Why You Should Report to RxISK rather than Health Canada or FDA

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July 23, 2014 | 2 Comments


  1. I agree with John, it’s truly shocking how difficult it is to log an adverse reaction report.

    I have met many parents, like me, whose children have killed themselves on SSRIs; my son died after 2 weeks on Celexa. One particular man contacted me from the US. His son had died by hanging shortly after being prescribed Celexa (over the phone) by a doctor he hadn’t seen for many months. He contacted Forest labs a number of times who refused to log his adverse reaction report.

    In August 2011 mself and my husband met with representatives of Lundbeck pharmaceuticals (original creator of Celexa and European distributor) in Copenhagen, regarding my own son’s death from the same drug. While we were there, we hand delivered a letter written by this dad in the US. Lo and behold, a few days later Forest labs made contact with him to say the adverse reaction was indeed logged. So all it took really was a trip to Denmark – easy, peasy!

    Similar to the Shire Pharmaceuticals adverse reaction report on John, the Irish Medicine’s Board report (which was written by Lundbeck) regarding my son’s death, states “Despite a temporal relationship with Cipramil (Celexa), it was most likely the break-up with his girlfriend’ which caused his death”.

    It seems to me that the regulators, whether American, Canadian or Irish, are more interested in protecting the drug companies, then the people.

  2. This is absolutely 100% typical

    Pierre Biron, md, retired pharmacology professor, Université de Montréal, former director of the Joint Pharmacovigilance Program in Québec from 1986 to 1994

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