RxISK on track for world record for patient reported side effects

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June 27, 2013 | 1 Comment


  1. I think the website and its aims – to capture side effects not elsewhere reported, make correlations and trace drug interactions is just wonderful. I would just like to say though that I find it extraordinarily difficult to use and I wonder if anyone else has the same experience? My main problems are; the name – I can never remember how to spell it – where does the x come? And I’m a reasonably good speller – my husband who is dyslexic doesn’t stand a chance…so, finding the site may be difficult for people.
    Secondly, the algorithm for reporting side effects is so, so long – and if you have 2,3 or maybe 10 then it is impossibly tiring. I know you can save and return, but those of us who don’t feel so good, may not have the stamina. I do realise the importance of accurate data, but the site is not very user friendly. So, my side effects, from several drugs, probably won’t end up on your data base, because I can’t get them there. Which is frustrating…..

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