Silent Night – in the Vatican

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December 24, 2018 | 22 Comments


  1. If I was on Psychotropic medication tomorrow and Attempted Suicide, and felt the same way as I did when I previously attempted suicide, I would not be responsible.

    If the young catholic mentioned in this article was on psychotropic medication and afflicted the same way as I was (when he attempted suicide) he would NOT be responsible.

    If my first cousin who took his own life, was on psychotropic medications and was similarly afflicted (with AKATHISIA), he would NOT be responsible:-

    The Characteristics of Psychotropic Drug induced Suicide are Behaviour which is :-
    1. Out of Character
    2. Extreme
    3. Without Reasonable Explanation

    It’s very difficult for a normal person to identify with Drug Induced Psychotropic Suicide (or Homicide) as the TERROR of a person behaving like this, does not fall within the spectrum of normal human experience.

  2. Thanks for telling Shane’s story .. next year it will be a decade, one that I can’t believe I survived. Who knew, a broken heart can be patched up and although permanently bleeding, can be survivable – just. Despite all else, such as Irish psychiatry and the usual idiocy/snobbery of GPs who continue to justify ‘antidepressants’ as wholly deserving of their label, Dr Healy believed in Shane (and by inference in me). No words can ever explain how that felt – thus, what others said never mattered one iota. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin was perfectly nice – and perfectly f*cking useless, as was the Pope. Sticking one’s neck out, like David Healy did, goes beyond religion. However, it seems Judas is alive and kicking – and Shane and the numerous iatrogenic victims, have the boot marks to prove it.

  3. A few years ago I stumbled across a list of coroner’s verdicts from the 1840’s in West Tipperary, where my father’s family hails from. I forwarded it to David because he’s a historian, after all – and because it included a half-dozen suicides.
    About half of these specified a suicide “while the balance of his/her mind was disturbed,” while the rest simply stated the means: “jumped from her window,” “threw himself in the river,” etc.

    I thought the verdicts noting a “disturbed mind” might well have been issued for religious reasons, so the deceased could be buried in a Catholic cemetery and need not be condemned by the parish priest. If so, it’s clear that the Church recognized certain suicides might be victims of forces beyond their control. For example, if a person jumped because she hallucinated devils chasing her, anyone might agree it was not a freely-chosen “sinful” act.

    Certainly a drug-induced death like the one that befell Leonie’s son Shane (and so many more like him) deserves at least as much compassion as one brought on by a psychotic illness of whatever cause. And not just compassion, but ACTION – to stop an act of murder by indifference. JC, after all, did not just comfort those robbed by money-changers at the Temple or stoned to death by a mob of hypocrites. He intervened.

    Maybe Pope Francis could be shaken into action by the forced drugging of immigrant children at the US-Mexican border, locked up at the “Shiloh Treatment Center” for illnesses such as trying to run away. I can’t help having just a wee bit of faith in him, and in a few honest Catholics who have confronted the monstrous “care” dished out to kids seized from their parents at the border.

    But the Church hierarchy as a whole (like the psychiatric establishment) looks like just another brick in the wall. Certain Mortal Sins have always been more Mortal than others. The US church has never hesitated to come down with both feet on Catholic politicians who slack off in their anti-abortion crusades, even denying them Communion from time to time. Supposedly, opposing the death penalty is part of the same “seamless garment” of reverence for life. But the church stays on the politest terms with the legions of “law-and-order” Catholic politicians who campaign for the death penalty and the Catholic prosecutors who dish it out …

    Of course I have no idea how priests in 1840’s Ireland (or now!) were supposed to tell the difference between a suicide caused by a “disordered mind” and a sinful one rooted in lack of faith. But I’m willing to bet it had more to do with the social station and clout of the family than any medical or theological mysteries.

  4. An attitude of condemnatory judgement amongst clerics after a suicide, or should I say, ‘a prescripticide’ as so many of us parents know it to be, is not only the preserve of the Catholic Church. Our own vicar was away in Greece on holiday when our son died. We went through the procedures, like in a nightmare dream, with the undertaker, who recommended a local vicar to take the cremation service for us, and arranged for us to go to see him straightaway. He took us into his sittingroom like the spider capturing two trusting flies, sat down with his hands together and said, looking utterly cross and compassionless, “Well, this is all very harrowing, isn’t it…”. We perched speechless on his sofa like two shamed children. In the normal way I would never make a fuss, but something made me leap up at once and rush out of his house saying, ‘I can’t do this.’ With him staring in shock, and then calling after me. But I didn’t stop. We eventually found a local lady vicar who came to our home and we talked of our son, how he had been driven to leave this world. She had been a lawyer but then became a vicar. She was wonderful. She understood. She has remained a friend till this day, writes at Christmas to ask how we are.

    Like Stephanie Lynch says, there is no pain like that which all we parents feel, and we are driven to make the world realise that these youngsters were effectively murdered by the prescribed medications that messed up their young brains. They committed no crime. The crime was committed against THEM. This is why we formed our Facebook ‘Olly’s Friendship Foundation’ where we can remember and laud the ones we know about, and the hell they bravely battled, till it all became too much to bear. But no doctor (and there have been plenty of ‘em) we’ve engaged in conversation about these suicides, has ever done more than looked away in embarrassment when we cite the problem of AKATHISIA from these meds, leading so often to these suicides. Are they afraid to openly speak about what they must suspect is correct? Or have they signed gagging orders on pain of being struck off? I’d dearly love to know.

  5. This is an analogy that sums up how people damaged by prescription drugs are treated when they try to report the harms they have experienced to the MHRA, and also the PHSO (Parlimentary health service ombudsman).

    Imagine if you came back from doing some shopping and you found some smoke coming from your house. Concerned you run to the front door and open it, to find that inside your kitchen is on fire.

    Frantically you dial 999 from your mobile phone, and ask for the fire brigade.

    When you get through to the fire brigade, you tell them in a distressed state that there is smoke coming from your house and you have opened the front door, and there is a fire in your kitchen.

    To your shock their response is “are you sure”?

    Slightly baffled by their response you almost implore them that “Yes of course I am sure, I can see it with my own eyes”.

    To your further shock their response is ” well that is interesting that you feel that, we will note it down, but just because you feel you can see it, doesn’t mean it is definitely happening”.

    You then become exasperated telling them “look my house is on fire, I need some immediate assistance, otherwise my whole house is going to burn down”.

    Their response continues “well it costs a lot of money and resources to deploy a fire engine, and there haven’t been many other people reporting a fire at your house, so for the moment we will wait to see if anyone else reports a fire at your house, before we are sure this is actually happening to your house”.

    By now you are almost incredulous at their response, and have lost your patience and you almost scream “LOOK I NEED HELP RIGHT NOW, MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE”.

    The operator then takes on a condescending tone, and states “look you seem very emotional and stressed, are you sure this is not affecting your judgement of what is happening”.


    The tone from the operator remains condescending, as they go onto tell you “we appreciate that you feel that your house is on fire, but there is insufficient evidence to confirm your story of what you feel is happening to your house, so for the moment it would be inappropriate for us to take any action”. They then state “if we get any other reports of a fire coming from your house we may look into this further”.

    By this time you are worn down with trying to reason with them and simply state in an almost accepting tone “but what about all the damage being done to my property and the potential risk to people’s lives?”.

    The operator ignores your question and then tells you that if you feel the fire has changed in any way, to give them a call back and they will note down how it has changed on your call log.They then tell you they are “bringing the phone call to an end” and hang up.

    As time goes by you watch as the fire moves from room to room, burning your entire house down, along with all your possessions, until your whole house is gutted out. The fire narrowly misses spreading to the next house.

    In the ensuing weeks you find out that not only did you report that your house was burning down, but so did both of your neighbours on both sides to you, two other people from over the road from you, and even a few people not even living in the same street, who saw the smoke rising from a distance.

    All had called the fire brigade, and asked them to send out a fire engine. All had got a similar response as you had, about insufficient evidence in regards to the fire actually happening.

    Feeling infuriated you call the fire brigade back, explaining that others had also phoned up asking for assistance with the fire at your house.

    The caller listens to what you say, and then calmly states that at the time you reported the fire, the fire brigade could not say with complete certainty that there was a fire at your house, and therefore it took the reasonable and understandable action at the time, not to take action, until it was completely certain a fire was happening.

    You respond back by saying that they could have sent a fire engine around to check for themselves. Their response is that at the time, the evidence wasn’t strong enough to justify the resources or time, looking into whether the fire was actually happening.

    You state that it is their job, to check whether the fire is happening, and that is what they are payed for. You also say that if only they had believed you, a lot of the harm and damage could have been avoided.

    They respond by saying they are sorry you feel that way, and that if you would like to make an official complaint about how you feel you were treated, you can make one through the Fire service ombudsman.

    After the phone call has come to an end, you gaze on at your burnt down house, all your possessions gone.The damage is done.

    After a while you finally decide to write to the Fire service ombudsman hoping they will see the common sense, and logical argument you have, about how unreasonable the fire service have behaved towards you, and that if only they had listened and believed you, a lot of the damage you have suffered could have been avoided.

    If only you knew that by writing the letter to the Fire service ombudsman, you were opening up a whole new chapter of disappointment and frustration, that is even worse than the one you have just left.

    • Brilliantly explained Spruce. And there’s a follow up to this. Once the Fire ombudsman gets your complaint, as you imply, nothing apart from an exchange of paperwork and a phone call or two, will happen. Leaving you, as you say, with a burnt out house and an inner disbelief coupled with fury. So then you feel driven to go to the court of public opinion…

      But what happens if you DO start to go more high profile, get into the media with your Fire Report, raise the issue of what has happened to you. Especially if someone you loved actually died in such a fire? You become a Nuisance. You need to be silenced, from spreading your message because it may worry people. They may think the Establishment, (doctors, pharmacies, Government) are not doing all they can to keep us all safe. So you need to be silenced.

      ‘The greatest benefit for the greatest number.’ This must be kept as the priority, we mustn’t let the truth get out there, it wouldn’t help to keep order in the population. So they feel justified in doing that by undermining your credibility using every means possible. The two most effective are: infiltrating your finances to try to ruin you, and spreading lies about your sanity.

      The idea is to make you give up your crusade to be a Fire Alarm. To shut you down and shut you up. This can indeed wear you down. But there is a whole phalanx of others standing with you, all fighting too, to be Fire Alarmists. And somehow you decide to keep going to the death, however tired you feel. Lots of these other Fire Alarmists have lost young, burnt to death in the fires, and sadly, many of these Fire reporting parents, whose story is the same as yours, become ill with the strain. But they struggle on. Why? Because these fires are the biggest travesty of human rights of our age.

      The lack of fire fighters’ listening and acting, is worse than all the madness of Hitler and his silent supporters threw at the world. This enormous lie of SILENCE MUST END. It’s like a volcanic movement growing under the earth, and boy, when the volcano erupts with its all-consuming Fire, it will take all the nay sayers with it, into the hell they truly deserve. But we need some help to speed this up. One heck of a lot of help, from somewhere or some others with clout and courage and belief. And, unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to be conventional religionthat initiates this. I’m afraid, like the Pharisees, they are going to keep looking the other way. Till too late.

  6. When I was under 10 I was sexually assaulted by a priest and a teacher…..who wasn’t in the 1960’s ?
    Decades later I told a Minister I trusted.
    He was not very helpful telling me to pray to the Magdalene.

    In 2007 I wanted off anti-depressants as I could not have sex with my husband.
    I was told basically to put up and shut up as I had a chemical imbalance.

    I stopped going to church ….the administering of the sacraments seemed a tad hypocritical..
    I lost faith in the medical profession….the administering of medicine was not in my best interest…..

    Woman up ….I wish……..

  7. Does everyone want to be ‘Comfortably Numb’

    Is it Comfortable to be Numb.

    On Antidepressants or not on Antidepressants – The Status Quo or Queen?

    Actually, it’s Pink Freud..

    Life is not a barrel of laughs at this stage in our politics or ‘our’ place in your politics …

    Is there anybody in there
    Just nod if you can hear me
    Is there anyone home?
    Come on, now
    I hear you’re feeling down
    I can ease your pain
    Get you on your feet again
    I’ll need some information first
    Just the basic facts
    Can you show me where it hurts?

    There is no pain, you are receding
    A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon
    You are only coming through in waves
    Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
    When I was a child I had a fever
    My hands felt just like two balloons
    Now I’ve got that feeling once again
    I can’t explain, you would not understand
    This is not how I am
    I have become comfortably numb

    O. K.
    Just a little pin prick
    There’ll be no more aaaaaaaah!
    But you may feel a little sick
    Can you stand up?
    I do believe it’s working, good
    That’ll keep you going through the show
    Come on it’s time to go.

    There is no pain, you are receding
    A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon
    You are only coming through in waves
    Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
    When I was a child
    I caught a fleeting glimpse
    Out of the corner of my eye
    I turned to look, but it was gone
    I cannot put my finger on it now
    The child is grown
    The dream is gone
    I have become comfortably numb.
    So now everyone is Comfortably Numb.

    The Pharma Plan worked, Comfortably Numb.

    The Side with the Power decided to Worship the Pharma Plan and Hello, Is There Anybody in There?

    Just Nod If You Can Hear Me?


  8. Aristotle could argue that politics should be moral.
    Well, well, well ~ that we should govern the polis in a manner that fostered virtue in its citizens ~ This is an understatement of the century!
    Poor Aristotle had good intentions however, in theory politics and religion just don’t mix.
    Who has enough courage, conviction and grit to say it as it is!
    Politics and religion, sadly, utilize fear tactics, to prevent the TRUTH from coming to the fore.
    When people pay the price for speaking up against corruption, what is this universe trying to do to the people who are only trying to bring forth the truth.
    Yes, you undermine, discredit us, destroy our intellect, throw us to the wolves, gas light our good name. tarnish our reputation, perceive us as trouble makers and the list goes on and on and on…………………. There are so many sheep in wolves clothing, They say they want to help however, their intentions are malicious and somewhat devious and perverse!
    In actual fact, there will be a day when we shall receive justice for all your wrong doing.
    All involved, need to be held accountable for all the hell you have put us through.
    As the saying goes:
    Hell hath no fury for people who have been harmed.
    Like Spruce and Heather, so eloquently put forward:
    When they create the fire who is there to put out their fires ~ No one!
    The perpetrators who lie and gather their flock to feather their nests, will indeed, one day pay the price for all their reckless and shameful behaviour and NO God, religion or dirty politics will side with them once their dirty laundry is exposed!
    You have all played your part in trying to keep the dirty secrets from being exposed and when we all unite, one by one, we shall destroy the very thing that cost us everything!
    When you refused to CARE, you threw us into the pits of HELL and when we survived, we were chastised and maltreated for seeking the TRUTH.
    Hitler, is alive and well, in many religious and government organization.
    You destroy people who highlight the truth and do everything to undermine our mental integrity.
    We shall see who has the last say!
    Do all good heroes have to die a tragic death?
    You have silenced us for way too long and if we have a duty to the universe, it is because we bothered to care.
    For those who have blemished my good name, to hell with all of you!
    ‘She wants to save the world!’ ~ Perhaps, I am exposing the corruption that goes on and needs to come to the fore so the tyranny of harming innocent people comes to light.
    Keep feathering your nests because once us ‘eagles’ come swooping over those well adorned nests, we shall make your lives unbearable just like you have made ours intolerable.
    I don’t fear religion or politics!
    I know that there is an omnipresent power watching over all those who do wrong to mankind ~ this I know!
    Perhaps Aristotle shall have the last say, in the end and there will be no more silent nights as the TRUTH shall set us all free.
    “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again”.
    To Hell with those who put us down all in the name of BAD MEDICINE.

  9. Remove the restrictions or controls which for a long time have prevented a lot of people from doing something they want to do: If the case is successful, it may open the floodgates to more damages claims against the medicine that has caused so much harm.

    The case could open the floodgates for thousands of similar claims worldwide. Any change in the law could open the floodgates to increased harm and killing of many innocent people.

    Bless the deceased, for they are our voice, also!

  10. The drug company involved has received many letters and correspondence from me regarding the med that nearly cost me my life.
    They want me to get reports from the medical professionals regarding the damages these meds have induced.
    They did not HELP/SUPPORT me back then when I needed their ASSISTANCE, so with all honesty, they will leave me in a lurch again and this is very problematic, not just for myself, including others who have been maimed and died as a result of ingesting these meds.
    How can there be any changes or how can a med be taken off the shelf, if those who are meant to care don’t defend or create an uproar of the dangers involving these meds?
    They covered up everything and downplayed everything and I had to stand back and shake my head in dismay after they damaged my GOOD HEALTH!
    If there are flawed batches, we want to know about it!
    This is not about CARING!
    Everyone involved should hang their head in shame.
    Everything about these meds, some of the people in power who should be dedicated to take care of our safety and all organizations who are meant to be our ‘gatekeepers’ are indeed, scandalous.
    I dedicate this song to those all those who failed to do their jobs with dignity and respect.

  11. I could never understand why environmentalists who held up their hands in horror at releasing mercury into the environment failed to bat an eyelid at it being injected into babies – it became an environmental problem if there was an unused batch to be disposed of. Did it even occur to them it might enter the wider environment via the baby? Perhaps it was that medical products were believed to be magical, or was it that environmentalists were in the pay of the pharmaceutical industry, and having thought about for 5 seconds decided to hold their tongues.

    As to the Catholic Church, senior members in Kenya did become exercised recently of the possibility a tetanus vaccine might be laced with a contraceptive substance (no doubt to the embarrassment of the Vatican) but otherwise no religious cleric or politician will stick their necks out to question “science” these days: they have become truly abject.

    • American Protestant churches are just as bad. When suicide happens they don’t condemn the dead–and that at least is good. Instead they tell everyone that the person was killed by the disease of depression. “A proven brain disease caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.”

      My anger comes not just in their lazy ignorance in refusing to read and mindlessly accepting TV commercials. Many religious people dislike dealing with those in pain. Psychiatry is an easy way to write them off as “crazy” and accuse them of not taking their “meds” when they suffer loneliness, poverty, or the peculiar Hell-on-earth only these drugs can create.

  12. John,
    A relative of mine, born in 1951, was diagnosed in 1952 when very near death, with Pinks Disease, a reaction in the body to mercury which was used in ‘teething powders’, something given to very young babies I assume to help them with the discomfort of teething. I remember my mother telling me that these powders were withdrawn at around that time once their lethal connection was made.

    My relation survived but to this day has suffered constant undiagnosed ill health. He has had the flu jab, as he did last year, but has straightway developed a chest infection, coughing up nasty phlegm in massive amounts, just like last year. He also constantly has bad stomach pains, fibromyalgia, and a degree of depression as well as a plethora of other ailments. Doctors are sick of him mentioning them, so he’s stopped doing so, saying “what’s the point”. I have never known him to be completely well. I do wonder about the effect the mercury may have had on his neurology right from the beginning. He struggled academically. . Doctors, needless to say, rubbish this theory, as does he now, because they do.

    If there was concern in the 1950s about mercury for babies, then why, as John says, is there seemingly no interest in it now? Was science better in those days, or was their less Pharma financial vested interest?

  13. Very informative information, Annie.
    We all need to be well informed and weigh up the pros and cons, when it comes to anything that we have very little information about.
    Yes, we need all the biological evidence and all the information pertaining to side effects and adverse reactions.

    Please view this video: ‘shots in the dark’
    It is very educational and thought provoking. If your child has not been harmed by vaccines, you are very fortunate.
    However, on the other side of the spectrum, you have parents who have had their poor children damaged by these vaccines.
    They all have the same stories to tell.
    There must be something in the vaccines (thimerosal) that harm some children and there should be mandatory tests done to all children, including adults, to evaluate who is an unsuitable candidate. If the digestive system is not well developed in some children, it may deposit itself in some parts of the brain instead of being excreted.

    Unless, one has never been harmed by these vaccines, one can never judge or point the finger at those poor innocent victims who have been harmed by these vaccines.

  14. I believe that technology gives us valuable information, at our fingertips.
    AHRP (Alliance For Human Protection Research) exposes so many medical controversies, which are now coming to light.

    Times of silence, are slowly being banished.
    My concern, is when organizations don’t take complaints seriously and sweep them under the carpet.
    This is a travesty of justice, not only for the ones that put in a complaint but for the people who have to tolerate injustice of being maltreated.
    For people to lie, stand back or display apathy, is not only sad but dangerous to not creating the necessary changes of a corrupt culture.
    If POSITIVE CHANGES do not take place, the vicious cycle of ongoing abuse/neglect and negligence, festers as a ‘normal’ expectation of unsatisfactory
    We are creating a culture of people who are too scared to speak up because the consequences of doing so costs you your reputation, your career and finances.
    There are a few who have spoken up and have now been vindicated.
    What would we do without these brave souls who stand up for the human race?

  15. Expelled Cochrane Director with others is setting up an independant new Institute for Integrity in Science . Peter Gotzche has issued a welcome to all to attend on 9th March 2009 in Denmark.

  16. Big Pharma has corrupted Health care.
    What are we going to do about it?
    Dr Peter Gotzche has the courage to say it as it is.
    It takes a few amazing souls to expose the TRUTH.
    I wish I had the opportunity to meet these brave souls.

    When crime pays, we will have more crime! This is how CAPITALISM works!
    ~ Peter Gotzche

    Mia culpa ~ Does not exist :’ (

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