A Kidnapped Daughter 2

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June 13, 2016 | 12 Comments


  1. Thank you for sharing your story with everyone.
    I am deeply, deeply sorry your daughter had to go through this inhumane experience. I feel for what you and your family has/had to go through.
    As an outsider, looking in, I completely understand how you all feel.
    I wish I could restore your experiences with happy ones.

    Drug toxicities are real.
    I appreciate and understand that every professional is a master at their trade however, they are at loss, just like we are, when we are worried about mixing drug A,B,C with X, Y, Z.
    How can we improve the current health care system, when a loved one has valid reasons/concerns regarding drug toxicity?
    Honesty, is the only way that one can move forward.

    I had the strength to pull myself out of a mess however, many do not have the support system put in place to help themselves out of a unforgivable situation.
    When loved ones ask questions and are worried, please take the time to answer, no matter how insignificant the question may be.
    This helps everyone involved, make a better informed decision.
    If people want to seek the truth, placing a mental label illness on them, to deal with ‘ego’ dysfunction, is not going to benefit anyone. If anything, the ‘imbalance of power’, is executing ones good spirit and integrity.

    If there is a lack of trust on her behalf, it is there as a defence mechanism.
    Trust will most likely never be restored again, which is unfortunate, however, with some respect, compassion, understanding, human warmth and acknowledgement of what has happened, some form of ‘human functioning’, will slowly take place.
    Human touch, the ability to listen, an emotional response without patronising and the ‘guts’ to say we messed up, is all part of the healing process.

    The culture of medicine has a history of dark problems.
    It is similar to driving without a rear vision mirror or not following the road rules.
    An accident is bound to happen.
    Why can’t the same principles apply in medicine?
    If one is unsure of the outcome, steer away from any unforeseen collisions.
    Leaving outcomes to chance, just does not seem right to me. Change the road map.

    Medicine is a curse however, it can also be a blessing if all learn from past mistakes.
    No one has the right to place any labels on anyone.
    If someone is honest, a false label only gives others the opportunity to destroy that persons good spirits.
    Keep living and look forward to better moments.
    Trust is a ‘two way’ street and if you ever feel uncomfortable or something does not feel right, listen to your intuition because it may be telling you something very important.
    Keep living and do the best with what you have.
    Look forward to better moments and have faith that something good will come out of this experience.

    • Carla, I agree with most of your comments but have difficulty where you say “. . .Trust will most likely never be restored again, which is unfortunate, however, with some respect, compassion, understanding, human warmth and acknowledgement of what has happened, some form of ‘human functioning’, will slowly take place. . .”

      A similar yet different medical insult forced me to imagine that the lack of trust in my head had infected every cell in my body and was illness producing in itself. My ability to gain trust began when I visualize myself naked on a plot of earth then imagined my “Lack of trust” oozing like pus from every part of my body into the earth. I sometimes even sensed myself vomiting the insult. When this deep letting go felt done I would then asked the Earth to heal me and all other persons who similarly carried this wound. The more I repeated this process as bad memories arose the more well and able to trust I became. Visualization was just one of many other tools that helped me to heal.

  2. A request has just gone for our MP to read Part 2 and share its horrors in the corridors of Power!
    It never ceases to amaze me how similar, although on varying scales, many patients and carers have been treated. The denials of adverse reactions, the re-diagnosing coupled with different medications, the lack of acceptance of the possible damage caused by the adverse reactions and, of course, the attempted grinding down of the carer’s confidence by throwing all blame for the patient’s condition on to his/her shoulders. Is this really how ‘care’, whether in the community or in mental health units, should be in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) in the 21st. century?
    We hear more and more about ‘mental health’ but not nearly enough about ‘poor quality mental health care’ in my mind.
    Added to that, and even more sickening, we have the fact that this poor father and daughter have had to remain anonymous – for their own safety. How much further can we sink as a society?

  3. Dear Dr. Doctor (anonymous in case of repercussions)

    “I read your letters to your lawyer” Naomi said

    The chasm between us came to light

    The whole business of Seroxat and my brave girl entertaining herself when she came home from school, yes, she was an A Plus Student until she was 13.

    Thankfully, my dearest mother took control and food, homework, dog walking, gardening was done, and she was 82.
    She abandoned her life in Kent and set to holding my hand when I was too scared to visit the loo on my own

    She was doing the job that the gps and the psychiatrist failed to do

    Even providing meals for the exhausted pilot at odd hours when he wasn’t landing on the beach on Barra and flying the air ambulance, rescuing some poor soul from an island which had no hospitals

    Her statement sank in, in my terrible state of Seroxat withdrawal, for some unexplained reason I thought she hadn’t noticed

    Mummy was always in bed for nearly two years

    She had the dog, she had a fleeting dad and she had a grandmother

    It all went pear shaped when the accumulation of all the drugs kicked in, around two years to the day I had gone cold turkey from Seroxat

    Seroxat withdrawal was bad enough, but the Ativan, Diazepam, Librium and all those Beta Blockers made me want to escape from myself one final time

    It seemed that fleeing our beautiful loch side home was the only answer

    “Will I have to go to court” Naomi asked

    This sort of question had not occurred to me…

    When a gp tells lies about drugs and there is enough correspondence between a psychiatrist and a medical practice about Seroxat to sink a battleship, but, no one had the grace to discuss any of this with me, when her three referrals rubbished me to the point of death, when, the Clinical Director said litigation was a private matter, that whatever gps did was nothing to do with him, when I was an emergency admittance to his mental hospital, wrecked from Seroxat withdrawal and I am not seen for 6 days by anyone and my medication is not checked or discussed, when, I am in a general hospital three days later from several violent attacks from Seroxat and a Registrar describes quite clearly in his letter that I had stopped Seroxat abruptly, on advice, then does anyone wonder why I feel trodden on, disposed of, and generally upset at the monumental cover up from these weasel people who think I am so stupid that I can’t see exactly how it all played out…

    I had asked for an inquiry to the Clinical Director which he refused.

    When the owner of the medical practice received a full photocopy version of my medical records in 2007 as I was so concerned as to what had gone on and he agreed to read through them, we had a little chat when I went back to talk to him.

    I can’t see anything particularly in your medical records, he said, but, I did notice you weren’t given Fluoxetine.

    Fluoxetine, what, what Fluoxetine, what are you talking about?

    He said nothing.

    What do I do, I said, do I sue?

    You can do what you like, he said, you can sue all you like, I don’t care.


    As I left, I was handed an invoice from the receptionist for £99.00 for reading my medical records.

    There was no written report for my £99.00 and how stupid I was not to insist on one.

    I was just too staggered by what he had said, and this was the time I got my medical records and when I read all of it, well, the deceit was off the wall….

    So, all these years of a monumental struggle, destroyed relationships, loss of home, and being punched continually in the face made them the winners and not me

    Does anyone see anything fair about any of this?

    Particularly, when there is no lawyer in our land who will touch me with a barge pole?

    Thankfully, Sir Andrew Witty is comfortably off with his family.

    “Each new psychiatrist only sees the damaged person produced by the previous psychiatrist. Their imposed injuries are thus falsely interpreted as features of mental illness”

    Brilliant, dear Dr. Doctor.. “Where is their professional Duty of Candor?

    The puppy will help, a pony helped in my case and we are reduced to animals putting right all those wrongs..

  4. I’m so very sorry to hear about your devastating ordeal. I really resonated with themes from your story. The life-alternating and irreversible nature of some adverse drug reactions gets so very little acknowledgment, caused by those whose duty it is to “first do no harm.”

  5. A horrifying description of the inept, cruel, ignorant and damaging actions of those who pretend they are doctors. So many similarities to Dear Luise.

  6. The author of these posts writes:
    Our family thank the authors who have thoughtfully and empathetically posted such sincere comments. Their insight and understanding has strengthened our hope.

  7. Dear Family, First of all, I believe you. These are the three words I myself wanted to hear and rarely hear to this day. I so wish those that harmed your family apologized and made restitution. They still may do so. I hope you are embraced and believed by your surrounding community. I hope you can find support from politicians and activists and folks on here who fully know that this is not some isolated freaky thing. I want to thank you for your courage in speaking out and letting the world know what happened. I hope many read what you wrote and that your story travels far.

  8. My heartfelt prayers to you and your family. Like your daughter, my now-adult daughter has suffered horribly over the course of 15 years at the hands of these psychiatric ‘professionals’ (whores for the pharmaceutical companies if truth be told). What began as a ‘treatment program’ for alcohol morphed into a life sentence of ‘legal’ drug cocktails that has all but robbed my daughter of her ‘self’. The child I raised is gone….replaced by a robotic, shell on a person now consumed by her own emptiness and desperate dependence on prescription drugs. She has been in and out of dozens of in-patient ‘programs’….each one changing the drug and the dosage of the one prior. I spent the first few years begging doctors not to ‘medicate’ her…to no avail. They all have their administrative agenda: Medicate them to ‘stabilize’ them, then call it a success for insurance purposes and show them the door – with an entirely different prescription regime. It was inevitable that the side effects and highly addictive aspect of the ‘legal’ drugs would lead her back into program after program. They faulted her, of course. She felt like a failure, which was compounded each and every time she went into another program. These ‘programs’ are very, very dangerous places, and I would never recommend anyone sending their child into one of them…..ever.

    And, as an aside, I would stake my life on the assumption that just about every person we hear about lately who went on a killing rampage was likely on one psychotropic drug or another. Did you know that Adderall, for example (given to children for ADHD and adults for anxiety) is essentially one molecule away from crack? We are foolish to trust these doctors with our lives and the lives of our children. The fact is that they are ‘educated’ by the pharmaceutical-funded ‘establishments’ and receive more training in what drugs to prescribe than they do nutrition, for example.

  9. I am very moved by your story. It is so important that you share it, it is so important for the whole medical community to wake up and start questioning these drugs that are making people disabled, that are even killing people!

    What happened to Hippocratic oath?
    Where is science in modern medicine??

    My warmest regards to you and I wish your daughter will continue to heal!

  10. Dear Susan Schellenberg,
    I trust no one!
    After all the lies and deceits, I am in no position to trust, anymore.
    What kind of a professional are we, if we leave someone to suffer on their own, after all the damage has been done?
    To add insult to a wound, they then close their doors on you and lie to you continuously!
    I would not trust some clinicians even if my life depended on them!
    My life did depend on them and they were never there for me!
    I have moved on and have forgiven but will never forget.
    I can see straight through nonsense and when I question some clinicians they feel cornered.
    Imagine how people must feel when some clinicians try to harm them with the poisons they prescribe!
    I visualise peace, love and abundance for everyone.
    Love runs through my veins and I am quite a reasonable, compassionate and empathetic being however, I have very little tolerance for people who are in if for the money and then close the doors when something tragic happens to you.
    When I see trouble, I run……………………………………!
    Some clinicians will NEVER question the integrity of the meds they dish out to patients.
    The mind, body and spirit are all interconnected.
    If harm is done, only the person who lives with it knows what they have to deal with.
    Inflammatory comments, do not heal people.
    Healing oneself is one thing but dealing with lies and deception, is one of those things in medicine that no one has to be a hostage to.

    Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
    ~ William Shakespeare

  11. I just wanted to add my heartfelt sorrow for all you and your daughter have been through, and I do admire you enormously for your resilience against such dreadful treatment. Terribly sad to say, we lost that battle for our dear son, who decided that death was the only way to give us our lives back, having watched us struggling to get across to his various psychiatrists that it was only the medication that was making him more and more ill. His story was very similar to that of your daughter, although he was never sectioned, but humiliated beyond all belief, and dosed up with various medications, one after another, despite obvious akathisia.

    You are so right when you highlight the cruelty and lack of reason and compassion shown both to you and your daughter. No one who hasn’t experienced it can imagine the horror of pleading with a psychiatrist who seems to be lost in a world of denial and craziness. It seems as though you are living in a nightmare.

    My father was treated for manic depression back in the 1960’s, and although it was far from easy to manage, there was none of this arrogance and hostility from his doctors that we see today. Because his manic depression had started in 1940 after open heart surgery and lack of oxygen, he couldn’t be given Lithium as it would have killed him. He was treated at Bart’s Hospital by the late Professor Lindford Rees, who afforded him respect, and offered kindness always.
    The mental health picture in 2002-2012 has totally changed. Arrogance and reliance on concoctions of medications are the order of the day, and the skill of thoughtful psychiatry of the old school, practised by people like David Stafford Clark, has all faded into history, and it seems as though lazy stupidity has taken over. How on earth did all this happen?

    I read your daughter’s story with mounting anxiety and horror. It was like reliving so much of what happened to our beloved son. I am so terribly sorry you were put through such hell, but I do hope things will improve in time, and it is so good to know that you saved her. I wish we had fought harder and with more knowledge, to save our son.

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