“We ask you to put the public’s health ahead of industry interests”

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March 4, 2014 | 3 Comments


  1. Well here I am grateful to the Medical Professionals who have helped me to recover from Organic Psychosis. I am the fortunate unfortunate who received two separate drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis both which worked brilliantly – but I was unaware of the damage they both did to my brain!
    Now a little bemused by the ‘mopping up’ I now have to experience once again – I need to say – we all take risks with medicine – I am relieved that medical professionals will say that the drugs may be the cause of my ‘psychosis’ – if they didn’t I would be so much worse with my health.
    I will have to sit up straight and dot my ‘i’s (maybe) and my sense of humour has to work harder than ever before – New drugs should be tested thoroughly for all possibilities and none should be heralded as being ‘perfect;’ A new condition caused by a drug is also always on the agenda. Just try and stop the ‘baddies’ before they break through:)

  2. You certainly do not have your facts correct on ZohydroER. I won’t bash you too much for your ignornace, your like many others who have had the hell scared out of them by Senator Manchin. Do your research and you’ll see that his Daughter is the CEO of MYLAN Pharm. This is a smear campaign against Zogenix so MYL does lose further share. Go ahead I challenge you to do your reseach, next time please include the REAL dosages avail to people suffering in PAIN. You have no idea what your even talking about. Mylan paid people to bash Zogenix because the product Zohydro ER is a far superior product with NO LIVER damage. Get your facts straight. Stop trying to lead a cause to prevent MILLIONS OF PAIN PATIENTS TO FINALLY RECEIVE A PRODUCT THAT WON’T COST THEM A LIVER.

  3. Annie’s reference to liver damage here is meant to highlight the fact that Zohydro is pure hydrocodone, unlike Vicodin, Norco etc. which combine a smaller dose of hydrocodone with 325-500 mg of acetaminophen (a/k/a paracetamol). Large doses of acetaminophen (4,000 mg/day and up) can be toxic to your liver and this is a serious safety issue – thanks largely to patients taking multiple pills containing acetaminophen (Tylenol, Rx pain pills, cold remedies, headache tablets) without realizing the total load they’re taking on.

    However, there are already many, many opiates on the market that don’t contain acetaminophen – OxyContin, Percocet, Opana, etc. etc. etc. Doctors who treat chronic pain have NOT been clamoring for this new pill – just the opposite. They are overwhelmed with trying to manage the epidemic of overdose, addiction, hyperalgesia, osteoporosis and other fallout from the pharmaceutical industry’s relentless over-promotion of these drugs. They certainly do not need another high-strength opiate to juggle against the others, especially one with no tamper-resistant features.

    Annie’s focus seems to be on Zogenix’s stock price vs. that of Mylan and other Pharmas. Unfortunately FDA’s focus does not seem to be much broader or more humanistic than Annie’s. Focusing on “fairness” to Zogenix leads them to conclude that this company must be given the same chance to gamble with patients’ lives, and devastate whole communities, as other Pharmas which have had their chance to get rich.

    We have known for centuries that opiates are highly addictive – and that while they are a godsend for acute pain and end-of-life care, long-term use leads to declining effectiveness and a downward spiral in the lives and health of many if not most chronic pain patients. The quadrupling of overdose deaths in the US in recent years is a direct result of a corporate campaign to make us forget what we know.

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