Medical Kidnap: Withdrawal & Non-Compliance

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June 20, 2016 | 22 Comments


  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Wendy! Looking forward to reading the book.

    One of the scariest things about this situation is its impact on people’s livelihoods. For anyone who needs to get time off (or simply avoid dismissal) on account of a “medical problem” affecting their ability to work, the magic key is of course the Doctor’s Note. It confirms you have a legitimate illness, for which you are dutifully seeking medical care. Without it, your job is on the line. With it, your boss may feel morally or even legally obliged to cut you some slack.

    But what if it’s “medical care” that has caused your problem? And what if the best “treatment” is a difficult but absolutely necessary process of withdrawal? If you are very lucky, you find a medical provider who can recognize and deal with this. If not – well, you’re doubly screwed. Either you officially have no health problem, or you have a problem caused by your own “refusal” to take treatment! And the only way to appeal for any mercy at all in the labor market is to keep on taking the stuff that’s made you sick.

    I’m dealing with this Catch-22 right now. I would gladly settle for a doctor who hadn’t the faintest idea how to help me – if he or she would just certify my withdrawal problems and my legitimate need to get off the drug. Doesn’t seem like much to ask. But damned hard to find.

    • Johanna, – regarding a Medical Note, here in the UK it is a case of declaring yourself unwell to your bosses with a sicknote (an official piece of paper despite its homely- sounding name!) which needs renewing every couple of weeks. In the case of something like withdrawing from a drug, of course, the timescale would be too drawn out and the need would arise for visits to the GP with sicknotes then being completed by that person. It used to be the case (not sure still true to this day or not) that the GP could use the term ‘debility’ to cover conditions which were hard to define. May that work in your case?
      Wendy – an interesting report and oh! so true far too often. Seems that a number of doctors/nurses tend to have exactly the same high opinion of their own importance ( and a low one of our ability to make decisions!) the world over. Give me a humble doctor or nurse, willing to listen, discuss and empower me, to offer advice but not enforce treatment – and I feel better before the pen hits the prescription pad!

      • Thanks for commenting, Mary — Thankfully, more and more medical professionals are showing humility and a willingness to listen to us patients who truly need their help. Thanks for reading and stay well.

    • Thanks for reading & commenting, Johanna — Your situation is very tough. The process of trying to understand what these meds are doing to our health and bodies is often further complicated by doctors themselves, alas, who simply don’t know what is going on. Many doctors don’t know how to respond, since their protocols are taught to them by the pharmaceutical companies. More doctors, however, are beginning to recognize how serious this problem is. Perhaps if you checked out some blogs or websites there may be a list of supportive medical professionals. It is a tough situation and I feel for you. I have included a link to my book, which is available in print and ebook versions. (The link is for the ebook, since it is more easily accessible worldwide.) Best of luck and thanks again for reading and posting.

      • Where can i get help for a situation like that?

        I grew big breasts and been criticise about it. I have even been called sexygirl2 as a nickname by many people. Not funny from a former world rank athlete.

        I leave in Quebec, province of Canda. I was prescribedRisperdal 2 mg. My company who i worked for, refer me to a private Psychiatric to treat me for ADDH, my lack of concentration was getting out of control, you can imagine my behaving on one of the most effective private jet assy line. In order to keep my job and pursue, a so call normal lifestyle, I agree to be analysed and treat with the company private specialist thinking was about my ADDH concern. The Physiatric meet twice. After my first meeting, he referred to a specialist Physician 2mg of Risperdal for a disease call Tourette Syndrome, a disease that i had never heard about before and i can’t still today recall any of the side effects concerning that disease. So a public Physician prescribed me Stratera (ADDH) and Risperdal 1mg 30 days and 2mg for 60 more days. After 3month my company refer me to a private Physician that followed me for 4 years, during those 4 years, i lost 60 Lbs of lean muscle my body weight went from 220Lbs to 345Lbs. I have been permanently castrated, i suffer from controlled lost of my bladder. My cholesterol went up to 9, triglyceride 9, diabetes of 8.9 on an empty stomach 12h, my testosterone to 0.09. I suffer from very high blood pressure and cardiometry ( high rhythm of hart). I also suffer from manny more permanent leisure to my body done by consuming 2mg (extra dosage to treat a possible but not diagnostic Tourette syndrome). My concern is since neither the Psychiatric (paid by employer) or the physician (refer by employer, paid by me with my money hardly earn after income tax.) is there any responsibility from those guys, i trusted them with my life, never they talk to me about possible risk of using this drug, never the psychiatric did a follow up, never the physician ask for a second expertise and with me progress toward death.

    • Hi Johanna

      I’ve been thinking about the deadlock you’re in right now: an archetypal Catch 22. I have to say I can’t think of a way through – as Mary says, we too in the UK have to provide a ‘sick note’ to avoid being sacked for long absences, which means a doc diagnosing and validating a recognised illness. Just brainstorming: is there any physical problem caused by the drug (a few hundred to choose from I guess) that you could use as the reason for a period off sick? Rather than citing withdrawal…as you say, who cares if you get the certification? Neurological symptoms are potentially serious? Or ME? Right now I could be highly convincing about ME/CFS without telling a single lie.

      This bloody situation that Wendy describes so well – traps us all. I take the point that if we don’t try to challenge and/or engage the medics in the problem then we may be missing some who are willing to at least listen – but I have failed completely to find a single one. Someone on another post made the really important point that for successful withdrawal you need a great deal of money to keep your life going throughout the process – and afterwards.

  2. I vowed to myself that I would never make a comment on RXISK again.
    What on earth was I thinking?????
    RXISK runs through my veins.
    It is my lifeline.
    I am not leaving.
    I am here to stay.
    We all come in here in the hope to educate and make an improvement to the current health system.
    We are here to help each other.
    You can either love/hate me ~ I don’t care anymore!

    Everyone, I dare you to challenge and make improvements to our current health care system.
    Either speak up or challenge the system.
    Things are changing and it will change.

    Wendy, Mary and Johanna, bullying does not have to be part of the culture.
    Civil discussions and trying to work outside the ‘rigid infrastructure’ is what we should all aim for.
    If we want to prevent further risks, we have to ask questions, questions and more questions…………………………………………………
    After all, are we not praised for advancing/enhancing our knowledge when we are within an educational institution.
    Let my thoughts be your voice whenever you challenge something.
    Think outside the box and hopefully there will be many who will help you with your journey.
    I come from a world that does not harm. Education is vital for our high achievers.
    So what is the difference between those who ask important questions to those who have studied to advance their field?
    Nothing! We all striving for ONE THING ~ First Do No Harm.

    From when we are born, we are praised and awarded for all our intellectual curiosity.
    Our parents teach us that when we question things it demonstrates that we are independent thinkers.
    We enter the school system and our teachers praise us for our courage to ask questions.
    Hence, we are determined to further advance our knowledge about anything by expanding our neurons to go further than the norm.
    We are graded for our achievements, effort, determination and hard work.
    We are given honorary awards for outstanding achievements.
    We are considered well rounded individuals with a capacity to go ‘above and beyond’ what we are taught.
    If we want to go on with further studies, this expansion of awareness, ongoing knowledge and continuous study is rewarded with grand diplomas, degrees, masters, an honorary or even emeritus award, of the highest achievement.
    All our life we have been programmed that if we ask questions and further advance our knowledge, we will be rewarded for outstanding contribution to further advance/enhance our knowledge.
    When you get outside into the real world and ask too many questions, what do you think really happens?
    If you do not come from that intellectual culture:
    1. Many will look down upon you and see you as a threat to their chosen profession.
    2. You will receive set back after setback for questioning dysfunctional paradigms that don’t work
    3. You will be labelled as a ‘misfit’ because you are trying to look for better ways of handling situations
    4. You will be treated like an ‘imbecile’ because you are challenging whatever is presented before you.

    Now turn all this around, and see how a student, professional, professor or educator would feel if the tables were reversed.
    1. How would one feel if you did not receive any awards for outstanding achievements?
    2. How would you feel if your educators/professors mocked you for asking necessary questions, so that you could further advance yourself in your chosen field?
    3. How would you feel if you grades suffered just because you were the ‘bright spark’ of your class?
    4. How would you feel if you were demoted for speaking up about something that fundamentally went against your principles/values/beliefs?
    You Would All Be Absolutely Shocked!

    Have some compassion for small people in this world.
    Those who are trying to do the very things you got an outstanding award for.
    They may be seen as a threat, annoyance or hindrance to you however, their ability to want to better understand, further explore and improve things is not done within an educational institution or out of malice.
    Their invaluable experience, appreciates and understands that there are many circumstances that could compromise an individual in some way, if they complied with all the ‘rigid rules’.
    Perhaps, these people who you make ‘mockery’ of or are trying to eliminate , are just like you and they could one day be the ‘spark’ which may benefit you.
    Just like you received your accolades, they may be achieving theirs in other ways, which places welfare before the almighty dollar sign.

    Yes, I am labelled a whistle-blower.
    If it is not for people like ourselves, how can change ever come about!
    Some compassion and some understanding of the issues at hand, goes a long way for those who have not been given a voice or a fair go!

    Motto to short story:
    Keep striving to find someone who will understand and work with you.
    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.
    If you ever get the opportunity to find a doctor that works with you, despite everything you have been through, you are indeed, very blessed.

    • Carla, I hope very much that you carry on with your comments as I feel that you put a lot of effort into thinking things through and presenting the problems as you see them plus ideas of how we may try hard to move forward. I hope that your ‘bullying’ comment referred to things that Wendy, Johanna and I have written about and not that you have felt ‘bullied’ in any way by any one of us.
      Even when you find a professional person who works in a ‘professional’ way in the true meaning of the word, it is very hard to forget the ways that other so-called ‘professionals’ have treated you in the past. It seems that ‘ working with’ a true professional, as opposed to ‘working against’ a so- called professional, brings out the realisation that the way things WERE, WAS WRONG, just as you’d always suspected and that your appreciation of the support of the true professional leaves you so sorry for all the time that was wasted in trying to convince the ‘so – called professionals’ that you were only speaking the truth as you saw it all along.
      You may remember that I contacted out MP recently? I had a reply, whereby he had misunderstood the coverage of RxISK stories. I was more or less told that I should pay little attention to Rxisk since the info was American and didn’t apply to the UK. I have replied with the truth regarding Rxisk stories – particularly A Kidnapped Daughter parts 1&2 and have asked for his support in our quest to open minds in high places! I truly believe that, to keep the memory of Jo Cox and her unstinting concerns for the vulnerable alive, we should get a somewhat softer response than we may well have done prior to her tragic death. Let’s hope so – after all, all we ask is to be listened to and believed. Watch this space!

  3. Thanks Annie,

    I love Charlie Chaplin’s speech : )
    Do you think that people would really listen if we get on that podium?
    It takes a lot of courage to show your face to the world and say what we need to say.
    If we all got together and make a stand on issues as important as this, imagine what we could achieve.

  4. Thank you for your comment.
    Unfortunately, the problems I see is real and no one has had the audacity to look into my genuine concerns.
    If anything, if there has ever been a misunderstanding or any ambiguity, we have always ironed them out straight away, Mary.
    The past is the past, I am always open to civil communication with any professional.
    Like I said, I have met some outstanding clinicians.
    The ones I have met have been more than obliging to listen, work outside the box and understand any concerns I have raised.
    Like I have always said: ‘They get it and will try their best to come up with another ‘not so called’ pathway that many do not wish to travel.
    Perhaps, I want to try to avoid RXISKS because my health has been so profoundly impacted.
    Just because one does not visually see a problem it does not mean that one does not have an issue to put up with.
    Trust is a two way street.
    If there are different roadmaps that professionals can adopt, so that RXISKS can be minimized, without professionals feeling threatened or opposed and the same favourable outcomes can be achieved, then we are onto something good.
    The truth has always been evident and this is the way business is ~ but it should not be this way. If everyone was honest people would not suffer. Big Pharma is included in this debacle.
    Once that spark is ignited, no one can put it out.
    It is diffusing into people’s consciousness and people are starting to make the connection ~ I am not the first and I will not be the last!
    The vulnerable are the ones who get mistreated for speaking the truth and we need more people to stand up for people who have been harmed by ‘incompetent policies’.
    I hope that some good comes out of Jo Cox’s unfortunate death.
    No one deserves to die an unnecessary death. No one!
    Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this forum.
    I took a rxisk taking something that everyone believes is safe however, until it never happens to you, one will never truly understand what I have been through.
    Prescripticide, is a problem but so are FLAWED batches.

    PS Wendy, hold your head up high and challenge anything that does not feel right.
    If receptionists are rude, doctors are unkind, don’t worry~ walk away-nothing lost, nothing gained!
    When it comes to your health, take the time to find someone you ‘click’ with.
    You will benefit from a long lasting solid doctor/patient relationship.

  5. Carla, I have noticed your comments about ‘flawed batches’ before. You seem to be absolutely convinced that this is true – do I, then, assume that you are convinced that this is what happened to you? It would make sense that such a thing is possible wouldn’t it – is it your belief that it may happen accidentally or do you suspect a malicious angle to this? For example, do you suspect that corners are cut and a batch comes out ‘to test the market’ as you might say? Or maybe checks are less adequate at times – due to staff tiredness etc? (like a Friday car, if you get my drift).I do apologise if you’ve explained all of this before but, since I’ve found RxISK, I have not noticed explanations of your flawed batches comments. Please direct me if they are somewhere here.
    I have always thought of adverse reactions happening only in some patients as having more to do with the makeup of the individual rather than an abnormality in the medication. I suppose you could say that I’ve thought of them more along the lines of food intolerance ( not that anyone can tolerate poisons very well but possibly some can better than others).
    I think that what tends to happen with us is that we each have our personal experience ( as patient or carer – both sufferers in differing ways) and tend to stick to what we know. The problems surrounding these poisons are so horrific that it’s very difficult to take on board all knowledge about them that comes our way.
    Maybe we should move forwards with things that are common to us all – that these poisons can harm, that they change lives, that removing them from your life can be impossible, that recovery can be extremely slow if not improbable – all of which leave each individual with an altered life. The reason that they were initially ingested will also be a common factor – “they are safe, they are well tolerated and well worth trying; after all they are the ‘happy pills’.” Never has anything been so wrongly labelled in my opinion.

  6. Hi Mary,
    I am very convinced that flawed batches are occurring in Big Pharms’ manufacturing process.
    The hairs on my back ‘stick straight up’, : ‘( every time I think about it.
    The reason I say this is because I have valid reasons/concerns for what happened to my husband and I.
    Our experience can happen to anyone.
    The connection was not made straight away, however, with time, the penny finally dropped.
    I am very certain and feel it right down to the very core of my gut, that there is something sinister going on and no one has bothered to look into this conundrum, because all the organizations ( I will not mention any names) who are supposed to be the ‘gatekeepers’ of ‘protection/safety’, are telling us that everything is all fine???????
    If some medicines are:
    – Deliberately manufactured to induce unnecessary deaths
    – Conduct some kind of a clinical mass experimentation to see what happens when the molecular structure of the medicine is altered in any way/shape or form
    – Medicines are deliberately mixed up
    – The concentration of a certain batch is strengthened
    – To induce sinister diseases
    – Some are deliberately designed to generate business OR
    – Corners are cut and major health problems occur
    All I know, is that I had a ‘cocktail’ of medicines in my blood and when I ingested that one fatal python of a medicine, the unforgivable happened.
    My husband had no medicines in his blood and when he ingested a tablet from the same batch which was prescribed to me, he had all the signs of a heart attack.
    Both were vascular related problems ~ coincidental, indeed!
    We had not made any connection at that time, as everyone in the household was just barely surviving.
    I was in pain and suffering.
    My husband wasn’t coping very well. Hence, the reason why he ingested a tablet from the same batch that I was prescribed.
    He thought it would help him cope better.
    He was desperate.
    Yes, there is a ‘twist’ to the story and all concerned can make up as many excuses as you like.
    The moral of the story is quite evident:
    If something is so ‘safe’ it should not harm.
    The ‘make-up’ of the body, has absolutely nothing to do with the wrong doings of BIG PHARMA and if UNSCRUPULOUS BEHAVIOUR is occurring in BIG PHARMAS manufacturing process, we will never know the truth.
    My husband and I were harmed by a medicine that is ‘deemed safe’ and no one bothered to care or listen to our concerns.
    Yes, it took me some time to make the connection.
    Yes, what my husband did was out of the ‘norm’ however, when a family takes a pain killer for a headache, do they ingest one from the same packet or have a different batch for themselves? Is it dependant on body type?
    Well, yes they would if they are not a consenting adult?

    I know what you are going to say: different dosage for different body type? What nonsense, especially in this case!
    What I am trying to say, is that we were both harmed and if something is ‘deemed safe’, it should of never have happened!
    My husband was desperate at the time and he thought that if he ingested a tablet from my batch, that it would help him cope better.
    Can you blame him, for what he did considering the circumstances the whole family was placed in?
    Mary, you can’t keep a WATCHFUL eye on all the workings/wheeling’s and dealings of BIG PHARMAS unscrupulous behaviour and this applies for a lot of companies out there.
    You can not have a ‘watch dog’ in these companies 24/7 however, who said we can’t!
    Perhaps, a story like ours and many millions of others who have had ‘no voice’ in the UNSCRUPULOUS BEHAVIOUR of BIG PAHARMA want to see IMMEDIATE CHANGES happen because the measures we have in place now, are just not working!
    We can ‘deny, hide and proclaim’ that everything is absolutely fine however, unless it never happens to you or your loved ones, you will never know the deception/lies that are told to us to make us believe that the whole EMPIRICAL BIG PHARMA EMPIRE is operating on the basis that it is out there to BENEFIT you.
    You never know when you may end up with that ‘loaded gun’ and this is what horrifies me the most!

    • Carla, your comments are really interesting. I am amazed that no-one would even look into your findings – one would expect scientists to find it ‘curious’ if nothing else. I don’t suppose – since you say it took a while for the truth to ‘click’ – that you kept a sample of the tablets to be scrutinised in a science lab? The closest that I’ve previously heard is of problems arising, in some patients, when a different minor ingredient is included in a tablet by different companies.
      Carla, I could question you for hours as I find your truths so interesting.
      Why? – because I suspected, a good few years ago now, that a measles jab given to our son as part of a countrywide inoculation programme was either NOT a measles jab but some sort of ‘experiment’ OR a rotten batch. He had anaphylactic shock and was rushed to hospital as a result. (No history of previous allergies – but is the same son that had the severe reactions on SSRIs some years later).
      Keep fighting – never let your tale go cold Carla. Best wishes.

  7. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Something is wrong with the system if one has been harmed by a medicine which is deemed safe.
    Like someone said, you spill a cup of coffee on your self because someone failed to place the lid on the coffee cup properly and you will adequately be compensated.
    Yet, one ingests a poison and without adequate support from the medical fraternity, one is left on their own.
    Like I said, I have my family as a testimony of how I suffered.
    A trail of paper work of who I have seen and what was concluded and very little support from the commonwealth rehabilitation.
    After, seven years you are on your own, unless you are in a crisis and even if one is in a crisis they make up a new set of rules so that they do not have to help you.
    Live in a country where the dishonest are supported and the genuine are left to suffer a horrible fate. If you paly the game everyone will go out of their way for you.
    All who have been maimed or who are no longer with us, should have their day, when those who have done wrong will be held accountable.
    Like I said, one day, I want to meet the creator of my poison and look them straight in the eyes.
    No words will be needed.
    I believe this is enough to help them understand that ‘playing with fire’, is not the right thing to do especially, when many have to suffer unnecessarily.
    I believe that someone knows all ‘the workings’ of Big Pharma.
    I am caught between a rock and a hard place because it does not matter which route I take, there is too much corruption and cover-up going on!
    Someone, as we speak is being maimed or dying as a result of ingesting these poisons and I can shout at the top of my lungs and there will be no one listening.
    The sad reality is that many people get hurt and the ones making this poison are sitting on the side lines, making a field day out of this.
    I will never give up because there are many out there fighting for justice. It does not have to be this way.
    I will never understand how so many have let me and millions of other people down.
    There will be a day when many like me will have our day and it will be a day when we will all rejoice for all that we have been through.
    It has been nearly 20 years of relentless hell.

  8. If anyone would consider, look up low-dose lithium orotate. You can get it on Amazon. Read the reviews first, and see if it might be something to try. Low dose lithium is actually a mineral found in water and foods, not the pharmaceutical kind. Also, consider vitamins like C and D, and having a wholefood diet. Another place to check out is Wish you all well. 🙂

  9. Thank you for this important post.

    My family have suffered the devastating death of my mother to a difficult withdrawal from citalopram (and then diazepam which she was put on to deal with the symptoms). Infuriatingly the coroner’s report was full of doctors reports citing her non-compliance with the insinuation being that this was all her fault. There is tragically little empathy from the medical profession when it comes to psychiatric drug withdrawal and so I applaud your efforts.

  10. Who would want to get anything over the internet for their health?
    You never know where it is coming from? It could be contaminated, adulterated or tampered with!
    The same applies with some of those dubious medicines that Big Pharma portray as beneficial.
    Nutrition is the best way to heal.
    We don’t want to lead people astray and leave anything to chance.

  11. Dear Felicity,
    I am so, so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.
    I wish I could say something to comfort you and your family however, I am left speechless and very sad that this kind of senseless fiasco is still going on!
    I will hold you and your family in my prayers and hope that something good comes out of your mums mal treatment.
    I am grieving with you all for your untimely loss. I am so, so sorry.
    You would think that some clinicians would have learnt from how diazepam has ended so many celebrities lives?
    We do not hear about non- celebrities.
    God knows how many lives are impacted on a daily basis.
    Why are so many clinicians holding back from speaking up?
    If a few clinicians spoke up, it would make our journey a little bit palatable.
    I hope, that someone, out there, offers you and your family a ‘glimmer of hope’, so that no one has to go through the unnecessary suffering your poor mother went through.

  12. Dear Francois Veilleux,
    I am very horrified by your story.
    I am sorry you are ruined by these dubious meds.
    ADDH is made to look like a big problem to someone’s life?
    The reason why you became someone successful is because of your uniqueness.
    Let the sporting company pay for all the damages the drug has caused you.
    Someone has to take full accountability and responsibility.
    Big Pharma, your day will be coming, also.
    Some clinicians, also have to be held accountable for making money out of these poisons.
    Your patients should come before the money.
    Your patients are not rats in a laboratory.
    They are human beings with feelings.
    Experimenting on animals and humans, is not the answer to healing especially if innocent people are being put at risk of getting sinister diseases which they never had until they ingested these poisons.
    These dubious meds are altering the DNA structure.
    Creating diseases.
    Maiming and causing unnecessary deaths.
    Generating mega dollars for lawyers when the time comes to sue.
    This is immoral and totally unethical.
    I hope you get adequately compensated for all the harm these drugs have caused you.
    Another legend, impacted by a dysfunctional system.
    Breaks my heart to see so many suffer, unnecessarily.

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