Stevie’s Story: Beware Osteoporosis Drugs

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January 14, 2013 | 50 Comments


  1. I was told I had osteoporosis in 2004 and was put on Fosamax for about 6 months after which I was switched to Actonel. This was before I started checking and researching EVERY drug I was told I needed. When i DID start researching, after being on these meds for about a year I decided the risk just wasn’t worth the POSSIBLE gain and stopped taking it. Fast forward to 2009. My lower teeth started getting loose and getting cavities to the point where , in 2011 I had to have the last remaining 6 lower teeth pulled and dentures made. The dentist told me there was no possible way the drugs had anything to do with my teeth getting loose, and it was probably just poor dental hygiene, in spite of the fact that I was 56 when these problems STARTED and 63 when I had to give up and pull the last ones. The wierd thing is that none of my upper teeth seem to have been affected by it. So I still have not gotten ANY doctor to tell me that the osteo drugs were what CAUSED this but I don’t see any other possible cause.


      ” Fosamax is linked to osteonecrosis, or bone death, of the jaw. It begins as minor dental problems and can escalate to permanent jaw damage.
      It starts after some seemingly minor jaw trauma, but jaw osteonecrosis can quickly decimate a jawbone. Federal drug regulators and researchers say that Fosamax, a drug that’s supposed to help with bone growth, is linked to this rare dental disease that’s also called Dead Jaw Syndrome. …
      Even before Fosamax was introduced in 1995 as a superior osteoporosis treatment, jaw osteonecrosis has been linked to the bisphosphonate drug family. “

    • Hi. my Dr. told me she did not want me to take the Alendronic Acid because it would loosen my teeth. She sent me to a specialist for a second opinion and he said take it. Now I am not sure what to do.

  2. I am 81 years of age. Started on Fosamax l6 years ago. Now on Alendronic 70 weekly. I am also diabetic 2 (no drugs – diet only) coeliac (wheat and gluten free. Due to cutbacks now prescribed unnamed Alendronic and feel absolutely ghastly. Small blisters on various areas of my body. Sight has deteriorated (but attend Moorfields for regular check ups. muscles ache, no energy, depression. jerky muscles. Shingles 6 months ago and Dr. says this is result of shingles. My body awareness tells me otherwise. l feel I am not listened to andn being my age, I’m past bothering about.

    I was not aware until yesterday that Alendronic could be the cause. I have now vowed NOT to take another tablet, after all at my age, I feel I have nothing to lose! I just want to feel better.

    Grateful for your comments.

    Best wishes

    Jane Fothergill

    • Hello Jane,

      What an awful time you are having my sympathy goes out to you. I am not in your age group Jane bit I can appreciate Yor feeling left out. What are we paying the doctors for? Are we not sentient beings…they are not the be all and end all.

      I take Alendronic tablets as I had breast cancer and take the tablets for continuing bone health. I appear to be ding well on them so I am told along with calcium and Vit D supplements. I also have had a bone scan pre drugs so it would be interesting to find out when I can have another scan to see whether there is an improvement or at least no further loss apart from normal degeneration of bone.

      Where do you live Jane hope you don’t mind me asking.


    • Hello Jane,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I’ve been told to take Allendronicacid.
      I’m wondering how you feel now, a year after stopping the drug, have your symptoms improved?
      Thank you.

  3. Hi
    I take 70mg PW now for about 12 mths.
    Nothing too spectacular to report. But the following is extract is certainly familiar;
    “Bizarre feelings in my head” “my heart was pounding and had moments when it seemed out of rhythm. This settled after a few days”
    ‘re the first – strange vivid dreams has been my nearest experience.
    The second is absolutely & completely familiar. I took the tab yesterday &.the strange & heavy uneven rhythm actually woke me up last night.

  4. I’ve been on Alendronic Acid for about ten years, possibly longer. When I initially had a bone scan they said I’d have another one after three years, I’ve never had another one. Whenever I’ve mentioned it to my GP, it’s sort of brushed away. I’m considering ringing the hospital myself to see if I can have one done. The side effect possibilities worry me. Is it possible to just stop taking the tablets?

    • Have been taking alendronic for 14 months now because I had a fall just over 15months ago and broke both knee caps, have been taking them once a week,but I find they make me dizzy so was thinking of stooping them,is this advisable?

    • Hello Carol,just been asked to go and see my gp for a talk about having a break from taking alendronic acid.Going next week after taking them for more than ten years.I do remember having a bone scan after three years and the results showed some improvements in my bone density.

      • Hi, I’ve just been reading through some of the comments as I too have concerns over Alendronic acid tablets. I have taken them for 5+ years and after some research now I discover that the scans can give false readings, i.e. they mask the crumbling bones within and only show the outer bone growth, I have decided I really don’t want to take these any more but wonder if there are side effects.

    • Hi You should be able to have a dexa scan every 5 years. I have an annual blood test at hospital for gluten. I was tested for gluten intolerance and was told I was gluten intolerant in 2011. 2 years after that I had a dexa test. That is, when the hospital said I had osteoporosis. This was a total surprise to me. I was running 2 or 3 times, each week, circuit, bodypump, combat, body pump etc, about 14 hours of workout every week. From 2013 I was prescribed alendronic acid. I got a book on osteoporosis from the library and it explained against taking alendronic acid and any other medication that contain biphosphates. When I showed this to my GP, he said that is not correct and the book was wrong. Since taking alendronic, I have had difficulty in running and doing all the workout I was doing. I also broke my hip, which made it even more difficult to do anything at all. I have gone downhill and increased weight. I had another dexa test in 2018. I had to ask the doctor at hospital when I went for gluten test and results. She refused, but she agreed. The test showed that I now have osteopenia, but could never get off alendronic as it is due to gluten. I have done my research an hoping to give up on alendronic and follow the advice in the books. Exercise and healthy food and some good supplements.

  5. I have just had a DXA scan (following a wrist fracture) and it came back I have really bad osteoporosis. I am 62. The doctor put me on ADCAL D3 and alendronic. I have just taken my first one and reading this forum is really interesting. I think it’s great that we can come in here and discuss how we are feeling. I will come back in a few weeks and let you guys know if I have any strange side effects. The doctors do say though that we should let them know if we have any. I am otherwise healthy and have never taken any meds in my life. Carole, you say you were meant to have another scan in 3 years, that is disgraceful that you have not had this. I would demand one straight away. I have been told I will have one in 2 years. I will make sure I get it

  6. Warning to anyone who might be taking Alendronic acid 70 ml tablets for osteoporosis !
    They are ok and work fine for first few years ! But it’s come to my attention that long term ,
    they can have the opposite effect !
    This has come to light since I collapsed in the shower , after complaining of thigh bone pain for over 2 years ! This caused the bone to shatter like glass !
    If you are taking this tablet once a week . My opinion is , go and see your GP for advise !
    I am posting this to try and help other , from being in the same situation that I have been in for last 5 months .

  7. Reading these reports,i am now 63 & After taking AA 70mg per wkfor 2months,& all the awful side effects mentioned here,consultant wants to try zoledronate yearly infusion. Think I’m off to GP to hear her thoughts!!! Glad I’m not alone with these problems,thought i was going mad

  8. I have an appointment at The Royal Dental Practice, Cromwell Road, Dorchster to have two back teeth removed. I am 73, have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and I was prescribed Aldronic Acid 1 a week since breaking my femur in 2015.
    I am disappointed in my GP who recommended a NHS Dentist in Melcome Avenue, Wemouth. The NHS Dentist has ben very negative and created time consuming visits which are difficult for me to arrange because I have decreasing mobility because of MS. No one – my GP or the dentist recommended by my GP have given me no warning about the serious side effects of having dental extractions while taking Aldronic Acid.
    My appointment is on the 23rd August 1017 and I am now very concerned. I have even had to report my concern and disappointment and lack of care by both my GP and Dentist.

  9. Gave up Alendronic Acid recently after a random chat with a friend! I was prescribed in 2003 following a crack in my Femur following a knee replacement and the resulting Dexa scan! The GP has been renewing this prescription although I now read a patient only needs to take for 2 yrs max! Angry moment!

    Yes my muscles ache and my arthritis in joints have worsened – constant tummy upsets I put down to too much gluten! I was such an idiot for believing in this drug! I am 62 and expected some challenges at my age but this has been a shock! I read it’s the same Acid in cleaning products!

    Delighted to report Tum is behaving much better since giving up just hoping the other side effects ( Jaw and Teeth) don’t show up unexpected!

    Armed with more natural solutions which I have been taking anyway but paying more attention now.

  10. Hi. I’m 54 years old and after having a Dexa scan, was told that I have Osteoporosis. I’ve been prescribed Adcal-D3 tablets (2x twice daily) and Alendronic Acid 1x weekly, even though a blood test showed that my calcium and vitamin D levels were within the normal range. Unfortunately, I’m pretty intolerant to most drugs, other than HRT, which I took for 5 years without any side effects and made me feel fantastic……until my GP refused to prescribe them once I reached 50. I had to stop immediately and was plunged in to full blown menopause, which has been hell ever since. Because of how I tend to react and my blood test results, I thought I would research the new meds first and I’m now very pleased that I did. I’ve not taken many of the Adcal, and haven’t yet taken any Alendronic Acid, and to be honest I’m now thinking about not talking it at all, as the possible side effects are really worrying me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Claire, I am 60 years old and very modern and active with and without my grandchildren. I had a complete hysterectomy 24 years ago but could not tolerate HRT therefore was susceptible to osteoporosis but I had slipped through the net according to my doctor and only got a dexa scan in August 2017. I tried the Alendronic acid one a week tablet last night and was so unwell that I nearly called an ambulance, my symptoms were very cold ie chattering teeth, pains all over body, sore head,jerking arms and very unsteady on feet, and nausea. I also are very intolerant to any meds but my doctor had at last convinced me to trythis and suffice to say I will not be taking any more. I am going down the route of continuing my swimming with a healthy diet some weight bearing Zumba step exercises. No tablet is worth taking if no quality of life.

  11. I Have been taking Alendronic Acid Tablets for 11 months now. I have also been taking Adcal tablets for years. This year the odd finger started my hands have started shaking when I am on my keyboard but for the past 3 months both hands shake. I am worried about it as it seems to be getting worse. Blood test in November showed a underactive thyriod and am taking Levothyronine 25mg. MY blood pressure became high and I was sent for a ECG on the 29th of November which showed I have at somepoint had a mild heart attack which I was unawear of and have now in December been put on Ramipril 2.7mg and Simvastatin 40mg. I have been on Sertraline 70mg for a few years and as I have asthma my inhaler has been changed to Beclmetasome 100/6. the shaking could be from one of the new meds, but it started slightly in the summer.

    • You uesly get shake from over active thyroid, I know because that what I have, I have been put on alendronic, I haven’t taken them yet, it’s very frigthening, not sure what to do, I’m 63 and have gone to the gym most ofy life, I don’t want to there guinea pig,😏

  12. My mother is 83 and has been on this drug for over twenty years with only one bone scan. She was told her bones were fine but should continue on Alendronic Acid. She had dizzy spells, blackouts, feeling sick etc and doctors said she had Temperol Arteritis. Put on strong doses of steroids. Some years later she was in terrible pain and her doctor wouldn’t believe me when i said that i thought her hips were dying. I had heard of necrosis in the bones before and she had all the symptoms. She was given physio…what a mistake that was….After fighting to get her x rayed, the doctor phoned her and said that I was right and she needed a hip replacement, her hips had crumbled away. She had to wait months and eventually had the hip replacement. Surgeon said her bones in the hip and pelvis crumbled away like chalk and he’d never seen that as severe before. In the meantime her teeth fell out…literally fell out…what on earth was happening. She decided to come off the Alendronic Acid…She really has gone downhill. For a once health, fit woman she’s a frail person now who can’t walk and has bladder/stomach problems.
    Read on a page recently that the manufacturers of this drug have been sued in Canada by 1200 odd people and won £27.5 million…so why hasn’t this been reviewed here….

    • Hi there.
      I hàd à bone density DXA scan scan in 2010 and was told i had
      Ostopenia and had a high risk of a fracture.
      I was put on alendronic acid 70mg and in 2013
      I had another Dxa scan. I was told i had Oesteoporosis of the spine with high risk of a fracture.
      I have had several extrane simpthoms after taking alendronic and had to give it up due to a dental treatment.
      Again i had another Dexa scan 2 years ago and it was found i have oesteoporosis in the spine which i feel very worried about it.
      Lately i have been feeling tooth pain and have told by the dentist they cannot see me without a letter from my GP if i am taking alendronic acid. I have stop taking the drug and will see my GP this week to see what he recomends but after reading so many stories after taking this drug i am reluctant to conti ue taking it specially as i am taking other medications for high blood pressure, tyroid, high pressure of the eyes, high colesterol.etc.
      I would like to take an alternative to alendronic acid wuth some exercises for the spine.
      I have been told to take kale with spinach and brocoli which is full of calcio blended with almond milk before breakfast and before going to bed.
      I am aldo taking Calcio with vitamin-D
      And dairy products reach in calcio.

      • Hi,all these comments are really helping me to decide not to take anymore Alendronic Acid,I had my Dexa scan September 2017 and was diognosed with Osteoporosis and prescribed AA and Cal D3. AA scares me to death as 4 months after taking it I seem to have a continues dry sort throat ( weirded really) so I feel I don’t want to take it anymore at my age anyway 75. I don’t think there is enough information from doctors/nurses to explain about Osteoporosis to patients.

  13. Hi everyone I thought my diziness and muscle ache and a light pain in my abdomen when i took Alendronic Acid was just me, now reading all the comments I can see it is a common theme. I felt pressurised to take it saying that I would suffer as I get older if I didnt take it but I am now wondering if it really does any good. I do have quite a high reading of osteoporosos but I feel I need to know what it really does to the body. I am taking much more care of myself with exercise an I am totally sugar gluten dairy and alcohol free. I know they say dairy is a good source of calcium but we are not cows and cant absorbe or digest soemthing that is meant for young calves. I am diary intolerant. Does anyone know the scientific evidence for Alendronic acid and what it does to the body that makes so many people feel achy and dizzy?

  14. I’m 61 and after a long history of fractures (mostly sports related) and a recent wrist fracture from a fall, I had a DXA scan and have Oseopenia. I was prescribed AA 70mg – one per week and took the first dose on Saturday which gave me such severe joint and muscle pain all over my body within 24-36 hours that I was barely able to walk or stand. I also had pain/soreness behind the eyes and a niggling headache for 48 hours. I went back to my GP to inform him that I couldn’t take them and he readily gave me another prescription for Risedronate 35mg – one a week which I am now frightened to take because the possible side effects listed are exactly the same as the AA. I have had 7 weeks off work with a fractured wrist and another week off with feeling poorly due to AA (with no pay as I’m a self employed carer) and need to feel fully fit before returning to work. Does anyone know if there’s a link between the 2 drugs or if there’s a suitable alternative? Also does anyone know what element of AA gives you the aches and pains so that I know if it will be safer for me to take the Risedronate please?

    • Hi I’ve had AA and it made me feel terrible! I’ve now been put on Risedronate and after just 24 hrs I ache all over and keep getting sharp pains everywhere , seriously thinking of stopping this as side effects are awful

    • Hello Barbara
      Just had to reply to your post! I am 79 and took my first Allendronic tablet last Weds. The next day I felt very ill. I could hardly walk with pain all over my body, felt sick, couldn’t eat. This pain was far worse than the pain I experience withOsteoporosis! I will not be taking another one! My GP suggested that I take another brand but I cannot risk it. I still do not feel right and have added pain, although a bit better than it was.

  15. I have osteopenia aged 58 and my sister has osteoporosis aged 65, she was prescribed Alendronic Acid with similar side effects. Researching I came across Dr Rex Newnham, his story is very interesting, look him up he has written several books re osteoporosis/arthritis, treating them naturally with borax/boron. I urge you to Look into his work for yourselves. Sister told the doc she was not taking AA any more, he told her she should take it !. These drugs are pushed to the top of the prescribing line by big pharma. Sister told the doc she intends taking Boron.

  16. I started reading this because after being diagnosed with breast cancer part of my ongoing treatment is Letrozole plus Alendronic Acid. The strange thing is that as soon as I read:

    The first indication I had that something was amiss was in September 2009 – I took three anti-sickness pills and had some very strange reactions. Bizarre feelings in my head, my arms feeling like they didn’t belong to me, I felt faint and dizzy, my heart was pounding and had moments when it seemed out of rhythm. This settled after a few days and I thought no more about it.

    That is exactly the reaction I had years ago to … Metoclopramide – the anti sickness drug. This was long ago and it was a new drug but the GMC told my GP that yes there was a slight risk of an allergic reaction to it. There is a Group related to these awful side effects on Facebook called “Reglan Support Group (Primperan/Metoclopramide” Read the devastating effects this drug has had on people taking it. I’m sure they will sound familiar.

    I’ve only just started on the AA but since my run in with Metoclopramide I’m scared to take any drugs now.

  17. I was prescribed Alendronic acid because I had been diagnosed with osteopenia back in 2004. Lately, i have been feeling quite unwell, and after having had all sorts of health checks I have now come to the conclusion that my strange symptoms might be due to Alendronic acid. With the agreement of my GP I have now stopped taking the tablets. I have now been off Alendronic acid for two weeks or so, and at the moment i’m not noticing very much improvement. I was wondering if the side effects of the drug actually go away, and if they do, how soon can I expect to see some sort of improvement?

  18. Hi, I am 47 years old and recently found out I have osteopenia every where and osteoprosis in on of my hips. I just started my first pill of fosamax 70 yesterday. I woke up, called my doctor to make sure it was safe to take with a few broken ribs, and I was told yes. So, I took it with 12 ounces of water. Two hours later, I finally could eat, and drink. About 3 hours later, I started to feel weird, sort of dizzy. I carried on with my normal activities. My memory was a little fuzzy. Like just for a moment I couldn’t remember where I kept my masking tape. As I was searching through my kitchen drawers, it came to me. That I wasn’t living in my old house… I went to bed around 10pm. I slept restless, my shoulders began to hurt. The my neck was hurting. As I sat up from the bed my head started to pound. My ears was hurting. So was my face. If I took slow shallow breaths the pain was bearable. I drank 2 cups of coffee. I was thinking maybe I was dehydrated, so I drank a few bottles of purified water. I also ate one energice bar. Energice is a vitamin infused Premium Isotonic ice bar scientifically formulated with Electrolytes, B Vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12) and Potassium. I called my doctor and spoke with the nurse. I was told that it was very uncommon what happened to me, and it was my choice to take it again next week or not. She told me that all of these drugs, which is just a few, would cause me to have the same side effects. I asked her how long wil it take for the fosamax to leave my body, and when will this pain stop. She said for the to call in on monday if there is no improvement. Today is Wednesday! I took it on Tuesday. Anyhow, if anyone knows what whip lash feels like, this is worse. This full head pain is extremely bad. It hurts to walk on my feet. The bottom of my feet hurt. If I apply pressure to the back of my neck, my neck pain still hurts really bad, but I can move my neck. If I apply pressure on my face in front of my ear, the ear pain lessens. If I apply pressure to my temples, my headache lessens. This is a dangerous drug. Am I the only one the suffer from these bad side effects after taking it for the first time. There is nothing I can do to stop the shoulder pain, and lower jaw pain, or the chills I get.

  19. hi i broke my wrist last year and because of this I had a bone scan I was told I had osteoporosos in the Spine and hip im 57 and lead a active life ive on vitamin D daily and AA 70 ml weekly I took my one this morning a number of hours after taking this table I have had very bad stomach cramps and I have not left the bathroom and my head is bad.
    reading all of your comments I will not be taking another one of theses tablets . can’t belive my GP gave me these awful tablets .

  20. Went to dentist four days ago with toothache my dentist x-rayed my tooth and discovered I have a lot of loss of bone in my jaw can’t remember the name for it but it was caused by my treatment for osteoporosis she said she can’t take the tooth out as she could cause more damage she said she has to consult with another surgeon first I am in total agony with my tooth and jaw I don’t know how much longer I can go on I won’t hear anything to Monday so I have all day tomorrow and tomorrow night to suffer I don’t know how much longer I can go on help

  21. I’ve just started taking Alendronic acid 75mg and for the last 4 days I’ve been having really bad indigestion Heartburn and tightness of my chest
    I’ve only taken one tablet going to speak to Dr tomorrow. Ive been reading all the posts on this forum THINK I might stop altogether does anyone else get these symptoms

    • I was given alendronic acid tablets, one a week after had fall off my bike swerving to miss a coke can someone dropped and fractured my pelvis. I took them for two Sundays and my legs became painful,Dr said to continue and go back in 2weeks so I took one yesterday and today I feel breathless and giddy. Hopefully it will have gone by tomorrow and I am not taking anymore,will only take the prescribed vitamin D and calcium daily tablet.

      • I stopped taking these tablets after 3 weeks due to pain in my legs and still have it sfter 3 weeks and hoping it will come out of my body soon. The hospital talking about infusions once a year but still waiting for a appointment. judy

        • I was diagnosed with osteoporosis two weeks ago, so I just took one Sunday. the pain in my muscles and bones is unbearable, chills, last I had night sweat, my stomach was bloated, acid reflex and the headache along with my jaw ache won’t go away. After reading the comments I will not be taking it again.


  22. I can’t believe the drug companies perscribe this medicine knowing what t doesTo patients,me included I have had the same side effects .

    I will never take drugs like yours again.


  23. I’ve read your article and the comments with deep interest and concern.
    I’m 62, and fit until I came tumbling of my bicycle 2years ago and damaged my lumbar spine and muscles. I’ve been prescribed alendronic acid now as although doing very well year later, my new doctor is concerned about my bone and muscle condition.
    After reading the patient information leaflet I was hesitant to take medication today. Which has brought me here as I googled info on this medication. A big thank you to all. I won’t be taking it as I feel I may be able to find a natural alternative. One thing concerns me! If it is common for headaches, dizzy spells and blackout reports…shouldn’t this concern those that live alone, for both GP and patient?

  24. Hi I have just been precribed alendronic acid I have not taken it yet as I have had a bad cold. I quit often find that some of the drug’s my doctor has given me gives me bad reactions. so I was looking up side affects of AA which brought me to this site and I don’t like what I am reading, so I am going to ring my doctors and have a talk my gut feeling is not to take them. thanks for this site

  25. HI all I fractured my wrist in October had a dxa scan and was told I had osteoporosis. I was put on alendronic acid weekly and vitamin d and calcium twice a day . My body has been achy since starting them but after taking the A A on Sunday l have been in agony the aches in my joints and my hips have been unbearable and the numbness in my hands and fingers. I’m not going to take another one and just hope these pains gradually wear off.

  26. My Mum had taken Alendronic for 10yrs after breaking her hip. She used to get upset stomach the day & day after taking them. We spoke to the GP & asked if she could come off of Alendronic ,so she did, but now she is having problems with her arms, like a muscle ache. As the Corona virus is ongoing we cannot go back to the GP yet, but she is convinced all the aches started after coming off of it!! She is 86.

  27. Hello I am 66 and like many of you am hating taking this drug, I had breast cancer 4 years ago,so am still taking Anastrosil as it was Hormone related,which in turn apparantly helped causing bone density loss, so ws then diagnosed with osteopenia
    but from the start have not felt well, stabbing pains dental probs,aching joints,My dentist referred me to a specialist to have 3 teeth removed,but i lost it in the chair so scared ! and he said he would refer for being sedated,as he said he AA are wonderful tablets but do cause jaw and teeth probs along with everything else Am seriously thinking of coming off of them but want to see the outcome of coming off them and how safe it is.
    Also take two drugs for cholesterol and statins i rattle !!

  28. Hi Everyone
    Like a lot of people I was researching AA70 when I came across this group. I found it all extremely interesting and worrying. I had a fall/fracture side of leg then DEXA scab and told I had osteoporosis, my reading was -2.6 which I believe is just over normal readings. Doctor said it was a preemptive measure as my left hip was compromised! Extra C/D also. I too am very healthy woman 67, play golf dance swim walk, so I was upset to be told I had osteoporosis. So I duly took the AA70, now on third month. And yes side effects are happening, muscles ache, jaw aches, I did have an X-ray on my jaw and it’s fine TG. Now have constant
    Itching in my left shoulder/arm, have gained weight and my mood has changed.
    I am a naturally upbeat person, but on Wednesdays when I take this drug my body feels so different, I don’t like it. Having read all the above I am going to see my doctor again about this drug. Many thanks for all your information.

  29. Many thanks for all your comments re Alendronic Acid, these have been most helpful in my decision to take this drug. Following a recent hip fracture and subsequent dexa scan, it was shown that I had Osteoporosis mainly in the right hip and spine (my hip fracture was on the left side ! ). As a consequence, my Dr prescribed Alendronic Acid 70mg. I have been reluctant to start this course of medication due to the possible side effects and negative responses from the enquiries I have made regarding the drug.
    Gary Curd

  30. I just took my 8th dose of alendronate sodium 70 mg. I had a scan 6 months ago and have osteoporosis. I am 62, healthy and active. I also have arthritis in my thumbs. My rheumatologist prescribed AS but I dalayed taking as I had lots of dental work to be done. I began to take as prescribed and do not have any problems until 6 days after my 4 th dose, I was awakened in the night with uncomfortable, aching wrists. In the morning (Wednesday) I was not able to zip my jeans, brush my hair or other daily activities. My wrists were swollen, aching. They began to itch the next day, ( I took my 5th dose of medication) and they were slightly better but I called my doctor and got in To the office Friday. The PA was baffled. A blood test followed and the inflammation was evident in the test, but I did not test positive for RA which I was worried about. I was still a little sore, but improving. She suggested maybe I stop taking the AS but I already had. Since things improved I kept taking the medication. 4 days after my 6th dose, I woke up in the night with right hip pain. I attributed this to having a 12 hour car ride and driving 6 out of 12 hours. It got better in the day, but flared up at night for a few nights, then resolved. Took dose 7, and on and off right hip aches, but now radiating to thigh. Had another car ride, but then it flared up again, sometimes I limped all morning. I called my doctor and will go in tomorrow morning, even though pain resolved. Took dose 8 yesterday, and so far so good. After reading all the reports of strange muscle and joint pain caused by this medication, I’m guessing that is the culprit. Maybe tomorrow I will get better direction from the physician. This is just too weird.

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