RxISK and the RIAT Act

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June 14, 2013 | 3 Comments


  1. http://1boringoldman.com/index.php/2013/06/16/as-it-should-be-3/#comments

    Study 329/Paxil – Seroxat – is the most infamous of all studies.

    The buck stops with the prescriber – comments – I disagree, the buck stops with GSK.
    The prescriber had no idea, at all, that Paxil/Seroxat causes aggression, violence and suicide and, although I blame my prescriber, I feel a certain sympathy that he did not do his research, but I did.
    Interesting that the patient now knows more than doctors and prescribers.
    The patient has been beavering away, but the prescribers and doctors have not been beavering away at all.
    So, Rxisk may start the doctors and prescribers to start beavering away.
    Otherwise, they are a loss, pointless and academically neutered.
    What was the point of their seven year education if they don’t know how to question.
    Sheep, sheep, sheep and bleat, bleat, bleat.
    It is so tiresome that doctors and psychiatrists do not question anything at all.

  2. Why don’t you just tell people to stop taking the drugs. People are not rats! Stop this. The drugs are horrible and all of you know it, so what is all this noise about studies and results? Are you trying to help children and young adults? Because if you where you would not be trying to push for studies. People need to stop taking these types of drugs. Period!

  3. Wanda
    Professor Healy has said time and time again that he uses ssris, benzos and anti-psychotic drugs, but he uses them carefully and shrewdly and he would be the first to notice when the patient is going ga ga, because of his dispensing.
    It is the others in his profession who are not of his disposition and herein lies the danger and the tragic, sometimes, fatal, result.
    I agree that people need to stop taking these type of drugs – period – but when the gps and psychiatrists have been so misled and so brainwashed by the manufacturers, herein lies the problem.
    If Professor Healy could wave a magic wand and tell them all what these drugs were doing to people then I am sure he would. But, he can’t, but what he can do is to push his Rxisk.org and to spread the word and surely but calmly the world will be a better place for it.
    The trick is not to get angry. The trick is to follow the leader and then, perhaps, those accountable for the mayhem of drug abuse will become accountable.
    Follow Alltrials, RIAT, and things are slowly and surely turning around.
    What could be better.
    A lesson I learned extremely quickly, was that if I raged about GSK and I raged about my ignorant and extremely stupid gp and psychiatrist, then I could end up with the white coats coming to get me.
    Calm, calm, insight and prudence is called for with this delicate state of affairs…
    There are too many doing nothing about all this.
    There are too many moaners and groaners.
    But, take a look, and who is actually doing something,
    Stick with the trusted and ride along on the coat tails…….
    Slings and arrows come, but they go, and we all have to deal with it…….Maverick was a pretty nasty expression used by some, but, my horse was called Maverick and Maverick is a compliment because if you don’t have a Maverick around then you might as well give up……
    And, we are certainly all not going to do that, are we?
    I wonder how much more anger is out there, or do people get so whipped and beaten that they feel their voice is of no merit?

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