The Window to the Body and perhaps the Soul

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April 20, 2023 | 7 Comments


    • A

      Thanks for this Munich contact.

      I don’t know if these are the same tests but look like they might be. We aren’t contacting anyone at the moment until we see if we can find roughly 5 people who live close to a clinic that does CCM and is willing to see 5 people on a proof of concept basis.


        • B

          Sounds like you are on a houseboat then. No this would not work yet.

          To get this to work properly we need an optometrist who is really onside. Most wil do it if you pay them but doing it and really looking for something distinctive to PSSD. This means they have to start thinking about the problem
          and get curious and the same person likely needs to see a few – maybe 5 people – who may all look vaguely normal but after you’ve seen 5 you might spot a pattern that is not quite normal.

          This will require liaison with whoever, giving them the SSRI and vision paper, getting them interested. We may have to discuss with a few centres and then pick the centre that is showing interest to do more than just do a test

          If you do a test and they don’t what they are looking for and they return a negative result you might sabotage something for others that could be useful


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