Healthcare’s Castaways: Shipwreck of the Singular

February 1, 2021 | 11 Comments


  1. The people best placed to grasp what is going wrong and force our ‘betters’ to justify the distinctions that have been bestowed on them are those whose lives have been touched by what is going wrong in healthcare.

    Shipwreck shows you how we got to the point of peril we are now at. It points to a Care that needs courage. A book won’t get us there. It needs you to engage and engage others.

    Some months ago, a very good friend who lectures and designs courses approached me for something to give her students as a listening project. The students, she calls the crème de la crème, are doing a course prior to entering medical school. I suggested David Healy’s TED Talk
    When she visited her caravan recently and we ploughed through the mud and water with her three Skye terriers, she said her students just loved the talk and were very positive about it.

    So proud of her that she sees the ‘big picture’, and that maybe these medical students will take away what needs to be a new future …

    • Greatly encouraged by this opportunity seized to enable these medical students to listen to, and discuss David Healy’s TED Talk.

      It would surely be of similar educational value to Vocational Trainees in General Practice, along with all the Samizdat Publications?

      Thank you Annie and ‘good friend’.

      • Tim, you may have heard that the UK now has a ‘Youth Mental Health Ambassador’ by the name of Dr Alex George who is from North Wales. I have contacted him via Twitter to raise his awareness of the role that ADs etc. can play in inducing suicidal thoughts and ‘akathisia’ in acting on those thoughts through to completed suicides. I feel we must jump at every chance that we find to bring this knowledge to the fore. ‘Nick’ added the akathisia video to my message too.

        • Thank you Mary.

          This is indeed so very important, especially seizing any and every opportunity to increase AKATHISIA AWARENESS.

  2. All I can say here is thank goodness for Samizdat and also for Amazon. Have just ordered now, hardback not available it seems but paperback version is – AND WILL BE DELIVERED BEFORE VALENTINE’S DAY! How wonderful if many took to ordering this to present to loved ones on that day! I couldn’t wait that long so have also ordered the Kindle version. A wet afternoon will be quite acceptable so that I can curl up with it.

    • Yes Daryl, the whole story seems to have a really divided following. The daughter is often being blamed for “not believing the doctors” etc. and should have accepted the way that her father was being diagnosed/treated. Others, of course (as we do) see the reality of his condition which worsened by being given additional drugs. Very many seem horrified that his salvation seemed to come from Russia!
      I don’t know Jordan Peterson’s work/ comments prior to this at all but there is yet another section who deem his suffering to be justified due to his past comments/behaviours.
      From our perspective – AKATHISIA IS VIEWED BY SUCH A WIDE AUDIENCE which surely must hit home with a good number of ‘viewers’.

  3. Mad in the UKMad in the UK
    New Campaign: Supporting Litigation Against Mental Health Services Protecting Harmful Psychiatric Practice
    By John Henden -16/01/20210995
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    People experiencing emotional distress and unusual psychological experiences, need protecting from the pathology-driven medical diagnostic approach, which has resulted in much untoward death and significant harm over the past half century.

    Within this blog, I will outline a new campaign to achieve long-term improvement within mental health services, which challenges employers of those who practise this outmoded model.

    Biomedical psychiatric practice, with its main vehicle of psychotropic drugs prescribing, causes harm: many lives lost and debilitating side effects from the consumption of these drugs. This is not about the profession of psychiatry as such – the same assumptions and practices are shared by most mental health professionals to some extent, and many psychiatrists themselves are concerned about these problems. It is about a whole paradigm that urgently needs to change.

    This new campaign is set to address this growing problem, which is now of epidemic proportions, by encouraging legal action against mental health partnership NHS trusts protecting biomedical psychiatric practice. One case has been won and we hope other successes will follow. CAPDA (Campaign Against Psychiatric Drug Abuse) is connecting with and supporting a growing body of aggrieved survivors of mental health services and grieving relatives and friends of those who did not survive. We call on others to get in touch via the contact details at the foot of this blog.

  4. I don’t have much optimism about this – but who knows?

    A patient safety commissioner—why we need a new voice for all harmed patients
    February 4, 2021
    The principal recommendation of the report is to create a new role of independent Patient Safety Commissioner (PSC), “… a person of standing who sits outside the healthcare system, accountable to Parliament…” who would “…be the patients’ port of call, listener and advocate, who holds the system to account, monitors trends, encourages and requires the system to act.” (be interesting to see who gets the job)

    The government response to the report got off to a slow start with Cumberlege describing the lack of progress as “woeful” in November last year. However, in December the government announced that the legislative basis for a new Patient Safety Commissioner would be incorporated in an amendment to the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill. These amendments have recently been published and were passed through the Commons on 27th January.
    The government’s accompanying factsheet describes the PSC as “…a champion for patients…to promote the safety of patients and the importance of the views of patients in relation to medicines and medical devices.”
    James Titcombe, Patient Safety Campaigner and co-founder of Harmed Patients Alliance.
    Joanne Hughes, Co-founder Harmed Patients Alliance, Author, Patient Safety Campaigner and Advocate for Restorative Healing Approaches after Healthcare Harm. Twitter: @Mothers_Inst_UK

  5. Solution-focused brief therapy
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I suspect this approach would be too late for most who kill themselves as a result of prescribed drugs but here is a bit more re above
    Have read a bit more about J H Amongst other projects ,He is massively involved in running training in prevention of suicide nationally and internationally using S F T He runs a consultancy – which claims unusually high levels of success in preventing suicide amongs the thousands of people he has trained. Not to say this may not be an eggageration over decades of work in multiple countries
    I.m always cautious about mentioning something I don’t know much about . there’s never been any mention on the blogs about John H which i would have expected some from some who comment or write and comment on suicide on the blogs His book which is heavily promoted is Preventing Suicide: The Solution Focused Approach
    JH does mention the part drugs play causing harms and suicide so have written to ask if he could give more information resulting from his decades of experience The litigation he is proposing (above) is on a no win no fee basis but there’s no info as to whether he or his business takes a fee.

    John Henden
    John Henden Consultancy Ltd
    BA(Hons) RMN Dip Couns(Univ of Bristol) MBACP FRSA

  6. I appreciate your expertise and invaluable knowledge on Ted talk, David. This educational discourse is of substantial value to existing practitioners and those embarking on a career in medicine and other health related careers. Thank you David for sharing and debating your concerns.

    As for Mikhaila voicing her concerns about her dads (Dr Peterson) situation, I am sorry that daughter and father had to pay the price for speaking the truth.
    To mistreat people when they have been harmed by psych meds, is a travesty of justice.
    People, before they judge should have all the facts before they gaslight peoples mental integrity.
    I am delighted to hear that your dad is recovering from akathisia, since he has stopped ingesting benzo diazepam. It is a very slow and unbearable road to recovery. I am glad Dr Peterson has a brave, intelligent and courageous daughter, advocating on her poor dads behalf.
    The Peterson family had enough insight and common sense to do the right thing for their dad.
    Once you have your health ruined, some practitioners twist and distort the truth. This is to make you look like you are crazy to the outside world. (The psyc meds are never to blame!)
    Misdiagnosis is part of the modus operandi, some practitioners use. People can die from akathisia and go through hell. It makes them suicidal. These medicines are very dangerous!
    Thank you Mikhaila and Dr Peterson for, for putting yourself out there and speaking the truth and creating an awareness that is second to none.
    The press and others concerned have got to be accountable for misconstrued information and ruining peoples lives.
    Bless you and your father for setting the records straight.
    Mikhaila and Dr Peterson, please stay strong.
    It seems like the whole culture of medicine, journalism and Law, needs to change to keep up with those who are ahead of their time.
    It is sad how a lot of people don’t care!
    The crisis the psyc meds induce is always blamed on another health condition.

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