Smoke & Pfizer Get In Your Eyes

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September 12, 2012 | 14 Comments


  1. The horror stories such as this seem to be increasing. The “stop-smoking” drugs appear to be among the worst and include Zyban, just a name change for Wellbutrin , known to cause not only suicide but dystonias, akathesias and similar movement disorders.
    Pfizer is one of a number of drug companies fined for criminal activities and obliged to enter into “corporate integrity agreements” with the US government. The fines have been for : “Off-label promotion, promotion with the intent to defraud or mislead, kickbacks to physicians.” All nothing new, unfortunately, but what of the physicians who accept the kickbacks? What are they guilty of? (A rhetorical question, of course.) I find that a majority of my colleagues have no knowledge of the laws governing them, poor knowledge of the regulations of their own licensing bodies and couldn’t begin to quote the Code of Ethics. When are we going to make physicians stand up and take responsibility for the damage they cause?

  2. No damsel in distress is Samantha, but a sure-enough she-ro!

    I lost a good friend in 2008, and I still don’t know whether Mother Nature took him, or Pfizer. Rick quit smoking with a little help from Chantix. It was important for him to quit, you see, because he had a pacemaker and serious heart problems … I kept nagging him to at least “ask his doctor” if a man in his condition should be using Chantix. But he liked the stuff, and especially liked their cool little e-mail support system. As a career advertising man, I think he wished HE’d thought it up.

    Anyway, six months later the cardiac surgery Rick figured he would “probably” have to have “someday” became urgent, NOW. He had a massive stroke on the operating table, lingered for a few miserable months unable to speak, and died. He was sixty years old, three years sober and engaged to be married. Rest in peace Rick. Did you really have to go, or did Pfizer take you out? I guess we never will know now.

  3. We do know. He was took out.
    How many times do we have to say this?
    Suicide from prescription drugs is the most terrifying, most mind bending, most traumatic experience that anyone could ever undergo.
    And to be curmudgeoned into believing otherwise, is such a mental assault, such a patronising affront to our character, by persons blinded by medical affrontery and so called medical science of the way the brain works, and then left with the internet to deal with it. Come on, chaps. More stories, more tales of the divine intervention of medics, to David.
    Lets get a handle on this, because antidepressants lose people their minds and can lead to suicide and death.

    I am so organised, so well-equipped, from a lifetime of the shennanigans of worldwide marketing, ex director,that if I ever did something so shocking as try to end to my life I would leave a suicide note, I would sort out my financial affairs, I would send my daughter a sorry love letter, I would tell my mum I loved her, but that I couldn’t go on, etc. etc.
    Well, sorry, I did none of that because I did not expect to be in a garage in the night-time hacking myself with a knife and making a noose, due to Seroxat.
    Good stories are coming out, hope they keep coming to David.

  4. Wow! I too tried Champix and it mad me feel rages inside so I stopped taking it. Then I’m not quite sure of the timing, I tried to commit suicide and almost made it! I was still until today when I read this article, stunned that I would EVER do such a thing. Maybe now I have .my answer…… Now how can this be undone???? Will it happen again??!!

    • Have you now returned to pre-champix? I have just stopped taking it and now on an emotional roller coaster and hoping it won’t last very long. Hope you are well again.

  5. I have only been taking champix for 9 days, 9 days too many. I stopped taking it two days ago. Whilst taking it I had no symptoms until I got to day 9, I had instant extreme nausea so stopped. It wasn’t until 24 hours after stopping that I became extremely irritable. My second day off champix, I have spent the whole day in tears, been angry and not myself. I WILL NEVER recommend these too anyone. I have spent the last two years getting myself and my daughters over a very painful and unexpected marital breakup, only to be taken right back to the emotional scars of day one. I only hope I get back to myself for my family’s sake quickly.

  6. i took champix for one week and ended up having a seizure at work although glucose made me fine and all my mri and eeg is normal my neurologist said it was epilepsy and will not listen to anything i say so after 29 years as a scaffolder i am now unemployed, depressed and fit and well as i will not take any medication from the neurologist.

    • Peter please send me a email of your story, family medical history, and such, have you ever had a seizure before, and what type of Seizure did you have, and how long did it last was it longer than 5 minutes, this is very important, as you say you have been told you have epilepsy, but wont take meds, I don’t like the meds either, but I have no choice but to take them as I can die in my sleep if I don’t, please let me talk to you. Please everyone those of you who have reported your side effects to the FDA or MHRA you need to now ring Pfizer US or Pfizer UK and report your side effect direct to them. This go’s for any Black Triangle Drug, on the current market, who every holds the Marketing Licence for the drug in question, you report it straight to them. They will not tell you to do this, as they don’t want you to know, this is the Law, when you report to the FDA or MHRA that is only for updating of Drug insert labels, and information to GPs and such, does not help the victim at all. But if you report direct to the Drug company who make the drug, and Market it, they have a duty by Law to give you a case Number, and they have to ask for permission in writing to the victim, to have access to your medical records, so they can look at your side effect and keep in touch with you until your side effect subsides or remedy offered by them. If you don’t do this they will get away with it, as they just say they were never informed of your problem. Also you can only make legal claim, 3 years from your time of knowledge, this means you only have 3 years to report your side effect and make claim to Pfizer or who ever, from the time you suspected that the drug caused your side effect. Now don’t worry if its been longer than 3 years, I said 3 years from time of knowledge, you may not have known as many don’t, as GP never said anything that it could be the drug you took, especially if your side effect has occurred on withdrawal of the prescribed medication. So if you have only just realised that the drug you took was the cause or trigger of your health issue, then as long as you report to Pfizer that I did not report it before as the information is only just coming to light now, so now is your time of knowledge, please don’t waste anymore time report direct to Pfizer in your country do it today, or you will not be able to in the future they will say your out of time, this is what they are hoping, that everyone will be out of time to make claim, don’t let them get away with it, this is the way you stop them, report your issues with their defective products direct, and demand a case number personal to you. If anyone in the UK needs anymore advice on this please email me and I will see if I can help or tell you how and what you need to do to get remedy.

      • Hello, my name is Julie and three years ago I was prescribed the stop smoking drug chantix. I started vommiting six hours after my first pill and never took another one…..sadly one week later I suffered a horrible seizure and I have been having seizures ever since then. I am currently on keppra to control my seizures however before trying chantix I had never before in my life had a seizure. My eeg came back normal as did my mri. I still cannot prove why I’m having seizures and I was wondering if chantix was to blame.

  7. I just wanted to say that I took Chantix for 1 week and had my very first nocturnal seizure. That was 4 years ago, since then I’ve had one or two seizures in my sleep every month for the last 4 years. Last Friday I was diagnosed with Right Frontal Epilepsy. There is not a single person in my family with epilepsy….oh yeah, I’m 36 years old.
    I definately believe there is a link to the Chantix!!!

  8. I took this drug for 3 weeks about a year ago, about 9 months ago I srarted having seizures at night while asleep for the first time in my life. At first I was having them quite often but since they have continued to up my anti seizure medication I am having them once every 2-3 months. Next week I am going to see my 3rd neurologist since no one can figure out why this is happening. I also hate the anti seizure medication as it is causing me to have a horrible memory. It’s effecting my job and I can’t even remember important events in my life. I must say I’m pretty scared

  9. My first seizure lasted 3 minutes, total I’ve had a total of 32 seizures. My longest seizure lasted 6 minutes. They were ganmal seizures and on one occasion I turned blue and stopped breathing according to my husband Rob. Nobody in my family suffers from epilepsy either and this is becoming a mystery to me and my neurologist.

  10. I have had uncontrolled epilepsy for nearly 30 years and have wanted to stop smoking but have no willpower so asked my gp about champix who simply said i couldnt have it because of the suicide risk even though i had never contemplated doing that or had any mental health issues … Thank goodness i researched it myself before pushing to get it prescribed because champix really isnt the wonder drug made out to be and still is to this day . Fat cat drug companies have a lot to answer for !!

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