New Sex and Drugs Research Forum

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August 24, 2022 | 4 Comments


  1. RXISK Research Forum for Enduring Sexual Dysfunction.

    Thanks to all at RxISK for this unique and inspirational Forum.
    “Among its key features is an expectation that researchers and doctors will learn from those affected with one or other of the enduring sexual dysfunctions rather than the other way around”.
    “We need to drive change – not to leave it to the system to tell us what it will accept”.
    This concept not only affords hope for those suffering so greatly with enduring sexual dysfunction; it presents a modus operandi for prescribers to learn from, and learn to listen to those who endure life changing injuries, loneliness and societal exclusion as a result of the entire range of multi-systems ADRs caused by the injudicious and inappropriate use (and promotion) of psychotropic drugs.
    Prescribers may then move away from the intensely painful denial and rejection of those suffering iatrogenic injury to listening and learning from those injured, and subsequently to empathetically embrace their need for care and acceptance. These are NOT “Heart-Sink Patients’. They are a vital source of medical knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
    Prescribers may even become able to say, and to mean, ‘I am sorry this has happened to you’. At that point it would become possible to begin to alleviate both suffering and financial deprivation.
    The next generation of doctors-to-be will start at Medical School next month. They deserve the opportunity to learn about iatrogenesis (‘Harmatology’) with truth and humility replacing denial and complacency.

    • Very well said Tim. I agree wholeheartedly about the need to turn this system upsidedown. For too long, the truth of the very real suffering of the harmed has been almost ridiculed by the attitude of the very ones who should have listened to and believed them. I don’t think that change is going to come easily but all our efforts are worthwhile even if only to keep the suffering in the mainstream arena. You mention the next generation of doctors – my feeling is that those already in Medical School nearing the completion of their courses also need to hear the message that “harmatology” exists in the real world and that denial and complacency is no longer acceptable for the prescribers of possible harm. I wonder if having the vaccine damaged, now to be considered in the same frame, will in some way support the message? ALL were encouraged to partake and a large number have been harmed whereas with the psychotropic drugs, the perception tends to be that those who suffer harm were already “damaged” in some way before being given that prescription. I do hope that the doctors who are speaking out about vaccine damage will be prepared to also take on board the facts of MH drug harms.

  2. Hello Tim and Mary H,
    I admire and am very impressed with how you both think.
    Thank you for your invaluable input.
    You are both ‘good hearted’ souls.
    Positive changes can be achieved when we learn from adverse outcomes.
    It is about everyone being on the same page and coming forward and accepting that damages/harm can sadly occur form iatrogenic injury: (experimental medicines and harmful tests/procedures).
    Ideally, it would be wonderful if mistakes from the past could be wisdom gained for the future.
    Compassion + acknowledgement = promotes social connection. It is vital to life as the air we breathe.
    It is essential that those who prevent or cure any disease or injury, endeavor to provide their gifts from a place of genuine/sincere healing.
    Collectively, we all have a responsibility to take part in how we would like our health system to be. I understand/appreciate that a utopian health care system can be achieved when we learn from mistakes of the past.
    Who knows what may come from the lessons being learnt from these covid 19 vaccines and policies?
    We need more people making a stand for what they believe in without having to worry about the corruption that exist in some organizations.

  3. “Dextromethorphan and bupropion are believed to block the NMDA receptor in neurons in the brain, which is known to have a rapid effect on regulating mood.

    Side effects include dizziness, headache, diarrhoea, lethargy, dry mouth, sexual function problems and excessive sweating.”

    If you read through this article from Top to Bottom, the story tells itself and pretty much sums up the problems with diagnosis and treatment (medications).

    I am certain that the *New Sex and Drugs Research Forum* will not be happy for the newly described antidepressant to have “sexual function problems”.

    AUVELITY was developed with FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation and evaluated by the FDA under Priority Review

    Will the prescriber inform the the unwitting recipient of possible sexual function problems?

    When returning to the doctor with sexual function problems, will the prescriber look the person in the eye and say unequivocally “it is not the medication”.

    Apart from Akathisia and countless deaths from medications, Sex and Drugs have drawn the short-straw for adverse effects.

    Carmine Pariante, Professor of Biological Psychiatry at King’s College London, said:

    ‘A drug that worked in a different way, and faster, would be a welcome addition.’

    And herein lies the problem…

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