Bait and Switch: the Great Ketamine “Breakthrough”

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March 4, 2019 | 9 Comments


  1. I didn’t suffer from depression until I was falsely diagnosed with bipolar 1 and aggressively drugged for 11 years….causing drug-induced depression (& many other ‘symptoms’=side-effects). I’m ‘officially’ free of all diagnosis today (paperwork!), my exit ‘gift-tag’ being ‘unpecified’ anxiety, F41.9……no f*cking kidding.
    Having said that….depression is becoming the ‘new’ (recycled) marketing target for the industry machine. Bipolar is still a ‘darling’ of the industry, but folks are beginning to notice it’s massive lack of credible diagnostic code application, regardless of it’s infinite expansion of ‘symptoms’.
    Depression never went away, just distracted by ALL the other newly manufactured disorder-codes & vague treatments whose results are skewed, creatively edited, & tailored to fit the ‘new approach’ to old complaints.
    The FDA has a poor track record standing for integrity regarding trials & results dealing with Pharma (“follow the …”, well, u know), this is no different, but the marketing should be a ‘slam-dunk’, familiarity in name-recognition translating to an illogical but easier acceptance by consumers.

    Scary, indefensible, dangerous to trusting sufferers; venality never stopped them before & won’t with esketamine….& all the ‘knock-offs’ to follow. And NO, it will never ‘cure’, there will be NO ‘recovery’; just “lifelong” ‘maintenance….the treatment-paradigm that is the industry’s definition of a ‘successful’ drug. Deaths while ‘on’ the drug will be spun to create ‘urgency’ for the ‘new epidemic’ of depression & suicide=more sales. The bipolar “gold-rush” model rides again. The “pediatric-depression” faux-emergency is coming to media any second now…

    We’ve seen this movie.

  2. Janssen knows it’s way around bullsh*t claims of efficacy & imaginary safety regarding psych drugs. They’re extremely comfortable & polished with this hustle.
    Have some Topamax while you’re waiting for your Spravato.

  3. ‘Oh my goodness gracious!’
    Now, they are enticing people by putting this stuff into a funky rocket missile type contraption.
    One instant shot and you will be as good as gold. All your troubles will be blasted away!
    It is safe and effective just like the other notorious claims of well known brands.
    I am always sceptical when they claim that something is safe and effective.
    There is always an element of risk and doubt when I hear/read the word safe and effective.
    If meds are safe and effective, people like myself would not be here on RXISK , retelling our tragic stories.
    Sadly, we are paying a very high price for speaking up and it saddens me that we are told that we live in a country of democracy when the powers of corruption impact every aspect of our lives.

    • It is Very funky! Looks similar to the cool looking vapes marketed to people who wanted to give up fags.Maybe they could make a few different choices of design to attract more users – photos of a few celebs who have ‘come out’ about their depression and these funky little pocket rockets can be on the street in no time. heroin and other stuff gets easily shoved up the nose so Johnson and Johnson have learned a good trick there.
      On China Time (Annie’s link above) – only certified prescribers can get this drug..! When it’s being promoted like a magic fix they know that’s not likely – there;ll be dealers cooking it up already. ‘It functions differently to other anti depressants and can ease symptoms in 1 day!! Strewth imagine a trip on that! Another selling point is that this is a drug targeted especially for people suffering long term depression and who often turn to suicide. Good to know they care. China Times (which has just bigged up the rocket propelled drug- Zhongshi Newsletter Cares About You. Protect Yourself and Stay Away from Drugs’.

  4. I fail to see the attraction of this “medication”.
    In the first instance, those already hurt by, or struggling on, the usual drugs are not going to touch this one with a barge pole are they? Surely, it’s a case of ‘once bitten, twice shy’.
    On the other hand, those who find the usual ADs beneficial (?) are not going to be tempted away from them are they? Their mantra being “these have saved my life” surely means they would be idiotic to change prescription.
    So, at who exactly do the manufacturers aim this new drug? It’s my guess that it’s aimed at youngsters, new to the need for a prescribed drug, who may well find a ‘squirt up the nose’ more acceptable than taking a boring, old-fashioned tablet any day of the week!

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