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April 26, 2014 | 2 Comments


  1. Such a distressing read, and the mind filters out the vast incomprehensible numbers of people also so affected. These reports do chill the bones. I fear, however, that they may seldom be read by the medics who do not acknowledge the unspeakable consequences of their prescribing. Notwithstanding the Rebekah Beddoe interpretations, aptly quoted, surely it is time for us to all be proactive in our dealings and dialogue with our drug ‘prescribers’, and discard our passive rats in a trap mentality. It baffles me why we do not all take to the streets in protest at what our healthcare system has become. Perhaps the fear of incarceration…?
    In recent years I watched a friend’s destruction through treatment, including ECT, in various London hospitals, to the point where she became mute for the last year of her life. Her family, unlike Luise’s mother, protested nothing as deterioration set in, believing that she was being cared for. (Even our language, apropos the erroneously-named health services, is a distortion. ‘Medication’ is what took place in concentration camps.)
    Perhaps, to a degree, we all have fixed mental sets through education, cultural brainwashing and upbringing, but none to the extent to which the medical community is able to cause measureless harm to the population. And there is seldom redress or accountability.

    • I lost my baby to antipsychotics. She only lived to 28. It took only 9 years to kill her also. She collapsed one Sunday, she was in a psychiatric facility, a patient had to alert staff still they didn’t call an ambulance for thirty minutes. Who knows how long she laid there before staff was even aware she needed help. I need to understand what happened.

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