How Common is Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD)?

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June 27, 2016 | 18 Comments


  1. How can anyone place their lives in some clinicians and big pharma’s hands especially, knowing damn well that one could be at risk of also being sexually castrated?
    Dealing with ones loss of good health is one thing however, having to deal with feelings of sexual dysfunction is just so morally wrong!
    How can one blame permanent sexual dysfunction on mental health?
    Is everything permanently damaged related to ones mental health?
    If a damage is permanent and no one is listening, who will?
    Damage to the delicate nerves, no matter which part of the body is inflicted, is real and can be permanent.
    One cannot make a burnt light bulb function again?
    The same applies to the ‘hardwire’ of our delicate bodies.
    One is either highly sexed with these drugs or sexually burnt out!
    Which one is more lucky?

    • May 29, 2018


      I understand your irritation, however, there is a third group. I lost my sex drive 21 years ago when I was using Paroxetine. You may find it odd, but I feel happy being asexual.

      Thomas Ughan

  2. The poison was only $10.40 back in 2011 and if I knew that it was going to cause my husband and I so much harm, I would of disposed of them, straight away, no questions asked!!!!

  3. the studies seem to have been done mainly in men? Has anyone ever really asked women about the effect of an SSRI on their sex life?

    Plus the embarrassment factor. How many people simply never mention any alteration in sexual feelings because they would sooner die than raise such an issue? That was true for me. Weirdly, while I was hammered by depression and drugs, sex was probably the last thing I was bothered about – but I was sure as hell bothered when my sex drive came back and went into overdrive …and there was no one I could ask, even though PGAD is about as far from pleasurable as its possible to be

    so, would you include hyper sexuality and/or persistent genital arousal, post drugs, as part of the missing data?

    And, how about those of us – who seem to be the ‘disappeared’ – who were blasted by antipsychotics, rather than purely antidepressants..we so rarely get a mention. There is virtually nothing about us in the literature or online – especially the tens of thousands who took the new antipsychotics as a treatment for acute and unremitting depression. We suffered too.

  4. Hi Sally,
    It must be very uncomfortable for you.
    I can never imagine what you must be going through ~ I am so sorry for your experience.
    No one is fortunate when these meds impact our sex life.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have our ‘old selves’ back, with the ‘flick of a switch’.
    I would not wish any living being the brutal harm that anyone of us have been subjected to.
    What more can they take away from us?
    I will never understand how such a dubious med can inflict so much harm on many organs of the body?
    At times, I feel so alone, knowing that no one really cares.
    Many may be too embarrassed, like you said Sally, to come forward and speak about it.
    Even if they did, they might come across some professionals, who would deny that meds would induce this kind of problem and would most likely draw inadequate conclusions of being a hypochondriac.
    We don’t need some unsupportive professionals poking and prodding us!
    I hope, with time, the severity of you problem lessens and becomes somewhat, bearable for you.
    For others who are suffering out there, just remember you are not alone.

  5. Hi Annie,
    How disappointing! : (
    all those who have been impacted by these meds should boycott the 2016 meeting.
    Not good enough!
    What are they going to debate instead!
    We want to see POSITIVE ACTION come to fruition.

  6. Too obsessed with numerical evaluation. We all know the phenomenon exists, that it is common enough and that it is not a price worth paying. People need warning, otherwise consent is not informed.

  7. Common or rare ,this problem is only for suicide….there is no life without emotions, without libido. It is probably the only one situation that you are buried alive. Even in my worst nightmare….
    Congratulations Big Pharma congratulations Psychiatry.

  8. not one of my doctors has bothered to report any side effect, like sterilizing a mentally ill child…

    yet complains not bothered to report because there is not enough reported complaints of this

    well they could have told my mum when I was 9 years old that they were in fact not experts and the trials run by drug companies only lasted about 4 weeks

    and my mum and dad are damn hard working taxpayers for this state overpaid expert pharma criminals. drug dealing nazi’s

    besides how many people with enduring damage stay in treatment…

  9. Dear Daryl,
    I believe there is enough complaints however, the regulators who work for big pharma, don’t seem to care.
    If professionals, put in a complaint they don’t seem to do much with that information unless 90% of the people have been impacted.
    Many celebraties have died taking these meds. How can they put in a complaint? We do not know how many other souls have been maimed or died because it is never bought to our attention.
    This is why we have lawyers, so that they can advocate for us.
    This is why we have doctors so that they can say that the meds caused the damage.
    The damage has been done however, no one cares.
    No one seems to believe us either especially, if the professionals have made it look like something else. They will say it was coincidental and that it was not related to the meds.
    How can one be rightly compensated if the gatekeepers of our safety are messing everything up, also!
    They tell us to advocate however, how on earth can we do this if everyone makes a mockery of us!
    People get compensated for silly things and serious issues that damage one goods health or reputation for life are insignificant.
    There are some people out there who really know how to play the game and those who have been seriously maimed get put to the wayside because the system is so totally dysfunctional and not cut out for the honest people.

  10. Does anybody know why new patients can NOT join the PSSD-Forum?? Is there maybe a strange reason for this? I would like to get in contact with other people who are suffering from pssd!!!


    My sentiments exactly!

    I have been suffering with PSSD for a couple of months now as well as disrupted sleep patterns after coming off medication. I have not returned to a pre med state for 3 months now. Of all the times I have suffered from anxiety or depression I have NEVER had these issues, ONLY after discontinuing a medication that I had suffered bad side effects from. If medications come with side effect warnings, one I suppose in these instances ought to ask the doctor why this is done? Because they could have the potential to cause serious damage? I wasn’t warned of side effects until a few weeks into the medication. The side effects were serious and meant that the medication should be stopped. I have health issues now that I have NEVER experienced before in my life. When side effects of pills are posted, and no doctor will acknowledge when post medication problems occur, then what is the point in mentioning potentially dangerous side effects? A knowledge of side effects is the realization that permanent damage can be done. To me it points to a clear case of cover up and denial when doctors balk, misdiagnose, scapegoat on other reasons, or draw a blank when presented with the issue of a possible case of pharmaceutical or “iatrogenic” damages. It is an inconvenient truth to those “professionals” in the medical industry. I wish I was given ample warning. I resent doctors who do not care properly for their patients. It is a breach of the hypocratic oath doctors take to “not cause more damage than already done”

  12. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care about damaging people’s health with their poison. This site is as big a sham as the so called ‘cures’ they propose to offer! There’s just too much money to be made, that’s why they don’t ban these drugs or listen to patients who are having adverse side effects. The medical community should not be trusted.

    • May 29, 2018

      SSRIs can cause an irreversible loss of sex drive. My case. I lost it 21 years ago when I was trying to get rid of my phobias and OCD by means of swallowing Paroxetine capsules prescribed by a psychiatrist. Today, at age 48, I am purely asexual.

      I also observed temporarily depressed moods and ‘brain-dullness’. I was like a jelly fish floating in oil. It all passed along with my sex drive.

      I still have phobias although after Paroxetine had asexualized me, I used all the other anti-depressants of the SSRI class. It looks I am SSRI-resistant in terms of phobias and OCD.

      Life goes on.

      Thomas Ughan

  13. Anecdotally, PSSD seems more common than most practitioners will admit, if at all. Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome remains a euphemism, and it has taken decades for anyone to thoroughly acknowledge PSSD. We’re living in a world where pharmaceutical money is more important than our mental health. I haven’t talked to a single person who has used SSRIs, who hasn’t had their sex life affected in some way by antidepressants. Why is their not a disclaimer on antidepressants for this? The increased risk of suicide should be enough to dissuade most healthy people from Serotonin affecting medications, but PSSD should nail the coffin shut. The biggest issue here, is that we’re not talking about healthy people; we’re referring to people who need assistance at a critical time in their lives. Pharmaceutical company success is more important than helping people; it’s all about business to them.

  14. I just turned 17 and I have PSSD. Everyday is a complete hell and pure torture. Yesterday when I almost jumped in front of a train I got a thought: “What if all the people who suffer from this get together and make this public. And that everybody needs to know about this.”

    We need to get those fuckers who make these “medicins” locked up.

    Lets spread this, the whole world needs to know about this.

    I’m not killing myself because of a pill I took 3 weeks.

    Fuck dying, I want to live.

    To everyone who suffers: this is not your faith. We are strong if we stand together.

    Who’s in?

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