The Honest Apothecary: Pharmageddon,, and an interview with Dr. David Healy

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April 22, 2013 | 2 Comments


  1. I am an UK pharmacist. Can you tell me how UK patients can send in their ADR reports formed on your website to the MHRA in UK please? Obviously I cannot see this as I haven’t got a report to send it at present, but I am interested to see how it links in.
    Many thanks

    • Mair

      At the end of the report, there is an option send to the MHRA. The option is send to the regulator in whichever country you are reporting from. What happens then is that we autopopulate the MHRAs yellow card form and let you print if off. Until MHRA provide us with the kind of electronic portal they give to drug companies, it would be a breach of privacy regulations for us to submit without your approval and if we were to submit all those approved it would cost too much for us to submit them all. So what we offer is an autopopulated form that you can print off and submit. We encourage submission.


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