Weight Gain on Thyroxine

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September 17, 2012 | 280 Comments


  1. My experience has been that many patients have this experience and other negative effects on levothyroxine which is, of course, synthetic but do not have weight gain or other undesirable effects of natural hormone supplementation

    • Hi
      I was suffering the same symptoms until I seen a specialist who gave me an extra 20mg of T3 . Which gave me a new ‘life .
      amazing results !!!

      • Hi I live in Cleveland Brisbane….
        I need to see what can be done because I like the other lady watch my diet and try to walk most days, and cannot loose weight on Thyroxine….. I am on 100mg per day. So over 18 months I have gained possible 3 kg’s . Thus may not seem much to anyone else, however, being about 10 kg overweight to begin with, 3 kg’s is disastrous …

        • How have you been able to lose weight Susan? I am in Kingston. I take 100mg everyday. Weight is piling on and I haven”t energy.

          • Me to. Since have my op last Januray I have put on 16lb. I’m not happy and I’m not sure what to do? 🙁

          • I have found that the most amazing combo has been T3 and T4. My energy levels are back to normal which is fantastic HOWEVER, the weight gain is ridiculous!

        • Hi im on Levothyroxin and my mg go from 100 down to 88 to 77 back up to 88 to 100 and i have not lost weight. I have been 125 lbs all my life until this. My eating habits are vegetarian. Do no exercise but move a lot for my job. I take my medicine regularly but i ran out and had no time to refill. During this time i lost weight. My weight has remained 146. Stopped the thyroxine weight went to 140 until i got my medicine and took it. It seemed like i gained over night. I feel this medicine is making me gain weight what do i do.

          Signed frustrated

          • Omg You sound just like me lve been on 75 mg of Synthroid generic though, she started me at 50 then checked again then raised to 75 l feel worse lve gained at least 15 l feel sad slow and tired it’s all l can do to get through the day and have been battling skin cancer having nitrogen 49 to 50 spots hit at one time, heal then noticed when l was sick from reactions to some skin cream l did not take Synthroid a few days and lost 3 1/2 pounds instantly why? I go to Dr. this Friday had more blood work, Hope l can find out something😧sick to death of feeling icky all the time and l refuse to take antidepressants because of symptom from Synthroid l mean Come On ! I pill starts a whole bunch of new side effects to get worse! God! I wish One Dr. Could help figure this crap out! Not everyone can be wrong! Right??🤔

          • The issue is too much thyroid hormone produces excessive cortisol and actually has a reverse effect. It’s called Reverse T3, I think.

          • Hi I’m on 25 mg and gained weight now for the last 2years I have had 1-2 per week 25mg and feel better for it and lost weight plus my blood report says thyroid is fine😯even though I’m not taking it as I should

      • I hear a lot of people saying T3 are a great help, I have hypothyroid suffered now for 3 years, totally miserable and feel unwell unfortunately in Scotland they don’t test for T3 nor will you get them, I’m so sad and feel I’m slowly dying and probably am so glad some are feeling better it gives abit of hope, we don’t get T 3 because it’s too expensive. My weight has increased by 3 stone, and now have fybromyalga, vit D deficiency, anemia, planter fascitis and higher blood pressure, before I was sporty active happy loved life, now isolated in pain can barely walk always tired can’t stand noise and bright lights can’t go out in sunshine, what an existance,

        • I hope you can get some additional t3 to go with your t4 it might not be fibromyalgia as nerve pain is a symptom of under active thyroid maybe you could ask for the natural medication as some people respond better to it
          I really feel for you I have had the pain and also thought I had fibromyalgia but it went away once I was getting some thyroid hormones
          I’m still researching and looking for answers as the doctors always want to up the dose based on tsh yet there’s conflicting information and increases come with side effects for me. I just want my thyroid to work well
          Anyway stay strong and look after yourself

        • Hi I also live in Scotland and take 150mg of Thyroxine. I have many digeative problems have auffered Vit B difficiency have constant muscle pain and spasm and have increased by about 12 kg.
          My test results apparantly are fine but I am not convinced.
          If they dont give T3 supplement this maybe is what I need

        • I have been on 100 mcg Levo since 1993. I started suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in 2016. I have gone from a size 8 to 14. I have taken Raw Desiccated thyroid one tablet twice a week. And taking my Levo. The raw thyroid got rid of the fibro pain but my heart rate gets into the 90’s at resting. I am going to try stopping the Levo and just take the Raw Desiccated thyroid every other day. My GP isn’t interested in finding a solution so I have been self medicating. My life is one of isolation and if I exercise or do housework I end up really sick.
          I live in Melbourne, Australia.

          • Omg Im going thru the same. I started 1 yr ago with levo thyroxine. My doctor said it will give me energy. Since starting it I have gain weight, tired all the time, headaches, leg cramps at night, I can’t sleep and when I do housework the next day I can’t move. I’m 4’11 in height prior to starting that pill I was 120, now I’m 133, knee pains.. I feel like just stopping this medication.

        • I have Graves Disease and suffered from hyperthyroidism for 22 years. Toward the end I put on weight regardless of my ridiculous levels of thyroxine. About 7 years ago I had RAI to kill my thyroid, so I no longer have one. Since then I have put on another 13kg (over 28lb). I was initially on a dose of 100mcg, then 150mcg of Eutroxsig and my bloods consistently showed that this was too much, yet I had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I sought second and third opinions from several endocrinologists, and all wouldn’t believe me – they were going by the textbook. After years of feeling miserable, a pharmacist suggested that I pay to check my RT3 (reverse T3) levels. I did, and they were higher than my T3, which apparently meant they were clinging to my receptors and not allowing the T3 through. (Your body converts T4 which is inactive, to T3.)
          A new GP referred me to an amazing endocrinologist in Brisbane, Australia (Dr Kevin Lee at the Banyo Clinic) who deals predominantly with ‘tricky’ cases like mine. He put me on T3 and within weeks my clarity of thought improved and I felt much better. He said some people have problems processing the T4 and they need the higher dose of T3 to cross the blood-brain barrier.
          I am now on NDT extract as I also want the T1 & T2 that our thyroid naturally produces when it is functioning properly. (The medical profession still haven’t quite worked out what T1 & T2 do, so they say they are inert byproducts, yet some early research suggests that one of them is tied to metabolism. They used to believe T3 was also inert…)
          Anyway, I thought I’d share my story in case it is of benefit to others. My suggestion would be to keep pushing until you find a specialist who listens and is not stuck in old textbooks/research. We pay them to help us, and if we are not feeling well, then they are not helping.
          All the best with your individual journeys.

          • Hi Natasha, I also was diagnosed with Graves when I was 17. I had my thyroid removed soon after. I am also taking euxtroxig daily. My dosage has always been high from having a full removal but recently doctors lowered my dosage regardless how tired I have been, weight I have gained and constant headaches.. I am now 30 and have put on almost 15kgs which is impossible to move. I feel as once I had my second child 6years ago my hormones changed. Along with my metabolism slowing down. When I discuss with doctors they disagree, all they say are your levels are fine there is nothing wrong with you. With all my searching online I don’t think I have come across anyone with such a similar situation. I am up in North Qld and will be showing your comment to my doctor. I also have not been able to find a good endocrinolagist since leaving Brisbane. But am hoping to force them to test my reverse T3.

          • Hi Natasha, I was just reading your response whilst searching for reasons of weight gain and pain on a 100 dose of Tirosint. I have my endocrinologist’s appointment in an hour and have gained 10kgs since August 2020 when the doctor reduced my dosage. I too have a burnt out thyroid post overactive thyroid issues. I was looking into reverse T3, leptin levels when I read your response and I will be very interested to hear what my doctor is going to say about my last week’s blood test. The use of extra hormones of T3 and T1 and T2 will be brought up today. Thanks, regards, Cat

          • Thank you , very helpful!!
            I am still looking for endocrinologist who can do some more research like yours did !!

    • i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 17 years ago, I had gained 60 lbs. in about 4 months. It took over 5 years for the doctors to get my levels normal with levothyroxine and I lost the weight in 6 months after the dose was correct. That lasted about 8 years and then my dose was increased from 150mcg to 225mcg and within 6 months the weight was back after 2 years at that dose I found a new dr who put me at 175mcg. Only time will tell but I sure hope I can get this extra weight off soon, as nothing seems to work to lose weight.

      • I have been the same, decided to try slimming world and have lost a stone, have avoided carbs, eat mainly fruit for breakfast and the just decaf latte, semi skimmed milk and chicken and salad for tea! Have lost a stone now!

        • Likewise, I joined Slimming World about 5 years ago, it took over 4 years to lose 5 stone, but worth it, but recently since my Dr reduced my thyroxine from 200 down to 150 a day because my T4 was too high and put me on statins for high cholesterol, my weight has crept up by 7lb, really fed up this has happened after working hard to get my weight Down, can only think it’s the medication, have also been feeling more tired and achy, starting lose faith in Drs, none of them seem to be able to get it right.

    • I am on Armour Thyroid and have had the same experience- gain weight when on it, my hunger is insatiable at times. I can lose a few pounds if I go off , but then start having other problems with focus and lethargy. At a loss- tired of trying to diet and never able to keep weight off.

      • I was diagnosed hypo 2 years ago when my TSH was 19. The only reason we found out I have a thyroid issue is because I was in hospital for a cut and infection on my foot and the ER ran extensive blood work. Although I’d complained of fatigue and hair loss for years nobody tested me for thyroid, most likely because I had never been overweight in my life. So when I started on synthroid 2 yrs ago I was 34 years old and I weighed 127 pounds at 5ft. 5in. tall. Over the course of 8 months I gained 54 pounds. OUTRAGEOUS!! My doctor wasn’t open to trying a different med and I wasn’t open to gaining more weight so I found a new doc. In transition I was off meds for 3 months and lost 14 pounds. My new doc put me on armor thyroid 4 months ago and in that time I’ve gained 21 pounds. I started out this adventure at 127 pounds and I now weigh 188 pounds. I’m at my wits end. I have zero self esteem and have become a hermit, only leaving home for work. Something’s gotta give.

        • I’m curious, did you have your sex hormones checked? If your estrogen is too high it will make more SBGH and bind up the thyroid hormone and cause hypothyroid weight gain even if your levels are fine. Same thing can happen with elevated testosterone and low progesterone.

          • I’ve had the same problems as Tracy Hunger. Tested my SHBG and it’s at 196! Six months ago, it was 149 …. Do you by any know how to lower it?

        • Gosh, that’s heart breaking. Did you figure it out? Isn’t it better to just not take any meds or no? It’s hard to weight the pros and cons I find. I only gained 18 pounds that has been upsetting enough. Good luck Tracy.

        • I so feel for you. I have a big hunch it’s all big pharma and big vitamin (natural dessicated bovine GUTS?!). We are all Big Victims. I tried the bio identical t4,,, shoved on weight. Then the pharmaceutical t4. Shoved more kilograms on.
          I’ve had it. Single supplements. L tyrosine,, iodine
          Selenium, Zinc. I can go 12 hours without eating. My way of fasting. We doctor ourselves. Nobody knows me like me.

          • Hi Brenda Star
            I had a bit of a scare this Feb With a heart problem and whilst I was in Hospital they told me my thyroid levels were borderline, so I needed to go on thyroxine to regulate it….. since then I’ve gained over a stone in weight, I’m taking 50 mg at the moment…. Many years ago, the same thing happened after I had another Operation, this time for an ovarian cyst I was then put on 25 mg, but then they kept on increasing it over time until I was taking 150 mg of the thyroxine and my weight ballooned up by 2 !/2 stone, I stopped taking the meds and started to go down the route of vitamins and minerals the same as you and within 6 months the weight fell off, I had more energy slept better and my mind/brain wasn’t, so foggy, again I’ve decided to stop taking thyroxine and persue the natural alternative route as before only time will tell

        • I was prescribed Levothyroxine 13 years ago after having a complete check up before relocating. The nurse was unusually ecstatic to have caught my “thyroid problem” in its beginning stage. I was around 130 lbs. when I began and now I am 204 lbs. I have been taking hour long walks forever, play very sweaty pickleball four times a week, stretchercises daily, eat a healthy diet, veggies, protein, lean meats, fruits, salmon and cannot for the life of me shed this weight. I believe the levothyroxine pill prevents that. I have no other health issues. I never had any of the symptoms (maybe because caught in beginning stage) but no doctor believes me so I think I will just diagnose my own self and stop taking it now.

          • I was 132 lbs at 5′ 7″ for most of my life, never had a problem losing weight, just gaining weight. When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, I tried all the various brands of levothyroxine, some with serious side effects. Eventually, I settled on Nature Throid because my hair didn’t fall out with that. When that was discontinued this past year, I switched to Armour Thyroid. After approx. 6 months, I gained 15 lbs mostly around my stomach/abdomen. My abdomen was swollen and painful, my ankles puffy, my arms and legs swollen and fat. My cholesterol increased to an unhealthy level. I felt horrible and I was in pain (my abdomen hurt). I stopped taking the Armour Thyroid and almost immediately felt myself slimming, my stomach not as bloated. It has only been a week, so I’m going to experiment and see how I feel and then decide what to do. I may try the generic levothyroxine again. The only complaint I had with that was thinning hair but at least I felt healthy. Fed up in Arkansas USA.

        • I’m so glad I’m not alone. Reading these comments I too can attest to the fact that this medication has caused me significant weight gain. On average I weigh 140-145lbs. Today I weigh 179 lbs, like many of you I monitor my calories as I always have I’m also quite active. Dr’s aren’t listening when I tell them the only culprit is the Thyroxine. I stopped the medication for 3 months and I immediately loss 26 lbs., I reintroduced the medication and my weight gain doubled. It has been quite depressing. I have stopped the medication and I’m choosing natural remedies instead. The weight gain is to bothersome to continue on.

        • Hey Tracy, i see its been a few years since you wrote this. Your story is so similar to mine and i wonder if you were able to lose the weight you gained on levothyroxine? I’m becoming desperate.

    • I am 51 and just googled to see if the meds can cause weight gain. My thyroid has been on and off for 20 years. And I’ve never gained weight from it before. I was off the meds for about a year and just went back on them A few months and I swear I gained 12 pds in three months! I’m not taking it now and in a week have lost 4 pds. I’ll go in and talk to my dr but I’m not going back on levothyroxine.

      • Hi Carl, I have read your story as I am on the same med as you and I keep gaing weight as well as constantly changing my diet. How did you make out with not taking the med anymore and speaking with your Dr?

      • I’m wondering if you can update me on how things are going for you. I had been on synthroid for 12 years and was stable. (Before diagnosis I gained around 50lbs, but eventually got a stable dose and a stable weight). The past 2 years I was off synthroid due to insurance (lack of) and recently finally got back into a Doctor and back on it. I was thrilled…. except… 3 months into levothyroxine I’ve gained 22 lbs!!! Literally nothing else has changed! I was hoping that getting back on the thyroid meds would make me feel better again . I only today realized “hmm is there a connection between the Levo and weight gain… nah can’t be” and decided to come here to look. I never realized this was possible! I’m happy to see others and that I’m not alone… but also now horribly worried about the prospect of getting my dr to listen to what I’m going to ask.

        • Hi I’m so happy to have found this website, I’ve always Wright around the same weight for 8 years to then be told I have under active thyroid, had no symptoms but suffered bouts of bad IBS so that is why my bloods were done, since taking 50mg Levothryroxine I’ve gain over 30lbs and feel the lowest I ever have, has anyone been successful with their doctor listening to them?

      • I took a small dose of generic levothyroxine for about 2 years. I felt fine, didn’t gain weight but my hair thinned. Dr. told me it was due to aging (I was 45). I switched to nature thyroid and my my hair grew back. This past year Nature Throid was discontinued, so I switched to Armour Thyroid. Within 4 months, I gained about 13 lbs after being underweight most of my life. My abdomen was bloated and painful and I was extremely fatigued. I’d never had weight around my stomach before. I went up a whole dress size in 4 months. It has been a week and seems the weight is coming off. My stomach is flatter and I have energy again. Wonder if over medication (as well as under medication) of thyroid meds can cause fatigue and weight gain?

    • I’m glad I’m not alone. I have been diagnosed with graves disease and my Dr. gave me a radioactive pill to take out my thyroid. She put me on 100mg to 125mg to 150mg. I gained a total of 20 lbs in a few months. I missed my refill and stop taking Levothyroxine for three months and lost 20lbs so you’re right it’s the medicine. I never been a big girl and it was like I was putting on a pound a day. I don’t want to get too big so I take them for a little while but as soon as I gain too much I take a step back and take a break from my meds to lose the weight. It’s definitely the medicine I’m 100% sure of it and my Dr. tells me it not.

      • I too had Graves disease and took the radioactive pill to remove thyroid. I thought the Levothyroxine simulates the thyroid being there. I thought by being on it, the TSH numbers would come down, which they did. I have not lost any of the weight I gained during the time between having the RAI and starting the Levothyroxine. But my understanding is that if I stopped taking it the TSH number would go up and I would have no energy and I would put on even more weight. So I am confused as to how you would lose weight if you stopped the meds? This process seems different for everyone, and I am just trying to figure out the balance.

      • It is the med I’m on 200 mcg Synthroid gained 69 pounds can’t lose a pound unless I quit taking med, weight starts dropping.

    • I have gained 30 pounds since I’ve been on this medication and I’ve never weighted this much in my entire life. I exercise regularly and eat well. It makes me depressed and anxious. I hate this. It regulates certain things , but I don’t feel like this is worth it! I have an appointment with a different doctor to look at more holistic approaches. Now instead if 20 pounds to lose I have 50 and I am not even remotely happy about that!! It ticks me off so badly, I stopped feeling sexy , I feel disgusting..

      • I feel the same way. I was 130 when i started the meds about 10 years ago. I gained 50 lbs in about 6 months and have not been able to get it off no matter what. I try diets and eating right. My husband lost 75 lbs just by me making healthy meals and i gained instead. Its very frustrating.

      • I am right there with you!! I’m in NP thyroid and have been gaining so much weight and my face is so swollen. I look like I ate the old me. I have 50 lbs to lose as well instead of the 15-20lbs I had to lose before. This is so heartbreaking. In 3 months I gained 30 lbs

      • Kendra, your comments are my life right now!
        I have started to see a naturopath to see if I can regulate some of my weight…..I feel disgusting and not myself.
        My clothes are tight and I am killing myself to work out and eat right and i am still gaining weight.
        I want to stop taking my Syntheroid, but I have a feeling that my doctor won’t want me to.
        I’m so frustrated.

      • Hey Kendra, sounds very familiar. How are you now? Have you found a solution? I keep looking for solutions here on this forum because i feel like i’m going insane with the weight gain.

    • When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism my doctor put me on armour thyroid. I felt great! Got down to my normal size and eventurally below my initial pregnancy weight. But we moved and I ha w to get a new doc that put me on levothyroxine and I immediately started putting on weight. It has been 13 years and I went from 126 to 183 !!! I am going to ask to be put back on armour again and see if that will do the trick

  2. I should have added that desiccated thyroid or thyroid extract, refers to porcine (or mixed beef and pork) thyroid glands, dried and powdered for therapeutic use. For many there are religious and/or other dietary objections to its use. The main difference from thyroxine is that it contains
    a mixture of thyroid hormones: T4 and T3 :approximately 80% T4 and 20% T3 as opposed to throxine alone.

    • I am 32 years old I have had hyperthyoid for about 2 years now. I am on levothyroxine 25 mgs, I have been able to control my weight gain from the meds due to a change in diet, exercise and how I take my meds. I no longer take them everyday my doctor is aware of this. Instead I take them every 4-5 days exact until I see a specialist who can change my meds. I do not count the day I take it, I’m not saying this will work for everyone nor am I trying to change how people eat this was a choice I made for myself. I’m now vegan which means I do not eat meat anymore but still take in the good fats, a lot of vegetables either whole or blended not juiced and of course fruits, I also eat a lot through out the day but in little portions and snack inbetween, I cut bread and pasta out completely instead I substitute quinoa,cornmeal and potatoe,instead of rice. I also make a tea with Cinnamon , real Ginger and cumin before exercise every night. I do cardio inthe morning and strength at night. Since this my weight is stable I have not gained and have lost weight in places that was so hard to lose before. Also have a teaspoon of coconut oil every 3 days it is really good for thyroid. I hope this might help someone.

      • So you have hyper? Not hypo? I have hypo and about to start the same medication but on 50. Now I am worried

        • I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in January 2017 and put on Levothyroxine. I am getting WORSE! Gained 13 pounds, bloated, aching muscles, headaches, weak, extremely exhausted. Unable to exercise I weighed 127 and now 142!! Terrified of getting huge. Depressed as hell. Cannot see an Endocrinologist until November. 2 weeks ago bloodwork said my Cholesterol went from 206 to 317! LDL up. This changed to these levels in less than 3 months! I am a healthy eater but now afraid to eat anything but fruit and eggs plus supplements! I am stopping the Levothyroxine today! I have always been on 50 mg.

          • I was diagnosed hypothyroid in my forties, now 67, I ended up on 200mg a day, I was already obese, but over many years and a struggle lost 5 stone, a few months ago my GP told me My T4 levels were too high and so was my cholesterol, he reduced my thyroxine by 25mg and put me on statins, since then my weight has crept up by half a stone and I have constant tiredness and aches especially in my arms, I have tried to talk to him about this but get nowhere, by now I should have lost another 7 pounds in weight to get to my target weight which I set with my slimming club. I was shocked to be told I was at high risk of having a heart attack or stroke because of my high cholesterol, seeing as I had been exercising and eating a very healthy diet for the last 5 years and lost so much weight, I know I should go back to my GP, but to be honest I don’t have much confidence in him, and know whateverI say he will dismiss it. I do t think doctors really listen to their patience anymore, it’s very frustrating, in a situation where I’m damned if I do or don’t take the medication, but it’s good to know other people are in the same situation and understand the problem.

          • Other issues with hypothyroid is fibromyalgia, read about it and let your doctor know they usually treat it with an antidepressant as they have ingredients to help with pain tiredness, and it’s common in hypo sufferers

          • Elaine, I had to write. Your story is mine. I was 132 lbs for most of my life, until recently on Armour Thyroid, I went to 144. I gained weight mostly around my abdomen/stomach, my cholesterol went up…all in less that 4 months.
            What’s disturbing is that the doctors read our bloodwork and don’t make any connection to the sudden weight gain, increased cholesterol and all the other symptoms..and that we feel horrible. Mine said all is fine, keep up a healthy diet. They are useless. I’m cutting down on my meds to the lowest dose I require to feel good.

      • Hi Sandra
        Thanks for your reply, it is good to know that there are people out there have suffered from Thyroid, I have an under active thyroid which led me to being put on Thyroxine tablet, I first started at 50mg and after I saw the specialist the dosage was increased to 75mg and I was again referred to another specialist who also recommended an increase in my dosages (2 tablet a day) that is 150mg a day. I have put on so much weight now I am 86kg (16kg extra) which makes my body feel foreign to me, my skin itches, my eyes are dry. I am writing this because I want to try some of your suggested diets, it is hard because I am not a vegetarian, I love meat and a good BBQh!. but I will give it my all. And I will post after 3 months

        • Hi Martina. I was like yourself as I battled to try and stay off Thyroxine meds. For 2 years I used natural therapy which kept it in check then the levels started to change and I was forced to take the Thyroxine. My weight went from 69 kg to 78kg and it is devastating. I now have feet and ankle problems from the weight gain and my knees are giving way. My clothes don’t fit and eyes and skin are dry and problematic. My diet is not excessive and I’m always on the go with a busy lifestyle . I really don’t feel like doctors are hearing me as I know through searching there are better ways to manage this. Is it the type of meds??? Are there better testing options that are more specific???? Hope as sufferers we can find the solution.

          • Anita P
            I had thyroidectomy 2.5 yrs ago for cancer and this has been devastating to my health and not one Endo can provide relief all I hear is your lab numbers are perfect so perfect in fact Ive been house bound due to massive leg pains that nothing takes away absolutely nothing. I argue with Endo and say I didn’t have crippling leg pains until I lost my thyroid and I wasn’t overweight until I lost my thyroid…please explain…they can’t no one can…it’s a medical anomaly.

            I recommend requesting the following labs….T3,FT3,FT4,T4 and Antibodies and let’s not forget the fabulously stupid TSH test that most medical people call the king…don’t buy it.

          • Hello Grace,
            Your telling my story! I’m not sure what leaky boat I fit in ( probably neither as I’m so fat now) but I had a partial thyroid removal. My doctor passed away shortly after, I moved and never received any medication for about 7 years with no problems. When I started seeing a doctor for other medical issues my file surfaced and I was introduced to synthroid… and 8 years later I’ve gone from 137 to 180 lbs…y legs, my knees, my neck, my chest are always aching… especially my legs… my hips feel like they are cracking and after reading all of this I’m not taking anymore… I had my surgery in 2006 and didn’t take any thyroid meds until 2014 … ran a 26 mile marathon …no problems… was overweight most of my life and now while on synthroid it’s like I’m at square one… done.
            Sincerely signed frustrated

          • Hi grace, ditto 🙁 you told my story. Labs forever and weight gain, pain in legs, dry hair, swollen ankles. I exercise 4/5 days a week, very active and healthy and just keep getting chunkier by the day. I can suggest one thing that has helped with the muscle aches- hydrate hydrate hydrate. My labs now say I am hyperthyroidism which means they want to lower my dosage🤞🤞, let’s hope this helps my weight. I did change my dr. and hope this time she will listen. So frustrating. Let me know if you have found the magically cure.

          • There are alot of issues connected with hypothyroid, if that isn’t working so good there is, sjorns, planter fascitis, pain all over the body is called fibromyalgia dry eyes are sjorns don’t ignore these symptoms read about them and see a doctor, there are probably more but that’s what I’ve got so far and it’s miserable, you are not alone but we can’t give up, if you don’t have family or friends try to meet people with the same illness and hopefully help each other with motivation and advice god bless

  3. Hi, I was initially diagnosed with interactive thyroid. placed on 50mg of levothyroxine. been on 50mgs for 8mnths now, blood levels have improved but my weight goes up and down like a yo yo (3-5 kilos per week fluctuation) feel a little less tired but not much. do I need to increase my dose? Never felt much benefit even though my bloods did improve. no side effects so far though.

  4. I thought it was my imagination, I have been on Thyroxine for about 8 weeks now and if feels as if I pick up weight on a weekly basis. I am confused by my results, I was really tired, weight gain ect but my levels were high?

  5. Yeah, you’ll gain weight taking thyroxine if you don’t have hypothyroidism. Thyroxine is for hypothyroidism. Is is not for people who don’t have hypothyroidism and are taking it just to boost their weight loss. When you take thyroxine when your thyroid is perfectly normal, then you just screw up the balance of your system & your thyroid compensat
    es. Make sense?

    • Jean – people with clear hypothyroidism at least on laboratory testing can gain weight when they take Thyroxine

      • I have been thyroxine-75mgs for about 15years and I have not been aware of any weight gain. I have not lost any either. I am however, quite active and busy. I do as much maintenance around the garden as I can manage saw wood by hand and other DIY jobs that arise. I used to walk a lot but now still manage a mile and a half with the dogs. I also go up and down the stairs many times a day. My blood pressure is also good. I try to avoid too much sugar but I still enjoy sweet foods.
        I am 71 years old.
        I wonder how much even modest activity will combat any potential increase in weight?

        • I have been on levothyroxine for 9 years now and have been gaining weight ever since I started taking this. I usually walk 2.5 miles per day at least 5 times a week , try to watch my diet and stay active. I still gain weight no matter what I do. I never had this problem before the medication.

          • Thankfully i thought it was just me that this happens to, it’s making me very very low because no matter what i do i cannot lose any weight, but will inevitably die if i stop taking this levo. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

          • Thank you so much for everyone taking the time to make these comments. Doctors simply want to keep patients on eutrosig for some reason and I definately felt better without it. I gained 7 kilos in about 2 months and nothing else had changed other than starting thyroxine. It made no sense as the other thing that it did was cure chronic constipation, so why was I gaining?! AND it was a very puffy wobbly type of weight that i have never had before. At least i know that if others like yourself are experiencing this i am not imagining things . I want to stop the thyroxine and see if i feel better. I have gone up 2 bra sizes and feel like hormonal mess.

          • You sound exactly like me. Curious if you ended up stopping the levothyroxine? Did you lose the weight? If so, how long did it take?

          • I have been on Euthyrox for 7 months now (due to all clinical signs of hypothyroidism and border line hormons levels). My family history is positive for hypothyroidism on both maternal and paternal side. Now I am taking 25 or 50 mg daily. I have always had weight problems, but for this 7 months during Euthyrox therapy I gained 1kg each month without any eating habit changed. 7 kg all together. My other symptoms are improving, but weight is something that I cannot control at all. Being a doctor I am hardly to believe what I am experiencing now.

          • Thank you for your honesty. As a doctor this probably puts you in an awkward position, but people like me appreciate that you can have an open mind to the vagaries of hormonal fluctuations in different people. You must feel frustrated as well!

          • I have had hyperthyroidism for yrs and have had such a hard time gaining weight.. last yr I had a total thyroidectomy due to cancer, wow I started gaining weight And was so happy. Then about 6 months ago I had to have a total hysterectomy and within 2 months I have lots almost 50lb.. I was taking 150 of sythroid before the last surgery. I now take just half because I had my blood checked and it was 0.0001… I just want to Gain my weight back. Should I stop the thyroid med or reduce it even more. All the threads talk about ppl wanting to loose weight, I need to gain!
            Not to mention all the other symptoms…. I would be here all day.. Any advise?

          • My self is on levothyroxine 0.150 mg and I can’t loose weight just keep gaining please tell me how to loss this

          • I have gained at least 15 lbs by using this thyroid med i have always had a great weight
            Now i have trouble putting on my clothes because of the weight gain. It’s making me depressed. Im going to stop taking the medicine. I never can get ahold of my doctor to let me know if i will have bad withdrawal

        • Barry, it may be more of a female based problem. I joined a gym and exercise 10 hours a week more than i did before the thyroxine. It is very frustrating to try to explain weight gain to people when i eat less than they do, exercise more, and still people dont believe that the weight goes on by itself. I will never take my health for granted again. I see other women who look uncomfortably bloated as i do and i feel so sad that they probably have people who are judging them and telling them to be more active when nothing works . the body has a mind of its own it seems!

          • Wasntfatbefore,
            I was thinking this too, it might be a female issue.

            My weight has always been a major issue for me though, and I am now morbidly obese. I have so many things going on in my body that I am struggling to balance it all, and thrown awry every month by massive iron loss. (aged 50 now so praying..)

            What I AM curious about, is no one mentions the autoimmune side. My thryoid was screwy but lab tests showed no changes. It was autoimmune style, so it’s terribly to try to work out why my thyroid feels like doing this week.

            Anyone else have autoimmune with no other changes? e.g. my T4 looked OK and my TSH didn’t vary from standard. Oprah once commented on laboratories who are determined not to test for antibodies if your other labs are standard..

            Always battling weight, mostly because of other health conditions, like diabetes, recent iron deficit and ADHD combining to turn me into a fat slug with no brain. ADHD treatment actually seems to be helping all this, when I can keep up with the iron!

            You are all so brave, battling silent illness in a world which prefers to see it, and thank you for sharing your stories and thoughts, it is so good for all of us!

          • I have autoimmune thyroiditis. Had partial thyroidectomy 3 years ago for nodules. Bloods perfect but worsening hypothyroid symptoms of exhaustion body pains and dry sore eyes led me to thyroxine 50mcg last year. Have gained 10 kg. Am currently in menopause. Feel awful. Not eating enough to create such weight gain. Eat quite healthily.verylittle processed food. Work full time with 4 teenagers.tiredness as bad as before. Can’t get a handle on the weight. Drs say bloods good…keep on same dose . Any suggestions??

        • Well good for you. That helps nobody that has issues they do not want. The garden won’t help them. Not helpful

        • You are one of the lucky one x i started on 50 mg niw on 150 i look after my granchildren do gardening look after friend up the road do treadmill. Dont eat a lot and when i do its salads etc. No cheese bread cakes cookies lollies do not Smoke or drink cordial or anything stronger booring really. I put on 6klos cannot shift it no matter what….

      • Hi
        I am 47yrs old and this week have been put on 100 cmg thyroxine. My thyroid antibody count was 1450 (should be less than 67) and my TFT came in at 7.86 so put on meds. My biggest concern is weight gain. I had test done because I have vitiligo; the condition is genetic; my memory is terrible and suffer extreme exhaustion for no apparent reason. I also noticed that I put on 4.5 kg in a month (before going on meds) even though I have been same weight (other than when pregnant) for 25yrs and have not changed my diet / drinking habits or exercise routine.
        Doctor said going in the meds would change my life but 2 days in and I have gained another couple of kilos and tummy looks like I’m 6mth pregnant. Not happy! Please help! Do I stay on or go off?

        • Hi Angela I can’t believe my. Daughter is on thyroxine she looks six months pregnant I can’t believe you just said that she used to be hyper very thin could eat anything now she’s hypo but her tummy looks six months pregnant it’s so depressing for her her partner has left her she’s now a single mum she gets chronic fatigue depression sweating overheating and anxiety her friends think she’s just fat and lazy but it’s hormonal now she’s a single mum and has to work harder with these symptoms from what I’m reading here I think it is the thyroxine thankyou so much for sharing guys it’s so good to know we are not alone it’s the mystery chronic illness it makes you look at fat people differently they may not be home eating copious amounts of good but have a thyroid hormonal problem

    • I’ve been on levothyroxine now for just about 6yrs. I can confirm that when I don’t make the time to get my refill of forget to take it, I tend to notice that I feel less bloated and feel the weight lose. I usually have to be off of it for like a week begore I start feeling the weight lose. The moment I start retaking it, in a week I feel the weight gain. It is very consistant when I’m off and on. So it’s true, this medication makes you gain weight for sure. Only problem, is if you stop taking it you become very tired and weak. It’s almost like a sich tired.

      • Cheryl, me too! I have no thyroid, I have to be on something.

        It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the thyroxine, or the Natural Dessicated Thyroid, I’m still fat, bloated, balding, splitting fingernails, fatigued, etc.

        I thought it was from complications with other drugs (psych: lithium, SNRI, which I am now totally off), and that my metabolism had been shot.

        I didn’t even consider the thyroxine!

        • I had a thyroidectomy in 2001 due to thyroid cancer. So I have no thyroid too! I have been on 200mg of thyroxine for those 15 years. Recently the doctor reduced my dose to 150mg and I seem to suddenly be putting on weight now, but bizarrely have more energy. Think a healthy diet is the only way to balance things – I wish there was a natural alternative but until then I am entirely dependent on my daily thyroxine. I will vote for a government that will keep our NHS system intact, so that I can keep getting my medication for free…

          • Really? You want your government to keep their NHS system intact so you can continue to get your meds for free? Aint nothing free! I’m sure that whatever country you are in, you are being taxed at an extremely high rate to pay for your “free” medication. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “You think it’s expensive now, wait until it’s free”? Sorry about ranting on you, it just really gets to me when people like to say their healthcare is free. No. No it’s not free. Taxpayers pay a very high price for your “free” medication. This is why I am against socialized medicine.

            Anyway, I have been taking levothyroxine for about 8 years and my daughter has been taking it for about 2 years. We have both gained so much weight. My daughter has gained a lot more than I have which is crazy because I have a terrible diet and never really “exercise” and she eats very healthy and goes to the gym 4 times a week. I am very sad for her as she is only 22 years old and went from 110 lbs to around 150 lbs. in 2 years. She used to have one of the most beautiful figures I have seen to being so big that I hardly recognize her. I am worried for her health now because of the weight gain but hey…her thyroid levels are fantastic. Same with me. I went from 120 lbs all my life and now I’m around 145 lbs. I hate looking at myself in the mirror now. When are the doctors going to start listening to us? I don’t want my kid to die from a heart attack or developing diabetes because of the weight gain. Lovely drug. Would recommend it to anyone I dislike! Just kidding. Sorry Annamarie for jumping you like that but you really need to rethink this “free medicine” thinking of yours. Have an awesome day.

      • I had RAI back in October 2015 to stop Graves’ disease from attacking my thyroid. It took until last month to get meds waiting for my thyroid to die. I had severe Graves almost dying. I have gained wait easily always but since the RAI i gained 30. Now that I am on Levothyroxin I am gaining wait fast. I have been on a very strict diet since starting levo…zero sugar, 20 grams or less carbs per day, high protein, 800 calories at most per day. It makes no scientific sense that j am not losing weight. I would love for these endocrinologists to put is under 24/7 suvelience to prove those of us desperately and strictly trying to .lose weight are NOT losing weight. They just brush us off and assume we are cheating on our diets. Meanwhile joint pain, teeth pain, exhaustion, and feeling sad and discouraged sets in. I have been clinically depressed and this is not that. I have a desire to win and succeed..to fight even as I am exhausted. This is sadness and frustration over our new reality…I would like to see these endocrinologists live this nightmare. They blame depression, aging(20/30/40/50/60/70(they conveniently pick your age whatever it is and say it could be that) diet(condescending look as if you sneak eat), exercise which is hard but we manage but they don’t think so. Diet is 85% of weight loss exercise is 15%. This makes NO sense how I am not losing weight and am gaining weight or this fat is hanging onto me for dear life. Why aren’t they listening??? This fat and bloating CANNOT be healthy! Sorry for the rant, I am just so frustrated, angry, sad, and tired of this nightmare,

        • I thought I was going crazy. Thank you for your comments. I am super heat sensitive, so so tired, ache and getting fat on Levothyroxine. I have blood work 2x a year and see docs 2X a year to watch some nodules.
          They discount my complaints and try to blame menopause. I must take these .75 pills or risk nodule enlargement. I have also begun a food diary and exercise diary to shove in front of my doc on the next appointment. I am also getting some “low” moods and losing motivation.
          Thank you again.

        • I’m so glad i found this site …I’ve been pleading with my doctors for years about the weight gain.. they brush me off and refer me to the dietician. .. it’s getting so bad I’ve been put on Prozac and Trazadone for depression and sleep disorder.. most recently sent for a sleep study and put on an apnea machine. .. I’ve literally gain 85 pounds and never exceed 2000 calories. . I’m on the go 15 hours 6 days a week… then house cleaning on Sundays. .. I’m not sitting around eating bonbons waiting for room service to bring up clean sheets… bit yet the weight continues to find me.. it’s nice to finally have an idea of where to start with my next argument with my doctors

          • I was put on Levothyroxine and immediately gained 6 pounds. I stopped taking it because I had gained a signifigant amount of weight through the years even doing regular execise and eating right , I sure from my underactive thyroid, but dr. never did test for t3, t4 said it was normal. So I did some research and lots of people have had luck with Armour. I ask her to put me on it and tomorrow will be my first day. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works.

          • Hi Melissa, I’m glad I saw your post! I thought I was the only one who put on a lot of weight.. I can’t shift it no matter what I do and I follow a strict diet and do exercise. Makes no difference. absolutely over it..

          • Melissa 2000 calories is a lot for a woman. For example a woman 5 foot 4 inches weighing 130 lbs only requires 1400 calories to maintain weight. Youre eating way too much!

          • hello everyone i regret the day i took this medicine because i lived 18years perfectly fine.in usa i was given radioactive iodone for hyperthyroid condition and i was perscribed medicine which i never took …i was on homeopathy for my back pain because i mprofessional athlete but obviously my homeopathy practicioner was monitoring all and i was fine.。after i stoped homeopathy and went through stressful situation nightmare event i got diagnozed again w hypothyroid and advised to start medicine at that time again i didnt i took lugol iodone applied two drops on my skin worked wonders.however i stoped that as well and than my whole body colapsed .:( than i panicked and started this medicine… i ve been on it for a year.super fat professional athlete training a lot eating super healthy i m obese …not only obese which i dont mind i am not sleeping at all .i m fallin asleep when sun rises and sleep six hours but at 6am to 2pm.i dont work …again i was here to see whether i ll have some side effects to stop this medicine from nightmare …i want to be pregnant they told me with this medicine ill get pregnant and have a healthy baby omg not happening either…if someone has gone cold turkey from 125 to nada please write bellow because i want to quit and go bk to homeopathy …

        • discovered I had a goutrer + graves about 10 years ago had the worst time hair falling out dry skin emotional break down off work 4 about 6 months still do not understand desease on 150 ml a day but don’t feell it’s enough if they reduce to 125 get really emotional and go into deep depresion + gain weight then they up again +I feel better but not right? ! .

        • Omgod it’s awful I’m so sorry to hear this my daughter has it to no one understands it it’s so depressing she looks six months pregnant she was always thin she’s so depressed with the chronic fatigue and no heat control

          • Wow ive been on high levles of thyroxeine since i had my first child 17 years ago, at first it went over active then shifted to under active and ive been on thyroxeine ever since from 175 to 225 im now on 200 and I put weight on continually, I was over 20 stone a month ago and i hardly eat! People around me dont understand, i eat small portions and im full, my doctor suggested a gastric band, but like ive said to my family i dont enough for that, so how is it going to help. People look at you and think she eats all day long, and its so annoying, i wish i did!!!!! My stomach is bigger than when i was 9 months pregnant 3 times. Im just beside myself, im on diet pills, but its hard as i need to eat fat for them to work and i dont always. Im really getting distressed about it now. Nobody understands either

          • I hear you. People look at my size and assume I eat a lot, but I don’t. Since being on thyroxine, 200mg I have kept ballooning and my doctor is convinced it’s not from the thyroxine. I’ve just changed drs to a guy in wynnum, and he is the first Dr that has agreed that a portion of the weight gain is thyroxine. The problem is that if I do not take it, I am sluggish, have brain fog, and a husky voice. It’s a choice of having energy, or wanting to sleep all the time

          • Hi Lisa I’m in the same situation as you I’ve been on medication for along time eat small meals don’t go over 1.400 calories aday clean houses for a living and still can’t loose weight stopped taken medication for 3 weeks slight lost of weight don’t know what to do whether to go back on them or what else can I do

        • I was diagnosed with severe graves two months ago and am due to have radioactive iodine treatment on Thursday. I am already very overweight due to the amount I have gained because of the graves… I am now very concerned about having the treatment as the last thing I need is any more weight going on…. Almost 15 stone but only 5 foot tall

        • THATS because Doctors and Endocrinologist are just a bunch of idiots and assume it’s you that’s causing the weight gain. I also get aniexty so bad before I have blood work dreading the phone call afterwards, yes the phone call this is when you realize that these monsters no longer care about your health.

      • Hi guys I’m the same I had my last child at 42 , same year a hysterectomy , had both thyroid lobes removed due to very enlarged goiter and began taking 100 thyroxine a day AND gave up smoking .. so when the weight gain began was not sure which was the culprit .. I had previously been around 65 k even after all my children twins included .. I have gained weight over the years to hit 85k at 66 .. I started walking the dog , and recently going to the gym to no avail .. I have semi regular blood tests done last time the dr said it was all good but I get a copy of my results so on examination found my levels were actually slightly down so I self prescribed an extra 50 to my daily dose hoping it would help my weight loss but also I have gained another 4- 5 k depending on the time of day. . I had asked my dr about the weight gain being my medication but it got dismissed .. now thinking the extra med has put on the extra in a matter of 2 weeks but more convinced after reading other peoples issues that even taking the prescribed amount is cause for weight gain and a stubborn weight gain ..I get quite anxious about the way I look and avoid mirrors and social situations ..I am on my own so it’s not about pleasing others but my self image disgust ..how do we get help ?

    • I’m trying to understand how a perscritption would be written by a doctor for the patient just to loose weight. That doesn’t make sense. The blood levels should indicate the need for medication.

    • NO, this doesn’t make any sense. Why are you all taking the same medication when you have different thyroid conditions? Some of you claim to have an overactive thyroid and others an under active thyroid. So why are you all in the same medication?

    • No! I do NOT AGREE ! I weighed approx 98 to 105 lbs for nearly 15 years. Then I was told I hv HYPOTHYROIDISM and put on 40 mg per day. I hv GAINED 25 pounds in ONE YEAR since being on levothyroxin. I also hv numerous other side effects: extreme fatigue, difficult sleeping even if exhausted, more headaches than I’ve ever had (can’t sleep more than about 2 hrs; then up and down constantly and hv frequent urination) stomach bloating, dizzy, weakness, shortness of breath, only slightly anemic, extremely painful leg and foot cramps that are so extreme I hv to jump from bed and walk around for sometimes 2 hrs w/pain, stomach pain and more!
      This drug is horrible! I also hv constant hot flashes; then I’m freezing cold and my feet are like ice.
      No diet changes except now I don’t like many foods I use to like and more….
      Nobody can tell me this drug “lets” anyone lose weight! I take other RX’s I’ve taken for numerous years and never had side effects EVER unless getting use to a new drug.
      Levothyroxine is MISERABLE! I hv NO LIFE and NO Energy! I can’t even go places with my husband of 45 yrs becuz I’m SICK all the time now! I MUST get off this miserable drug and find a Dr who REALLY knows how to treat this.

      • Hi I have been suffering exactly the same I’ve never been one to be sick but always sick now d weight gain is enormous I’ve come off mine 5 days ago and already feel better no pain no feeling poorly and not as bloated I am not going back on it no matter what it does to me

        • Me too!!!! I just stopped taking mine about a week ago not. Dr and Endo say I am fine but this drug is so terrible. I am hoping my body responds to not having it and drops some weight and I can just manage through it if I start to get tired again. All the other symptoms stayed the same. It only helped my tiredness ever so slightly. This is the worst!!

        • Hi Amanda, I’ve been on Levothyroxine for around 2 to 3 years now and I have gained 3 stones in weight. Everytime I go to my GPS for help and explain that I’ve only been gaining weight since taking Thyroxine, they say no it’s not the medication it’s in your head. I’ve resulted in not eating at all because it’s getting me down so much. I only have to look at food and I put weight on and I’m very careful in what I eat. So I understand 100% what your feeling and going through.

          • Did you have hyperthyroidism, Graves, cancer, ended with full thyroidectomy. I put weight on after but been eating clean and working out since February, I have lost over 20 pounds. Now my doctor is going to take me from 175 to 200. I need to keep my tsh suppressed because of possible cancer reoccurrence. I think the dosing May be wrong, that’s why the weight gain?

    • How did things turn out for you? I am new to this and hoping to learn from everyone’s wisdom and experience.

      • I have been taking this for 6 weeks for underactive thyroid – worst thing I have ever done. It hastaken nearly 2 years to get my weight down from 12 1/2 stone to recently in May this year weighing around 10:5 and admittedly I do put on a couple of pounds and it does come off again over a week. Since taking levothyroxine 25 which is supposed to be the lower dosage my weight since I have been noting it daily is going up by a 1 Ilb everyday and now I am nearly at 11 stone over such a short time. Now suffering with continual bloating every am I wake up as if I have over eaten the night before it’s a nightmare. I still exercise using my push bike for work and some lunch time running and it has no effect still increases. After researching all over the internet I have yet to find any women who have actually not gained weight and have any postive feedback from taking this drug. I asked my chemist and he said that it is probably the wrong dosage and may need to increase. I have recently had blood test and will get results Monday but I will contact GP as I am going to come off it. Why take something that is causing you more symptoms and why are the NHS not realising that obviously this is a cheap product that is not doing anyone any good in fact causing worst symptoms in some case that people have not had before. The reason I do not want to take a higher dose is because I don’t think this is the answer as people are all stating different dosages and still weight gaining/

          • Mine dosage was increased because I didn’t get better and kept gaining, then I stayed constipated, so I cut my pills in half now, I go to the bathroom great, everyday with no problems, quit gaining, but haven’t lost either

        • Hi Jane
          I’ve just started taking this for under-active thyroid. Have piled on 6 lbs in as many days, and have never had a weight problem in my life. Going back to the GP next week in hope I can have one of the alternative options … (but not particularly hopeful).
          Seeing your post is nearly a year old – I was wondering how you got on, and whether your meds were changed and were you able to get the weight back off again?
          With thanks.

        • I know this comment was years ago but what happened to you? I have just started taking 25 Levo and feel like it’s making me gain weight and it really worries me. Can you help?

    • Yes…I have known for 50 years that anything synthetic destroys the immune system by overriding the natural.
      The gentleman that told me that is one of the World’s leading researchers.
      many years ago he said to me…’Peter you would not believe the insane amounts of money I have been offered to write a false report about a product’….that may help some people understand why there is so much contradiction about ingredients etc.

      Happy to share what I have found as a result of searching for answers after the loss of my 72 y.o. Father in 1985 with a massive brain tumor.



      • Hi Peter Kincaid Your comment was made two years ago I am very very interested in your comments, I think it’s important to our own self preservation to understand exactly what is being prescribed for us. It’s a shame transparency is not available to us. I do hope you manage to see this message and respond many thanks Rose

  6. If you have had your thyroid radioactive treated, then you need to take thyroid medication for the rest of your life….there is no other choice

  7. I am also on thyroxine and have been gaining weight, and despite regular exercise. As I have has my thyroid removed, I am concerned if I can to control this increase. I am not fan of diets as I think this leads to further problems.

  8. I’ve been on synthroid for over 12 years after thyroid cancer. For about 6 months now I have been overwhelmingly fatigued, miserable and gaining weight out of control. Classic hypo symptoms right? No, apparently I am hyper (beyond tsh suppression) and doctor has lowered my dose. So, can anyone explain why I would gain weight while hyperthyroid?

    • Hi Joan, I am also on TSH suppression for stage 4 pap thyroid cancer. I now am 3yrs post TT & RAI. I have the same issue with weight gain, while technically being hyper, 5kg is what i have put on since TT and i can’t budge even half a kg. I am taking 150mcg x 4 days and 125 x 3 days. I was on 150mcg daily after TT, but i was getting too many heart palps and sleeping all night is still an isssue. My endo explained that when our bodies are forced into a hyper state we can get some symptoms, but weight loss is not one of them. As i am 57yrs and post menopausal, that doesn’t help the middle age spread. I eat a healthy diet and walk regularly. I have so many other problems since TT & RAI e.g. dry mouth, dry lips and eyes, not able to talk for long as my cancer had spread to the nerve in my throat and lymph nodes. I wish i could get a good nights sleep, but i think without a thyroid, even though we are on meds, life never is the same again.If you find the answer to the weight gain, let me know.

    • Hi yes I can explain. When you take T4 it depends how much of it converts in the liver to the active T3 thyroid hormone. If you cannot convert it properly it sits in the blood and does not enter the cells hence you get a drop in the metabolism. Your doctor will say you are taking too much but that is not so as what is happening it is building up in the blood and going nowhere but the blood test will show too much t4.

      Natural dessicated thyroid hormone contains all 5 atoms and so there is always T3 that can enter the receptor sites on the cells. The TSH test does not work properly that is a fact and the FT4 and the FT3 are still only showing what is in the blood not what is entering the cells. Only the basal metabolic rate will show this and symptoms. You could ask your doctor to change to natural thyroid hormone or add some T3 Hope this helps.

      • I started to get back on T4 for 3 months. I was still exhausted. I asked to take T3 also I am getting FAT from both. From a American 2,4 up to a 6,8 in 2.5 months. Nothing different in my diet. I’m hungry all the time. Still fed exhausted. I eat very whole, and healthy. Nothing processed. What is happening. 5 years post-menopausal no weight gain, but weight loss. Now these meds. Is this worth it? Seems people are complaining of the same thing with natural thyroid as well.

        • I am the same. I NEVER cheat on my diet. I am like a robot. I don’t eat out, I don’t eat processed food…this in itself is not fun and feels very unfair…quality of life is being taken from me on so many levels. I am all protein now which always dropped my weight dramatically. People older than myself drop the weight super fast on the life diet. I had my hopes up for synthroid and armor etc but have also heard so many saying it doesn’t help. What are we supposed to do? Dying of a heart attack from all if the cumulative fat isn’t healthy. I feel we have been medically abandoned….left to suffer.

          • Sherrylynnp,
            I agree I’m getting fatter and fatter and I’m short it is very depressing when I exercise and eat right. Why can’t they help us.

        • If you had a thyroidectomy and you’ve been taking your meds on schedule and making sure to do blood test early morning BEFORE you take your medications, take them with you and take after you have the blood test.

          Thyroid meds will never replace the real deal ever not even close and your TSH is low because your taking thyroid meds and because its pretty standard here in US to have TSH very low to keep the cancer away ….unless your having hyper symptoms it’s pretty safe to say your not and the Doctor lowering your meds because he/she is TSH lover even though it’s not the only numbers doctor should look at.

  9. Hi Lyn, I’ve been on thyroxine for 33yrs now and my weight seems to be getting harder to control I’m about 10/15kgs overweight. I went on a very strict eating plan two years ago and lost 18kgs in 12 weeks, so it can be done but too hard to maintain. I sometimes increase my levels of thyroxine but find nothing much changes, except the weight gain and I think my heart rate goes up? which I thought my metabolism would increase therefore weight loss ….but no!!! I find it hard to believe as when your body produces too much thyroxine and your hyper you loose weight so I’m baffled to understand why we increase our weight on increased thyroxine?? I’m 57 and also menopausal which adds to the recipe. I’m under a doctor at the moment as I’ve had symptoms of weight increase, tiredness, coughing, and I’m puffed out just walking up my stairs….but I’m sure she’ll just mmmmeh!! Me when I mention if it could be the thyroxine doing this??? I really hate looking in the mirror to see how I look and find it hard to understand especially when I’m not a bad food eater??? Don’t know what the answer is???? If anyone can suggest something I’m open to anything constructive…

    • Same boat as you Elsa. I have been on synthroid/levothyroid for 30 yrs. Only once did i lose weight. when i was perimenopausal, i went
      down to a size 4.. I couldn’t figure out what i had done to allow this but it was nice. Other than that time, weight has been a struggle.
      2010, i really worked at losing weight. less calories and exercise. lost 20 lbs. Then its almost like my body reacted to the weight loss by putting me in a hypothyroid state. (My pcp said i needed to do more
      sit ups and put polish on my chipping nails.) the Dr. i have now looks at me like i need help and am too stupid to figure out how to lose weight…..very frustrating. So, now i’m 50lbs over weight and on .75 mg levo. I can’t find a dr. w/o spending lots of cash who will consider other options in thyroid treatment. Recently, i became dehydrated, and have more issues related to obesity. Sadly, searching these sites i find little in suggestions.

      • Hi tris ive been on thyroxine for my underactive thyroid for about 6 years. 4 years ago i had a hysterectomy and lost 10 kilos. Gradually the weight has crept back. Im so tired all the time no energy my skin is alway dry and itchy and i feel like crap. I get sick of people saying why are you so tired you are falling apart ? then when i say i have an underactive thyroid they just say whats the big deal that’s no too bad ? i wouldnt wish this on anyone

  10. A year ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and have been on Thyroxine for the past year. I have noticed weight gain and thinning hair, the latter an issue I’ve never had before. Perhaps its the quality of the medicines that are the problem. Is there a way to test one’s medicine to ensure it contains what it is supposed to contain?

  11. Try looking into armour thyroid or other dedicated natural thyroid replacement , also website ‘stop the thyroid madness ‘

    • agree stop the thyroid madness has woken me up. I changed to t3 only which is meant to be “cowboy medicine” according to my Doctor. I feel so much better. Hair is not falling any more and my cognitive ability is so much better but I still cant lose weight, going to try adding non desiccated thyroid as well.

      • Thyroxine is related to insulin. More thyroxine – more insulin is released by pancreas. But especially liothyronine (t3 hormone) stimulates increase of insulin and also production of glycogen in the liver (so person has high sugar readings, especially after the night sleep, fasting sugar readings). This means that on thyroxine and especially on liothyronine people might develop insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Of course, this is only one of the explanations, because metabolism is a very complex process and many factors might be involved. Thus, when on thyroid medication, a person must check blood sugar levels and possibly insulin levels and take steps (usually dietary and including exercise) to regulate sugar levels and overcome insulin resistance. So, all the strategies for combating prediabetes and type 2 diabetes might be helpful.

  12. Iv had total thyroid removed due to cancer 22yrs old also and I find when my levels are increased I get adverse effects I feel cold drained and bloaty

  13. When I finally got my “hypothyroid” diagnoses I was so happy because I thought I found the cure for my tiredness and weight gain but sad to say, I now have more muscle aches and pains than ever and my weight has been growing weekly. When I ask my doctor if it is due to levothyroxine I am taking she tells me it is not and that I eat to much and need to work out more. I DO work out 4 days a week killing myself trying to lose weight and end up so sore and out breath, I follow low carb diet plan with no results. Anybody have any natural remedies that have worked????

    • I am just like you, I can eat dried fruit, salad and bloat up like I ate a HUGE bowl of pasta….hmmm I don’t have any idea what to do either, my doctor told me to cut the carbs and fat, well, I have and still gain weight, I swear I get bigger each month,…..and not as tired and achy I used to be but I still am if that makes sense, I still have my thyroid, it was low, I feel as though I want to try going off of the medicine to see if my weight goes down…

      • I’m going to come off it when I speak with my GP today will post back what they say. I’ve been on a low dosage (25) for 6 weeks and my weight is increasing everyday for someone who regular uses push bike for work and some running and swimming it’s become depressing. I am already having to have B12 injections 3 monthly for the rest of my life due to excessive fatigue and now this under active thyroid is just the last straw giving me further complications and weight gain is a no no for me. It’s strange as my father also has under active thryroid and is on dosage (50) and he is coming up for 80 very fit exercises regularly and had put on a few pounds but nothing significantly. Only seems to have the brittle nails problem but that may come with age. So this really does seem to be a problem in women taking this drug more than men.

      • Did you ever como off Levothyroxine? I want to do the same thing. I’ve been taking Levothyroxine for almost 18 years, but it wasn’t until 2018 that I started gaining weight and am unable to lose even a pound. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. The pharmacy where I get my medication is now switching to Euthyrox. Now I’m afraid the change will make things worse.

        • Hi Patricia, just looking at comments on thyroxine, read yours and yes i have been on and off it a rew times now, off thyroxine at the moment. I also take Eutirox(live in Spain) and the fillers have changed in it,i don’t feel well on it at all, so wondering how you are getting on??


  14. Hi. i had a total thyroidectomy in 2003 due to cysts. Since being on Levo my weight goes up each year. Im on 200mcg a day now. My hair got so thin when I make a ponytail it is as thick as a pen. I cycle 30 minutes a day in the mornings and I am eating low carb and watch my kilojoule intake.
    My lab levels are high. I did not want to cut down on Levo because I was scared I will majorly gain weight. Before the op I was thin. Now from tomorrow I am going to do an experiment, I am going to cut down to 100mcg for a month and see what happens. I read somewhere that hyper symptoms can mimic hypo symptoms.

  15. I think it is the BRAND of Thyroxine. I had thyroid cancer, had a total thyroidectomy and went on a brand of Thyroxine. My wonderful doctor allowed me to experiment for almost a year to get my exact dose, I felt great, rapidly lost 50lbs and looked 10 years younger. Two years later I had a double whammy, Forrest Pharmaceuticals had their patent expire for that drug (patents are not for ever) and my doctor retired! That was Christmas time. My drug was changed, by April I had put on 60lbs and my new doctor told me the new Thyroxine had nothing to do with it. She begrudgingly let me change brand once but kept my dose down to the standard 125 instead of the non-standard 130 mg/mL my old doctor and I had worked out. There are other brands but she says, “There you are, you changed brands and it made no difference”. Well, true that one didn’t anyway. I am so depressed, if your doctor will not cooperate, what can you do? Keep changing doctors until you get a good one again? I could be 300 lbs by then. Not all of the answers are in on Thyroxine, this weight gain problem is real, doesn’t anyone want to do the research and find out what is actually going on?

    • Thank-you for saying this!! i’m at wits end with the recent weight gain from levothyrxine.
      i have been treated for 35 yrs. it seems every 7 yrs. or so my dose is lowered.
      Fine but this time!!!…i have gained 30 lbs. on levothyroid.
      same thing DR. ignores U and says see a nutritionist to learn what to eat….take an anti depressant for moods. ..Yikes so ignorant to ignore our symptoms. and why why why!!
      can’t some one address this …i thought i went to an endo that was understanding …same thing. told me all a coincidence…i’m eating more.
      Now to find a doc to prescript Amour…pay more …wait for results.

      • I am 71 and have been on thyroxine since my mid-40s. I had a lovely figure back then and weighed around 11 stones. Since then I have steadily gained weight and am now 14 and a half stones! Always tired and so miserable at times, feeling so fat and heavy. Never looking really good whatever I wear. I have only just seen all the comments on thyroxine/weight gain. I am so shocked by the possibility of thyroxine causing all my problems! I am so afraid of my weight causing heart problems or a stroke. About three years ago my doc reduced my dose from 150 to 125 leaving me so tired and just 2 weeks ago he reduced it again to 100. Even more tired
        And collapsed two days ago in a faint. Luckily I was with family and was safe but am really afraid of what is happening to me.

        • I know exactly how I feel. Please tell me how you are now. I hope Al is well. We need to stick together through this. No one seems to understand. So crushing and frustrating.

    • The same thing happen to me I have this new doctor who cut my Thyroxine from 150 to 100 …my weight gone up hair falling in clumps crawling up and down stairs cannot take a walk my body is crumbling. Now I am looking for a real doctor who will help me not say you 56 yrs so it is your age. I being taking 150 for the last 17 years as my thyroid was taken out . My memory is failing most time I even forget where I live , now my hubby does all the shopping even buying me pretty knickers. I want to live .

    • YES!!! You change DRs. I go in and tell them they work for ME. I know my body. I expect them to do what I want unless it would be detrimental to my wellbeing. I have not had one deny me yet. That doctor you have is a jerk for saying that and rubbing it in your face. You want a compassionate open minded Dr. Find a younger 40ish dr. They are more open to new things. It’s your body and you live with the consequences not them. Keep trying.

    • I completely agree with you. As a pharmacist, I have never considered that a brand could be better than another as long as the active ingredient remained the same. I Took eltroxin since I was 21 yrs old. Now 43 yrs and 4 kids later, it’s the first time in 22 years that I am experiencing weight problems. Aspen pharma changed their formulation of eltroxin. After about 8 days of the new formulation I started gaining weight and found myself 7kg heavier after a few weeks with hairloss, depression, itchy eyes… I always follow a healthy diet. Little sugar. Very little carbs and I lead an active lifestyle. No other explanation for the side effects other than the formulation change. I have tried Euthyrox, the only other alternative available In South Africa however the weight remains. Hairloss is minimal which is great…

  16. I’ve had a partial thyroidectomy and goitre removal after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, after some months when things settled I then was tested and am within the ‘normal range’ apparently. I was also diagnosed with CFS.That is very hard to manage, regular b12 injections and trying to pace. However it was suggested by the endo specialist that I go onto a very small dose of thyroxine as he has some patients that have reported feeling marginally better with a dose, I am now about 10 weeks in and I’ve definitely noticed weight gain and a small dose as well! I thought I was imagining it but this thread Confirms my thoughts. Is there a natural alternative I can Use? Weight increase doesn’t help, I’m feeling so low as it is.

  17. i have had a complete removals of my thyroid due t cancer 12 years ago . I too have gained lots of weight , aches and pains . My vocal chord was also damaged when I had the removal so this effects my excersising as I get out of breath sometimes just talking let alone walking up the stairs . Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do I take 200 mg a day

    • Hi I had all my thyroids taken out on the 13th Jan 2016 as I had cancer , I’m on levothyroxine and I feel so bloated and feel like I’m gaining weight . Where my trousers were loose now they are tight ? I am on 150mg a day , I don’t understand the levels to be honest I thought taken a higher dose I would lose weight but that’s not happening . Do u know if u are on a much lower dose u would lose weight . I have my first blood test next week to see if my levels are ok and whether they will up my dose or lower . Been reading loads of comments on here and everyone is saying how much weight they have gained it’s frightening me as I just don’t want to get huge and not be able to control this . I’m not sure how long ago u wrote your thread but wondered whether u was still on a high dose or if it’s been reduced and u have lost any weight . Thanks Theresa

      • I am in the same boat as yourself Theresa ….. I had thyroid cancer in 2012 and had my thyroid removed in two separate operations later that year after the first op proved cancerous. I went through 18 months of treatment and being locked away on two separate occasions in 2013 for radioactive iodine treatment. Up until recently I have managed to stay roughly the same weight on Levothyroxine so have been lucky and have fluctuated from 125 to 150mg. I have still felt bloated and suffer with aches and pains whereas I never used to post Levothyroxine though. I also am not sure if the more mg you take per day speeds up the metabolism or slows it down but I am currently taking 150mg and have been for the past 3 months after previously taking 125mg. Ironically, 3 month ago I also started taking HRT and since this time, my weight has increased and not sure if it’s the combination of both drugs together as reading up on the HRT side effect, it doesn’t seem to indicate weight gain. Getting the results of my routine blood test tomorrow at my doctors appointment so will mention this and see what my doctors response is.

  18. I had a complete Thyroidectomy 6weeks ago and im now taking 750mcg over a week. After reading all these blogs I am terrified of the significant weight gain? I am just worried because I had gained sone extra weight before surgery and if this is going to make it worse it can’t be good? I can’t stop taking it and I’m not sure what else I can do?

    • Dayna

      You are highly likely to be fine. But if there is weight gain and they say to you it could not be from the thyroid hormone they give you – show them this blog. A change to a different preparation may solve the problem


    • Hi dayna. Read your thread which was back in April 2015 ? How are u now I been on levothyroxine since 13th Jan 2016 and I feel bloated to hell and have gained 2lb. I’m scared it’s going to spiral out of control I am on 150mg a day I thought being on a high does I would lose weight but it’s not doing that . Have u had any help and has your weight stayed high or have u lost anything . Would appreciate your input and experience . Regards Theresa

      • Please note that we are all taking using doses of levothyroxine in: micrograms = mcg and NOT mg – milligrams
        Just wondered if anyone has used Glaxo Leothyroxine and switched to Euthyrox Levothyroxine

  19. I was diagnosed last year with under active thyroid plus rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms for both these are similar but the treatments very different.
    My problem is that they have now increased my Levothyroxine to 125 because I was still very tired and sleeping 12 – 13 hours nightly and I have since started to gain weight. I have always been lucky 0 could eat anything and stayed around 9 stone which at 5’7 is slim. What do I do? Any suggestions?

  20. I have gained so much weight lately I am on 175 of levothyroxine i swim 50 lengths of a 25 meter pool 4 days a week followed by an hours exercise class 4 days a week.
    I eat a very healthy low fat low carb diet which if I was normal would make me really thin.
    I am going to try not taking my meds for a week and see what happens. I have been on them for 15 years now. I have never thought it was the meds that might be making me fat. I am also going to ask my dr to change me on to the natural thyroid hormone and get some T3. I have herd that if you take T3 along side the thyroid meds it can really help with weight loss it’s just getting the Dr to agree to letting you have some. I will update my post with my results as I go along.

    • I am the same as you.Sick of my doctor making jokes about my weight gain,it’s frustrating.I am not a saint I will have the occasional treat so as to feel that I fit in with the human population,but I am by no means a big eater.I have gone off Zoloft thinking it was causing weight gain,horrific withdrawal symptoms but over it now.Next will be quitting thyroxine and monitoring my symptoms.Good luck and my utmost admiration to all you wonderful people endeavouring to conquer shitty side efffects

      • Hi Vanessa, I read your response, and you wrote on here in 2015, well, I’ll give it a shot and see if you get this, I am on Levothyroxin and Zoloft as well, my weight sky rocketed in a year! like 60 lbs, so how was your getting off the meds? did it do the trick? Just curious, I just decided to stop the Levothyroxin, ( scared to ween myself of the Zoloft)
        let me know! I’m excited to hear!

      • 3 years ago I had gone off cigs an gained about a stone in weight so I went back 2 slimming club hat had worked for me in the past but even though I followed the plan with no cheating I was gaining 1/2POUND a week so got my bloods checkedmond an was told I had underactive thyroid was put on medication 50g first an then increased to 100g .was told by doc it would take a few months to regulate but when it stabilised I would lose the weight .my bloods have all come back perfect the last 2 years but the weight will not move .the only thing that worked was the lipotrim which was 3 shakes a day an nothing else but even then it was a slow compared to others I’m actually going 2 stop taking medication and c what happens

  21. Gaining weight with levothyroxine. Am on 5.2. Diet. I had stopped meds & after bloods doc increased dosage – while i wasn’t taking thyroxine was losing the weight. Within 12days of being back on he meds i put on 6lbs.What to do ? Am disabled so cannot exercise….

  22. Hi..Was put on levothyroxine 25mcg tab. Daily 4 months ago for low thyroid. Have gained 20 freaking Pds. Stomach looks like I am pregnant. Yesterday new blood work shows I now have a slightly elevated thyroid. It seems like I should be able to stop Lev. now. Anyone know if I can stop cold. Weekend so cannot ask Dr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  23. I’ve just read through what everybody has had to say with regards to their journey, and I can just relate to it all. I thought I was going mad, I thought I was becoming a fat chubby chick, through what I was eating, but just couldn’t understand how, yes like some of you, I am no saint I just want to feel human so do have the odd treat, but why not. I swim a mile three to four times a week and walk my dogs, I have a very active job, and I am most certainly not lazy, but the weight just keeps on piling on. I don’t have a very understanding doctor, he just says its hand to mouth syndrome, it’s all about what I eat, when I knew that it wasn’t. I so want to go back to my doctors and complain and change my medication, at the moment I’m on levothyroxine – 125mcg, I’m confused at the moment as to what my alternatives are, pls could somebody advise

    • Print out the post and comments – and point out the original post is by a doctor whom your doctor can contact if need be.


  24. At age 76 I was told I was hypothyroid and doc put me on 50 mg Lethothyroxin per day. I was shocked because I had no symptoms except what the blood work apparently showed. I have felt so good, but after two years I have gained weight and my flat tummy now bulges like I’m pregnant. I had no symptoms of feeling tired etc etc ever and still don’t but I have taken myself off the meds to see if continued exercise will get rid of this weight.

    • It’s actually normal for people’s TSH to elevate as they get older, many doctors won’t treat this, especially if it’s sub clinical – TSH < 10.

  25. I was recently diagnosed with a prolactinoma, which was causing extremely high prolactin and low testosterone. The blood tests also revealed under active thyroid, so my doc put me on levothyroxine. I’ve been on it a month now, and have not lost any weight at all. In fact, I started out at 212 lbs, and I have gained 2-3 lbs, so now my new “normal” is 214-215. I also look and feel bloated in my belly area and my clothes don’t fit too well. It’s not just my observation either. My wife and kids notice a change too.

    This is all despite the fact that I do heavy weight lifting 3x/week and have not changed my diet at all. In fact, I am not a big eater.

    I recently had a blood test to check all of my hormone levels, and thyroid is now “normal”. I asked my doctor about why I am gaining, and he just said to stay on the same dose and doesn’t offer much beyond that.

    I was honestly feeling better before taking levo and now I am seriously considering going off it. I think the truth is that doctors don’t really know how the various formulations of thyroid supplements work, and that we are basically at the mercy of the pharmaceutical companies that make these drugs.

  26. I was just diagnosed with hashimoto and started on .25 mug bumped a month later to .50 mug and I feel HUGE!! I’m miserable! Bloated, I look 4 months pregnant, by 3 pm everyday I am just drained and the weight just keeps coming!! I went to the doctor to begin with because I could not lose weight no matter what I did ( which was very odd for me because I have never really had an issue with weight) , among other symptoms so I knew something was wrong. However, being on the medicine is not making anything better. Has anyone found a way to drop the weight???
    I will stop the medicine before I gain anymore weight.

  27. Ive been taking levo since 2000 for Hoshimotos,125mgs, always struggled with weight, but its only in the last 2years changing to Vegan /fruit Diet that changed my life. I’ve had 5 blood tests in the last 2 years and my level has reduced now to 50-75 mgs. I tested the diet by introducing some old foods and notice I needed an up of levo. back to the diet and its down again, so somethings worked for me. I do believe Levo meds help sometimes but were all individuals and our bodies will tell us when its not happy.I wish medics would take notice of us

  28. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a year ago. I’ve noticed in the past couple of months I’ve gain 17lbs. I am now 217lbs. I’m afraid I’m gonna end up extremely heavy. I can feel the weight now. I suggest also with no motivation, tiredness, weak, body aches and pains more now than ever. Im so tired of feeling like this. I miss the energy and feeling good. It’s taking a toll on me as well as my family. My husband thinks I’m just lazy and I use my thyroid as an excuse. I’ve talk to him and show him print outs and he just doesn’t believe me. It’s like he doesn’t want to understand or he does and it doesn’t make a difference….I’m noticing my cloths are not fitting right any more. I don’t want to get bigger sizes cause then I will know when I gain more it’s gonna mean I got fatter…I’m so sick of this….someone some where has got to come up with something.

    • Hiya.
      I really felt for you because the same thing happened to me when I was first diagnosed.
      I went to the clinic for tests, and prescribed Levothyroxine, that was back in 2000.
      never been to the clinic again, but have regular bloodtests, I used to weigh at my heaviest 14 stone, and 5ft 2 is not good. I never told anyone as I felt so embarrassed.
      this went on for years until I came across raw till 4 on utube.
      It changed my life and outlook to weight, healthy eating and exercise.
      I can still remember not being able to get up off the floor without having to pull myself up, I still have dreams its happening.
      there is always hope, and your husband should be supporting you , though its hard for partners to fully sympathise.
      please dont give up, it takes dedication to go back to the docs and say how ill your feeling, they shouldn’t pass you off either. I alter my dosage slightly as my body soon lets me know when things are slowing down. I’m here if you need support x

    • My situation is the same Lisa, what have you tried? Anything helping? I’ve gained 12 lbs in 2 months. I’m scared.

  29. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 29 years ago and have struggled with my weight ever since. I’m now 65 and exercise regularly but just before Christmas had crept up to a horrific 244lbs. I found Sarah Wilson’s Simplicious book at the start of January and decided to give it a go. Basically you are cutting out processed foods with lots of hidden sugar, high fructose fruits (fructose is processed by the liver and mostly stored as fat) and sucrose (refined sugar – one glucose and one fructose molecule join together to make sucrose). I have adapted my usual cake recipes by substituting half xylitol and half stevia granules and the family love the results. Otherwise eating normally. So far I’ve lost 11lbs in 7 weeks and have more energy and am sleeping better. My thyroxine has been at 175mcg for years but now it might need to be reduced as my mood is just beginning to be irritable, I’m easily startled and I feel a bit too hot when I wake up in the morning. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on in say another month.

  30. I was diagnosed with having an underactive thyroid about 4 years ago and my GP (general practitioner) put me on levothyroxine. I felt fine at the time, and was very active at work (I work at an airport) She told me I might even lose a little weight, but I was a UK size 10 so I wasn’t too bothered about it.
    I had a blood test every few months & went in to see my doctor to get my results and to see if I needed to increase the dosage…..the last time I went, I was on 150mg. But I had started to notice that certain trousers (pants for Americans) were getting a little tighter, and so I bought the next size up. And also my breasts were getting bigger, which you might think is a good thing, but not when the belly, the butt, the thighs, the arms, even my calves were all…..expanding. Then someone asked me when my baby was due!!!!!!!!!!
    As I said at the beginning I felt fine before starting the pills. Since being on them I started to feel drained of energy, weaker & get tired more easily physically, stairs are not good! But I also started not be able to sleep for a few days. Sometimes I was tired but just wasn’t able to sleep, while other times I just didn’t feel tired. Not good having to get up at 3am for a 12 hour shift & not getting back until around 6pm if the traffic wasn’t too bad.
    So, I made the decision to STOP taking my pills!! It’s only been a few months, but I sleep every night & don’t feel so tired walking around at work. I even have the energy to go running again. I’m not sure if I’ve lost any weight, to be honest I don’t want the scales giving me nightmares ha ha, but if I do, I’m sure I’ll best see it when my clothes start getting a bit looser.
    Fingers crossed, I just want to feel “normal” again xx

  31. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 30 years ago and have repeatedly tried levothyroxine with the same results mentioned above-relentless weight gain. I have gone for periods with no treatment with better results. Natural thyroid works far better, but recently I have gone back to very low dose T3 (5 mcg once or twice daily). It works far better for me-my thyroid shrinks (it is normally somewhat enlarged with thyroxine or nothing) and I feel much better.
    When I first started in practice in the 70s T3 was considered superior for hypothyroid pets, then suddenly T4 became the only drug generally prescribed in human and veterinary medicine. I never found that T4 worked well on my patients. I suspect the switch to T4 had to do with drug companies pushing the product that brings the most profit to the most powerful among them. Some of our best and most life-saving products have been pushed off the market to make way for more expensive and risky new options.

  32. I have hypothyroidism and have found the same to be true of weight gain. My family didn’t believe me. I bought a step tracker (smart phones have them as well) and even though it showed I was very active I still had the weight gain. My family backed off. I don’t know why I didn’t think to show my doctor. If we do that maybe some of them will listen.

  33. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started taking Armour bio identical thyroid hormones six weeks ago. It stopped my hypersensitivity to the cold but I found that I have become breathless and began getting chest pains which I’ve never experienced before. I am living under a lot of stress due to my husband having a debilitating illness which led to him giving up work. My hypothyroidism was apparently stress induced but I’ve decided that I’d rather feel the cold than run the risk of having a heart condition. I know we are suppose to consult our gps before altering our medication but when I spoke about my breathlessness I was sent for a chest ct and put on antibiotics. The chest pains are an indication to me that I need to look for a natural way to control my thyroid issues

  34. Follow-up to my post of Feb 24th

    My weight is gradually creeping down and I have now lost 16lbs since January. The symptoms I mentioned disappeared after a few days and I’m still on 175mcg. Update in a month or so.


    • Follow-up to my post of April 4th

      I have now lost 22lbs (10 kg) and dropped a dress size since Jan 5th 2016 after cutting out refined sugars from my diet. Still feeling great and have now added a Body Pump (light weights) session to my weekly exercise. Still on 175mcg thyroxine.

      I am not missing biscuits, chocolate bars etc. I make my own choc treats with cacao powder recipes and stevia or erythritol sweeteners. This is the easiest way I have ever lost weight compared to the calorie counting methods etc.

      Update in another month.

  35. I am 29 year old female who was given Levothyroxine for an under-active Thyroid. I experienced an increase in symptoms and my docs upped my dose to 150mcgs. Levels all read great but I was rapidly gaining weight (I’m 5’10 and very athletic, went from 150 lbs to 175 in a matter of months despite increasing my workout and eating better than I have ever eaten). I asked to try a name brand of the meds (Synthroid) and continued to gain weight. After one year, my levels still read in the “normal” but I was depressed, overweight, my muscles ached, my joints were stiffening up, and I had zero energy. My doc suggested I work out more and eat better!! If I ate any less I would have been starving. So, I just quit. I don’t recommend this to everyone, but I feel amazing. It has been one month and I have lost weight, I am no longer puffy and bloated, my energy has increased and my body doesn’t ache. I feel young again! I don’t know why and I don’t care, all that matters is I listened to my body and it said “no way!” on the Thyroid meds. Good luck to anybody who has the same issue. It really sucks that doctors aren’t taking the weight gain seriously.

    • hi denise, thanks for sharing your experience. i have been through more or less the same and decided 3 days ago to stop my medication. i did not ask my doctors (i saw 3 different ones throughout 2 years because i was unhappy with the results. nobody cared to listen to me really.) i decided to listen to my body. despite very healthy eating & regular exercising, my body aged all of a sudden and started accumalting weight. that makes me obsessed with each thing i put in my mouth. a life as such is just not possible for me. i hope i will see positive results like you did in about a few weeks.

      • Hi Seden,
        I have been eating way too much the past couple months since I started it too, but not until tonight did i google it and see all these people who actually ARE gaining weight.
        I’m kind of mad now. Is all this worth it? I think I cut my 100mcg in half for the next week and see how my appetite goes. If it’s not alot better, than i’m stopping it. I’m not going thru life with a puffy face and big belly. Forget that.

    • Denise: I have been in the same boat. I feel so horrible and depressed. I have never struggled with my weight like this. I also have the belly bloat and puffy face. I am going to stop tomorrow. I was wondering if you have an update?

  36. I have had total thyroid remover due to thyroid cancer was taking 125mg now it has been increase to 137mgi have gain a lot of weight now I’m going through dispression been hospitalized for the depression meds I think should be something different for ppls to take to many side affects

  37. I had mild hypothyroidism diagnosed, and felt better at a a 50mcg dose (just one tablet). However after a year I began to experience symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Doctors of course, thought I was exaggerating or very unsympathetic. My father is a physician (pathologist) and so with his help I started lowering my dosage.

    About a month and a half after I went down to 25mcg, my irrational rage and angry outbursts went down, as did my unreasonable anxieties and paranoias. Additionally, i lost about 7 pounds. I had been on a very regimented exercise and diet plan and the weight was absolutely not moving. After 6 months at 25mcg, I still had the aforementioned side effects of really disproportionate reactions to the minor irritations of day to day life and was still struggling with weight loss. (The weight loss especially had been attributed to my being hypothyroid and my lack of diligence by my physician).

    I continued being my own guinea pig and started taking 12mcg every other day and did this for another 2 months, and felt even better. I have been off of thyroxine completely for one month and I have lost about 3 inches around my waist, 2 inches around my hips, and my arms and legs an inch each. My TSH has been normal and at the lower end this entire time. I have also lost another 8 pounds. (still maintaining regular diet monitoring and daily exercise)

    This is in no way medical advice. But it is advice to look at the whole picture. My hemoglobin A1C was never flagged as being over the border, but it has always been at the very borderline of being considered high. Often times there are issues of pre-diabetes, high cortisol, etc and your physician should really pay attention to these or you yourself as a responsible patient should bring their attention to it. I obviously do not blame the doctors as medicine is more of an art based on sciences than strict science, but doctors will be sued and have their licenses revoked for ‘negligence’ when trying too hard.

  38. Iam hypothyroidism patient..I gain my weight…when I using tablet for thyroid..so my weight loss or gain??

  39. I accidentally found this thread by googling underactive thyroid and weight gain! I am so glad I did!. I have been on 150mcg Levothyroxin since 2001 and have very slowly but surely gained weight over the years. I became over active a couple of months ago and my Levothyroxin was decreased to 100mcg a month ago and in that time I gained 8lbs! I eat sensibly, I exercise daily by walking and I just couldn’t understand why I gained so much weight so quickly, I thought an over active thyroid would help me lose the weight. It fluctuates daily, one day I can fit into my jeans the next day I bulge over them so could this be fluid retention? Two years ago I had a total hip replacement so walking 30 mintues a day came to a grinding halt and over that time I gained 2 stone. Walking 30 minutes a day definitely helped keep the weight off but gaining it at a fast rate on a daily basis is ridiculous. I’ve tried finding something to help with fluid retention to no avail. I did read something that someone had put on though but it’s only sold in America and is very expensive but she lost 1.5 lbs which has stayed off. For all of you in America it’s called Pedialyte and it was recommended to her by her Doctor. He recommends 16oz unflavoured Pedialyte mixed with 48 oz. water and drink this mixture two consecutive days weekly. After the first day she noticed a significant difference and after the second day weighed 1.5lbs less.

    I’m going to go cold Turkey for a month and monitor progress. I am miserable, I’ve gone from 9.3 to almost 12 stone now and I hate myself and like everyone else, all the Doctor had to say was, you’ve got an underactive thyroid. Great, thanks for your help. I even googled how and when to take Thyroxine just in case I’ve been doing it wrong! If I carry on gaining weight, the weight itself will become an issue and then I’ll also have another mountain of problems like Type 2 Diabetes!!! The bloating, dry skin, dry falling hair and broken nails are hard enough to deal with let alone the weight gain.

    I’ll report back with my findings, I’ll try anything now. Today I weigh 11.10! Hopefully, in one month’s time I’ll weigh 11 🙂 I live in hope!

  40. My test result was 4.250. My doctor put me on levothyroxine. 50 two weeks ago. I’ve gained 5 pounds and I eat 1350 calories a day and walk 4 to 6 miles every day. Prior to the meds, no hair loss, not overly tired, not constipated and on and on. I have read all posts here and just flushed my levo down the toilet. I am not taking the crap. I’m angry my doctor gave me this and am going to see an Endo specialist for further evaluation. I’m also 65 and have Stage 1 COPD. I’d be curious to know what your test results were.

  41. I have been talking thyroxine for 14 years never before had a weight problem I was 7.5 stone now 9.9stone did go up to 10.9 stone but I eliminated sugar totally don’t eat anything sweet except fruit I went down to 9.9 stone but can’t shift anymore stuck I run regular and keep fit but cannot lose a pound very annoying I also take iodine and selinium to help my body convert t4 to t3 as doctor won’t give me t3 which I think would help my weight go back to normal although taking iodine and selinium hasn’t lost my weight i feel better more energy – and strangely I can lose weight abroad in hot climate as my thyroid isn’t trying to keep me warm therefore can do other jobs which it doesn’t do in cold Scotland x

    • Aha! I start putting weight on when it gets colder! Can barely do my jeans ATM. . . I wonder if you’re into something. What / how do you take iodine pls Laurna? I’m in Manchester, England x

  42. I was on Cytomel for a couple of years but in-hospital they changed it to Synthroid for convenience, and ever since then i have gained 20 pounds in three months, at 5′ 3″ …never before had I had any weight problem. It looks like the Synthroid could be the problem but if i switch back to Cytomel, will things readjust or will i have the same problem? Why or why not? Thanks for anyone who can explain this !

    • Pamela, I was on Synthroid for years and gained 25 pounds. Nothing I tried helped. I did some research and found that Cytomel helped others as far as the weight gain, so I had my doctor switch me to that. After a month or so the weight just started dropping off. I lost it all! But then a couple of years later, I was told I need to add Synthroid back since it’s for T4 and the Cytomel is T3. Begrudgingly I did. Well guess what, I gained 25-30 pounds right back. I ended up switching doctors and he had me try Armour Thyroid. We changed the dosage until my labs came back normal, but I don’t feel any differently and I still can’t lose weight no matter what I try. So to answer your question, I think switching back to Cytomel would help. I myself never even knew I had a thyroid problem until my labs showed it. I think I’m going to stop taking the armour thyroid and see if I can lose the weight.

  43. Wow I’m so glad I read all ur posts. About two yrs ago I had a blood test come back that the dr said meant I was hypothyroid. Supposedly my tsh was 100 something… But never before had I ever had anything wrong. She placed me on 75mcgs of levothyroxine… I felt like crap but she said it was working cause magically my next blood test was “normal”. After awhile I still felt awful and heard that generics could be the reason so I asked to be switched to Synthroid (actually I asked for the dessicated thyroid or natural and she said NO) so a yr now on synthroid and I still feel terrible. What worries me the most is in the last two years I have gone from weighing 160 to 275+ . After reading this I am done. Gonna stop taking this crud and let’s see what happens… I’m starting to believe this quack of a dr was wrong and the blood test was mixed up! We shall see

  44. Have been on .150 mug of synth rood since 1988 and was fine and healthy. Four months ago doctor changed my dosage to .137 mcg based in annual blood work. I had felt fine. In four months have gaine almost 15 pounds inspire of eating less and doing same daily exercise.
    So frustrating!

  45. I have been on L-Thyroxin 75 for well over a year and only managed to loose about say 10 pounds, my weight was stable for the last few months, however recently in the last 2 weeks i packed those 10 pounds right back on, i believe it has stopped working, despite eating right and working out 7 days a week, i am just so darn angry about this..ugh, and now i have to wait 4-8 weeks to hear from my Endo doctor as my GP believes it is a hormonal imbalnce that is preventing me from loosing weight. ugh

  46. Another update – have now lost 28lbs since January by greatly reducing sugar intake – baking with erythritol/stevia. (No shop bought cake/biscuits.) My regular blood test and review with GP resulted in reduction from 175mcg to 150mcg a week ago. Still feeling fine. I wish I’d tried this years ago.

    • Hi all. I now weigh 15st 3lbs from 17st 6lbs in Jan 2016. My thyroxine was reduced from 175 to 150 in July. Results of a follow-up blood test a couple of weeks ago showed my TSH still very low and T4 levels slightly higher than previous test so I am now on 125mcg daily. (I have never taken less than 150 since diagnosed in 1986 at around 12st 7lbs.)
      I still feel good – still on my no refined sugar way of eating.

  47. Another update – just spoken to GP who says level of thyroxine needs to be increased only on (25) and said this probably has made the thryroid worse. Blood tests results back next monday going to ring Tuesday to see what they reveal and speak to GP about next steps – still not keen to stay on this as no one seems to get the balance right and still people gaining weight. Only been on it 6 weeks and gained a stone in weight not happy. Gp advised to take 2 tabs making it up to 50 until next week. Keep you all posted.

  48. I put on 7 stone (14lb in a stone) over 5 years on levothyroxine and stopped gaining weight when I switched to Erfa 12 years ago but still haven’t lost the 5 stone.

    I’ve been gluten free and taken homeopathy and candibactin br and have this week reduced my erfa down to zero and still feeling OK. I recommend a book by Dr Izabella Wentz. Fingers crossed there may be a chance I am in remission? I would so love that…I will listen carefully to my body and start erfa again if I need to. The homeopathy was begun 6 months ago approx and it was personalised from an astrology chart using a German method of homeopathy.

  49. I wonder about thyroxine – and thyroid issues in general

    and long term affect on adrenals.

    Pituitary (TSH) is also manipulated by these drugs.

    I have no thyroid, and have to take something – but the balance in Armor is not quite right, either. I’m doing okay, but still breaking nails, balding, low energy, slow, breathless.

    I think it needs to be addressed as a whole endocrine balance, not just a “thyroid problem.”

  50. I started to gain weight prior to being diagnosed with Hypotyroidism. I was placed on 150mg Levothyroxine and 6 weeks later my thyroid levels are still really low along with my mood as I continue to gain weight whilst only taking 2 drinks of Fortisip a day. If I eat a normal diet my digestive system can take a week to breakdown the food leaving me blotted and constipated.

  51. I have been on levo for around 15 yrs and im sure it has caused me to put on weight,However I have recently joined Slimming World and lost 2 and a half stone and now ny Gp has lowered my thyroxine dose by 25 g Im currently on 150 .im wondering if its my weight loss that has caused me to have to lower my dose .

  52. I was put on 25 mg of eltrocin a week ago and I have put on 10 lbs this is so frustrating because I’m 52 and it took me 1 yr at slimming world to loose 2 and a half stone also my throat is sore every morning I wake up and my hair is falling ou t I feel terrible on these tabs and like the rest of the comments here when I asked my pharmacist they just said it takes time to level out the gland but if I’m putting weight on at this speed I’m coming off them I’m gonna stop taking them starting today for a week and see is there a change and then I will go back to my doctor he put me on eltroxin for an under active thyroid and I actually feel worse xx

  53. I was hypo thyroid. I took thyroxin briefly and even though I gained energy, my stool turned whitish, which no one seemed to understand. In 2000, I tried again,
    taking Armour brand. In a month, I gained 30 pounds and was told to exercise more and eat less. I gave up. Since then, I have come to believe it is a liver issue. Even though liver tests are normal.
    So, I have done lots of lemon juice and non harsh liver supplementation. I am not losing weight, (I eat very healthy). I don’t believe it is a food issue. So I am still on a journey.


  54. It has been very interesting reading all the comments above. I had Graves’ disease in my late twenties and ended up having all but 2% of my thyroid removed in my early thirties. Before then I was always slim. I am 49 now and have been on a very high dose (200) of thyroxine for years. I have slowly gone from being always slim to obese. Every time I diet I cannot lose weight. If I eat a normal healthy diet I put on about 2kg per month. On a constant diet I put on 1kg every 2 months. This has really taken its toll on me over nearly 20 years. I have had every test under the sun. Last week I had gastric sleeve surgery as it became obvious it was my only chance for weight loss. My weight had caused other medical conditions like high blood pressure and I was pre diabetic and having heart problems. In 7 days I have lost 3.5kgs which is half that of the other women who had surgery at the same time as me (we keep in touch). Pretty bad that I have to resort to surgery to put myself in a position where I can lose weight. Thyroxine is a curse for me. I have to take it, but it has ruined many years of my life.

  55. Hello
    Can I ask have any of you read The Great Thyriod Scandal by Dr Peatfeild?
    Or had tests on your adrenal function.
    My mum has had the same issues with weight gain and tiredness after her Thyriod was removed. She now has T3 and T4. She takes magnesium to help with cramps and still struggles with her weight. She is 73.
    We are going for a super healthy 2017. Try and cut down on bread and poor food. Just made some avocado chocolate mousse! And soups to keep food handy and stop snacking.
    It is so tough but don’t give up.
    T X

  56. Hi all, have read most of the posts here and while no expert I have suffered from both Graves at the age of 16 which almost ended my life til I was diagnosed getting me down from a healthy 80kg sport loving teenager to 36kg. Since 18 I have been hypo due RAI and had the same struggles perplexingly even though on 150mcg a day of Thyroxine. Two years ago here in Australia I came across a book by Dr Sandra Cabot which has since changed it all for me and in short as someone on the forum has said you can increase your blood levels of T3 and T4 with Thyroxine but unless it is converted to TSH your going nowhere fast. To do that you need a steady supply of selenium in your diet which sadly nowadays needs to come from supplementation as it has been stripped from most farming soils. Selenium is needed to convert theT3 and T4 in to Thyroid Secreting Hormone, but please be warned, supplementation should not exceed 150mg a day as it will become toxic with consequences. Dr Cabot has changed my struggle with hypothroidism and I hope this can help most of you to start your research on the right track

    • T4 and T3 are not ever converted to TSH. TSH is released by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain to stimulate the production of T4 (Thyroxine). T4 is converted to the active thyroid hormone T3. T3 is the active thyroid hormone in your body. Low levels of thyroid hormones cause the pituitary to release more TSH, thus beginning the process over again. This is the simplified explanation. Be sure when sharing medical information with others to double check your facts.

  57. I have had my right side thyroid out which had dropped and was as big as a melon in my chest I am on 50mg of thyroxin still have weight gain problems 2 and a half stone up to now afetr 4 years this october absolutely fed up with different doctors saying no it doesnt put weight on you what a load of rubbish they have no idea its a hormone for gods sake and it affects people differently I have been on a salad diet for years and no difference my hair is still falling out and my body hair is nearly non existant its a pain in the ars-sorry to be so abrupt what this drug does to you just makes you so depressed and you feel abnormal its about time this drug was looked at with a different pont of view I am thinking about stopping this and taking my chances because there is nobody out there that can tell the truth. please reply if you have the same problems..

  58. Hello everyone, just seen this website and reading through your comments, am a 33 year old male, had cancer in my throat at 27, total thyroid removed and a vocal chord. 6 years later and check ups every 6 months am still cancer free. Thank you to the NHS and all their care. At the moment am on 275mg of levo a day, carbonate calcium chews and alpa casadol. I work in the building game and its very demanding and non stop, i don”t eat much during the day but just cant seem to lose weight, even my tea is healthy. not sure what to do, going to make appointment with the doctor but any advice would be helpful. Thanks

  59. Was diagnosed about 3 years ago with underactive thyroid. Was about 74kgs and felt a little tired, exercised every day, ate healthy, etc, etc. Within weeks of taking the thyroxine, I could feel myself gaining weight. I cut down to 2 light meals a day, heaps of walking, my job is also active, but it just kept going on. It does not seem to matter what I do. I have got lazy over the last 12 months because it does not seem to matter if I exercise or not, it just keeps going on. I eat 2 small meals a day, I have virtually no sugar in my diet, hardly any dairy, eat a lot of grilled meats and steamed vegetables, it just doesn’t make a difference. But at least I have energy, I don’t want to sleep all the time, and my voice does not sound like an aging jazz singer.

  60. I am 17 years old. I have undergone total thyroidectomy 3 years ago. Now I intake thyroxine tablet of 150mcg. I became very lean after the surgery. Now also I am very skinny. I eats lot of foods. But no use. What will I do to gain weight?

  61. I gained weight since I am using thyroxine 50mgr. My beautiful long hair falls out and I am sweating a lot at night and are getting very tired. I immigrate from South- Africa and never had a weight problem and was using . 25mgr Ezothyroid and never had a weight problem. Since I am in the US, my GP could not put me on the same medication that I used in South-Africa because it was not made here in the USA, I put on weight and my hair falls out. I have now decided not to drink this thyroxine after I red all the after affects.

  62. I have recently had a full thyroidectomy, I am on 125mccgrams of Eutroxsig. I am 59 years old and have gained so much weight in the last 6 weeks, it is destroying my life! I train every day at the gym, I walk my two dogs every, I work full time, I have made no changes to my diet. I am a vegetarian, always eat healthy, I am at my wits end with my weight spiralling out of control!

    • Hi Karen I’m also called Karen I feel for you I really do nobody listens it’s horrible I’m 5ft7 was a nice weight of 9st 10 I’m now 12 stone 4 and after eventually getting diagnosed had a full thyroidectomy and a parathyroidsectomy. Am on 175mg of levothyroxine and d3 calcium carbonate I’m knackered my long hair is chin length now and brittle my teeth are weak my skin dull hot sweats no energy no life a existence I’m fed up and the after care is shocking my bloods are all over the place I still have graves disease and my eyes are constantly aching and sore I exist I want to support you and say you lovely lady your not alone I’m sorry you feel as you do keep on at the doctors and don’t be palmed off I’m vbeing told I’m depressed and over weight yes I’m over weight because of this depressed no angry frustrated and not happy big hug let me know how u get on Karen

  63. Hi to everybody ! So, my symptoms have been arround for a quite some time, but just lately when I had few very ugly situations , my doctor discovered I have problem with thyroid ( super active ). For last few days I am taking thyroxine 50 and still adjusting to it. My symptoms were : weight loss, hair loss, situations that I could explain as panic attacks, very bad memory and concentration. I do hope things get better as I have started having a fear from going anywhere by myself. Like everybody in their life, I also have a lot of stressful situations but in time its started very hard to deal with them. Anyone else had anything similar?

  64. Have the ingredients in these Meds changed since I started taking Levothyroxine 27 years ago? When I first started it I lost weight, and when I added Cytomel (T3/T4 combo) I had dramatic improvement. But it too was short lived, and it seems like my body adjusts to these Meds and reverts back. But the last couple years I have noticed if I stop my thyroid Meds I do lose weight, but after a few days I am tired and need to go back on Meds. Could it be something in the Meds or that our body stops producing it’s own hormone when we take Meds? I have autoimmune thyroid disease and sometimes feel like my body is fighting against the Meds I’m giving it. I agree there is no point asking a doctor about this since they will only give me the text book answer. And with fibromyalgia and hashimotos I definitely don’t fit into any textbook that a doctor has read.

  65. I had a total thyroidectomy at the age of 24 after being diagnosed with Graves’ disease which was hereditary in my family! 4 years on and i have been battling with the leveling of my medication and am having routine bloods every 3 – 6 months just to ensure my TSH levels are ok! This past year my meds have been upped and then reduced and now have noticed severe hair loss (in clumps) and weight gain all while on thyroxine! I suffer panic attacks, am ALWAYS cold, my skin dry and often struggle with sleeping. My DR ensures me that ‘it just takes time’ for things to get back to normal but I’m at a point where I don’t know if that’s true anymore! The weight gain is depressing and the panic attacks ears starting to take its toll on life! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  66. Hi I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was given thyroxine 25mg . I was weighing 49kilos before I took the pill. In 3days I went up to 53kilos . The dr told me no thyroxine will not make you gsin weight but loose it. Thst is alot of bullshit! It does make you gain weight. I stopped it imidiatly and now I take selenium, zinc, omega 3 , vitamin d, b complex , aswaganda,spirulina, l-tyrosine , chlorella, wheat grass organic powder with raw cacao mixed with spring water every morning, I eat properly and I cut out pasta completely. My weight is now 48.2kilos have been on these vitamins 3months and feel more energy . My tsh was going down but went up again because probsbly because i am taking less selenium dosage but my t4 is in range. Honestly I rather not have thyroxine . It also made me very anxious. It’s unfaire to be left alone in the dark like this .

    • At the Dr today and had been taking 50mg then 2months ago upped it to 75mg. My wife noticed I was putting on weight and said its those bloody tablets. Today one marker was spot on but tsh eas creeping up so he wants to increase to 100mg. I have been careful what I eat ie NO JUNK FOOD period, taking additional suplements but just maintaining. Im still 10kgs over weight and thinking of ditching this shit before subjecting myself to 100mg dose.
      I prefer a natural way. I fell ill from this disease plus shograns disease in 2010 when visiting Austria/Germany. Main cause is my teaching job the specialist said. I dont suffer like many in here but the weight gain is real, 66kg to 93 is freakin real. Any substitutes or links appreciated.

  67. HI
    Same thing is happening to me same iam not able to do any work tried, lazy,sleepy
    fever frist my dose 50mg present 150mg i dont now what to do this Doctors only not
    now the really treatment to how qure this disease we people what we can do please you people have any suggestion please reply me how to weight loss please my num is 9110495563.

  68. I went on Levothyroxine after thyroiditis caused hypothyroidism. Initially 50 mcg with 100mcg at weekend.
    Gradually increased dose but now I’ve gained 7lbs in as many weeks. Latest blood test shows I’m ‘over medicating ‘ by how much I’ll know tomorrow when I see the dr.
    I’m very active, exercising every day, vegetarian low carb diet. No cheating really.
    I’m tempted to just stop taking them all together as low energy is better than weight gain.

  69. I’ve been on Levothyroxine for 2 years and am taking 75mg. I was 145 at the start, I’m now 170. Has anyone had an elective thyroid removal?

  70. I too have been on levothyroxin .50 mg. Only way I can loose weight is to practilly starve myself yet my doctors keep saying I need to loose weight so frustrating! My doctors won’t order other tests. I’m pretty much stuck because of insurance. Our system is broke!

  71. Im on armour thyroid. Is it too high or too low. I am hyporthyroid but now i am gainingw eight over night. Boobs hurt and swelling. Like fluid retenion and edema mad in thighs. A week ago i was 9 pounds less. Ia it too much hormone pooling or not enoigh ugh

  72. I was put on Levothyroxine 50mcg in May of 2016. In the first two months I gained 20 lbs. After about six months it was upped to 77 mcg. Gained another 10 lbs. in the two weeks after. Then six months later upped to 88 mcg. Another 10 lbs. in two weeks. Then upped to 112 mcg. Another 10 lbs. Now at 125 mcg, and another 10 lbs. I was 265 when I started the Levothyroxine. Now I am 316. Can’t lose it.

    • Hi mate
      Any solutions, my thyroid was removed in July 18 and 16months later have gained 25kg and it’s not stopping I walk eat ok and still keep piling it on. From Sydney Australia

  73. I have been wondering about this issue for years. I a 43, mother of 2. I gain a huge amount of weight when I take thyroid medication also any supplement meant to help thyroid function such as MCT oil, coconut oil, etc with no dietary changes. I work out 5 days a week for 1 to 2 hours a day just to maintain my weight. I read somewhere that this may be because I cannot convert T4 into T3. This is really expensive to test for; not covered by insurance, so nobody checks for it. I don’t know if this is the case for me, but this is what I expect is happening. Its like the T4 is being put into a funnel and becomes blocked at the spigot because too much is backed up an its not capable of being processed.

  74. I envy those who have gained weight while on thyroxine meds. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when blood test at hospital showed tsh of 17. I am on 50ug of eurothyroxine and battle trying to gain weight.. Could I have been misdiagnosed?

  75. My 17 year old daughter has Down Syndrome – Trisomy 21 and has been on 100 mcg of Levothyroxin for 3 years. She maintains a steady, healthy meal plan and swims several days per week with additional sports as well but has steadily gained substantial weight. The hypo thyroid condition is linked to the stereotype of weight issues associated with DS but this is ridiculous! She is an amazing young lady who deserves to have the fit body her food health and fitness promote.

    Any suggestions? Thank you!

  76. WOW! I am so glad I came across this site, I was diagnosed with Hypo 2 years ago my TSH was 5.5. I kept holding off on the meds (Levo) doctor kept pushing me to take it so started on 25 with meds TSH went to 9 he went to 50 on meds TSH 19 he upped meds to 75 TSH went to 22. Now I can’t fit into any of my winter clothes have gained 10 lbs. Im 71 male have never had a weigh issue. I am also an Iodine believer and started taking 25mg of liquid Lugols Iodine after doing research on iodine deficiency and thyroid complications. I have been healed of many issues in the last 3 years do to Iodine. which is a basic element that the body needs. But anyway that was the reason my TSH was climbing because I was increasing my iodine levels at same time and higher TSH numbers is a NORMAL thing when taking iodine. Doctors do not believe in taking iodine so you have to find groups or doctors that will work with you. Getting back to the meds ….I stopped this morning, they have done nothing for me except weight gain and feeling no different before starting on the meds. Im going to increase my Iodine level instead. I highly recommend doing research on Iodine if you have thyroid problems because it benefits more than just the thyroid.its whole body. Research Information….Dr. David Brownstein (Iodine why you can’t live without it) Iodine Protocols Facebook group. Im not giving medical advice just information so you can do your own research, you will not be sorry

  77. What a relief to have my suspicions confirmed regarding Levothyroxine and weight gain. I put on 9lbs in just a few months and this type of weight gain is unheard of for me. I’m stopping this medicine immediately; besides I’ve felt no benefit from it and was only borderline hypo.
    I get a lot more positive results from testosterone injections and bio identical hormones.

    • Hi Kim i have been on Levothyroxine for around 1year and have gained almost 29lb!! My thyroid was borderline underactive and now, no matter how healthy I eat or excersise I keep gaining weight. It is causing severe depression but Im concerned if I come off it will I be ill.

      • Hi I was borderline too. I hit menopause at the same time. Started on 25 mcg now on 100 but feel shocking. Joint aches, hairloss and 21 lbs weight gain!! I’m also on hrt and going to come off it all and maybe then reintroduce hrt. going cold turkey!!i don’t know which meds are causing which symptoms.. sat in bed now feeling rather hot 🙁

  78. I started taking 50 mcg of Synthroid two months ago after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I gained a few lbs with the first month. At my second appt the Dr said my levels were balancing out but due to the weight gain she prescribed 75 mcg. One month has transpired and I’ve gained 5 more lbs. I work out 4-5 days a week for 75-90 minutes and my diet is pescatarian. I recently cut out alcohol, most carbs, and very little sugar (mostly sugar from honey and fruit). I stay very active yet the weight continues to steadily increase. I can’t fit in my clothes. I sit at lunch with colleagues and pick at my food (I’m now never hungry and fear if I eat I’ll gain more weight) while they eat large portions and make comments about how little I eat. I’ve reached the point where I feel helpless. My only option at this point is to get off the meds.

    Has anyone else stopped taking the meds and seen weight loss? Any major side effects from quitting the meds cold turkey? I want to be healthy but all of this weight gain had left me feeling depressed at at a total loss.

    • I would suggest coming off meds. I have just came off two days ago but supplementing with iodine. My diet is not perfect but 3 weeks ago i cut out crisps, sugar, most carbs, red meat and dairy, dairy was actually months ago along with coke that i was having everyday. I do cardio 6 times a week and i lose weight incredibly slowly, if at all. My comment is at the bottom.

      You should supplement with a thyroid support tablet or kelp/iodine and see how you feel.

      I was on thyroxine for 9 years but the weights a joke, i have lost a lot of hair, my muscle weakness is a joke, even just going up some steps hurts so much so what is thyroxine actually doing? To lose weight i have to eat barely anything, before i was walking a lot for my job everyday and eating hardly anything and was still sitting at 11 stone for a female at 5ft 4 thats still too fat…

      Its doing nothing to help, probably because you need T3 or NDT along side it which the doctors don’t bother with.

      I had my TSH tested and its not even normal, it should be a bit lower and they still do nothing so thyroxine can go do one

  79. I’ve been on it for 8 years and started having same problems as others with weight after my dose was increased and now having bad body pain all over drs say my numbers are perfect on blood test

    • I totally agree with you, they just prescribe and that’s it.
      We’re just guinea pigs to them.
      I just get so frustrated, because none of them believe me!!!!

  80. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism years ago due to severe fatigue, aches and pains, hair loss and weight gain. At first I was put on 150mg, over the time of a year the doc took it down to 75mg. I kept the extra kilos I had put on. Since 2018 I’m back on 100mg of Levothyroxine. I’m now in my 5th year of the menopause and I have put on about 15 kgs ( 2 and a half stone, there abouts), I am sweating like there’s no tomorrow, it just pours out of me and despite me sticking to about 1500 calories a day and walking everywhere, doing physical work on my farm, I seem to get fatter by the minute.
    HRT was suggested, but with me being on Levothyroxine as well as on Lamotrigine for my epilepsy, HRT did not work…..the doctor just said “ah well, you just have to live with it”!!!!
    I am 54 years old and I have had enough.
    Doctors are not interested, people stare at me and whisper behind my back because I’m not the size 10 person I used to be….instead I’m a size 16/18 who has sweat pouring out of every orifice.
    Is there nothing that can be done????????

    • Oh Sue, i feel for you, i left a comment further down about working and walking loads everyday, cardio workout and the weight loss is a joke. I eat clean and it just doesn’t want to shift. Its a pity you couldn’t maybe pay for pig thyroxine? NDT? I think you can get it in the UK but have to pay. I did talk to doctors about it before. I wish i could help but im in the same boat. I try to avoid soy as that interferes with thyroid absorption(its on the label) and a lot of foods have soy or soy lecithin in them. I avoid most gluten and dairy and try to eat clean, steer clear of sugar. It’s like, when you have these issues, the weight just clings. I can easily put on 7 pounds plus of fluid as well. My fastest weight gain was 2 stone in two weeks. No joke. No one believes me but i was off work and it just piled on. You can try getting a print out of all your blood work, especially thyroid and iron etc and go to the thyroid UK forum, they can tell you what you need and are missing. These people are great at helping others and the site is recognized by GPs(not that they’re very helpful)

      Tell anyone who criticizes you to do one, they don’t have a clue what this feels like, i get the same, people telling me how to eat and to exercise, i just laugh in their face.

  81. I have read nearly all the comments and I am amazed to see that we are on the same boat! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s when I was 42, a blood test revealed I had thyroglobulin antibodies that were off-the-charts, also low iron, B12, ferritin, and Vitamin D3 levels. I was sick all the time and a wreck. This put me into premature ovarian failure and early menopause (so the gyn docs have told me) Long story made short, I was put on thyroid medication in 2005 (when this all started) a baby dose and my weight continued to soar, even with diet and exercise. I lost a few here and there over the years but it basically will not budge. In 2014 I changed to a vegan /vegetarian diet and my medication was switched from Armour to a combination Levothyroxine and Cytomel (T3) at my choice because I eliminated all animal products from my diet (not going off-topic, trying to emphasize a point) I did lose 20-25 lbs since switching my diet but now I’ve hit a plateau and I am still overweight, I don’t exercise but do get plenty of that on the job, lots of moving around, bending, lifting, walking, etc, I have even stopped eating after 10 at night, cut out 90% junk, and eat clean, and NOTHING!
    In recent weeks I have come to the conclusion that it is my thyroid meds, can’t be anything else. I’ve been trying to research about herbal supplements for thyroid when I received an email from a website that I subscribed to get weekly newsletters, its called Verywell. There is an article about traditional Chinese herbs having been proven to support thyroid function (examples: gum guggul (Commiphora mukul), Blue flag root (Iris versicolor), bladder wrack (Fucus vesiculosus),and seaweeds. I will post the link if anyone would be interested.
    But, none-the-less, I am thinking about weaning off my meds and starting on the herbals. I’m in NYS where dr’s (even endocrinologists) don’t know jack *hit about thyroid disease nor how to treat it (with the exception of functional medicine dr’s who have yet to be licensed, NYS is among a few or several states in which bills are pending approval to be passed)
    Thank you so much for sharing your stories and for helping me realize that my thinking and ideas are not muddled!

  82. I am on lthyroxine 25mg and since I started this medication I have put on more than 10kgs. please suggest me something.

  83. I’m going to try Nascent Iodine and colon cleanses along with my other supplements. I’ve followed a few groups where people with thyroid issues lost weight this way. In 2 months I have gained so much weight on the Levothyroxine. I wasn’t diagnosed properly for 2 years and I am already 40 pounds overweight. Since taking it gained another 15. I refuse to give up.

  84. I’m the exact same. I was overweight as a child and shot up to 210 lbs and more up to 224. I was diagnosed with underactive, only slightly. I then went on a healthy eating regime and cardio pretty much everyday and i got the weight off but i was pretty much starving myself to lose the weight, this was with a high activity level job and jump rope in the evenings. I was eating fish, nuts/seeds and no sugar, no carbs, no dairy, similar to how i eat now. I was 24 at the time.

    I then crept up to 154 lbs and trying to get it down is a joke. I’ve been off work the last 4 months and shot up to 182 and now back down to 168 lbs. I’m 30 and i don’t eat a lot, i probably walk, with my job upwards of 6 miles a day, probably more. At one point for years, i had a second job, again, very very active and struggled to lose weight. I was on my feet all day, its seriously so irritating.

    I remember i got ill one time and barely ate, if anything because i kept having diarrhea. In that month, i lost no weight. I got the flu for 2/3 weeks, no weight loss with barely eating.

    If people think it’s just them, it’s not. This all started when i was 21. I’ve now in the last year and a half had hair loss. Another thing i notice with thyroxine is fluid retention, especially in the face and abdomen, maybe others don’t notice but its pretty darn obvious. The fluid on the abdomen is water like, like a filled balloon. It comes and goes, i told doctors but they said it was loose skin without even looking at me!!!!

    The tsh levels for me are still way higher than they should be and ive been on 50mg a day for 9 years. No change.

    The time i did experiment and ate gluten(i avoid it as it bloats me and causes sweating etc) and came off thyroxine, the weight was dropping off, every couple of days, i would lose a few pounds and i dropped from 11 stone to 9 and a half, i was actually eating more.

    The doctors need to get this sorted because its an absolute joke.

    So main symptoms with being on thyroxine(Teva) low mood, inability to lose weight, fluid retention, hair loss, terrible fatigue, weakness in arms and legs, tiredness in general, anxiety.

    I’m currently on a no sugar, barely any carbs, no junk food, mostly veg, some fruit and chicken and fish diet and i am doing cardio workouts and high intensity workouts at least 6 times a week and im barely losing any weight. Couldn’t make it up so i’m coming off this rubbish now.

  85. Its not even eating too much. I know for a fact i don’t eat the same amount as most folk, i go around starving most of the time and im very active. Any time i increase my food, i put on weight really quickly so i have to eat very little to maintain my three stone over what i should ideally way, weight. I think people can end up believing their appetite increases…most likely the opposite when you’re bloated 24/7. I wish these doctors would LISTEN to people instead of telling them to eat better or exercise more. This drug causes weight gain for sure. A month ive exercised with cardio and HIIT pretty much everyday and have the cleanest diet ever and im struggling to go down in weight and trying to keep going with cardio when your muscles ache like hell is torture. I came off the tablets, 9 years is too much and im through with feeling this way for a SLIGHTLY underactive thyroid thats been stable(apparently) for years.

  86. i was 170 lbs when i got put on levothyroxin and i have been on it for over 5 years. Ive now gained 50lbs!!!! That is unacceptable. I stopped taking it and will until i see some weight loss. This is such BS. Ive begged my dr to help me. She wont do anything for me anymore so i just stopped it to see if i start losing weight. I was a size 9 five years ago and now im a 20. People tell me i look like a buffalo. Im so mad. I hate drs.

  87. I have had my thyroid completely removed plus another gland that was in the way when removing it….. I am gaining heaps of weight which is affecting my knee replacements..can I stop taking them completely

  88. While it makes me sad to read what everyone is going through, I have to admit, …. it’s a sense of relief to know that I’m not crazy and Levothyroxine is in fact what’s causing my weight gain! I am normally 130lbs and over the last 6 months doctors have continued to increase my T4 medication (137mg), Lower my T3 medication (now is 10mg) and I have gained 18lbs!! I have been working out twice a day, doing intermittent fasting, watching everything i eat, even 3 day water cleanses, only to lose at most a pound or two! I tell doctors that I know something is wrong, that I think it’s the medication, and they tell me “you’re wrong, if anything you lost weight on this medication… maybe you should start on a diet pill”. Not to mention, because I don’t look “overweight” half the time they just tell me I look healthy and am fine! It’s beyond frustrating and offensive. I was supposed to have my wedding this September and at this point I wouldn’t even fit into my wedding dress. I want to stop everything as well but am scared after my hair fell out earlier this year from this mess:(. Has anyone stopped their T4 medication completely and only taken T3? Has anyone been able to heal their thyroid stuff without medication? I would love to know a solution to this problem and not just keep going down this path which isn’t working.

  89. I’m in tears reading all these posts. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid 5 years ago, was on 25mg levothyroxine until this year when it was upped to 50mg. I have put on so much weight this past year, people have said “everyone has during lockdown” which is possibly true, but I have tried everything in the past 6 weeks to lose it, just can’t, and it seems every day my stomach is getting bigger! Problem is I’m now getting pain and aches in my abdomen, which happened before when I had a big belly. So I called the GP. Firstly she told me that a fat belly cannot cause pain (I’ve since googled it and found much evidence that it can!), and secondly the medication cannot be causing my weight gain. She put it all down to constipation!!! I’m at my wits end to know what to do – when a GP doesn’t believe what is obviously going on, what can be done? I’m sorry to hear that lots more people are going through this but I must admit I’m relieved to know it’s not “just me” being a hypochondriac!

  90. Ughhh, I was put on levothyroxine 3 years ago because I was trying to get pregnant (I was borderline hypo but had no symptoms I knew of…they just want your TSH low for pregnancy). I’m currently pregnant so obviously bigger anyways but even before this I had gained a ton of weight. I’m wondering if people have lost weight once off meds? I know for some people the symptoms of hypothyroidism are not worth going off meds, but I plan to go off them as soon as the baby is here, and really hoping they weight comes off!

  91. I have the exact same experience as so many of you. I was put on 25mcg and initially lost weight rapidly but then it slowly started creeping up. I stopped it abruptly and about 6 weeks later had the worst headaches, vertigo and more weight gain so I went back on. Had to increase my dosage up to 50mcg and now 75mcg and my weight keeps going up as well! My free T3 levels are absymal and keep going down with every dosage increase but they don’t prescribe T3 easily here in my country. I am also suffering from constipation, extreme fatigue, rapid heartrate and an extremely bloated and uncomfortable stomach. It makes no sense to me that I feel sicker on medication than without. It’s like a slow poison. I am going to wean myself off slowly. I will update in 4-6 weeks’ time!!

  92. So, an update for anyone following. I am now on a much lower dose of 25mcg and in fact, this feels too much now! How I know it’s too much – it’s currently warm where I live and I use the air conditioner every night to sleep. Usually I have it around 22-24 degrees Celsius but when I have “too much” my body heats right up and I need it down to 16-19 to feel comfortable! Ironically I also gain weight when this happens (I bloat up overnight), my eyes get a bit puffy and my heart rate goes up the following day. I usually skip the next day’s dosage and my weight goes back down! I expect to be off levo by the end of the year at this rate. Some things I’ve done lately which might be helping: I cut out gluten & dairy (except for a small biscuit at tea or a piece of dark chocolate), I take a thyroid supplement and an estrogen balancing supplement, I stopped doing as much vigorous exercise and stopped dieting as much – I’m eating a more carb-heavy diet now as opposed to more protein/fat-heavy (more rice, wheat-free cereals, potatoes, fruits & veggies)… My weight has stayed within the same range (give/take 1-2 kilos) so I’m happy I’ve stopped gaining. I’ll update again in another month.

  93. I just wanted to say I have tried it all over the years. I finally went for about ten years without medication because I felt so bad on it. I was taking kelp and it helped some but I was suffering a slew of hypo symptoms. I decided to try desiccated again. I tried armor years ago and did awful on it. I just wanted to say in case anyone experiences the same that I had all the same side effects. And I don’t think I’ve ever ballooned up in weight so fast. That was what made me stop. My weight has been stable for probably 15 years. I started this and whoa my weight climbed like a lb a day. I’m swollen all over. Distended belly. And even more depressed. It helped my skin and my hair but at what cost?! I stopped. I’ve been suffering for 3/4 of my life and doctors only seem to make things worse. I wish we had answers.

  94. OK I am searching the net to try and find some research that says Levothyroxine causes weight gain. I used to be on 125 Levo only weighed 55kg and could not shift it no matter what I did. Then sourced my own and went on NDT and T3 combo. Fantastic lost the weight naturally if I wanted to push further loss I’d watch my calories. Pre pandemic was 49kg. Then i decided to go with what my endo was saying in case they didn’t know what to do with me if I ended up in hospital- I’m currently on 50levo and 35liothyronin. My T3 levels are great but I can not lose weight at all. I am back at 55kg. This medication I am sure messes with your insulin resistance

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