Dear Abby: Antidepressants and Marriage

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September 30, 2020 | 3 Comments


  1. THE DIVORCE & BEYOND PODCAST with Susan Guthrie…

    “An incredibly fast-moving phenomena” – Wendy Dolin

    The Episode that might just save your life

    Wendy’s Life Mission on Akathisia –

    MISSD presented at the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ (RCP) 2019 International Congress in London. RCP’s then-president said they were developing new akathisia education for its members. MISSD is pleased RCP published the “Antidepressant Withdrawal” leaflet and we hope to soon see RCP’s new akathisia education for prescribers and patients.

  2. It’s frustrating that people probably newly PSSD’d are wasting money on scams and alternatives that don’t work while the Rxisk Prize is stalling in funding.

    My fault proof method (that took me 6 years to learn) from alternative healers is simply asking to speak to others they have cured, with their permission. I noticed how they said no to that, citing patient confidentiality, or that they can’t point to anyone.

    There is a new blockchain information technology LBRY that is advancing in pace, mainly used as a video disseminator but also of articles, sound and other media content that is open source and includes blockchain cryptocurrency integrated so you can charge for content if you wish. Would it be any good to create some media content that is chargable to help fund the Rxisk Prize? Cryptocurrency value including LBRY credits have only been rising since the onset of Covid19.

    They have created multiple access points ( and apps) as it is open source anyone can, it seems it may have a future as a technology point in competition against big techs like google. Maybe Vimeo has a similair feature or it probably won’t really help at all?

  3. Now that’s a good podcast! Thanks Annie.

    We put this article up on Twitter, noting many people who start these meds for a short-term crisis end up hooked long-term,” just like ENJ’s wife. One of the PSSD sufferers on Twitter replied:

    “Exactly. I started Zoloft in my 20’s because I had a rough breakup with a girlfriend. If I knew about the possible side effects I could have easily managed without it.”

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