One Story to Rule them all: From Prozac to Abilify

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May 26, 2021 | 6 Comments


  1. Early day motions…

    GlaxoSmithKline and Seroxat

    15 May 2006

    Motion text

    That this House condemns GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for concealing for 15 years evidence that their anti-depressant drug Seroxat increases the risk of suicide and leads to `persistently worse’ depression; congratulates the US Food and Drug Administration for forcing GSK to confess that users of Seroxat `experience emergent suicidality or symptoms that might be precursors to worsening depression or suicidality’ and that `these symptoms may be severe and abrupt in onset’; and regrets the likely loss of life that has resulted from repeated denials of the lethal side effects of Seroxat by GSK, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and the Medicine and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency in spite of the vigorous campaigns to reveal the truth by Professor David Healy, hon. Members, the Seroxat Users Group and Panorama.

    Short memories –
    Updating the Misery Caused by Modern Antidepressants

    Patrick D Hahn@PatrickDHahn

    They certainly are effective at inducing worsening #depression, #akathisia, #suicidality, completed #suicide, and truly horrendous #birth_defects.

    But are those the kind of effects we want?

    ‘Confessing’ is the hardest part…

  2. There are too many books I would like to read, I will read A Prescription for Sorrow but I would like to read some books about the AI in medicine stuff as well plus I would like to create a Biothesiometer prototype and I’ll imagine that I can do all this whilst simultaneously tapering off Fluoxetine and taking my supplements.  I have a tendency to overload myself quite a bit but that is how I work, I work all the time, the Government give me enough to live on and that is fine. I really think universal basic income would be a good idea, I don’t work any better if someone pays me more. I think most people just don’t like having to accept low income dehumanising work where they are continually treated like machines, exploited and abused by unconscionable lunatic managers.

  3. You haven’t lived, until you have heard Kim Witczak

    Kim Witczak: Advocacy in the Wake of Loss

    Ad Campaign Increases Awareness of Akathisia to Save Lives

    New billboards in West Virginia increase akathisia awareness.


    Fancy a movie, mum?
    In Victoria, BC, in we went and everybody was lying down, horizontal. I had no idea and the last in, we were right at the front. I was organised to lay down horizontal.
    When I walked in not expecting a new to me ‘type cinema experience’, I thought, this is just like a military hospital…
    Everybody lying down – with popcorn – Billboards, one of the greatest films…hook-on to the trailer…

  4. I’m starting to wonder which will be more dangerous artificial intelligence or genuine stupidity. Either way regulation of both is probably a very sensible thing.

  5. Justin, the whole world is dangerous at the moment. We are all living in a totalitarian universe, being hoodwinked by charlatans.
    Some Lawyers, some Doctors, some people in politics, some journalists, some health professionals who work on behalf of the Governments and the list goes on and on, are all playing their part in this nonsensical game of lies and deceit.
    We are all being ‘hoodwinked’ and going along with it because we fear the consequences of speaking up.
    They are using this Covid -19 as a propaganda to deflect all people in the universe from the truth.
    I am very worried where Big Pharma and all people in positions of power, are going with all this?
    BIG BROTHER is keeping an eye on all of us and controlling our every moves.
    Why don’t they have BIG BROTHER keeping an eye on all the CORRUPTION that is going on in this whole entire universe?

    When is all this madness going to end?

  6. Yeah it’s all corrupt institutions, crooks, chalatans and lunatics I’m not even sure what I can trust anymore. Are shapes like triangles still real and trustworthy ? Shape-shifting triangles would screw up trigonometry possibly causing planes to drop out of the sky. What about numbers have they started to play up ? Willie Soon is the fella who is a climate denier, the thing is stuff like climate is so complicated you can cheery pick a way of thinking about it to suit powerful people who fund your work. Willie Soon Willie Ever research has been largely discredited now I think but there are still people who sing his praises as revealing the truth. Stuff like drugs or climate science is dealing with very complicated science, I think that leads to a situation where you can drop inconvenient results and cherry pick data to your hearts content. It is difficult to lie about something like a ball bearing on a spring that is a very straightforward thing. You want clear and straightforward experimental data presented honestly without any distortion usually. You have the huge drug company lobbying problem, it’s difficult to imagine how it might stop.

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