Post-Finasteride Syndrome & Amino Acids

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October 8, 2018 | 35 Comments


  1. Yes, this amino acid effect is indeed interesting. Over the months I have mentioned several times how taking UltraClear Sustain, made by NUTRI, helped our son fight back from the brain fog and pain he experienced ever since taking RoAcctuane/isotretinoin and later Seroxat SSRIs and antipsychotics. I firmly maintain that the periods of improvement he experienced across the 11 years he survived, were due to this.

    The amino acids listed in it are:
    L-Glutamine, L-Glutathione, L-Cysteine, L-Lysine, L-Threonine, N-Acetyl-Cysteine.
    Also Oligofructose-Enriched inulin. There is also a comprehensive mix of balanced bits and mins in rice flour, and a mixture free from any allergens. I am absolutely convinced that it kept our son alive at times, that it ameliorated the terrible side effects of steroids for me, and that it has helped many other people. For a list of all ingredients, scroll back through Olly’s Friendship Foundation Facebook page where I posted a picture of the pot earlier in the year, suggesting its use in the search for cures under the RxISK prize. It would be interesting to know if anyone tried it, and if so, whether they noticed any improvements.

    Unfortunately our son died after becoming too muddled in his head from Sertraline and Olanzapine, to keep taking it. A very unenlightened psychiatrist broke his spirit and berated us, his parents, for looking after his physical well-being with vitamins and minerals etc. UltaCleat Sustain, which Lines the leaky gut, had also greatly assisted his fight against acne. Without it, and deluged with Olanzapine, the acne came back.

    I think this work on amino acids offers great hope. They certainly worked for me and for my son.

    The problem in the end, for him

  2. Sorry, comment flew away before I finished…
    ‘the problem in the end’ for our son Olly was the drugs crossing the blood brain barrier I think. The UltraClear SUSTAIN protected his diagnosed leaky gut, (diagnosed from aged 10) so the healing element nutrients he needed, reached the parts of him the vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed to reach. The amino acids were, I truly believe, key in his recovery. We can see from observations made by a therapist he saw in London about his acne in 2010, that his skin and mood and physique had never been better. He was taking UltraClear religiously that year. He felt well, got busy, but got complacent and sadly began to let it slide. He didn’t re-start it till July 2012 and it could still have saved him, but the psychiatrist he then saw, (only twice and with no knowledge of his history) after battling with unsought stresses of work in May and June, rubbished any efficacy it might have had.
    His problem in the end….was that he trusted the doctor of minds.

    You can order UltraClear SUSTAIN mail order from NUTRI. Taken as instructed, with plenty of water and well mixed with an electric Whizzer, and sipped immediately, you can come to quite like the taste and the feeling of gut wellbeing it brings. Maybe it can really help, as it did Olly and does me.

  3. There are so many potential clues in here! Whether this man’s cure works out for others or not. One of the best things is that it gives a great deal of information about the nature of Post-Finasteride Syndrome, that I was not aware of.

    Is it commonly associated with muscle wasting or atrophy? Is it common for affected men to exercise and eat a muscle-building diet to absolutely no avail? Does it often cause gynecomastia (female-type breasts on a male)? And do testosterone supplements actually make the symptoms worse?

    Another important question: Do people with PSSD linked to anti-depressants share any of these symptoms? (For instance, I recall many of them saying they had their testosterone levels tested and found out they were “normal.” Do some take Low-T treatments anyway? And do they simply not work, or do things get worse?) If people with SSRI-linked problems also have these symptoms, that’s big news I don’t recall hearing before. If not, we could be dealing with two different problems that just happen to have similar symptoms of sexual dysfunction and genital numbness. That would be vital to know as well.

    One last question: I have usually heard amino acids sorted into two groups: non-essential ones that the human body can synthesize for itself, and essential amino acids that we must get directly from our food (or supplements I guess). Several of the essential amino acids have been studied and/or promoted as treatments for depression — tryptophan and methionine especially. Of the 8 amino acids named by this man, 4 are “essential” and 4 are “non-essential.” Does the distinction mean anything to anyone who knows more about this? Is it possible that finasteride interferes with the body’s ability to synthesize the “non-essential” ones?

    • J

      There may be differences but I think descriptions of PFS, PRSD and PSSD are also colored by where people are coming from and what they think has gone wrong. This is where the common features are important. What’s reported here is very typical for PFS. The genital numbness is not prominent. Will check with the author


    • Yes it’s suspected among a lot of us that they are indeed the same condition, Accutane syndrome, PSSD, PFS etc have many if not all symthoms in common. I myself haven’t used finasteride but multiple anti depressants from a young age and then accutane, my glans have been numb to pleasure for the past 4 years or maybe even longer but all I know is as a 20 year old man, I’ve never enjoyed sex.
      After stopping accutane everything went ok in regards to my penis for a week or so, my penis was amazing for the first time in 4 years since I took sertaline and then everything crashed, my skin body wide became numb to pain and touch along with my lips, my penis became completely numb, loss of smell, tinnitus and my eyes became blurry with visual snow, floaters, light sensitivity, reduced peripheral vision or an inability to process it. My skin heals very slowly and became elastic or stretchy body wide, thinner and bruises very easily now, I have pictures over on procpecia help of me stretching my skin around which happened while on accutane.

      I believe there is an underlying epigenetic change, whatever predisposition we all have to this disease is causing us very similar issues, I’ve talked to enough people using these different drugs to see similarities in symthoms, I have been hit to the extreme end but I’m a lot more positive now as I have a better understanding of things than I did when all this happened a year ago.
      Everyone has been so kind to me which I’m extremely grateful for.
      Whatever switch has been flipped it seems like our body’s aren’t using our hormones correctly, the hormones seem fine to doctors maybe a little high or low in some, but the receptors that actually utilize them, androgen receptors seem to be over expressed, that’s the theory so far and research is being done hoping to find the molecular cause of finasteride syndrome, if we find that, hopefully all these conditions are the same and then we got a global disease on our hands, yes androgens affect females too, I’ve read enough women talking about dryness and clitoral numbness, just like my glans are numb, this disease doesn’t discriminate among gender, its equally devistating and I just want my body back, sexual issues are the least of my worries as my eyes and skin are even worse off, but regardless how bad things seem, keeping the head right is essential in all this and I won’t give up fighting until I’m better, till all of us are better. Keep well everyone ❤️

      • Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head, in our opinion. It’s the hormones that drive this, whether it’s PRSD, PSSD, whatever. For me, after taking the contraceptive Pill, the reaction was almost immediate and took 9 months to come back to normal after stopping having only taken 3 tablets over as many days. The same thing happened after Prednisolone steroid course of 11 days. I used to get quite severe PMS. I am what you might describe as a sensitive ‘feeling’ person. In our group of parents who lost youngsters on Accutane, some additionally made ill by SSRIs and antipsychotics, several had Aspergers and all, without exception, were highly intelligent deep feeling young people, campaigners for good causes, concerned with the welfare of others etc. High achievers, but at the same time, more concerned about the state of the world than raw ambition. Several were LGBT. They could also, like all those who write on these Blogs, express their symptoms well. Does that indicate that their hormones, like mine, were very finely ‘tuned’ so epigentically, those hormones were totally messed up as chemical messengers in the body by an inability to synthesise these drugs? In comparison, several people I have met who took Accutane, suffered symptoms, but got through alive to tell the tale, seemed to me to have been ‘harder’ characters, several were bankers, solicitors, journalists, sales people. I know this will seem unscientific, but it’s an impression that I cannot ignore. I have always felt that hormonal balancing is the key to understanding this phenomena.

        • Dr Healey,
          It is their issue, i’m in touch with few of them and it is very similar to what i have.
          It seems that Saw Palmetto extract causes the same syndrome.
          I found on old forums posts where Benadryl (antyhistamines that were ssri protoplasts if i’ m correct) caused the same syndrome.
          It s difficult to estimate (PFS and PSSD are diffrent in severity from person to person) but PFS causes stronger impact on body composition and penis curvature is what makes it diffrent from PSSD
          Genital numbnes, emotional numbnes, anhedonia, brain fog, teeth demineralisation, lack of sensivity in skin, skin changes, watery semen, brain fog, preasure in head(hard to describe sth like stone in head), oversensivity for sounds and light, facial change, weaknes, soft glans syndrome, prominent vains on genitals are described in both cases.
          Interesting is how it starts (crash), its kind of shivering during the night sth like artifitial fear mixed with cold fallowed by terrible depression. Libido is lost usualy sooner along with soft glans syndrome.
          Crash happens few weeks after drug therapy is finished.
          That scenario is not always the case but happens in PSSD and PFS
          Brain zaps are unique for suffers after SSRI therapy.
          Many users had no problem after first course finasteride or ssri but after second round

          • The exact same ‘crash’ happened to my son after stopping RoAccutane/isotretinoin, the shivery coldness etc, just as described here, and the artificial fear followed by terrible depression. He’d get this at night. We wrapped him in a duvet and hot water bottles in the morning, he was shaking with fear and cold. Other bereaved by RoAccutane parents describe exactly the same scenario with their young. This shivery coldness seems common after completing a course of this drug. The ‘artificial fear’ unfortunately often leads to the prescribing of SSRIs and then things get worse, mini psychosis is triggered. Then a mental health diagnosis. Then a downhill slippery slope, ruined education prospects, ruined life. When SSRIs don’t improve things, the antipsychotics get added into the mix. The old peace of mind never returns. We call this The Perfect Circle. There is seemingly no way out.

            I also understand that Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which can penetrate cell walls, thus it acts like a hormone. Deficiency in Vitamin A can show as skin dryness and night blindness. And yet, we are assuming that RoAccutane/isotretinoin is a high dose of Vitamin A, (maybe intolerably high) which ALSO manifests as dry lips, skin, and night blindness. Could it therefore be that absence of bile salts in some individuals could mean that whatever Vitamin A is ingested is not getting digested and excreted properly? Could this be why some people seem to tolerate RoAccutane reasonably well, and others are seemingly driven into psychosis by it. Should we be looking at how the gallbladder is working to break down these substances. Could this apply to breaking down and excreting other medications? Or is this a nonsensical idea?

    • Hi Ben – just had a look at the ones you mention – they can have pretty serious side effects according to web sites Do you know how to trial them as safely as possible?

  4. I’ve been suffering from PFS for a while and the term “genital numbness” is a bit confusing to me.

    What I particularly feel is a very weak, almost dead connection between my brain and my genitals, as well as almost no sexual stimuli and sensitivity. I do not, however, have a constant tingling feeling there, if that’s the definition of genital numbness.

    Still, I personally think there is more in common in all those post-syndromes that we can now understand.

  5. Just stumbled up this thread and have found the comments section very interesting. I believe that I have PFS and have had it for roughly 18 years with some improvement in the mental sides but sadly almost none in the sexual sides. The comments here about something like a severed connection between the brain and the genitals are very much how it feels to me. It’s almost as if I never appreciated that connection until it was gone. It is actually very heartening to hear others describe that because as one can imagine when you’re a young man and you all of the sudden find yourself in that boat it can be quite a confusing thing.

  6. Very enlightening..I’ve had it 3 years now after taking procar for prostate issue. Absolutely no connection between brain and genitals..even orgasms are dull. I know dopamine was affected.. I happen to take l-argenine as part of my workout routine alone with tyrosine and cirtulline. Has not restored me but will add BCAA as well

  7. I have never taken Propecia although I am losing hair and considered it before reading about the side effects. I have, however, taken Rogaine. But something interesting I picked up on is that a lot of the side effects described as post-finasteride syndrome are things that I actually experience already. I have trouble getting erections and they go away very easily when I do. I also do experience the “brain fog” thing. So I am really interested in knowing what it is that is causing this for people taking Propecia. I have wondered if Rogaine could cause the same thing, but the verdict on that is that it does not.

    • There are many people who report these side effects from topical treatments. Just go to and you can read quite a few stories from guys/gals who report the same side effects and have never taken a single pill. It’s all poison. I’m the one who wrote the story you read above. Amino acids have not cured me, but I continue to take them as a regimen and they give me great relief from my symptoms. My sex drive is still very good and my other symptoms are very minimal. I had only been testing for a couple of months when I sent this story in to Dr. Healy, so I hadn’t had enough time to see how lasting it would be. What I have found though, is that when I take them every day, they aren’t as effective.

      So, what I started doing is taking the essential 9 amino acids on Monday, then I take a mix of about 18 or so non-essential amino acids on Tuesday. I stay pretty much recovered for the rest of the week and I repeat this every week. If I ever feel as though it is not as effective, I just quit taking them for a few weeks and then start again. It has helped me greatly and after having this condition now for almost 19 years with no end in sight, it makes me feel very much normal again.

      • Hi, thanks for telling your experience. Could you specify which amino acids do you recommend? I think not all of them are good to relieve this disease, I was trying some of them that make me feel more anxious.

  8. Started finasteride 4 weeks ago (1mg/day).
    Something is wrong. My mind is racing, brain fog increased, weird feeling in my breast, lowered sexual function.
    I am pretty sure my body increased production of estrogen. I already was sensitive to estrogen before I started finasteride and now it seems like my system converts testosterone, that should have been converted to DHT, to more estrogen. Levels must be insane. Gotta try I3C.

  9. Regarding the supplements you mentioned (L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, L-Tryptophan, L-Carnitine and the BCAA’s (L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Glutamine).), how much are you taking a day?

  10. Hey there,

    I stumbled upon this article a week ago and immediately ordered some of the amino acids you were describing. I really hope they will help with my Symptoms of PFS.
    I will update my results here after a week and then again after a month period.

    Im really excited to see progress. Thank you for the Tipp!

    • Hello,
      I will just add my two cents to this discussion. I took fin for nine years then quit and crashed shortly after, this was six years ago. I poured over the propicia help website looking for help. There was one member that claimed he had recovered fairly well by taking some work out pill that boosted testosterone, l arginine and light weight lifting. I decided I would try that only I could not get the work out pill, so I just used l arginine and a maca/ginseng supplement. It took a month of daily use taking 2000mg a night before bed with the maca supplement to regain morning erections(some brands of l arginine work better than others). This helped and stopped the Peyronie’s I was developing. I have not had brain fog since after the first month and I feel like the arginine has helped a lot giving me regular erections but I still have problems with numbness usually halfway though sex. Don’t seem to get as much pleasure for orgasim. Still get waves of depression and anxiety, but a physical anxiety. I have been working out for six years and really haven’t gained any muscle. Cognitive problems? Not sure.
      I do know that l arginine helped and am interested in trying other amino acids to maybe help some of the other symptoms.

  11. PFS sufferer here, Taurine seems to help me at times with sexual and cognitive sides, but I have to take breaks from it otherwise it looses effectiveness. still have severe shrinkage and damage to the genitals and muscle wasting. 2 years in now suffering from this hell, still going to experiment just recently bought some Tudca so I’ll use that for a month and come back here to report if it helps.

  12. I started taking Finasteride 5mg in Oct, by late Jan I noticed shrinkage in both penis and testicles. I immediately stopped and it has been approx 2 weeks. I don’t notice a brain fog necessarily, but a disconnect between brain and genitalia seems to be a good definition. I am terrified this is permanent. Numbness, and little or no semen at this time, although I have been able to give myself an erection, it is a difficult undertaking. Any suggestions in this early stage of hopeful recovery?

    • (2000mg) L-Arginine and (300mg) French Maritime Pine Bark Extract daily will help immensely. I can’t respond to everyone’s posts but hopefully a lot of people see this. I was on Proscar for 6 years, using it for hair loss. All the issues people have experienced I had.

      I’ve been on prescription Testosterone replacement therapy (Androgel) and take the dosages above of L-Arginine and Pine Bark daily. Cut down on all trans-fat, Sugary drinks. Drink lots of water instead. Eat as healthy as you can.

      My libido is back, morning erections, fullness in my genitals (no tightness) and I’m motivated. If someone has questions I’ll try to get back to you.

      I’m just a regular guy that made a big mistake taking proscar. For me the mix above has saved me. I hope it does for you too!

      • Hi!
        Thank for sharing. It goes without saying that stating this, brings a lot of hope for us, pfs-sufferers.

        This aside: big thanks for sharing, because if it really helped you, I might give it a try as well. And of course: I feel happy for you. Pfs isn’t even a thing for your worst enemy …

        Gr, JJ

  13. I just felt normal after 6 months of being on the drug and having quit for 3 days after taking a myriad of pills and my sleep keeps being interrupted so I’m up 7am on a Saturday after going to bed at 2am. I took nitric oxide and actually enjoyed sexting a girl for the first time in 6 months, got a spontaneous erection that persisted around 3 months after taking nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is comparable to a weaker viagra but I’m 22 had problems since 21 I shouldn’t need viagra to enjoy sex or wait 2 to 3 days between sessions, but I masturbated for an prolonged period of time, and later had pretty good sex while being tired. Woke up with no morning erection again. I’ve been furiously doing kegels and mind exercises for erections and orgasming. It’s been keeping me afloat. I’m experiencing ringing in my ears for the first time in my life and it actually got loud yesterday. But I went from NEEDING to masturbate 4 times a day to begrudgingly doing it twice as “daily maintenance” don’t use it you lose it kind of deal. The problem with fin/saw palmetto/etc is that once you remove 5ard2 from your prostate it takes a long time to replenish hopefully replenish. So your hormones are good but doesn’t matter if they’re not saturating your sex organ the prostate. That’s my theory about it anyway. That and the methylation of DNA which renders hormone creation of 5ard2 retarded for a prolonged amount of time has a really long half life and b6 and b12 vitamins along with some other help with proper methylation. I felt normal after a few days of taking protein shakes with a lot of spinach in them which has nitric oxide. Something about nitric oxide makes me normal for a while but I don’t want to have to take it when I didn’t before. I generally eat/ate very healthy and I’m doing more so now than ever.

    Please research methylation and tell me what you might find on it and how to undo the methylation of DNA releasing the 5ard2 hormone, also research how to introduce it back into the prostate. I’ve obsessively read dozens of websites over looking for any edge, any advantage I could ascertain on this subject.

    Reach me at Thank you.

  14. What about the weight training itself – has heavy weight training alone helped anyone? I mean weights and proteins go hand in hand but is it the weighting that is helping or the amino acids and will one not work without the other?

  15. As a bodybuilder and a 1-year long PFS sufferer, weightlifting hasn’t meaningfully improved my sexual sides (i.e. libido, ED, numbness, mind-genital disconnection, etc.), although they do temporarily alleviate my anxiety and brain fog.

    To be exact, I do get a small temporary improvement with erections perhaps due to the boosted confidence post workout.

    I have been fasting for 14 days so far (neither food nor water from 3AM till 5PM) and that has gone a long way in resolving my brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety.

  16. So how are you doing now. To me it seems that your symtoms did not improve just becox of amino acids. Pfs is more complicated than that. But list me those amino acids i will try them too.

  17. Great post and the comments are super helpful. I’m 44 and was on generic proscar for about 10 years with zero sides. Stopped for awhile and then tried Keeps for men 1MG of Finasteride for about 3.5 weeks and believe I have PFS now.

    I did get all my hormone work done and my Test and Estradiol were super low and I saw and Endocronologist and she has me trying out 25 MG of Clomid. Has anyone tried this? I’m 4 days in and feel a little weird but that maybe in my head.

    I’m going to try the Amino Acid stack and see if that helps.

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