The Shipwreck of the Singular

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December 17, 2012 | 4 Comments


  1. you want adverse side effects, try mixing seroquel with lexapro. heres what happened to me.
    the first 3 days i was not able to stand up let alone try and function normally. after the 3 days i was able to return to work, which at the time i was a carpet cleaner. several customers tried to break me out of the induced haze i was in and out of. one asked me what was wrong with me. i asked her why she would ask such a thing. she stated that i was just standing there with a blank look on my face and drooling and had been that way for over 20 minutes. i later found out that there had been numerous complaints about my ” behavior”. i never finished my 30 day supply of those dangerous drugs, it took me 3 years to finally get over the stupified actions caused by those 2 drugs. my son is having the usual issues that become onset with puberty, i WILL NOT get him on any drugs that have to be prescribed, they didn’t work for me and they won’t work for him. i was 39 at the time of the intentional overdose by the doctors. I will stick to marijauna, it’s safer and doewsn’t have such debilitating side effects

  2. I hope I don’t hurt the feelings of the writer of this “Crusoe” story but I am going to give my opinion of it. This story, or article (what is it?) is too abstract and mystical for me to spend time on, trying to follow it. People come here to learn something new, not to laboriously try to interpret what someone has written. If I want to read abstract literature, I’ll go to the poetry of T.S Eliot or someone like that. (When I was in high school I enjoyed figuring out the meaning of his poetry, and reading what others had written about the meaning behind the words. But I didn’t come to this website for that.) Who is this “Crusoe”, anyway? Why isn’t there some kind of explanation or introduction here to help the reader understand what this is about? It doesn’t even say who wrote it. The managers of this website should add this kind of information. I’m not on any medication that affects my ability to concentrate but what about those many people who are on those drugs that affect the concentration and who come to this website searching for enlightenment and truth. The very last thing they need is an article such as this – it will only make any mental issues they might have worse, not better. I’m not saying this website should not allow readers to post their own stories, uncensored and unedited. Yes, allow people to do that. But the website managers should add an introduction before any “story” such as this. Besides, I thought “stories” on this website meant people were sharing their personal experiences about prescription drugs, especially the psycho-active drugs, not people’s attempts at being a creative short story writer.

  3. I agree with Mr. G’s comments. The “Shipwreck of the Singular” screed was interesting but led me to wonder what this site is all about. It could be OK as a sidebar or a separate page which is prefaced by an explanation. What the article does do, however, is to give us some idea as to why measures put in place with admirable intentions often end up having the opposite effect. A full understanding of such matters would presumably be useful, if not vital, for a group that is trying to fix the ship and make it worthy of its existence – if that’s at all possible when there are too many dollars stacked up in the coffers of the entities who’d like to keep things exactly as they are. A total housecleaning should be more effective, though I regrettably doubt I’ll see it happen in my lifetime!

  4. At the end of day, how Professor Healy puts his point across, although, not everyone’s cup of tea, is his way of making the whole psychiatric disaster interesting. If you don’t tell a story, how else are you to put it across..

    You see, it takes people of a high intellectual ability, to see the wood from the chuff, and if you don’t ‘get Crusoe’, then you won’t get ‘the message’ about Rxisk and it’s illumination of certain disasters from ssri, benzo and psychotropic drugs.

    But, huge intellectual impact, is the only way forward and, I suppose the two comments above nibble at the edges, agreeing, but dismayed, at the storyline…..

    Don’t you get bored with algorithms, and data analysis, and want to reach to another level. To describe in a way that most people would and should understand.

    Let’s talk about Cluedo, and Who Killed Roger Rabbit, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and continue the ‘story’ behind Rxisk….and it’s purpose…

    Discussion to be continued…..

    Looking forward to the next ‘short story’ myself and rivetted……..
    Everyone loves a story…..and this is as good as it gets….

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