RxISK Drug Safety Petition

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October 24, 2013 | 2 Comments


  1. I’d like to know why my Psychiatrist never warned me of not only the addiction to Klonopin (which I’d been on for years) but he never warned me of going off it ‘cold turkey could lead me into a complete living hell and psychosis for over 6 weeks and I am still trying to recover. I want to know why the Mental Health agency whom I was heavily involved with at the time not only didn’t believe me when I quickly told them how bazarre, strange things started happening to me. They did not listen or believe a word I was saying to them. My licensced drug & alcohol counsler actually told me it would be fairly easy because I was considered on such a ‘low dose’. I went through absolute hell and almost committing suicide while going through this rapid withdrawal at home, completely alone. I could have died. I want to know why Mental Health Agency’s are NOT educated on this. I want to know why I had to be a guinea pig. I am seeking legal council and if I have to sell my house to pay for an attorney, I will.

  2. As a nurse I see this story reported over again and again.
    It is heartbreaking how doctors prescribe, then abruptly refuse to give an additional prescription after people have become dependent.
    This has been happening in the state of Rhode Island for the last year regarding Klonopin.
    Nurses are up in arms, but we are powerless.

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