and digestive problems. Can you, please, tell me which digestive aids you took?

  56. ive done it , im finally free from my olanzapine ordeal ,, its been 6 months since my last dose of the poison and strangely im no longer anxious ,ive not had a panic attack for months ,the mainia has passed ,even the audio and visual ilusinations have gone ,, my advise is to buy a pill splitter and go slowly ,its taken me over three years to get here but its been worth it ,to be me again

  57. Hi
    My name is Emily and i started olanzapine when I was 19, 10mg. I took 10mg daily for 6 years, (sometimes abusing it, proven to be a side effect) August 2017 I started 5mg until January 5th 2018. Then I stopped entirely. The first 3 days my face flushed, and my heart was so uncomfortable for hours upon waking. I immediatly was unable and unwilling and uninterested in eating food. By May I lost 30 pounds. (I was 117 before olanzapine, 180 when I decided to come off of it) and wasnt getting my period. And was giving pantoprozole for my stomach pain which i refused and smoke marijuana for instead. By August 2018 I was down another 30 some pounds and was 113 pounds and was told my “heart is arrythmic due to anxiety and stress”
    I am 25yrs old as of October 2018 and its now January 11 2019 and i weigh 108 pounds, my heart hurts alot and I cant really deal without weed in my system and no one really takes me seriously. The hospital hasnt taken me seriously with the exception of my G.P. I have no means to work or make money and pretty sure me and my cat are going to die alone because all i did was take a pill knowing “Itll make you fat”. I was like OK! Welll…. dont take it. Its not just overweight…. i did something to my body and im going to die

    • Don’t think like that! We’ll get through this! I’ve been on and off of zyprexa since I was 12 and was prescribed 20mg for the past three years. Got a new dr and was surprised that I was taking so many different meds. Automatically started tapering me off a month and a half ago. Felt great for the first two weeks being off it. Then suddenly a lot of side effects started having. Insomnia, the worst anxiety I’ve ever had in my life and ocd where I kee in blinking. All of this started happening two weeks after I was off zyprexa. I have other symptoms just like people are saying above. Itchiness, heart arithmetic while I was on it (while I was on it), and high cholesterol. I’m really pissed because I genuinely trusted my previous drs, but they seriously fucked me. Every time I told my dr that I still feel depressed etc he just upped my dose of meds. When I switched to my new dr because of insurance reason she’s taking me off of a lot of stuff. I was on zyprexa, Lamictal, mirtazipine, khlotopin, and adderal. This past dr was so fucked up he was presribing me 100mg of adderal a day! My new dr was flabbergasted. Once I was off zyprexa I knew I was being fucked by drs for years. Been on meds on and off since I was five. I finally have found a good theropist and saw him after not sleeping for around 50 hours. He told me I looked like shit and I told him what was going on, and he told me that my dr sheet says I only have general anxiety and some type of depression that only shows up once a year. He’s the only dr that was honest with me and basically said “dude you’re on some fucked up stuff, get off of that shit right away” after countless drs he’s the only one that has been truly honest. I love my mom but because I had temper tantrums since I was five I became a Guinne pig for drs. I can’t blame her because I too thought drs were here to help, it is indeed the opposite. They lie about side effects and say shit that is habit forming isn’t. Fuck all drs. The only time people should be on meds is if they’re schitzos or are so unstable that they are trying to kill themselves or something. I’ve never felt crazy except for the past 3 weeks. I actually stared into the mirror for like 5 minutes making my eyes bulge out sweating I’m craxy. I have never experienced anything like this before and I’m scared because I see comments where people say they’ve been a year off and still feel horrible. I have high hopes though. But after this journey I am continually tapering off all my meds and hopefully will be off them all in three weeks. And I will never fucking trust drs or put myself on medication ever again.

    • Hi Emily you should try to come off olanzapine slowly it can be done I hope you and your cat are fine god bless you just coming off it myself right now came off it 2 years ago and went back on it got loads of problems with this shit drug

  58. I’m an MD and a clinical pharmacologist, but for more than 20 years, I’ve been using mainly holistic methods to treat my patients. I was actually involved in olanzapine research in the ’90s. I don’t have an ideological axe to grind. I am a scientist and a pragmatist. I use what works best for the patient, based on science. In 20 years, I have not found one good clinical reason to prescribe olanzapine for more than 2 months. So far, there’s always been a better holistic solution. Maybe it’s just luck?

    Olanzapine is known to deplete the following nutrients:
    Coenzyme Q10
    Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B12 & Folate

    This helps explain some of the side effects. And while I cannot find any science on the subject, I have a strong suspicion that olanzapine also depletes magnesium and Vitamin B1 (thiamine). This is based on clinical observation, not on empirical science.

    In other words, super-supplementation is key when being treated with olanzapine, as well as during the withdrawal period.
    Purely for educational purposes (for the curious among you), I often use Thiamine in doses of 500 mg daily and Magnesium in doses of 600 mg elemental magnesium daily during withdrawal. Coenzyme Q10 I typically prescribe at 200 mg daily during withdrawal phase. I don’t supplement melatonin for various reasons. I also find low dose CBD oil helps a lot. About 5-10% pure CBD oil in olive oil or MCT oil. I mostly prescribe 0.1 ml of this blend at night, below the tongue during withdrawal. The sublingual dosing is to sidestep the liver, which is affected by olanzapine.

    All of the above purely for your enjoyment, of course, and not intended as medical advice. He who is his own doctor has a fool for a patient.

    • Hi Dock Frank I was on olanzapine 2.5 for a year and half started to get terrible palpation a fter about 10 months cut to 3quarters for a couple months got flutters irregular beats cut it down more and on exercision get pressure off now 6 weeks had tesrs on heart all arteries clear got raised pasp cardioligst is blaming a multivitamin menopace so I stopped that 2 weeks ago hope this goes away as I can’t exercise on beta blockers very depressed help

  59. Was on Olanzapine for about 6 months for a first episode psychosis with paranoia and hallucinations. Gained 20 kgs and the brain was in zombie-mode.

    4 months on 15 mg. Tapering down to 10 mg, 5 mg, 2.5 mg, 0 mg, at 2-week intervals.

    Appetite decreased after a few days. Around 3 weeks after quitting, withdrawals became more prominent. Had heart palpitations for one week and became more energetic, alert, and active. Went for 1 h walks a day outside, and palpitations went away. Some psychotic symptoms returned, paranoia, anxiety, and extreme sensitivity to sounds and objects moving in the periphery. Brain activity was speeding up and felt overly energetic and got insomnia.

    The doctor prescribed melatonin for insomnia, it did not work. Instead, tried with sleeping pill Zolpidem, only took it 2 nights, it was not very effective. Decided to try exercise instead, 2-4 hours powerwalk for a few days, and this helped with insomnia much better than melatonin or narcotics. Speculation: exercise increases sleep quality, lowers anxiety, and help rewire and rebalance neuronal circuits. Other withdrawal symptoms decreased in intensity but over a period of a few weeks. After 2 months, some withdrawals persist and vary in intensity from day to day, however, overall towards the better and now much slimmer also.

    Personally, I think that attitude and determination are good predictors of a success story. By no means am I saying that recovery is a walk in the park, but I think that staying positive is key to improved life quality and recovery. Try to be optimistic and focus on the small improvements and see them as milestones towards full recovery.

  60. Success story, very easy too.
    I was on 7.5 mg olanzapine for 7 years. My doctor said cut it in half for a week, then off if it. Bad advice – insomnia, extreme hallucinations, psychosis, and depersonalization. Had to get right back on it.
    Then I tried a modification of decreasing it by 0.1 mg/day. Not rocket science but absolutely amazing as I had virtually zero side effects. Over 77 days, using 7.5’s and 5’s (mg) pills, careful arithmetic, and a dedicated calendar, it was too easy! I would go from 7.5 to 6.88 (7.5/4 +5) and since it was ~0.7mg drop, I would stay at that dosage for 7 days. Then I would go to 6.25mg (7.5/6+5) and since it was about a 0.6mg drop, I would stay at that dosage for 6 days. Only once did I drop it by as much as 1.2mg and then I would stay at that dosage for 12 days. So it was a slow 11 weeks and very methodical. But I am ecstatic it was so easy.

    • Follow up to proceeding post. 2 weeks after completely stopping, withdrawal symptoms started. Hardly sleeping, some auditory and visual hallucinations, sometimes separate, others together like a slightly tortuous dream that I always snap out of with my body jerking, what seems like a combination of minor psychosis and anxiety. it’s not as bad as it was 6 months ago when I temporarily stopped cold turkey. However, I am in this for the long haul because I don’t like the weight gain and diabetes risk which would probably be guaranteed given I became pre-diabetic 3 years into this medication. Some helpful posts on this board, especially the one from Stephen which preceded this one. I already lost 10 pounds over a couple months. Enjoying successful dieting for a change! It was getting out of control.

      • Reporting back after almost 2 years. I could not get the insomnia under control. So I got on Risperdal (way less receptors affected than with Olanzapine, so I thought it was much safer, it is), about 4 months after my last post. It helped a great deal. I also got on Xanax, never upping my prescription above 1mg/day to avoid addiction, and Ambien which I take about 2-3 times a week. I am OK, but the sleep is still not good. I think it’s permanent, sleep not having improved for 18 months. I average probably 4-5 hours per night. Even on a 10mg Ambien night, I could wake up wide awake after 5 hours. I strongly recommend not taking Olanzapine ever. Hope this helps.

        • Hi Pete. I know your suffering, I was on 10mg for 3 years. The insomnia is the worst! I’m now on Mirtazapin 15mg for sleep, which sucks. I was always able to sleep before getting on Olanzapine. But after, I completely lost the ability to sleep without some sort of medication. 🙁 I hope it returns. Has yours returned so far, and how are things?

          All the best.

      • Yes, little measured pieces. So if I was taking a 7.5mg pill, I would carefully divide by 2 and divide one of those by 3. I would then take all the pieces of the 7.5mg except for the one sixth of the pill. That would result in taking 6.25mg (7.5 minus (7.5 divided by 6)).

  61. I’ve been on 30mg of Zyprexa for 3 years. I have no idea how my provider could have done this to me.
    After deciding to take me off she had me half my dose every week after only 4 weeks I am now off completely. Definitely not a slow taper.
    It’s been a week now and after reading the experiences you all have shared I am terrified of what may come.
    I have a horrible headache and insomnia, my body temp fluctuates frequently. I’m crying from overwhelm and have some anxiety. I feel like myself again but worry that there may be more withdrawal symptoms.
    I have started fish oil, B complex with B 12 , clean diet.
    I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and tinnitus and had no idea they could have been caused by the zyprexa. My cholesterol and blood sugar tests were the reason my GP asked me to inquire about going off of it.

  62. Done it I’m finally clean of olanzapine the first few months weren’t good but now over a year latter things are good man what a journey getting off the stuff all I’ve got to do now is loose all the weight I’ve put on

  63. I began 5mg olanzapine in 1998. 2 yrs ago I started having twitching and small jerking. Fast forward to 9/2018. I went on an easy backpacking trip. My voluntary muscles moved involuntarily. I came out using trekking poles as legs. The symptoms jumped. My PMHNP (AKA vampire- she ALWAYS wants blood tests) did an AIMS test, I had developed TD. She said I had to get off it. Tapered slowly and had withdrawl symptoms, but the real hell was at 0.0mg. The vampire didn’t warn me.
    Abdominal pain, inability to eat except jello and chocolate ice cream for 3 mo. So weak I couldn’t stand. Insomnia. Anxiety. Sweating. So dehydrated, my GP wanted intravenous hydration. This went on and on and on. Black depression the second I woke. For all that I remember stated here, my husband says I have blacked out much of it! The TD reduced to 40%. The vampire put me on short term high dose Vitamin E and it reduced TD to 5% but still residual muscle damage. Recently I added Trazadone and It has been a godsend. The hannibal lecters that created this evil should be forced to take it. 9 mo since original tapering and have residual symptoms but I am engaged in life again. I’m happy. I can read, listen to music. I didn’t know this would be my prize. It’s like a miracle.

    So I want to conclude for those who are suffering: NAMI states: “We will never give up hope.” Keep trying, you can do it. It’s worth it for quality of life. Now I need to get off Clonazapam. Here we go again.

  64. Thank you for sharing your story, Sally.

    Was on 30 mg of Olanzapine comorbid with 40mg of Citalopram for many years. Whenever it was suddenly discontinued to go on something else, akathisia would result, as well as tardive dyskinesia and tardive dystonia. Thought this was caused by the other drugs because the akathisia went away when they were discontinued to go back on Olanzapine. The tardive dyskinesia and tardive dystonia went away the first time Olanzapine was re-continued, but remained, to a lesser degree, at least in regards to the mouth and tongue, when this was done again.

    Began tapering off Olanzapine over eight years ago (because there were no psychological symptoms and the psychdoc had no excuse not to taper off of them) without any support or real knowledge of how to do it. This took around a year followed by less than a year to finish tapering off Citalopram. Noticed some problems during the taper, but didn’t think they were that big of a deal nor that these problems were due to the drug taper.

    Around a year after becoming drug free, tried 20 mg of Citalopram for a few months to help with sleep, followed by 20 mg of Citalopram comorbid with 5mg of Olanzapine for a week. Hated the idea of being on these poisons, so used Trazodone for a month before become drug free again. Now been drug free for over five years.

    As the years go by drug free, physical problems, such as those mention in these posts and comments about Olanzapine, are becoming more and more disabling. (No psychological problems, not even anxiety since there are no false hopes of competence or ethical integrity from the medical industry.) Considering going back on Olanzapine, a low dose, 2.5 or 5 mg, simply to stop all the physical problems. If that works, could try tapering off again, only slower and with Potassium, Magnesium, Ibuprofen, and CBD oil as suggested in the comments of these posts. If taper isn’t successful, stay on minimal dose of Olanzapine for life just like some Heroin addicts have to use Methadone for the rest of their lives. Not an ideal way to live, but at least it would be better than life is now.

  65. Hello everybody. I’ve been on Olanzapine injections for a year now, 15 to 20 mg daily. Discontinued cold turkeh from 300 mg injection. Now it’s been 2 weeks since I’m drug free and I am having frequent episode of depression which persist for 2 days and then stop and I become well for 4 days, sometimes for 2 or only 1. Vitamins (SAM-e, which increases serotonin) help me fight this battle. Psychiatrist said that it takes 2-4 weeks till the drug completelly leaves your body so I am wondering if I am slowly tappering from the drug and decrease in dosage causes my withdrawal (I know I am not taking any for 2 weeks now but maybe there still is some drug left in my body and I slowly reducing the dosage) or am I having my old symptoms back, or maybe the drug is already out and SAM-e is not so good at fighting decreased serotonin.
    If any of you have any ideas about my situation please leave a message here or at my e-mail cesnaitelina@gmail.com
    I really need some hope I could live without the drug. Thank you in advance.

  66. Hi all,

    I’ve been on Zyprexa for about a year and a half at 15mg. I was put on Zyprexa to help with severe treatment resistant depression. I also take 150mg of Effexor and 300mg of Welbutrin. In the past year my depression has slowly gotten worse and I suspect it’s the Zyprexa. About 3 months ago I decided to taper myself off Zyprexa. I went from 15mg to 7.5mg for 3 months. I experience moderate sleeping issues (I sleep between 4-8 hours and wake up about 10 times during the night), nausea and a dramatic increase in depression. My highs are lower and my downs are longer and more severe.

    My two questions are this: 1) Has anyone experienced increased depression as a result of taking Zyprexa
    2) Has anyone experienced an increase in depression as a result of Zyprexa withdrawal.

    Any replies are greatly appreciated.

    • I do bro,didn’t know at the start from what is my depression coming from but after I did some research I foud out that is the olanzapine,I am experience my self now a new state of depression since I’ve dropped from 10 to 7.5 to 5 and now I am at 2.5 but I’ve read that I did some big drops it is advice to drop 10%every 20 days or month,there is a suport group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1514958838828543/ there you can learn about a taper plan,wish you good luck and good days

  67. Gmail I was on olanzapine pain for 9 months at 10 mg it started giving me panic attacks after about eight months eight and a half months I called my psychiatrist and he told me cut my dose in half and then quit taking it after one week I did that it was an absolute living hell between the Panic anxiety and want to crawl out of my skin it was the worst hell I’ve ever had and I’ve had some hell my Saving Grace was going to the Rite Aid in the pharmacist helping me out with the vitamins I needed my second Saving Grace what’s my hydroxyzine hydrochloride that wasn’t enough I check myself back into the mental hospital and they put me on Trazodone 100mg I take that with melatonin at night and I sleep that is the key sleep I’ve been off now for about a month and a half and I feel way better perfect yet but it’s getting better every day it can be done like I said it was a living absolute hell for two weeks you have to be strong and remember your brain will heal or at least go back to its functioning as it was before the drug

  68. Hi everyone! I am Dylan. Originally put on Zyprexa after I had some serious trouble sleeping in school. First I saw a doctor and then i saw a psychiatrist. Only been on Zyprexa for a month and successfully trying to taper off. I feel like I have trouble sleeping, experience extreme anxiety, depression, restless leg syndrome, and suicidal thoughts. Sometimes I took 5mg, at least twice I took 7mg but I mostly tried to only use 1 pill from what I remember. My mom is really showing social support and helping me get off of it. It feels like a nightmare because I wasn’t even diagnosed with a mental illness. Do you guys think it is possible for me to get off of this stuff and get back to normal?!?!?! Really struggling right now. Any support would be appreciated.

  69. Hello everyone.
    I am a college student who goes to San Jose State. Recently, I have been having trouble sleeping. I went to the doctor, talked to it with my family, etc. The process became ongoing. I eventually went to a Psychiatric Urgent Care and was prescribed Zyprexa. Helped with my sleep. Then I realized your body gets you to it and did not like the sexual dysfunction part of zyprexa. After trying to taper off for a couple of days, I realized I had trouble with sleep. Looking for advice. If you only been on this stuff for a month, can matters improve?

    • As a user of that garbage for 5 years, i advice you, dont even try taking that **it, it will only do harm to you. Now i have to gradually taper it as long as 3 years counting from today.

  70. i just searched this drug and came to this post,i am on 2.5mg,and i think i dont need this drug anymore,should i go cold turkey?

  71. I’m really grateful for all the information this forum had provided.

    It’s a bit scary to see how bad it can get.

    I took Olanzapine for 3 months at 10mg and stopped cold turkey since three weeks ago. I’ve had insomnia, digestive bowel problems and feel completely disconnected and emotionless. I’m wondering if there is worse yet to come. Should I maybe go back on the medication. There might be much worse to happen, I just wanted to stop before things got worse from taking it. I thought my brain was shrinking.

    I don’t want to have these problems forever though

    I cannot think straight

  72. Sally, I hope you see this! It is extremely important. I have suffered from the same after stopping Olanzapine. I thought it must have been the drug. In Order to treat my body well I took synthetic B vitamins. They just now found out that all my issues were caused by B6 toxicity. Here is my question: have you ever taken B vitamins? Or an antibiotic after coming off Olanzapine (this can make you become toxic from food !)? Please get back to me as soon as possible. You can contact me via email!! Neuropathy symptoms, sensitivity to noise, pain, blurred vision, breathing issues, heart rate issues, balance issues, basically all you are describing is not from Olanzapine. It is strongly linked to B6 toxicity. Please get back to me !

  73. This is a shit drug worst than heroin should be banned so many horrible side effects from my own experience heard they were suid over this drug and they came back with another name zerpra

  74. This medication almost killed me! I took it once, and I have seizures till today! I had never had seizures before taking this med! I got fat for weeks and I fainted twice. I had to be hospitalized and almost died. I don’t recommend it!

  75. Hello everyone,

    It’s been a week since my last dose of Olanzapine, and I’m fairly certain that will be the last of it. After a little more than three years on a low to very low dose, it no longer disrupts my sleeping pattern if I don’t take it.

    To those seeking a way off this medication: There is hope, but respect the drug and taper off gradually and slowly. Also, find yourself a therapist who can teach you body or breath-focused relaxation techniques, or familiarize yourself through books. If psychosis is the reason you are taking this, realize your mind is like a radio on the coffee table, continuing to blabber nonsense, until you tune in on something else. To those considering the use of this medication or among any of their loved ones, please only use this as a last resort. If you do use it, first try the lowest dose possible and aim to reduce dosage when possible.

    Due to an extreme mental burnout, I was unable to sleep due to anxiety while prematurely confronted with external pressures having to do with reintegration. I was adviced to take Citalopram (SSRI) which would help against the anxiety, but it somehow completely backfired, completely disrupting my sleeping pattern. I was then taken off them and put on Lorazepam. When I mentioned that I was ‘only’ sleeping 6 hours per night, They added 5 mg Olanzapine. I slept through, but felt extremely numbed, and immediately asked to half the dose. Although it did its job in extending my sleep, I always woke up very dry eyes and a dehydrated mouth. I also felt it sucked the energy out of me. Therefore, Within a few weeks I tried to quit it multiple times, but it would lead directly to insomnia. As sleep was crucial in my burnout recovery process, I chose to stay on the medication for a while.

    After 6 months, I cut my dose in half again to 1,25 mg, this went without problems. When I tried to half the dose again, insomnia would appear again. Again, I chose to postpone further tapering down. A little less than 1,5 years after starting, I felt strong enough to give it another try and found a national pharmacy (in Holland) that services the tapering of olanzapine to 0,1 mg tablets (even 0,025 by now). In a month, I was able to get down to a dosage of 0,1 mg from 1,25. Even then, quitting the use would bring insomnia for days, something which I was not able to bear.

    Eventually, another 1,5 years later ( which could probably be done in a month) I was able to cut the 0,1 mg tablets into increasingly smaller pieces, almost entirely fading out the withdrawal effects when cutting down the dose. But it worked for me, and I believe it can therefore work for you. Each time, I cut down the dose, I used a little melatonine (0,1-0,5 mg) to improve my sleep. ( I would sometimes take 0,1 mg each time I’d wake in de middle of the night and it would be sufficient to get me another 2 hrs.)

    I hope a similar process brings similar results for all of you, even those having taken higher doses for longer times. Good luck!

  76. I am on 5mg Olanzapine for about 6 mos now. I had no idea how bad the withdrawals were or I would have never taken it. I tried to CT at the beginning of May and only lasted a week before reinstating.

    I am trying to stabilize on that dose, but the insomnia is severe.

    I’d love to hear from some of the people who posted and were tapering- can you provide an update? Success stories even to being hope ?!

  77. Been on 25mg a day 3 months ago and sometimes taking 50mg to sleep 18 hours…stupid huh..
    Been tapering at about 10% every month and it’s going great…now on 18.75mg……
    I have read all the posts on this site and have seen so many people suffering for no good reason because you all taper too fast….I am going to take 2-3 years to get to 0mg……
    This is how you get off olanzapine
    Each drop is every 2 weeks…so….
    20mg 18.75mg 17.5mg 16.25mg 15mg 14mg 13mg 12mg 11mg 10mg 9mg 8mg 7mg 6mg 5mg 4.5mg 4mg 3.5mg 3mg 2.5mg 2.25mg 2mg 1.8mg 1.6mg 1.5mg 1.4mg 1.3mg 1.2mg 1.1mg 1mg 0.9mg 0.8mg 0.7mg 0.6mg 0.5mg 0.45mg 0.4mg 0.35mg 0.3mg 0.25mg 0.225mg 0.2mg 0.175mg 0.162 0.15mg 0.1375mg 0.125mg 0.112mg 0.1mg 0.09mg 0.08mg 0.07mg 0.06mg 0.05mg 0.045mg 0.04mg 0.035mg 0.030mg 0.025mg 0.020mg 0.0175mg 0.0150mg 0.0125mg 0.01mg 0.008mg 0.006mg 0.005mg 0.0025mg 0.002mg 0.0015mg 0.001mg 0.0005mg then stop……
    If you get any withdrawal after this taper go back on 0.0005 for a couple of months then stop…..
    So the total time for this taper is 2 years and 10 months…I know what your thinking…my god that’s too long I want off this crap asap.
    Well I’m sorry but if you dont want to feel any withdrawal at all and come off it easy as pie you will have to be patient….some people are coming off this drug in weeks and suffering needlessly…
    This drug does not take weeks or months to come off but a couple of years or more..
    The brain takes a very long time to adjust to a lower dose…you cant rush it…its a very very slow process..maybe 10 times slower then benzos…rush it and you will suffer…
    Lastly to be able to do the minute doses you will need a liquid titration….Try and get liquid olanzapine from chemist or get them to make 0.025mg tablets for you….if you fail to do this the last resort would be to dissolve pill in a litre of vodka and you end up just having a few drops a day towards the end…
    You may need to change the vodka/olanzapine every 2 weeks or so so it doesnt go stale..
    Now I’ll be honest I haven’t tried doing it with vodka I’m only assuming it works…
    Do some research on liquid titration….
    Anyone wanna post any positive stories about how to do liquid titration please post as I have not ever done it……
    Remember coming off olanzapine can take a few years Rush it and you will suffer….patience is the key!!!
    Thanks for reading and good luck!

  78. Sorry one last thing…I said that you should change the litre alcohol/vodka every two weeks…
    That would be expensive so use a smaller amount of alcohol or change the litre every month or so…
    I doubt the olanzapine would go stale too fast but again I’m not an expert in this..
    If anyone would like to add to my two posts or criticize then that’s fine….

  79. Hello,

    I’ve been on a very high dose (35mg) of Olanzapine (Zyprexa) for about 12 years. About 3 years ago I tried tapering off it but experienced persistent and severe insomnia that would not go away even after weeks and months. I lay in bed and I just don’t fall asleep no matter what. It gets so bad that I end up going back on Olanzapine just so I can sleep. Even when I do reinstate Olanzapine the insomnia still persists for a very long time. I’ve tried quitting 5 times and every time I experience insomnia. It never goes away and never gets better. It’s brutal. I am writing this post for those who are experiencing the same thing as me, over the years I’ve read numerous posts on numerous websites by people experiencing severe insomnia when coming off Olanzapine, hopefully the information in this post helps people out.

    During this current attempt to quit I have been tapering off very slowly, however once I got down to 5mg I started experiencing insomnia again. Now I read that during this COVID-19 pandemic Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) may be beneficial and since Olanzapine gave me diabetes I am in the high risk group if I catch the Virus. I don’t know if it will really help but Vitamin C is cheap and safe so I figured it couldn’t hurt. I went to the store to buy some Vitamin C and started taking it. To my amazement 4 days after I started taking it I began sleeping normally. To test whether or not it was the Vitamin C that was making me sleep I stopped taking it and the insomnia came back. I then went back on Vitamin C and began sleeping again.

    From what I have read Vitamin C doesn’t have sedative properties so I can only surmise that it somehow effects my neurochemistry in a way that offsets the dependency my brain has on receiving a daily dose of Olanzapine. I can’t find any information about this specifically but the effect is huge. The only information I found about Vitamin C that could be related to this effect was that it is useful in detoxifying reactions. When your brain is denied a drug it is accustomed to receiving your brain chemistry can take a long time to adapt to working without it, my guess is that this neurochemical chaos is alleviated by Vitamin C, at least to a point that I can sleep. In the past, whenever I have been on a low dose of Olanzapine, or off it completely, I always have severe and persistent insomnia, now I am sleeping normally for the first time in years.

    Vitamin C is generally safe unless you take insane amounts of it. Your body can’t produce it or store it and it’s water soluble so you pee out what your body doesn’t use. For what it is worth I bought 500mg tablets. I split them in half with a pill splitter. I started off taking 250mg of Vitamin C when I was on 5mg of Olanzapine and began sleeping fine after 4 days of taking it. When I dropped to 2.5mg of Olanzapine I needed to increase to 500mg of Vitamin C daily. I take half a pill (250mg) with breakfast and the other half about 2 hours before bed. I have continued my taper of Olanzapine and am now on a quarter of a 2.5mg tablet daily and hopefully will be discontinuing it permanently within a few weeks. I am still taking 500mg of Vitamin C a day and sleeping fine. Once I go off Olanzapine in a few weeks I may have to increase the amount of Vitamin C again. I’ve read the upper safety limit is about 2000mg a day but there are people on the Internet reporting they take more that that, such as 3000mg a day, without any problems (for other reasons). I tried drinking a lot of Orange Juice because it is full of Vitamin C but that didn’t work.

    I’m posting this information here to help others with persistent insomnia when coming off Olanzapine. It was a total fluke I discovered this and I hope it helps someone. If it doesn’t work for you it’s no big loss, Vitamin C is cheap and safe. Good luck coming of this drug!

    • Thought I would post an update. I tried reducing my dose further and it didn’t go well, in fact it was the worse it’s ever been. I experienced agitation, sweating, and anxiety attacks which I’ve never experienced before when going off Olanzapine. The insomnia was present too but not as bad as before. I didn’t want to increase the amount of Vitamin C so in a moment of desperation I took 5mg of Olanzapine and began feeling much better within a few hours. At 5mg of Olanzapine and 500mg of Vitamin C I feel fine and am sleeping well, which is actually an improvement from the past where I had some insomnia while taking 5mg, and a few years ago I had sleep problems at 10mg. I think I will be able to go down to 2.5mg of Olanzapine without problems but I am going to take it extremely slow, many many months. After that if I try reducing my dose further I will do it very slowly, over a period of a year or two, not a few months. I’m slowly becoming convinced it might not be possible for me to ever come off Olanzapine because I was on such a high dose for such a long time. I guess I have to be happy I can get by on 5mg (and hopefully 2.5mg in the future). I’ve come off 5 other psych meds, and while I had a bad experience withdrawing from all of them, they are nothing compared to Olanzapine. Thank you for creating this website, I’ve found it comforting knowing I’m not alone. Good luck everyone!

      • I was on 2.5 mg for a year and a half think gave me heart problems palpatitons spent 4 thousand on tests privately all arteries are clear but pressure on right side of heart.. Mri shows different been off that drug 3 months now hope it all goes away scary drug have to come off it very slow cut it down very slow if you can exercise will help greatly good luck John

  80. Hi everyone!

    Anyone experiencing supersensitivity to dopamine? I feel completely
    high from working… I know that working releases dopamine. Feels
    like my body is super sensitive to that now?

    Is that because there are too many free and open dopamine
    receptors now?

    Went from 2.5mg to 2.25mg (-10% every two weeks).


  81. For everyone getting of this drug.

    In germany there is a organisation that is writing about
    getting of those drugs. People who got off of it successfully
    were cutting it down the slowest. They speak from -10%
    every 3 months. So it’s really a long process. Even -10% every
    two weeks can be too fast. Give your body time to recover and

    Keep it up everyone!

  82. Wow, reading these accounts can be scary. My heart goes out for all those who are or have suffered through this trauma.

    Anyways. Am trying to slowly withdraw from a peak of 7.5 mg. It was easy until I crossed the 2.5 mg line. Went to 2mg. Had all the effects folks spoke about. Fortunately, I had 100mg gabapentin capsules from a previous drug withdrawal. Started taking 100 mg of gabapentin at bedtime and 100mg in the morning. This very small dose helped a lot with the anxiety and sleeplessness. Going to hold at this 2mg until all the withdrawal effects have subsided and then proceed with the next small reduction. It’s very clear that this drug is nasty and hard to withdraw from, but it clearly is doable with the proper technique.

    I highly recommend the addition of the very small dose of gabapentin. It cuts the nastiness of the withdrawal and allows you to sleep.

    Best of luck and my peace be with you.

    • I can confirm this. I am using GABA as a supplement which you can get on Amazon. It is helping me a lot. I read somewhere that low GABA levels are also linked to psychosis… so it helps really a lot with withdrawing and even the psychosis. But be aware that you don’t take it together with something like (Lyrica/Pregabalin/Gabapentin) Those are blocking GABA and this would cause an overload of GABA which is pretty dangerous if you take them together. Just chose one of them (supplement or as a drug that block receptors) Be aware of this. But otherwise with GABA it’s quite ok right now (2.5 mg -> 2.25mg)

    • I have been on 5mg olanzapine for the past 5 years. I have started taking 2.5mg olanzapine, and plan on doing so for a few months before decreasing the daily dose. But I honestly don’t know how to accurately cut the tablets beyond 2.5mg to accurately get 2mg or 1.5mg or 1mg or less. How do people do it? How do you accurately cut the tablets to get the exact, accurate dose while tapering?
      Thank you

  83. I took Olanzapine for 6 years. It kept me well. Now I am off it and I feel good. Not sure what the problem is. Life is difficult and you can’t change that by complaining, blaming doctors, or messing around with all these GABA supplements and ill-informed opinions. If you want the facts read articles on Olanzapine in psychiatric journals. P.S. it was tough coming off olanzapine because I didn’t sleep for days, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Good luck everybody.

  84. I was given Olanzapine as I wasn’t sleeping well and I trusted the Dr. in what he was prescribing. Over a year later he passed away and when I asked another Dr. in the practice for a prescription, he wanted to know why I was taking “That shit” as it was an anti phsycotic !!!

    He advised me to taper my 5mg dose so I did so for about 5-6 weeks by taking half a tab every 2 days. Then I stopped.

    After about a week, the withdrawal symptoms started with insomnia, nausea and a feeling of being very unwell. I couldn’t do anything and had to walk around eating dry biscuits for the nausea feeling.

    The 2nd Dr, put me on some nausea meds and valium and this worked well and I stopped all meds after about 10 days and was feeling great.

    Anyway, the nausea is back and so is the insomnia. It has been 32 days since I had any Olanzapine and I am so bloody annoyed that I was put on it in the first place and am so worried about how long these symptoms will last. I am not taking valium anymore, but will be getting some more Nausea meds I hope.

    I want my life back !!!!

    • Hi Gary I was on olanzapine 1 and half years got cardio problems been off it 4 months still feel nausea and poor appetite what was your medication called for nausea

    • Thank you for sharing. Not many people have mentioned being nauseous. I have been off olanzapine for two months and have been nauseous, trouble sleeping and have had this insane feeling that I am not going to live much longer. I am a cancer survivor and think all of this is happening is because my cancer is back but now I am feeling sure it’s the olanzapine. I am seeing my oncologist tomorrow just to make sure. I too want my life to return to normal. What I wouldn’t give to want to eat some food.

  85. I was put on 2.5mg olanzapine 2 months ago. It was to help me sleep and gain weight as I have depression and an eating disorder.

    I only needed to gain 10lbs, but I’ve put on 25lbs in 2 months, and I keep gaining, despite not eating more than what I need.

    Since starting the medication I have no balance. Sometimes I’ll fall sideways even if I don’t feel dizzy. I always have a dry mouth. It feels like my IQ has dropped 50 points. The brain fog is insane. I am either constipated or have diarrhoea.

    At the time I was in a psychiatric hospital. I wasn’t given a choice as to whether I wanted to be on this medication. I was told I either take in myself, or they will restrain me and inject it into me. I was not educated on the long-term effects, nor the withdrawal symptoms.

    I asked my psychiatrist if I can stop. They said no because they want to keep me at healthy weight. (I can maintain this weight without medication)

    I haven’t suffered any serious health effects from olanzapine that I know of, but I don’t want to stay on this medication in case any arise.

    Reading your stories, and from doing research on the long-term effects of this drug, I have made the decision I don’t want this poison in my body any longer.

    I stopped taking it cold turkey last week. I’ve had headaches that feel like an ice pick is being driven through my skull and numbness in my arms and legs. My sleep had improved on the drug, but now I’m sleeping less than 5 hours a night, if I sleep at all.

    I’m hoping the withdrawal symptoms ease soon. Luckily they haven’t been as bad as others. I’m glad I found out how dangerous this drug actually is before committing to it long-term.

    • Hi R ,

      How are you feeling now ? Does your symptoms were severe?
      I also took olanzapine 5 mg for about 2 weeks and I stopped cold turkey . It has been 10 days since I stopped and i cannot sleep more than 5 hours per night . I am a bit worried cause I do not know if is going to be worse .
      I would like to keep in touch with you and tell me from your experience how it was .

  86. Olanzapine is the worst – I have been on it for 5 years and it has caused me to gain 70ilbs. STOP taking it. It would have been nice for my doctor to warn me of this. Also had to research the long and short term side effects of this DANGEROUS drug.

  87. This drug is the worst. It causes so many side effects and makes you feel more anxiety and depression. Causes severe digestive issues and constipation, balance issues, nerve numbness, cognitive decline and memory loss. Urinary issues, insomnia, pelvic floor issues, sexual dysfunction, muscle weakness and more. The makers of this harmful drug should be put in prison for ruining peoples lives. The doctors recommending them should take them for themselves and see how they do on this drug.

  88. Help! Please! Has anyone had experience with withdrawal type symptoms when changing the time of day you take Zyprexa? My 15 year old daughter is diagnosed with bipolar. The psychiatrist put her on Risperdal. It caused akathisia. The psychiatrist brought down her dose from 1.5 to 1. She had psychosis (paranoia). I took her to the ER. They took her off Risperdal and put her on Zyprexa. Her psychosis paranoia came in bouts for 7 days. (2-3 times a day and no paranoia in between.) They also put her on Seraquel as needed. She was taken off the Seraquel when she left the hospital. She again had a day of paranoia. She was lefy with Zyprexa (along with lithium). She was taking 5mg of Zyprexa at night and 5mg in the morning. Her concentration was bad for school so the psychiatrist had me move her morning dose to the night so she started taking all 10mg at night. A day or so after the change she started having paranoia again. The psychiatrist thinks it’s proof she has schizoaffective disorder and told me to raise her dose. I haven’t yet because I’m wondering if the paranoia original paranoia was from Risperdal withdrawal and the current paranoia is caused by the switch to taking it all at night. Help!

  89. Good evening. I am in a very critical situation. Please help. I was taking Olanzapine 10 mg, then 7.5 mg, then 5 mg. Now I am on 2.5 mg. I decided to stop this drug permanently, but I hesitate as to the timing. My exams on February 20 Today is January 9. Do I postpone the decision to stop after the completion of the study because I heard that the withdrawal symptoms from 6 weeks to 90 days..or I stop now and the withdrawal symptoms last for days. I am very distracted. Especially since my doctor has written Modafinil to overcome On the side effects of olanzapine. I heard that this drug is dangerous and I am uncomfortable with it, it causes me tension and nervousness. Please advise. Greetings.

  90. In February 2020 I was given olanzapine 5mg twice a day as treatment to the trauma of having my mother die in my arms. In July 2020 I decided to wean off on my own with no doctor advice doing 10mg for one week then 5 mg the next week to 0 mg. Biggest mistake ever to wean off in less than a month. Major withdrawal symptoms : noise/light sensitivity, insomnia, brutal heartburn, cold/hot sweats, tremors, clammy/cold feet & hands, severe anxiety, and finally deep depression towards the one month mark of being off olanzapine in August. Admitted myself back to the local health centre and went back onto10mg once daily. October 2020 I reduced my dosage to 5mg once daily for one month. November 2020 I reduced my dosage to 2.5mg for one month. December 13, 2020 was my last dosage. For the first week of being free from olanzapine, I felt like my normal bubbly self again like before all of the trauma. But then the withdrawal symptoms flared up into week 2. Insomnia, anxiety, trouble eating/digesting food, severe nausea, cold/clammy hands & feet, hot/cold sweats that come out of nowhere, lingering headache all the time, exhaustion, crying spells & screams that come out of nowhere, waking because I’m so hungry and just feeling unwell all of the time. Today is day 28 of being free of olanzapine and I am struggling with all of these symptoms as best as I can. I have meds for the heartburn & nausea and I take melatonin at night before bed. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It gives me strength to soldier on through the withdrawal stage. I am not alone in this struggle and that makes me feel so much better.

  91. I need help, I took olanzapine 20mg daily for a month, went cold turkey! How long does the withdrawal symptoms have to last? Right now I’m having insomnia

    • Hi Trevor ,

      How do you feel now ? Does your sleep improved ? Did you experiences any other symptoms?
      I also took olanzapine 5 mg for 2 weeks and went cold turkey! Until now i am having some insomnia but not that bad , I manage to sleep 4-5 hours per night and hope for the better . I am bit worried to not getting worse.
      Please share from you experience and let’s keep in touch.

      • Hi Andrei ,

        Sorry for the late reply, I couldn’t handle the withdrawal for 2 weeks especially insomnia so I reinstated olanzapine at 1mg. It helped ease all the withdrawal symptoms. I will be tapering 10% reduction every 2weeks then down to 0.02 mg and stop, this should take about a year. I think patient is the key..

  92. I would very strongly recommend a visit to http://www.survivingantidepressants.org for all those who are trying to taper olanzapine and finding it difficult. They not only guide in tapering antidepressants but also antipsychotics and benzodiazepines. With their help I have been tapering olanzapine from 6.25mg to currently 4mg over a period of few months with manageable withdrawal symptoms. There is a lot of peer support as well.
    Wishing you all a safe tapering journey.

  93. I’ve been taking zyprexa for 5 1/2 years,after about 4 months I started having trouble with my balance and walking. After 6 months I couldn’t walk at all and my speech, vision, and uncontrollable movements of my hands and feet. I went to the doctor but because I was an alcoholic it was chalked up to brain damage due to drinking so I stopped drinking immediately but the symptoms didn’t go away. I couldn’t work and didn’t have any kind of insurance so I really couldn’t afford to really go to any other doctors. In September of 2020 my husband was having some problems sleeping so I’d give him a zyprexa here and there to help him. When he started having withdrawal symptoms he started to do research on the medication and saw that all of the symptoms I’m experiencing are side effects of the zyprexa. Since then I’ve been trying to come off of it but the withdrawal is so bad that I’m going into a program Sunday to get me through it. What I can’t understand is how a drug that detrimental is on the market or at the very least give the patient some warning of the effects of it but I really don’t think that most doctors don’t really know the damage it can cause and they shouldn’t be allowed to prescribe it unless they do. Is there anything I can do about this?

  94. I was on Olanzapine for several years. I think i was on it for so long was because of the severity of the psychotic episodes that i had experienced. My doctor believes i have suffered from psychosis for a very long time – i eventually got diagnosed at the age of 33 – access to mental health services is much better now than when i was younger.
    My mental illness began at secondary school, where i was bullied and ostracised and not allowed to talk to certain groups of people in school. In my teenage years i had a serious cycling accident when i was 16 where i lost control of my bike and crashed down 2 flights of concrete stairs beside a roadway underpass. I wasn’t wearing a helmet and broke my shoulder and was knocked out and suffered very bad concussion. I experienced paranoid thoughts for many years at school and can recall waiting back when all the pupils left school at the end of the day and taking really long detours on the way home from school to avoid certain people and also believed then that I was seeing threats against me scratched onto the tarmac in the middle of the road in my street
    Then at uni i had some similar thoughts of people following me and threatening me. At this time i had a seizure brought on by uni stress, drinking, smoking cannabis on odd occasions; all of which led to me dropping out of uni.
    After a break I got a job and slowly built up my confidence again and when i felt the time was right i went back to uni to complete my degree as a mature student, and for a while i was ok but then the delusional beliefs returned this time scarier than before that the authorities, powerful political groups from across the world and gangsters were tracking me. I was even convinced there was foul play when relatives passed away and had many other false beliefs, some very dark, thankfully they were all later proven not to be the case after speaking to my parents, relatives and friends and the mental health team who treated me. These paranoid thoughts though culminated in a serious car accident in my 30s, fortunately no one else was injured except me and my car !
    I have to say that Olanzapine did stop the anxiety and paranoid thoughts but it did cause weight gain, memory issues and fatigue meaning i had to drink lots of coffee to do my job though this heavy caffeine diet caused me digestive problems, and it also numbed my emotions which were all the reasons i asked to come off the medication after having been on it for about 7 years. I was very pleased when one psychiatrist finally agreed to taking me off of it, some were reluctant to take me off of the olanzapine.
    The first cold turkey attempt failed but i succeeded at the next attempt by tapering off of the drug for about 3 months, then when i went cold turkey the second time it worked.
    I have been off the drug since December 25th 2019 and I’m glad i made the decision to stop taking Olanzapine as i have all my emotions back now and I’m much sharper and better at doing my job now. The first 3 months of the drug withdrawal were tough going – my girlfriend broke up with me at the start of this period – but after 4 months things were better and i am continuing to make good progress. i gave up alcohol. Lots of exercise, keeping active and being positive and my faith in God keeps me strong. Hang in there people, you will get through this.

  95. Im currently withdrawing from Olazapine. This was the second time I was forced to take this drug in Finnish Hospital. I took 10mg for little over one month this time. Side effects make me feel so bad and disconnected that quitting is the only option besides suicide. I tapered the dose down to 0mg in about 3 weeks and I have been 28 days clean now. I feel like im burning inside my whole torso. Isomnia is finally over. I have terrible anxiety almost all the time and feel nausea. Sometimes I get a short break from these symptoms but even then there is this underlying black black depression. The fact that these drugs are given to people especially children has changed my whole view on world we live in. I hope my body is able to recover and yours too fellow sufferer!

    • Hi Santeri! How are you doing now that it’s been over a year after quitting? I too went on Olanzapin during a stay in the finnish hospital and have severe insomnia as withdrawal.

  96. I have finally gotten my son off olanzapine, but he has lost massive amounts of weight, I’m worried. Is this normal?

    • Hi there,

      I believe this is healthy and important as olanzapine gets stored within your fats as it is lipid soluble. It is important to stay healthy through this process and have faith, as it can be difficult as this weight is lost and the toxins re enter the bloodstream, as I have experienced. Don’t worry, have faith, and I believe it’s a very good sign of healing, shedding weight and mucus. I highly recommend fruit and fasting to help with the healing process 😊

  97. I was started on Olanzapine four years ago for depression and sleep issues. Since then, I gained 100 pounds and my blood sugar has gone up. I have had pretty bad issues with fatigue, once I get tired, I’m falling asleep and cannot be roused. This means I fall asleep on couches, at my friend’s house, anywhere, and I can’t wake up until I’m done sleeping. This has caused a lot of problems with early morning jobs and classes. I’ve dealt with some pretty adverse life events during my time on the drug so I don’t know how much of my anguish was caused by it or by outside sources, plus my body has reacted to stress physically so I also don’t know how much has been affected by stress or the drug. My doctor told me last week to stop cold turkey (5mg nightly) and I am really suffering. The first week has been severe emotional distress which has graduated into headaches, nausea and the feeling that my blood sugar is low. When I feel like my blood sugar is low, I’ll try to get some sugar into me to raise it but nothing seems to help. I try to go to sleep early to sleep it off and I usually feel pretty good in the morning but as the day goes on, I feel worse. Part of it could be that I work an office job and the lights bother my eyes, but I haven’t had headaches like this without reason before. I will have fluctuations in body temperature, I feel cold then hot and back and forth, but mostly I get overheated and can’t regulate. I also can’t stand for long because I start to get dizzy. I’m supposed to be going to the gym to “help with the depression” and “get healthier” due to the meds and get my life back on track but I’m just feeling so nauseous and miserable that I really just cannot bring myself to do that at this time. I’m only 23 and I’m worried that this drug has cut me down before I could thrive. I’m worried that I won’t recover from this. I’m hoping that things will get better and that this is only temporary. I’m trying so hard to lose weight because I want to get a gender-affirming surgery to have my breasts removed and I have to lose weight first. I used to be skinny. Now, I try not to look in the mirror because I feel ashamed. I’m trying really hard to love myself, and the first step in that is getting off this drug. I saw that I should take a pain reliever throughout the day, I will certainly be trying that starting tomorrow.

  98. I forgot to add in my last comment that I have also experienced the runny nose that is constant, (my coworkers must hate me for that) and to give some better understanding to how quickly I deteriorate when tired, I fall asleep in my work clothes with the light on, anywhere. In chairs, on couches, I might lay down in my sisters bed to lay with the dog briefly and I’m out. I might lay in my friends bed so we can watch something together, I’m out. I have a hard time making it through movies. I fall asleep at my desk, it’s really difficult.

  99. I was olanzapine almost 7 years I weaned off 4 months ago. I now have type 2 diabetes not one of my other 6 siblings have it or parents.
    I have had terrible insomnia since coming off it.
    I went from sleeping 10 to 12 hrs to now lucky if I can get 5 hrs sleep.

    Anyone else have insomnia since coming off olanzapine?
    Anything help with insomnia?

    Thank you for reading.

    • Yeah insonmia is very common when discontinuing Olanzapine. I used to sleep over 10 hours every night with an afternoon nap thrown in when I was on 5mg Olanzapine. I am now down to 1,25mg and my nights are definitely getting shorter. Takes a while to adapt to the new normal. Sleeping aids are no good. Eat healthy, avoid caffeine (after noon at least), and get enough exercise every day. Like with Benzodiazepines the withdrawal symptoms seem to come and go as they please 🙁 Time will heal you!

  100. Hi All. Finding this website and reading all the comments helped me a lot as I realised most of my symptoms are down to my 7 months of quetiapine/olanzapine usage.
    I’m severely depressed following an overdose of MDMA in June 2020. This left me with burned serotonin neurons and severe trauma. I almost died because of the overdose, I had a serotonin syndrome. I survived, but hell ensued. Initially I thought I was going crazy. Everything seemed weird and strange around me (reality, people, lights, sounds). I had psychosis, severe anxiety, panic attacks, horrible nightmares, all the possible symptoms you can think of. I was put on mirtazepine and diazepam initially, but mirtazepine made me feel detached and depersonalised. I’ve tried about 8 antidepressants since, benzos, quetiapine and olanzapine. I somehow stabilised around beginning of 2021, at the time I was taking cymbalta 60mg and 5mg of olanzapine. At some point, I developed akathisia because of the antipsychotic so decided to stop it cold turkey. I was probably taking it for around 8-9 months at the time. Luckily I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms. I carried on taking the cymbalta 60mg until December 2021 when I decided to stop it because of was causing me memory issues but also because I was feeling fine and was advised by some friends to stop taking antidepressants as they cause more harm than good. I had withdrawal symptoms from it, mostly brain zaps for about 2 weeks. In February 2022, depression relapsed with a dissociated episode of depersonalisation/derealization. I was immediately put on quetiapine 200mg and venlafaxine 75. After 4 months, I realised I was having extreme anxiety at night, racing thoughts, vivid nightmares. I was chronically fatigued and felt like hell going to bed. I found on the internet that quetiapine and also venlafaxine can cause vivid nightmares. I started taking lorazepam again for the anxiety/agitation 1mg per day. My psych and I decided to stop venlafaxine and quetiapine and moved me to trazodone 150mg and olanzapine 5mg. After this, I became severely depressed and developed extreme akathisia (unable to stand still, moving constantly, walking constantly, extreme internal restlessness) with suicidal thoughts. I felt so I’ll I wanted to die, living felt like a torment to me. My psych pumped up to 20mg diazepam into me thinking that it was actually anxiety and not akathisia. I was so I’ll and had no appetite at all. At some point I remembered that I had experienced akathisia before from zyprexa so I decided to stop the olanzapine cold turkey. I almost immediately had withdrawal symptoms (psychosis, depersonalisation/derealisation, extreme anxiety, withdrawal akathisia and restlessness, confusion, no appetite, sick and nauseous, crying spells, extreme depression, fatigue, insomnia, panic attacks, sweating). I also started tapering off the diazepam in this period, from 20mg to 5mg in the span of 2 weeks, which I know is a bit abrupt, but want to get off this poison too. I decided along with my psych to reintroduce cynbalta 30mg as my depression has become so bad and when I was ok last time, I was on it. I feel so helpless and feel like I lost all hope. I’m 16 days without zyprexa now with no end in sight to my torment. After reading some comments here, I will add a B vitamin complex, Q10 and Multivit. I’m also taking 500mg of magnesium orotate daily. I barely get out of bed and barely eat. My psych wants to commit me to a psych ward but I am afraid they will just pump even more drugs in me that will make me sicker. God bless you all!

  101. Does anyone know of good natural ways of combating the insomnia indused by olanzapine withdrawal? So far I tried banana tea with cinnamon, eating many bananas, tea with lavender, lemon balm, skullcap, wood betony and chamomille. I’ve also tried low dose of Kava instant. (Might try higher dose, I only tried half of suggestion dosage) 2.4g and normally you would use 5-7g. I’ve also tried melatonin and passion flower extract capsules. And magnesium supplement.

    I’ve read about these things that I might try out as well: L Tryptophan for making more serotonin and melatonin. But I already tried melatoning without success. blue lotus flower, vanilla, Ashwagandha, saffron, Cumin, Ground black seeds, wild dagga and Cannabis. If anyone know what I could try next, I would be very happy!

    I’m now on an antidepressant, which has stopped working for sleep for the last 3 days. 🙁 (Mirtazapine.) dosage of 7.5 and 15mg. I was on Quetiapine, and it helped me sleep without Olanzapine. 25mg. But I got severe stomach issues, which might have been withdrawal from Olanzapine, and not Quetiapine. But the doctors told me to stop Quetiapine. I slept better with Quetiapine than with Olanzapine, and generally felt better on it.

    I’d really like to be out of medication, all that poison!! But so far none of the natural remedies I’ve tried have worked. Olanzapine is a horrible drug! I never had insomnia before in my life, and I tried going 8 days without sleep because they tried two other mild things before Mirtazapine.

  102. Hi everyone!
    I quit Zy,prexa about 3 weeks ago ( had it for insomnia for 3 months) and my insomnia is killing me. Can anyone give me a success story where the insomnia improves with time?
    My hot flashes are gone but I have a mild headache every day.

  103. Hi everyone. I just read every single entry on this page. I had initially started 2019 with 10mg after being diagnosed with bipolar 2 /pmdd since depression medicine wasn’t working and I had a deep depressive episode. Emotionless. I took 10mg for two years and gained 100lbs and was extremely fatigued. Then last year january 2022 I dropped to 5mg and immediately felt better but then started getting fatigued and brain fog in the morning again. Reading all the serious side effects this awful drug causes, im so glad I’ve made this decision to get off of it. I’ve learned MORE from this site than every other article or journal I’ve found.

    So I’m 10 days cold turkey from 5mg. Been anxious and nauseous but very alert (I also take 20mg adderall for adhd) ((which is much more potent without olanzapine filling it)) and after reading ALL these entries I’m truly terrified of having hallucinations or a psychotic break or neuron damage from quitting cold turkey.

    I was taking the dissolvable 5mg so I will just start breaking that in half and do that for a few months or something.

    It’s hard because I just want OFF OF THIS DRUG but I’m scared of long term damage not just a tough time that I could suffer through.

    Good luck to everyone. If I remember I will come back and post on my journey. I really appreciate everyone else who did that.

  104. I’ve/am experiencing all of those symptoms plus much more except for any structural damage or abnormal blood tests, so mine was even harder to pin point to the antipsychotic withdrawal (in my case Rexulti after little over 2 years of use).

    As Sally did, I also had a delay to the onset of symptoms which got worse over the next few months. My delay was 8-9 weeks from last dose after feeling great initially.

    After multiple hospitalizations I was suggested to re-instate the drug but I did so at a dose of 1/8th. I’m on my last dose today at 1/130th of the middle dose, 1/260th of the recommended dose for schizophrenia patients. (Prescribed to me for drug resistant depression as did Sally, mine for work burnout initially) I’m 2 years at the end of the re-taper and the symptoms never really went, some even got worse with reinstatement. (myclonus and hearings loss/ visual hallucinations started after reinstating and the RLS, my god!)

    I’m in constant paresthesia pain and other debilitating symptoms including bazaar sexual dysfunction symptoms that are not quite like the typical PSSD ones.

    I am functional again but still stuggle some days, other days I feel 95% recovered and my symptoms are very unstable, rapid waves of symptoms to near full recovery, minutes to hours typically, sometimes days, rarely weeks at a time.

    Rexulti was meant to be a new and much safer, but this shows that neuroleptics are often very dangerous. I believe they should not be approved or marketed for use in depression or other uses other than what they originally were designed to treat.

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