Chantix and Violence

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October 12, 2014 | 15 Comments


  1. A couple of RxISK’s friends on Twitter have asked if there’s a general petition that citizens can sign onto.

    I’ve got a related question: If people have an experience with Chantix they would like to have reported at the October 16 hearing, they should get in touch RIGHT AWAY. Who should they contact?

  2. Omer Jama, 39, a television editor, had no history of mental illness or depression when he was prescribed Chantix. 2 months later he stabbed himself to death. His family called for an investigation into the safety of the drug after the coroner recorded an open verdict. Naturally, Pfizer insisted a direct link between Champix and psychiatric problems had not been officially established and stated instead that “nicotine withdrawal can lead to mood swings and behavioural changes”. Shame on them.

  3. I started Chantix about 6 weeks ago, I have been getting absolutely furious over small stuff, screaming, yelling, wanting to break things. I know it’s the Chantix, does this pass or get worse?

  4. Let me tell you…. not an hour ago I could not for the life of me find my watch… legitimately missing from my box. I threw a fit!!!! Tossed my entire room and caused my wife to bug out. This is not like me at all. Usually I will look, find it or not and move forward. I am a bit worried that this may be causing more stress and anger/rage issues. Time to visit the doctor

  5. I had been using chantix for about 3 months. My brother passed away in July. Which set me in a depressed way. 2 weeks ago. I threatened to hurt someone I love. I immediately went for help. They advised me to stop chantix. I have been doing a lot better since.

  6. I took champix to pack in smoking and start a family with the love of my life. I blacked out in the middle of night and shouted loads of horrible abuse at my girlfriend. I had no memory of this taking place and still don’t. A week later my girlfriend and I went out for drinks I was obnoxious rude completely out of character, I started giving people abuse, strangers, again I have no memory of this happening later that night I assaulted my girlfriend went to prison lost everything. I suffer with anxiety and depression and should never have took them, my girlfriend got them me. She didn’t deserve what happened and I didn’t deserve what happened to me. My life is over don’t take these tablets what ever you do I have lost everything and just want to die. I’m going to do everything I can to get my girlfriend back and have a nice life but it looks like that is unlikely. I just need to be out of misery and end this pain

    • My advise ,DONT TAKE IT if you have had problems with life before hand exp” had anger,believing in demons,spiritual,negative stuff,pain ,anxiety,any condition, it just seems to tackle your inner mind fears.
      Im a good guy after just one day taking the blue pill “should of choosen the red pill “joke .
      I became very delusional ,aggressive,heart pumping out of my chest “like the cartoons ,very bad dreams or thoughts as i didn’t know what was real or fake ,fearful ,started to get into conspiracies theories alot “after a week i got off the champix, after 4 months off champix im starting to feel better mentally”still smoking thou ,i would prefer to stop smoking ( I’ll find another way instead. I did get bronchitis after,gain wait ,feels like a frog in the back of throat “i just can’t shake.
      My advise “NO for me -the choice is yours

  7. My business partner/brother-in-law recently started taking Chantix. He has always been a little intense, but now he is an absolute lunatic. He does not see a problem with his anger. His wife has no control, is afraid of him and is about to have a nervous breakdown. She reached out to his doctor’s office and they only will say he needs to come in for an appointment, but are not able to call him to say he needs a “follow-up appt” or whatever it would take to get him there.
    It’s ruining our business and their marriage.
    Researched “how to get someone to stop taking Chantix” and there is NOTHING available.
    Any suggestions as to how to get someone, who cannot realize for themselves through their incessant anger, as to how to move forward?

    • I took this drug a long time ago when it first came out. took it for about two weeks. Within a week started having waking blackouts. Just stared, barely blinking at an office wall. Feared that I was going to blackout while driving home. Every sound was intensified. Shoes on a tile floor, the sound of a door knob turning. Neon lights seemed to flicker oddly. Started having bizarre vivid dreams. Never felt like I really slept. Shadows cast in my house from passing cars caused me to pace the house trying to find ghostly intruders. The last day I took this medicine I had contemplated axe murdering my co-worker in the office next door and then offing myself in some wild half awake dream state. Take that medicine and throw it in the garbage for him and then take sister in law on an unplanned two day trip to anywhere he can’t find you that has a nice pool and spa!

  8. I have been taking Chantix for 6 days. I am a passive, loving person who has never physically hurt anyone before. I had an intense arguement with my boyfriend over something I blew way out of proportion. I threw things, and attacked him, hitting him. After he left I contemplated taking out our gun and ending my life. Somehow, he has found it in his heart to forgive my psychotic episode. I am going to stop taking this shit immediately. I cant believe how unstable it has made me. I’ll find another way to quit smoking!

  9. I have experienced UNCONTROLLABLE rage and anger with violence while taking Chantix. I have punched a hole in the wall, broken a piece of furniture, and hit my husband. I am 50 years old and have never acted in such a manner prior to this. This is very concerning.

  10. Dear anger patients .. my husband has had no problems on the Chantix for several months and has easily quit smoking .. not until he was off it for 3 days .. then rageful .. so he continued the medications for one a day for a few more weeks .. and has now been off off it for 7 days .. he is absolutely terrifying his eyes blank and rageful over nothing .. just suddenly ..
    Should he continue it for every other day and then every 3rd day every 5th day etc WOULD THAT HELP?!?
    Is it better to just STAY OFF IT .. (but honestly he was scary crazy like .. ABSOLUTELY UNLIKE HIMSELF!!! )

  11. My wife and I have been on it for about 7 weeks. Since I started my wife and I have had multiple knock-down, drag-out fights. She slept at her moms once I slept in a hotel another night. I think we might have to go to couples therapy just to repair the damage.

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