Charles Dickens and Red Tape, Alive and Well in 2023

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January 1, 2023 | 15 Comments


  1. “ However, you have skirted the central problem.” 

    Donald Where’s Your Troosers?

    “Putting it simply,” he added, “we all must do everything that we can to reduce death.”

    This is one of the best compilations you will ever see with more information than you will ever see

    Contemporising the immortal words of Charles Dickens…

    A timeline of missed opportunities

    This film presents missed opportunities, in particular the potential role of prescribed medications as risk factors for suicide . This film presents a timeline from 2002 to 2019 in relation to England’s National Suicide Prevention Strategy.

    A Timeline of Missed Opportunities:

    Mr. Stewart and Co. pass the bucket around with seeming abandon

    Dance Me to the End of Love

    A sentimental favourite for all those whose lives kicked the bucket of the buck-passing

    The burning violin…

    Mr. Stewart needs to look into his inner self, and stop parroting what he thought was his inner job…

  2. Think these correspondences above is proof that constant political meddling with the UK NHS has made it now — totally moribund. Just as I made an analogy in a previous post, liking organizations to computer systems which will eventual become too complex and impossible to keep running smoothly, thus requiring either replacement by a complete new system or go bust. The NHS has become unfixable. It is beyond the powers of any man to know where to even start.

    Still. Thats no reason to throw ones hand up in despair and spend the rest of ones days down at the golf club. Therefore, have been trying to think of how to be more proactive, rather than fire-fighting all the time (but so far with not much success).

    I’ll uncover for you potential looming dangers which I see which lead me to think this necessary, for Kevin Stewart writes: “To achieve this, all sectors must come together, and we must support our communities so they become safe, compassionate, inclusive, and free of stigma.
    As he doesn’t mention how he thinks this will be achieved, I’ll explain what is being put into place ‘now’ in the political/industrial hope of creating NHS v2.

    To much fanfare (but ignored by the MSM) the UK’s Digital Health Playbook (2023 Edition) was launched in October. [1] For example, see on page 21 the company Aparito announces that it “[…] enables more diverse patient groups to engage in clinical trials by reducing the burden on patients.
    We bring clinical trials to patients and unlock real- world data through mobile apps, video assessments & wearable devices via Atom5TM, our iOS & Android- compatible web and mobile app platform.
    The Atom5TMplatform integrates clinical & regulatory expertise to capture patient data
    and develop digital endpoints for hybrid and decentralised clinical trials to streamline the drug development process.

    AT Tech: integrating NHS services across England, enabling the joining up of healthcare services for millions of patients.

    Holmusk: “[…] to help healthcare staff predict risk of mental health crisis and make informed decisions about resource allocation to provide safe and effective care.

    KRTS International: A digital mental health company specialising in crisis and trauma. Provide an end-to-end service.

    Lindus Health: “[…] run clinical trials end to end for biotech and healthtech pioneers. Today companies have to work with slow and expensive research providers who often fail to deliver meaningful results. So we created an end- to-end clinical trial platform to make clinical trials easy, so that everyone can benefit from new treatments.

    Kooth Plc: “[…] to form an integral role in supporting the NHS to deliver on early intervention, prevention and therapeutic access for children and young people’s mental health[…]

    One splendid solution after another and so it goes on. What could possible go wrong?

    Technology can bring wonderful benefits like the Haber process which produced cheap ammonium nitrate for use as fertiliser and then as the high explosive for the shells of the first world war. We need to get our voices heard. “Qui tacet consentit”: the maxim of British law is “Silence gives consent”


  3. “I would always encourage patients or where appropriate their parents, guardians or carers to discuss any treatment concerns that they may have with their clinician in the first instance”.

    This was the first action I attempted when our loved one’s enforced psychotropic drugging (for misdiagnosed akathisia) rapidly caused visible cranial nerve injury.
    Even as an experienced medical practitioner (who had diagnosed and managed organic brain disease in my clinical work) my concerns were ignored, and discussion was impossible. Inevitably, further life-changing drug-induced injury followed. A tragic missed prevention-of-harm opportunity.

    “I am sure you will appreciate that it would be inappropriate for Scottish Ministers to intervene in medical treatment or clinical decisions made by clinicians in charge of an individual’s care”.

    Bishop James Jones:
    “Handing over a loved one to doctors and nurses is an act of trust. It represents a major crisis when you begin to doubt that the treatment they are given is in their best interest”.
    When a doctor-parent reports that the ‘treatment’ being given is causing classical neurological signs of serious brain injury (and perceives that he is treated with denial and contempt) it leads to despair. It is self evident that irreversible injury is taking place and the cause of this harm continues to be enforced.

    Surely it is reasonable for a parent with this experience to hope and expect that any Minister would take the expert opinion afforded in the above correspondence seriously and investigate accordingly?

    Psychiatry ‘means never having to say you are sorry’.
    Sorry for the serial misdiagnosis of adverse drug reactions, or sorry for causing life-changing injury due to these adverse drug reactions.

    “I hope this is informative”.

    • Fits and Starts…

      Medicine – the third-biggest killer in the world

      DISEASE caused by prescribed drugs and medical errors, known as iatrogenesis, has been well documented as the third leading cause of death in the developed world, after cardio-vascular disease and cancer. How many people think about the broader implications of that information and apply it as a filter through which to scrutinise medical advice and recommendations? 

      Some time back, before the plandemic, I heard a radio advertisement for prescription services which stated that 52 per cent of people in this country were on permanent medication. I do not know if this astounding statistic is accurate, but if it is anywhere near that figure, it is deeply disturbing. It indicates that illness is considered the norm, and good health the out-of-the-ordinary, particularly in the over-65 age group. What must now be the percentage of people on permanent medication following the multi-billion-pound campaign to render populations drug-dependent?

      A great part of that campaign, as we know, has been psychological and mental manipulation, and one of the tools in the arsenal is the distortion of language, designed to remove rational thought.

      The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word therapy as ‘the treatment of physical or mental disorders, other than by surgery’.
      Therefore, so-called prophylactic interventions such as vaccines should not be described as therapy, or therapeutics, as they target healthy people who, by definition, do not have disorders and so do not need therapy. Combined with the word gene, as in ‘gene therapy’, it suggests that our genes are somehow defective and consequently in need of therapy, which most people would agree is an abomination. This is why language matters, and why we need to choose our own words to express ourselves rather than those chosen for us.

      Another part of the brain-washing campaign has been to convince people they are born fundamentally flawed and cannot survive without continuous pharmacological interventions from the cradle onwards. This, of course, is the perfect business model for the supply chain of these infinite interventions.

      ‘The poor die from a lack of medical attention, and the rich from an excess of medical intervention’ is the view of Spanish doctor Juan Gervás who co-authored a book with Mercedes Pérez in 2013 entitled Sano y Salvo – Safe and Sound. The book challenges the public health model of wealthy, developed countries which, he contends, is driven by an insatiable quest for preventive medicine that risks becoming the undoing of good health.

      Several explanations have been offered as to why doctors and scientists have been willing participants in this fraud, or are so obtuse they are unable to recognise it. These range from fear of loss of livelihood and prestige if they go the ethical route, to having received a training so deeply indoctrinating of the superiority of pharmacology that their ability to perceive inconvenient truths is all but obliterated. 

      When this system crumbles, as it is doing under its own weight, and the renaissance begins, doctors will have to retrain and learn instead about health.  Meanwhile, we must continue to challenge the fact-resistant institutions, from the Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to Parliament, to respond to the multitude of different sources of data corroborating the damage caused by mRNA ‘vaccines’.

      In summary:

      1.    We have Pfizer clinical trial data indicating serious harm, prised out of the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) by court order following the legal challenge made by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.

      2.    We have national and international pharmacovigilance data (such as the Yellow Card Reporting System in the UK) showing extraordinarily high levels of reports of serious harm and fatalities following Covid-19 vaccination.

      3.    We have clinical observational data of previously healthy people presenting in A&E and to their GPs with illness and injury following vaccination.

      4.    We have national and international statistical data showing high levels of excess deaths in the months and years following the mass vaccine roll-out.

      5.    We have data from life insurance companies showing high increases in payouts for death and disability following the vaccine rollout, as well as data from funeral homes showing no increase in deaths in 2020, but a massive surge following the vaccine roll-out in 2021/22.

      6.    We have medical-scientific data on the mechanisms of the experimental ‘vaccines’ which can cause harm to all the body’s systems, as well as on the damaging effects of some of the adjuvants in the ‘vaccines’.

      7.    We have autopsy data from fatalities over a broad range of ages following ‘vaccination’.

      Any one of these sources of data on their own is alarming enough.

      Collectively they show a composite picture of iatrogenesis on a mass scale.

      “Given all its resources, the government could and should do better to get to the bottom of what is driving the excess in cardiovascular deaths. We’ll keep digging.” 

      Is everyone dying of statin starvation?

      The government continues to ignore the causes of excess mortality.

      Tom Jefferson  and Carl Heneghan

      2 hr ago

      On 1 December, the UK government published a technical report on the covid pandemic:

      We commented on it in our post and its late pick up by the mainstream media and their lack of critical approach to its “independent” content. 

      One of the paragraphs that interested us is the one in which the Chief Medical Officer explained the non-Covid related excess mortality most European nations are experiencing: 

      “There is little doubt that delays in presentation, reductions in secondary prevention (such as statins and antihypertensives), and postponement of elective and semi-elective care and screening will have led to later and more severe presentation of non-COVID illness both during and after the first 3 waves. The combined effect of this will likely lead to a prolonged period of non-COVID excess mortality and morbidity after the worst period of the pandemic is over.”

      There can be little doubt that blocking access to, say, cancer screening and treatment will have disastrous consequences – one of the many legacies of lockdowns. But how did Professor Whitty and his team conclude that excess cardiovascular mortality was due to a lack of statins and antihypertensives?

      Primary care is where the bulk of statins and antihypertensives are prescribed but did the prescriptions of such drugs change during the pandemic?

      recovery&renewal Retweeted

      Katy B

      “Its currently unclear what influence Wessely will have as a non exec director of NHS However his psychiatric approach to physical illness coupled with his new job may indicate the path the NHS is heading further down & not just regarding #longCovid”

      As one of the UK’s most forcible proponents of Antidepressants and unflinchingly denies serious adverse effects, paths could be destabilised further…

  4. When exasperated with children ‘going on and on’ elders use to say ‘(God).. ‘Give me strength!!’…
    1 of 1
    Wishing you healing and happiness in the new year

    Surviving Antidepressants Unsubscribe
    12:51 AM (10 hours ago

    Surviving Antidepressants

    As we start a new year, we at hope it brings you continued recovery and healing. May you find hope and strength in the days ahead.

    In 2022, we’ve seen continued progress in educating about psychiatric withdrawal and risks of psychiatric drugs. In a year-end article in Psychology Today, Dr. John Read observes that there is now a “loose-knit, multi-faceted international movement to transcend the “medical model” of understanding and responding to distress”.

    Any mention of antidepressants in the popular press now contains a recommendation to taper off gradually. This is a big change from when started in 2011.

    The International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal (IIPDW) held an online conference open to the public in May, featuring a video, “Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome & its Management”, with Stevie Lewis and Dr Mark Horowitz, which can be seen on YouTube.

    The IIPDW will hold a second conference open to the public on February 10-11, 2023. Tickets are available here.

    Further, a telemedicine company,, offers antidepressant tapering services in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada (only those areas at present). Dr. Mark Horowitz and I are advising them.

    One of the highlights of 2022 was the furor over a paper published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, “The serotonin theory of depression: a systematic umbrella review of the evidence.” Author Joanna Moncrieff and her co-authors, including Mark Horowitz, concluded: “The main areas of serotonin research provide no consistent evidence of there being an association between serotonin and depression, and no support for the hypothesis that depression is caused by lowered serotonin activity or concentrations.”

    They recommended antidepressants not be taken to rectify a serotonin imbalance, as such does not exist.

    By the end of 2022, a paper I published in March 2021, “What I have learnt from helping thousands of people to taper off antidepressants and other psychotropic medications”, had been viewed nearly 100,000 times, and cited at least 13 times. Someone must be interested in this topic! Anyone may download it here.

    Another paper based on, “Protracted withdrawal syndrome after stopping antidepressants: a descriptive quantitative analysis of consumer narratives from a large internet forum”, of which I was a co-author, has been viewed nearly 40,000 times in 2 years and cited at least 16 times. It can be downloaded here.

    The UK’s Royal College of Psychiatrist’s 2020 leaflet “Stopping Antidepressants” is also free to download to show to a prescriber.

    The approximately 6,000 Introductions topics on have informed much of this progress. If you haven’t stopped by for a while, the community would very much like to hear from you. Please update your Introductions and Updates topic (or start one!) and let us know how you’re doing.

    If you have fully recovered from withdrawal syndrome — as we most sincerely hope — please give back to the community by adding yours to our Success Stories. You know how much it means to people — every success story lifts spirits.

    If you care to make a monetary gift to, our PayPal account is All donations go to paying site expenses and funding research. If you prefer a receipt from a certified non-profit, the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal would also appreciate donations.

    Wishing you healing and happiness in the new year,

    Adele Framer

    Founded March 2011
    Registered members 18831

  5. “Qui tacet consentit”: the maxim of British law is “Silence gives consent”
    As I am always an optimist, it is indeed a futile endeavor when many refuse to listen to experience and place credentials before common sense.
    Gaslighting, silencing, rumors, lies and defaming one’s good name, is how those who don’t want the TRUTH to be leaked, play the game.
    Standing up to the bullies in the hierarchy is the only way the TRUTH of all matters can be exposed.
    Most of the nation is sleepwalking and it is very hard to wake up those who have put so much faith and trust into a corrupt system that no longer has the higher good of those who speak the TRUTH.
    The sacraments that are there for the ‘good of all’ are riddled with lies and misleading/devious information.
    The misleading information is not congruent with real science.

    I would always encourage patients or where appropriate their parents, guardians or carers to discuss any treatment concerns that they may have with their clinician in the first instance. ~ Many refuse to listen!
    Sadly, the ones colluding with a flawed system are not helping those to expose the truth.
    I walk with my head up high and do my best, irrespective of the dirty games people play.
    I consider myself a builder ~ not a victim!

    • Yes, I think too, it is indeed fortunate when a non optimistic Victim can passes through that point of total despair to find they have an inner strength, determination and new mindset. Also think one of the side benefits of RxISK and other groups on the internet, is that they help people see themselves in a new light and contemplate new things that they can choose to do, instead of waiting to have things done unto them and unquestioningly following what the’ve been told to do, which has been keeping them a helpless victim.

      Agree about the degree of naïvety. Understanding something of the psychological hurdles involved, I think too that one’s time is better spent on other opportunities rather than trying to wake people up. There are of course exceptions and so I consider DH’s correspondence with this MSP is worth it weight in gold as an example to be held up as strong evidential proof of how bad things have become. I even suspect that DH himself had little hope of any positive result but sometimes one must go through the motions in order to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s whilst not assuming anything.

      However. I could but not smile, at one awaking though, as pieced together in a 30min YT video by Rogue Scientist (the first few minutes gets off to a slow confusing start unfortunately). He features Dr John Campbell PhD who teaches nursing and has long been using the medium of the internet and youtube as a teaching aid and has won an award for using this technology in this way. John started out at the beginning of the pandemic as very much a Blue Pill doctor. Upholding the official narrative with gusto and admonishing many counter opinions (held by knowledgable experts) floating around on social media… but as the months went by, doubts started to creep in. Slowly at first, but steadily his faith got chipped away as he analysed each paper and statistical report.

      Everything he came to realize on his journey to becoming a Red Pill doctor, overlays exactly with problems in psychiatric medicine. Think it would be so nice if Kevin Stewart could spare 30 minutes of his own precious time (and not delegate to a minion) to watch the transformation of a fellow Scott (well, from 8 miles south of the Scottish boarder anyway).
      Dr. John Campbells Awakening: The End of evidence based Medicine

  6. How The Light Gets In – Flair, Alaska through Chicago…

    Kristina Kaiser

    Strategic Communicator. Public Health Advocate. Educator. Humanist.
    I share Natalie’s prescribed demise with hope that others might avoid such medical harms.

    Kristina Kaiser

    This new public health video is excellent. Short, powerful & to the point: Medications can cause akathisia. Akathisia can cause “suicide.” (Such deaths aren’t really #suicides in the traditional sense of the word, but most of the public is unfamiliar w/ the term “iatrogenic.”)

    Akathisia Alliance for Education and Research

    This is our new 1-minute video, “Drug-Induced #Akathisia is a #SuicidePrevention Emergency.” The description contains an important note for clinicians about how they can help lower the disturbingly-high rate of suicide. Please R/T. Thank you!

    Kim Witczak

    Global Pharmaceutical Drug Safety Advocate Speaker/Producer Member,FDA Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee

    Kim Witczak 

    Here’s how I became an accidental drug safety advocate. I never set out to do this work. However, sometimes life’s greatest purposes choose us.


    10. Kim’s husband Woody died of a drug induced suicide (zoloft) in 2003. She hs been a drug safety advocate since then. You can watch her story here (listen)

    Wendy Dolin – Making Akathisia a Household Word


    James Moore

    In 2010, Wendy’s husband Stewart Dolin was prescribed Paxil (paroxetine), a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (“SSRI”) for mild situational anxiety. Within days, Stewart’s anxiety became worse. He felt restless and had trouble sleeping. On July 15, 2010, just six days after beginning the medication, following a regular lunch with a business associate, Stewart left his office and walked to a nearby train station, despite not being a regular commuter. A registered nurse who was also on the platform later reported seeing Stewart pacing back and forth and looking very agitated. As a train approached, Stewart ended his life.

    Founded in 2011, MISSD is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the memory of Stewart and others by raising awareness and educating the public about the dangers of akathisia. MISSD aims to ensure that people suffering from akathisia’s symptoms are accurately diagnosed so that needless deaths are prevented.

    Wendy Dolin Takes on GlaxoSmithKline And Wins — For Now at Least


    Jim Gottstein, JD

    Stewart’s widow, Wendy, sued GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the manufacturer of Paxil, and Mylan, on the grounds that the paroxetine caused Stewart to commit suicide. The case came to trial on March 14th and ended on April 20th with a $3 million verdict for Wendy and their children. The trial itself was gripping, with excellent coverage by Bob Fiddamen:

    July 9, 2019 at 3:50 am

    MISSD Presents Akathisia Info at London Conference

    Hundreds of doctors learned more about akathisia during MISSD’s recent presentation at the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ International Congress. Wendy Dolin shared case studies and MISSD videos that highlight the external and internal symptoms doctors should look for when assessing for akathisia.

    Akathisia: Out of the Darkness

    Where’s the Craic…

  7. Thanks to Patrick Hahn
    1 of 2
    Patrick D Hahn from Patrick D Hahn
    12:15 PM (4 hours ago
    Open in app or online
    Review of Cassandra’s Memo: Covid and the Global Psychopaths
    JAN 4
    Maybe you believe our rulers have our best interests at heart. Maybe you believe that institutions exist to do more or less what they are said to: banks are there to make us prosperous, the media are there to keep informed, schools to educate our children, and doctors, hospitals, and drug companies to make us healthy. That’s what I believed, once upon a time.

    Or maybe you are one of the growing numbers of people who are waking up and realizing the stark truth: we are governed by psychopaths who hate us. If so, you will enjoy Cassandra’s Memo, a burst of righteous anger by Robert Yoho, M.D. (Retired).
    Thanks for reading Patrick D Hahn! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

    The harms of the covid “vaccines,” the murderous withholding of safe and effective treatments for the covid (the sine qua non of the Emergency Use Authorization for the covid shot, which was then foisted on unsuspecting people by the millions), the destruction wrought by psychiatric drugs, “gender-affirming care,” and a whole host of other atrocities – all this is told in the author’s rollicking style which never lapses into bitterness or self-pity, ending with this affirmation: “There is no Great and Powerful Oz behind the curtain. They are small, aging, terrified men holding up a soggy tissue of transhumanist delusions to shield themselves from death.”

    Dr. Yoho has noted we all have three alternatives in life: to be a sheep, a wolf, or a knight. For those who find the last alternative infinitely preferable, this book is an invaluable resource.

  8. From an external point of view, what has to be done seems very clear to me.

    It is undoubtedly necessary to use a physical intervention to unjail this young man, law or not.

    This guy has been in that hell-hole for years, and drugged in an unimaginable way; honestly, it is already a miracle that he is still alive.

    Or we do really want to wait until he is drugged to death???

    His life is in our hands, and we need to act accordingly.

    If the institutions (yes, the institutions) want to kill him, we need to fight the institutions, and I’m not talking about any sort of dialogue with them.

    My words could sound as provocatory, but, if you think what life really is, they are not.

    I’m sure any pssd fellow can perfectly understands what I mean.

    We are talking about criminals that first jail, than drug teens until their death; even ”normal” criminals get a better ”treatment”.

    Any sort of behaviour as this, needs to be fighten with the correct countermisures; we need to stand together and physically destroy the responsibles of these murders, in every athom ponderable, if the law is unable to judge them.


  9. Got to be led by the science and the evidence. What evidence?
    People lie and conspire to benefit their cause – well said Dr John Campbells!
    One dose of Covid 19 vaccine can prevent serios illness????????
    The media and experts have lied.
    Why don’t they inform us that the protocols implemented in the hospitals have killed a lot of innocent people. They don’t show us that through the media?
    Those who are lying have a lot to answer for.
    People have died of the seasonal flu every year however, it never (made), makes the front headlines.
    Despite the very high number of vaccinations people can still get Covid 19 and spread the virus. Great INITIATIVE generated by the HEALTH professionals!
    Perhaps, this pandemic was created to jab all the people and give them Covid 19 – a conspiracy theory that will one day be leaked!
    Why don’t they tell the TRUTH and inform people how many health maladies they are inducing?
    Publish the storm of evidence instead of suppressing the information.
    Instant deaths.
    Long list of health maladies that are induced immediately and further down the line, are not published.
    They attribute the excess deaths as the Covid 19.
    What are really inducing the deaths?
    Lock downs and mass population vaccines have not reduced Covid 19 deaths.
    People are dying more from Covid 19 deaths now than ever and it is quite evident that it is happening across a varied age group.
    Why don’t they make a media pandemic of this now?
    Lies, lies and more lies to the populace.
    Just tell us the TRUTH because the lies do not stick with me!
    Thank you POGO for reinforcing what us TRUTH seekers already now.

  10. Thank you kindly for Neil Oliver’s profound insight into the flawed workings of the hierarchy.
    I see what you see Neil Oliver.
    Thank you kindly for your insightful video.
    We need more honest leaders like you, to make this world a better and meaningful place.
    It saddens me that some people with academic and intellectual qualifications, are unable to ‘think outside the box’ and do not see things for what they really are.
    Some people just don’t want to know the TRUTH.
    Too much brainwashing has been going on!
    The TRUTH has set me free however, I feel so sad for my brothers who are sleepwalking.
    Great institutions of States and the Media have definitely infected many with dishonesty and insincerity.
    Too many people have got away with murder! : (
    What do we do about the damages they have done! That very fabric of our society that keeps things morally intact has been corrupted.
    JUST RIGHTS of individual have been violated.
    The Magna Carta has to be treated with RESPECT.

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